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It really shouldn't have bothered him. He was used to being alone, being unseen, being there but not there. Being rejected wasn't much different than being walked through. The to actions both had the same pain, the bloodcurdling ache that spread throughout his entire being, his entire existence. So why did he feel as if he should mourn the loss of contact, the once warm and trusting looks that they had given him. Why did being alone hurt, ache, and burn more than ever before! It didn't matter if he was without company! It didn't matter if he never was heard, or seen, as long as he had the wind and the cold, he was fine, had always been fine! So why? Why had that changed! Why did he feel as if his soul had been ripped out!

He looked at the small box, golden with diamonds of different colors. Oh, how he hated this small thing, wanted it to vanish from his sight, maybe even the world itself. But he couldn't do it. He couldn't throw it away, banish it to ice and snow forever. And that hurt even more. Why was he so useless! Why was this tiny thing taunting him so?

"I was afraid this would happen." He knew that voice, that horrible voice that brought pain and fear to the world.

"Pitch," he snarled. The Nightmare King stood proud and tall, his yellow eyes glowing menacingly.

"I tried to tell you. The Guardians? They don't care about you. They don't understand you. But I," The Nightmare King gestured to himself. "I understand."

"You don't understand anything!" He shouted, grasping his staff and throwing the biggest blast of ice that he could at Pitch. The Nightmare King attempted to plead with him, bribe him with offers that were so sweet. So tempting. There was only one problem, the biggest problem: Jack never wanted to be feared. He never wanted to have someone look at him in terror.

Pitch glared at him, a hate that Jack had never seen before burning in his eyes and on his face. He'd held up Baby Tooth, his small fairy friend, his only other friend other than the Wind itself. It was a simple deal, but it broke Jack's heart. His only connection to his oldest friend or the life of his newest friend. The Wind urged him, telling him that their connection would always be there. It became an easy decision. But Pitch didn't let Baby Tooth go, not until she stabbed him with her beak.

The Nightmare King sent her flying, and before Jack could do anything, the man that he had come to hated, snapped his staff in two.

Pain, agony so great he wanted to die, spread through his body. And Jack screamed, holding his stomach in an attempt to stomp the pain, or at least dull it. Looking up, Jack saw Pitch's glee filled face, watching him in amusement. He hated that man, hated everything about him.

The Nightmare King wasn't finished, not yet. His had appeared by his throat and Jack could only whimper, his voice having gone with the breaking of his staff. He didn't even notice the arrow until it was too late. The Nightmare King had pierced his stomach, forcing the arrow in until it exited his back. Jack let out another scream of agony. Was this how Sandy had felt when Pitch had killed him? Jack didn't know, he didn't want to know. He had never wanted to know. It was agony, pain that he never wanted to feel again.

The sadistic embodiment of fear ripped the arrow out and repeated the process once more, and then a third time. Jack screamed, screamed so loud that he thought the Guardians would be able to hear him all the way in Burgess. Pitch grinned, and threw him. He felt his back hit the side of a glacier and he fell, down into the snowy pit. Baby Tooth was there as well, and looked at him, concerned and frightened. He didn't want her to be frightened, not for him. Pitch laughed above them, his broken staff in hand.

"I'll give the Guardians your regards, Frost!" The man left, taking the staff with him. He would need proof to show the blasted goody goodies, anyways.

Jack could only look on in pain and horror as the man left them there. He was powerless, the staff his conduit. He couldn't control his powers without the wood, and he couldn't call on the Wind either. Blood flowed from his wounds and Jack leaned against the wall of the glacier. He needed help, Baby Tooth needed help. The small fairy pulled out the memories and pushed them towards Jack.

He looked at the box, the cause of all his problems, and then touched the lid. It glowed, and he was whisked away to his long forgotten past.

Baby Tooth watched her friend and savior's eyes glaze as he watched his memories. That would at least keep him occupied until she could summon her mother for help. Or give Pitch enough time to let them know that something was wrong. She only prayed that they hurried, because there wasn't much time before Jack lost too much blood.

She looked at the ground mournfully. The snow, once pure white and kind, just like her friend, was stained a blood red.

'Please hurry.' She prayed.

