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Chapter 1

And then, there were four.


It was a regular summer day. The sun was shining, the kids were running around the streets, the mall was full of people, and the atmosphere was filled with the laughter and chatter that have become so familiar in Seaford.

So as usual, the gang was hanging out around the food court. Well, actually, Jerry, Milton and Eddie were hanging out. Jack and Kim were in the dojo – big shocker there – working their butts off, engaged in an impromptu and presumably friendly spar. But, of course, the fight was anything but friendly. Kim was determined to finally prove to Jack and everyone that she could take care of herself and needed no knight in shining armor. Jack, on the other hand, was just trying to stay unbeaten, and if he could tease Kim about how he had won and not her, well, that was just a bonus.

So there they were now, in the middle of the old, used mats, just staring at each other, studying each other's every single move, and trying to predict what the next one would be.

To say Kim was focused, was an understatement. If a plane crashed in the middle of the mall right now, she wouldn't even blink. Hell, not even if Taylor Lautner came through the dojo doors shirtless she would lose her focus. Okay, maybe then she would, but c'mon, she's just a human you know?

Kim was staring intensely at Jack, trying to find a weakness, no matter how small it was.

She glanced at his feet. Nothing, perfect position, just ready to either throw a kick or step aside to avoid one of hers.

She then glanced at his torso, looking for an open spot on his guard. Still nothing. The guard was perfect -again-, not too high, not too low, so he could easily dodge one of her punches and then flip her like she was nothing.

Then, she made the terrible mistake of glancing up at his face, in a weak attempt to read his mind and beat him. She, however, wasn't expecting that Jack was staring right back at her, with an intensity that would absolutely make the wax figure Bobby had sent them – yet again- melt.

But what happened next really threw her off. He smirked. He fucking smirked. She knew well enough that no good could happen when he smirked like that.

"Like what you see there, Kimmy?" He said with a wink.

Kim froze. He had seen her staring. But how? It was just a quick glance! Okay, if she was being completely honest with herself, it may have been a little bit longer, but can you blame her? Stupid Jack was very well-built for a fifteen year-old, and it was hot, and he was all sweaty...Thud!

Why was she looking up at the ceiling?

No way.

She had lost. He had flipped her when she was spacing out about his abs. In that exact moment she realized something.

He had done it on purpose. He had intentionally disturbed her to break her focus. He flirted with her so she couldn't think. Oh, that cheater was going to pay.

She got up only to be greeted by a fully satisfied with himself Jack, with that stupid smirk of his plastered on his face. And, oh boy did she want to wipe that smirk of with her fists.

"Nice job! It was pretty good, but still not good enough to beat me Kimmy"

"You cheated! You made me lose my focus!" She nothing but yelled at him.

"Oh really? And how exactly did I cheat huh?" He replied, amused at her frustration.

"You made that stupid comment about me staring! And you smirked! And you winked at me!"

"I don't see how any of that is cheating, Kim. C'mon, don't be a sore loser."

"But..You- uh and I- but..."

"I didn't know I had that much of an effect on you Kimmy." He chuckled. "Still claiming you don't have a crush on me?" And with that, he left for the changing rooms.

Kim stood there a couple of minutes, trying to process what on Earth had just happened. After getting nothing, she stomped her way to the changing rooms, muttering under her breath about how stupid she was and how much he would suffer when she got to him.

Kim exited the dojo only to find the guys sitting at a table, just talking. Well, that was unusual of those goofballs. Now, don't misunderstand her, she loved those goofballs and would kill anyone that hurt them, but they got under her skin way too much for her liking. So the moment she saw them all huddled up, she knew they were up to no good.

"So Kim, how was the spar?"Asked Milton, with a somewhat mischievous smile.

"Yeah, who won?" Wondered Eddie. "It seemed pretty intense from out here." He looked like he was trying really hard not to burst out laughing. Kim narrowed her eyes at the boys. 'What is going on?', she thought.

"Yeah, yo! It looked like you were about to jump him and rip him of his clothes! I didn't know you had it in you chica!" Exclaimed Jerry. "You were eye- fuck-"

"That's it!" She cut Jerry off and lunged at him, only to be stopped mid-air by a pair of strong arms wrapped around her waist.

"Whoa, whoa, there!" Jack said, trying to hold Kim back.

"Let me go! I'm gonna kill him!" She was struggling against his arms, but his grip only tightened.

"Now now Kim, you can't just go around killing people. It's what society calls 'bad thing'"

"Fine! Whatever." She grumbled under her breath just as she stopped squirming. She then realized that Jack arms were still around her, and she blushed. Now, Kim Crawford does not, by any means, blush. She cursed herself and blamed it on the hormones. She looked up, to find Jerry smiling smugly at her, with a knowing look. Ugh! Stupid Jerry, stupid hormones, stupid Jack, stupid, stupid, stupid!

"What were you guys fighting about anyways?" Asked Jack, as he let go of Kim and took a seat at the table.

"Oh well, I was just telling Kim about how she was-"

"Nothing! It was nothing." She chimed in, making sure to glare at Jerry while she also took a seat.

"Okay..." Jack eyed them suspiciously.

"Anyways," said Milton, sensing the awkwardness coming "are you guys as excited as I am about going back to school next week?"

"Yeah dude! This year is going to be awesome!" Yelled Eddie, excited.

"Oh yeah, we're gonna turn our swag on and get all the ladies! WHOO!" Said Jerry while fist bumping Eddie.

"Sophomore year is going to be amazing! All the clubs, and cool trips and I heard there's gonna be a dance just for us!" Said Kim. "It's going to be unforgettable, right Jack?"

"Uh, yeah...amazing" He chuckled, nervously.

