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Chapter 6

Freeing oneself


Today had been a good day. Mason had asked her on a 'date', Kira and her had been put together as partners in science, and there were no encounters with neither Jack or Donna. She was currently in Kira's living room, just hanging out for a little while before Nate arrived.

"So Kimster, what are you gonna do later huh?" Asked Kira. "You're gonna be nice and wait until the third date or you're gonna get some?" She teased.

Kim laughed. "I'm not sure, but I'm really hoping the second option is available, you know?" She let herself fall back first on Kira's couch.

"Well, if you do get some, I'm pretty sure it'll be one hell of a ride. Rumour has it that Mason knows what he is doing."

"Yeah, well, so did Kyle remember? Every girl was fawning over him and about how he was ah-mazing. But, in reality, he didn't last you two rounds." Kim laughed at her best friends frowning face. Kira stuck her tongue out at her. "All I'm saying is that maybe rumour has 'improved' a little bit his skills."

"Whatever, I'm gonna want details first thing tomorrow."

"You're gonna want details about what?" Said a deep voice coming from the door. Kim turned herself to find Nate leaning against the door frame, arms crossed, eyebrow raised.

"About Kim's possibly amazing soiree with Mason."

"Who's Mason?" Nate asked, entering the living room and sitting on a chair. "Have you missed practise these days because of him?"

"He's just some guy." Kim answered nonchalantly. "And no, I haven't missed practice these days because of him. That's another issue."

"Yep, a really big one in fact." Said Kira, plopping down next to Kim.

"Huh? What is it girls?"

"Well, someone from my past, that I really really didn't want to see again, has decided it would be fun to come back and turn my life around. Long story short, I'll be moving with him by the end of the week. Yaaay!" Kim said with fake enthusiasm.

"Whoa whoa! Moving in? With him? What did I miss?"

"I'll tell you everything about it later. Now, what I need is to find a dummy and make him suffer for no apparent reason." She said, getting up and making her way to the basement/dojo.

By the time Nate was done changing, Kim had already warmed up and stretched. Nate shook his head at the obviously frustrated girl. Kim saw this and glared at him, who threw his arms up in surrender, knowing fully well that no Otai academy training would save him from a furious Kim.

"You said you wanted to show us something new right?" Asked Kira, still stretching. "What is it?"

"Yeah. It's a new boo staff routine. I think you girls are ready to handle it. Wanna try?"

Both girls looked at each other and grinned. Then, simultaneously, they said "Thought you'd never ask."

Nate showed the girls the routine. Kim was in awe. It was a really hard routine, it would take a while for her to master it. However, she didn't let the complexity of it scare her, if anything, it edged her into owning it sooner. She looked closer the second time Nate did it. She followed every single movement of his body, noticing the way his muscles flexed and turned. Don't get her wrong, she had no type of crush in Nate whatsoever, he was practically family. Which didn't mean he wasn't a total hottie. He was tall and built, the 4 years spent in the Otai academy showing off in his 21-year-old body. Longish black hair, defined cheek bones and the same emerald green eyes Kira had. All in all, he was a Greek God. But he was also kind and caring, and really funny, though he had a really bad temper and a habit for getting wasted at parties.

"Did you get it?" He asked them once he had finished the demonstration.

"Yeah, crystal clear." Kim said.

"I actually have some questions." Answered Kira. While they were talking, Kim picked up her boo staff and started replaying Nate's display in her head. After being sure she didn't forget anything, she started doing it herself, step by step, making note of the things she didn't do right.

She had been so caught up in her training she didn't notice time flying, and before she knew it, it was time for her to leave and get ready for her meeting with Mason.

"Okay guys, I gotta leave now. I'll see you tomorrow!" She said, picking up her back and starting up the stairs.

"See you tomorrow Kim." Nate threw over his shoulder while punching a dummy.

"Yeah. And I will want my details!" Kira yelled after her. Kim shook her head in amusement. 'Gotta love her.'

She got home quickly, wanting to have a shower and some alone time to think through about the date. But, yet again, fate had other plans.

"MOM! I'm home!" She said, throwing her keys in the counter and her leather jacket somewhere in her living room. She made her way to the kitchen, deducing her mom was there by the sound of the water running. "I'm gonna take a shower. I have a date later so..." She stopped herself, and turned around, finally realizing who was in her kitchen.

There stood Jack, in some old washed Levi's, a white button down shirt, with the three top buttons undone and the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, and some dark blue Supras. He was leaning against the kitchen's counter, arms crossed and smirk plastered on his face.

"What are you doing here?" She asked, stopping herself from lunging at him in that exact moment.

"Now now Kimmy, I'd suggest you get used to see me like this, because we will be living together for quite some time." He chuckled. "A date huh? Who's the not-so-lucky guy?"