Bunnymund was having a very bad day. A very, very bad day. First off, Sandy had been killed, poisoned by an arrow from Pitch, the bastard. Things had been starting to look up, however, when they had all agreed to help with Easter. Even the little girl, Sophie, had spread cheer and happiness amongst them. And Frostbite, the annoying bliter, had taught them all how to play with children. Tooth knew not to point out the blood and gums on teeth anymore (well, unless it was to boys, then it was okay). North had learned that anything could be used by a child to bring Joy and Wonder to their hearts, and had gone on and on about the different ideas he now had for toys at Christmas. Bunny? He had learned exactly what children thought of his eggs, the hope and happiness that they gained from them and the absolute awe the patterns and designs inspired inside them.

He had started out hating Jack Frost, but by the time Sophie was tuckered out, he counted the spirit among his friends. He knew that Jack was a curious spirit, was rather forgetful when something caught his attention. He realized now, after the event that Jack hadn't even noticed the box in his hands, almost like he didn't know it was there. It wasn't until the Spirit of Winter flew off that they started to see things, remember thing, for what they were.

It was hours later that Tooth remembered, realized why the teeth had been in Jack's possession. "There's a back up system," she had whispered in horror.

"What are you talking about? What backup system?" Bunny snapped, a bad feeling in his chest.

Tooth looked close to tears. "We prepared, for a scenario like this. If anyone needed the memories in the teeth, and we weren't able to get them, the Tooth Box would call out to them, would forcibly bring them there if they were in close enough range. There is a slight flaw, though. If the person isn't constantly looking at the teeth or thinking about them, if they're distracted at all, they forget that the teeth are even there."

"A distraction, say like Pitch kidnapping Baby Tooth?" North whispered. Tooth nodded, before breaking down in tears.

"The teeth were in Pitch's lair though!" Bunnymund whispered, horrified. "He would have been right at the center of Pitch's lair."

"I forgot." She whimpered. "I forgot about the setting. Pitch's lair must be near Burgess, where..."

"Sophie lives." Bunny finished. Oh god, please don't let them have broken the child's heart because of a setting on a bunch of teeth!

"We have made great mistake." North sighed. "We did not let Jack explain. We came to wrong conclusion."

"Oh god, North!" Tooth whispered. "We've got to find him! He's out there all alone and Pitch is still roaming around! We have to find him and apologize!"

The yeti's growled around them. They had wondered where the Winter-child was when the group had returned to the Pole. North had refused to answer them, and had just sat in a corner in sadness. The rabbit was sulking in the far side of the room, while the fairy had just cried. She had only settled down a few minutes ago. They should have known that a misunderstanding like this had happened.

The yeti's had known Jack for a long time. At first, when they met the boy, he had just wanted to see the inside of the work shop. After they threw him out, Phil had glanced outside to see the boy marveling at them, at the fact they could touch him. After that, it had become a game to them all. The yeti's would track down the Winter-child, and the boy would try his best to hide from them. There was no need to inform North, because then the game would come to an end. They hadn't wanted the game to end.

Phil had nearly had a heart attack when he saw North leading Jack through the workshop. The elves had then told them how the Man in the Moon had picked Jack as a Guardian. A protector of children everywhere. The yeti's had rejoiced for the child. And when Sandy had died, they had mourned with the Winter-child, as the Sandman had been Jack's only other playmate besides them. The Wind, they knew, was the child's only friend, and later, they had seen the bond between the mini-fairy and the Winter-child. The child was their playmate, but in time, they hoped to be his friends.

Phil growled at North, scolding him for ever thinking such a thing. North frowned at the yeti, he hadn't been aware that the yeti were so familiar with Jack. Phil sighed. He would have to explain later, but for now he told North that they should find Jack.

"We go now! Too the slay!" Bunny grimaced, but nodded, while Tooth sniffled and nodded as well. They had made a huge mistake, and they owed it to Jack to fix it. They hadn't even given him time to explain.

"We've got to make this right." Bunnymund closed his eyes. He only hoped that Jack would forgive them.

They had looked everywhere. Bunny had searched the Warren, praying that the Winter Spirit was still there. North had searched the entire North Pole, while Tooth had checked everywhere else. They couldn't find him, Jack had simply vanished. The only place left that they could think of was Burgess, where Jack spent most of his time at that lake.

The lake was empty, and the water splashed and rippled around restlessly. They had all sighed. Jack wasn't here either. They were about to move on when they heard talking.

"I'm telling you! It freaky!" A child's voice, a young boy by the sound of it, came from the other side of the lake. "Just look!"