"Is everything okay?" She asked, concern taking over her.

"Yep" He smiled. "Everything's just right."

If there was something she knew, was when Jack Brewer was not okay. She knew his every smile, his every glance and even the wrinkles he would get with the different expressions. He was her best friend after all. Okay, so she might have a crush on him, there's no use in denying it, but that's beyond the point right now. What matters now is that she was sure he was not okay. She decided to let it go though, figuring that if it was really important, he would have told her right away.

The rest of the afternoon went by as usual. They fooled around, laughed, and Jerry was chased down by a dog he had stolen its food from. Oh Jerry, Jerry.

It was 7:30 now, and Kim had to be home by eight, so she said goodbye to the guys and started making her way home. It was dark now, and Jack being Jack, and that stupid hero complex of him wouldn't let her go alone, so he insisted on walking her home.

This wasn't the first he had done it, and that's why Kim was so confused about why he looked nervous this time. No, it wasn't nervousness. He was...distant? There was a really awkward silence between them, and she didn't know what to do to break it without making a fool out of herself.

She was about to say something, when she realized they were already in front of her house. He walked her to the door, still saying nothing. She opened the door, and stood there awkwardly.

"Well, em- bye" She stepped inside and was about to close the door when he stopped her.

"Kim wait!"

She turned around, and raised an eyebrow in confusion. She nodded at him to go on.

"Uh, I just wanted to say that...uh... it's really great to be your best friend, and that I...I'm really glad I caught your apple that day" He said, rubbing the back of his neck.

His words, while making her even more confused about him tonight, hit a soft spot and she found herself immediately smiling at him in response.

"I'm really glad too."

He smiled, and wished her good night, right before turning around to disappear through the streets.

She closed the door, took her shoes off, and went up to her room, all the while with a goofy smile on her face. She was imaging all the things that could happen this new year.

It hadn't even started, and she already knew this year would change her life.

If only she knew how right she had been.

The next week had been a mess. She had had a huge fight with her mother, Rudy and Phil were fighting over Tootsey again, Jerry had somehow dyed his hair a bright purple and wouldn't shut up about how much he hated it, and the Black Dragons were back in the game and trying to make their lives a living hell. And to top it all, Jack had gone MIA since that day he walked her home.

She had tried calling his phone, texting him, posting on his facebook wall, everything. She had also looked for him everywhere, and she means everywhere. She waited for him to show up at the dojo, nothing. She looked for him at Falafel Phil's and Circus Burger, and still nothing. She went to the skate park and asked everyone about him, but nobody had seen him. She even went to their secret place, a small, hidden from view beach they had discovered once while hanging out, but he wasn't there either.

So she decided to go to his house and check on him. You know, make sure he was still alive and such. And now here she was, in his front door waiting for someone to answer it. She glanced at the house in front of her. No matter how many times she'd been here, it still amazed her every time.

It was a huge house, with a beautiful garden in the front, along with the couple of cars the Brewers owned. They were wealthy, but still, one of the nicest people to ever crossed the Earth. It was a four story house, and although it was big, it was very comfy and homey. The first floor was for the kitchen, the living room and basically all the 'family' rooms. On the second floor lived Jack's grandpa, Jonathan Brewer, though he insisted that she refer to him as John. He was such a great man, and he had been so sweet to her. He even volunteered to give her a couple of lessons so she could beat Jack.

The third floor was for Jack parents, Linda and Richard Brewer. He was a very known lawyer, while she was a really succesful business woman. And although they had a lot of work, they have always been there for Jack.

And last but not least, the fourth floor was all for Jack. He had a huge bedroom with his own bathroom, a game room, a movie theatre and a hot tub. A freaking hot tub. He could live there for days without coming down, and he would just come down to get food to fill his fridge. In the backyard, which was also huge and colorful, there was a pool, which came really in handy when the local pool was crowded, meaning everyday of the summer.

Finally, Linda answered the door, and smiled at the sight of Kim.

"Oh Kim dear! How have you been? It's been a while since I last saw you."

"Hi Linda! Oh I've been fine you know? Same old, same old. What about you? And how is Richard?"

"Oh we're great, just a lot of work, but you know, the usual. What are you doing here, darling?"

"Um, I was wondering if I could talk to Jack. I haven't seen him in a while and he isn't responding my texts."

"Jack? But he is not here, hun. Didn't you know?" Asked Linda, tilting her head to the side.

"Didn't I know what?" She was completely lost. If he wasn't here, where could he be?

"He left for Japan with his grandpa about a week ago. He's going to be training in his grandpa old dojo. I thought he had told you."

Kim's whole world stopped. He was gone. She felt herself break, but she composed herself enough to answer to Linda. "Oh well, I'm pretty sure he did at some point, but I've been really stressed lately and probably have forgotten it. Sorry for bothering you Linda. I have to go now, but it was great seeing you. Tell Richard I said hi." And with that she left.

She ran. She ran all the way to her house. She slammed the door shut and ran upstairs, locking herself in her room.

She didn't get it. Why would he leave and not tell her and the guys? That was so not Jack. She felt like crying, and so she did. But halfway through her sob fest, she realized something.

He had left her. That's why he was acting so strange that day, and the reason why he was nervous while talking about sophomore year. He was leaving, and he didn't want to tell them.

Anger took over her, but she stopped herself before she broke something.

'Fine, be that way.' She thought 'If he didn't want me to know, and didn't care enough to say good bye so be it. I don't need him.'

She got up from the floor, where she had curled up while crying, dusted herself off, wiped her face from tears, put her pyjamas on and got into bed, ready to let sleep take over her.

The last thing on her mind before drifting off was him, and she cursed herself for being so naïve.

'Screw you Jack Brewer!'

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