'I'm gonna rip his face off! No, better. I'm gonna rip other things off! Okay, breath Kim. You can't let him get to you, or at least, you can't show it.' Plastering a smile on her face, though you could tell it was fake from miles away, she made her way over to him.

"First, unfortunately I'm very aware of the fact that we're living together, no need to rub it in. And you still haven't answered my question. Second, who I go on a date with is none of your business, so stay out of it. And third," She was now only inches away from him, getting in his face. "don't call me Kimmy." She whispered in a threatening voice.

Before he could respond, her mother barged in. "Kim dear! How was school? I hope you're not to busy because Richard and Jack are here to start moving your stuff, and they might disturb you."

"Might? More like always do..." She muttered to herself.

"What was that?"

"Nothing, just saying that it's okay. I actually have a date and won't be home for dinner."

"A date? With who? Is he cute?" Cheryl started bombarding her with questions. She always got really pumped up when Kim went on a date. Kim didn't get why though, she knew perfectly fine that no relationship would come out of any of them.

"Yes mom, a date." Kim stopped her mother's ranting. "His name is Mason, we go to school together. And yes, he is cute. Now I'm gonna go upstairs, take a shower and get ready." And with that, and a final death glare directed to Jack, she went upstairs and straight into the shower.

After the shower, she blow-dried her hair, and curled some of it. 'Okay now, on with the outfit. Heels are out of the picture, he'll think I got dolled up because of him. I don't think any dress fits the kind of date we're having, so nope. Shorts and boots it is!' She picked up some white short shorts, and an off-the-shoulder green, slightly flowy tank top. She put on her army green combat boots and looked at herself. 'Kim, you look pretty damn hot. Go get your guy.'

She put on some light make up, and finished it with her lipstick. While she was getting her bag ready, she kept thinking about what to do. 'Should I just jump him? I mean, it won't be in high school, there won't be a bell signaling that our date is over. But what if by letting things flow he actually thinks I feel something? But, my outfit should make clear what I came for right? I mean, I'm not wearing anything slutty, but I'm exposing enough skin to hint that my clothes don't have to be on all the time...'

Her thoughts were interrupted by her doorbell ringing, and her mum telling her to come downstairs.

She took a deep breath and exited her room. 'You got this Kim. Just go and have fun.'


He was in the living room watching TV, waiting for Kim to finally leave her room so they could start working. However, he wasn't really paying attention to what Castle and Beckett were fighting about, his mind wandering to the girl upstairs, once again.

'She's going on a date with him? I thought he said it was just a one time thing...' The doorbell rang, disturbing his thoughts. Cheryl opened the door, called Kim and then disappeared into the kitchen, where she was in deep conversation with his dad. He turned his attention back to the TV, trying to catch up with Esposito and Ryan's investigation, when felt someone enter the room.

"Jack? What are you doing here?"

He looked up at Mason. He was wearing some khaki pants, and a light brown sweater, with some white sneakers. 'Really? That's his best look for a date? Pffft...amateur.'

"Just watching some TV." He replied casually. "And you?"

"I'm here to pick up Kim. I know you're watching TV, I can tell. What I meant is what are you doing in Kim's house? I thought you guys hated each other."

"And we do." Said Kim appearing at the door. "He's just here to move some stuff." At the obvious confusion in Mason's face, she added. "It's a long story. C'mon lets go. Don't wanna be here anymore."

"Feeling's mutual Kimmy." He replied with a smirk. He knew he was pushing her buttons, but he wanted to see if she would snap in front of Mason. And well, getting her mad had always been a hobby of his. He saw her clench and unclench her fists, then take a deep breath.

"Then leave as soon as possible. And please, don't hurry on coming back." She said bitterly, the grabbed Mason's hand and left for the door.

He heard her say goodbye to her mom, and slam the door shut. 'Oops, Kimmy is mad.'

"Jack," His father said, entering the living room. "could you go upstairs to Kim's room and start moving stuff? I'm telling Cheryl about the house arrangements and schedule for her to stay calm."

"Yeah, sure." He got up from the couch and made his way to Kim's room. It hadn't change much, just some new posters of bands and photos of her and Kira where the photos of the gang used to be. He saw her walk-in closet door opened, and took a glance inside. 'Wow, she has waaaay more clothes now than back then.' He went back into the room and started rummaging through it. He kept thinking about the so called date though. Like, he was way too dressed compared to Kim's outfit. 'I must admit, she looked ridiculously sexy in those shorts. And the tank top was flowy enough to let a peek at her bra...Wait a second.' He hadn't realised before that he was in Kim's room, alone, with all her stuff. He immediately went for the drawers. 'Maybe I can find something to embarrass her if she tries some kind of prank on me...Ooooh, underwear. Perfect! Well well well Kimmy, didn't know you were one for lingerie.' He thought while picking up some lacy bra. 'Maybe I'll get to see you wearing one of these while you're in my-' He dropped the garment and froze.