"Wow! You were right, Jamie!" A girl's voice came. They looked over and saw it was a small group of children, boys and girls.

"Water, swish, swish!" They knew that voice! It was Sophie, holding the one called Jamie's hand.

"Yeah Soph, but that's the problem!" Jamie stared at the lake in confusion. "Everyone knows that the Lake never thaws! It hasn't since that boy drowned, like, three hundred years ago!"

Bunny thought that his heart stopped in that moment. Three hundred years ago was when Jack Frost first appeared. Had he been that boy? The Winter Spirit had said he came from the lake, after all. But why was the lake unfreezing now? The children chatted for a while more before leaving to go play somewhere else.

"So the Guardians have figured it out and come looking for their wayward member?"

Bunny immediately brought out his boomerangs, North drew his swords, and Tooth got into a fighting position, her wings gleaming dangerously.

"Awe, have I made you mad?" Pitch appeared onto of the hill that overlooked the lake. "My, look at that. The forever ever frozen lake, no longer frozen. What could that possibly mean?" The Nightmare King threw his head back and laughed.

"What did you do?" Bunny snarled, getting ready to pounce on the man.

"Me? What did I do?" Pitch laughed. "I seem to remember a similar conversation not too long ago. The question is: What did you do?"

Bunny had a sinking feeling in his chest. Oh god, please don't let this mean what he think it means. Moon, please let him be playing off our worry! Please!

Pitch laughed again, before throwing something at their feet. Bunny looked down and almost cried. It was Jack's staff, snapped in two and dead looking.

"What did you do?" Bunny was yelling now. Tooth and North were too much in shock to do anything, other than stare in horror at the staff.

Pitch grinned at them. "I paid your little friend a visit. Was terribly upset, that one. Kept attacking me, wouldn't let me get a word in. Oh, don't look at me like that! I wasn't the one who sent him off on his own! I believe that was your doing."

"Where is he?" Bunny snarled, this was his fault. This was all his fault. Oh god, please be alright!

"Right where I left him, somewhere buried in snow with that annoying little pixie he was carrying around earlier. I wonder his the arctic will freeze her to death? What do you think, Tooth Fairy?" Pitch laughed again before disappearing.

"We've got to find them!" Tooth cried, picking up the staff and clutching it too her.

"But we don't know where he is at!" North protested, also worried, very worried. Why? Why had they let this happen! This was there fault. All there fault.

"Yes we do." Bunny sighed. "Pitch said the arctic. We've already searched the North Pole and that only leaves one other place he could be at."

"The South Pole!" North and Tooth exclaimed.

"To the slay!"

Baby Tooth was loosing hope. Where was her mother?! Why had she not come, why were they not coming? Jack had already finished watching his memories. He had been so enthused to know that he'd had a sister. A little sister he had died saving.

They had tried everything to get out of the pit. Jack had attempted to ride the wind without his staff, to create a ramp made of ice, and even tried scaling the walls. But he was loosing too much blood, and the snow was now red were there once was white. His hoodie was covered in blood, as was his pants. There was not place spared of the red color and Jack had stopped moving a long time ago. She was so afraid, afraid that her friend wasn't going to make it. That Jack Frost was going to die.

Bells sounded in the distance and the feel of magic entered the air. The sky wrinkled and a portal appeared, showing North's slay, reindeer and all, coming through. They had found them! They were going to be alright! Jack was going to be okay!

'Mother! Mother! We're here! Down here!' She screamed as loud as she could. The slay was coming towards them, so she must have been heard. It landed right above them, and the occupants jumped out.

Bunny was the first one down the glacier, having merely jumped down instead of scaling the walls. The rabbit raced over to Jack, but froze at the sight of him. Oh god, there was so much blood.

Baby Tooth fluttered over to her mother, whining and begging her to help Jack, telling her that he had stopped moving so long ago. Tooth broke down crying while North stared wide eyed at the child, the immortal child that they had never really seen before now. It was then, in a flutter of movement, they got to work.

Jack was so warm, everything was warm and fuzzy. It was like he was in a daze, and the world around him was filtered through a screen. Everything hurt when he moved, so he just stopped moving. Everyone would be better off if he just left anyways. It wasn't until he heard voices that he began to hope. Hope that he wasn't dreaming and that they had come for him. That they had come to save him.

Please, let them have come to save me! Please!

And with that, Jack aloud the darkness to overtake his mind.

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