The present…

"JEV!" I scream, my head flung back in the rain, sobbing hysterically. My midnight black wings hang limply at my sides as I slide down the side of the worn down church, burying my face into my legs.

The rain is cold and unforgiving, hitting my face like icicles; pelting so hard it would bruise my face if I were a mortal.

But I'm not.

The necklace burns against my skin and I hiss, ripping off the necklace. It glows bright red, scalding my hand, and I throw the necklace out into the cold, May rain.

I sniffle, hiccupping softly, and I stand up, my resolve hardening.

My name is Charoum Cipriano,

My brother, Jev Cipriano, has abandoned me for a Nephilim girl.

And I am an Angel of Death.

I had come down here to bring back my brother, but now, he's been stolen and changed into a fallen angel.

I wipe my face, although it's useless since it's raining.

God is sad, mourning his loss.

My hair is stringy, and hangs in little chunks across my face. I breathe hard through my mouth, my wings straightening to their full view and I growl, looking exactly like the angel that I am.

I am fearless,

I am deadly.

I glower through hooded eyelids and hair strands, swearing on this holy ground.

"You killed my brother,

And now I'm going to kill you."

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