'Oh. My. God.' It had just dawned on him the fact that there was an actual possibility of that happening. He hadn't thought about the fact that he and Kim will be living not only together, but in the same floor. A door left just a little opened, and he would be able to see her everything. 'Great, as if living with her wasn't already going to be hard enough, now I also must take care of my hormones or I'll live permanently aroused.'

"Jack, you alright in there?"

'Shit!' He quickly put the bra in its place. "Yeah dad. I just don't know what to move first." He said in a rush.

"Well, I think we should start with her desk. Cheryl told me she had already cleaned it."

"Okay then. Let's go."

He was exhausted. They had moved out most of her furniture, leaving just the drawers with her underwear in them and her bedside table. They'll be moving that tomorrow, so she had time to pack everything she needed. 'I really hope she needs that matching outfit I- seriously Jack? Remember that you hate the girl! You can't go around having this thoughts! Stupid hormones...' He groaned and slammed his face into the pillow.

He got up and quickly changed into some sweatpants and a muscle T-shirt. He went downstairs all the way to the basement. You see, his grandpa knew him like tha back of his hand, and he figured that there would be times in which Jack needed to do karate but he couldn't go to the dojo. So John set up a dojo in their basement. It had everything a dojo needed, and it was also sound proof, just in case Jack needed it at early hours – mostly every time – so he didn't wake the whole block up.

He dragged a dummy to the middle of the mats and started punching it mercilessly. He was letting everything out. Each punch and kick was completed with a groan. He was freeing himself from all the anger. The anger at himself, for leaving his home like that. The anger at Kim, for changing. No, he didn't care that she had changed – he actually liked this Kim more than he was willing to admit -, he was mad that she wouldn't let him in into her life. The anger at the fact that when he decided to ignore, the universe thought it would be funny to play with him, and now they'll have to spend every blinking minute together. The anger at her...

It had been a while since he had thought about her. Coming back home was supposed to set him free, but she would haunt him. He had loved her so much, he'd have done anything for her, and she...

"HIYA!" With a final punch and a Kiai, the dummy fell to the floor with a loud thud! He was breathing heavily, his nostrils flaring rapidly. Sweat was dripping from his forehead and into the mats. He composed himself, and took a towel to dry himself off. He made his way upstairs to his – soon to be their – floor, and went straight to the shower.

That night he went to bed with his mind racing between the two girls he had cared the most about, concluding that neither of them deserved him.

'But that doesn't make it hurt less.'


'You spin my head right round right round, when you go down, when you go down down...'

She got up and shut her alarm clock. Humming a song to herself, she went to the shower, with a bright smile plastered on her face.

The date with Mason had gone great. He hadn't bothered her about the whole moving thing, and she was thankful for that. It would have gotten awkward to tell her current hook-up that she was about to live with her past best friend/crush, who she hated with the gut now. Yep, just a tiny bit awkward.

They had gone for a walk, chatting lightly and flirting shamelessly. At some point he had dropped the hint of his parents being out of town, and she had jumped to the chance right away.

He showed her the main rooms, and then led her upstairs into his room. After that, it didn't take long. She doesn't really remember who started it, probably the both of them, but in no time they were making out fiercely on his bed. She took his sweater off, showing his 6-pack, and ran her hands all over him. He growled and bit down hard on the juncture of her neck and shoulder, making her moan. And then, well, you get the picture.

She stepped out of the shower with a bounce in her step. She decided she was feeling sexier than usual, and put together a Britney Spears like outfit, pigtails and everything. Well, she traded the skirt for some denim shorts, but she still looked amazing.

After doing her make up, she went downstairs to greet her mum, only to find an empty kitchen and a note left on the counter.

Kim, I had to leave early for work. I need to arrange some stuff for the trip.

Don't forget to pack everything you need before Jack and Richard show up later.

Don't get yourself in trouble okay?

See you later hun

Love, mom.

She groaned. With all the after sex happiness she had completely forgotten about what a mess her life was about to become. She quickly shook that thought out of her mind. 'Today I'm feeling sexy and free...wow Jessie J much? Whatever, I'm not gonna let him or anyone ruin my day.'

She took an apple and grabbed her denim jacket. She locked the door and went to her car, not even bothering to open the door, just throwing her backpack into the back seat and jumping in. She started the engine and backed off the driveway. She turned the radio on, and after going through some channels, she settled with one that was playing 'Start me up' by The Rolling Stones. She turned the volume up, freeing herself with the brilliance of Mick Jagger.

'Oh yeah baby. Kim is back.'

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