Chapter 3

I cough, moaning slightly as I strip myself off of the ground that I had slammed into from getting pushed out of Heaven and gasp, looking at the building.

"Of course, he has to be at a school." I mutter under my breath, dusting off my white robe that is now so grimy it's unrecognizable, and spit out gravel. A hand grabs my arm and hauls me up into a standing position.

I look into golden green eyes and sandy blonde hair that falls over his eyes. A mortal, nothing more, nothing less.

"Hey, you okay? That was quite a fall you took." The man says shakily. I nod, smiling slightly and grab his arm for an anchor as he leads me into Coldwater High.

He leans me against a wall and looks at me closely. The wall feels cool and hard to the touch and I curse him for looking at me still, I can walk just fine, but he's here, watching me.

I wince, stripping off my white robe so my black outfit can shine. I feel like myself now. I have skin-tight leggings on with a black skirt over the leggings, with a tight shirt on with no sleeves. The thing I like about the outfit is that it covers my wings totally.

Even if you did see my wings a little bit, they match the color of my clothes so they wouldn't be that noticeable.

"Can you just show me where the office is?" I smile through gritted teeth and wince slightly as I step wrong on my right leg.

He nods and helps me walk down the hall to a door.

"I'm Jack, by the way." The boy nods nervously, smiling ruefully. I grab his arm lightly and he turns on his heel, walking away from me.

I breath out deeply, smoothing my unruly black hair down to something that looks semi-mortal, dust off some gravel from my clothes, and push the office door open, smiling shyly.

I hesitantly walk up to the front desk and the lady looks up at me briefly before turning back to her computer. A heartbeat later, she turns back to look at me, ripping off her glasses and stares at me with an open-mouth shock.

"Hello, my name is Charoum Cipriano, and I'm a new student here." I smile sweetly at the shocked lady.

"Ci-ci-Cipriano?" The lady stutters. I nod slightly and she nods slowly, turning back to her computer and types something in with a fast beat. She clicks something, before shaking her head and turns back to me.

"I'm sorry, but I haven't got anything that tells me about a new student. Now if you have papers or your brother, Patch is it? Yes? Well, if he has something about you transferring, please have him come down later, but I can't have you here right now. Sorry." She smiles apologetically towards me and turns back to her computer.

My smiles falls and I frown slightly.


Who's Patch?

I murmur thank you and walk out of the door. A bell rings and a mass swarm of people rushes past me. I dodge the mob of kids and rush past a couple of girls.

"Seriously Nora…" One of the girls says and that's all I catch as I bolt past them.

I rush out of the main doors and over to a parked car. Kids trickle in and I guess that school will be starting for them.

Is Jev really here?

I sigh as I lean against an old Neon car, which creaks and groans from my weight.

"Charoum!" A voice hisses. My head snaps up from looking at my shoes. I look around at the shadows from the gray sky, a light mist covering my body. I squint into the forest but see nothing.

A hand grabs my elbow lightly and I stifle a scream, jumping and turning around to face my assailant.

My brow furrows in confusion as see his sharp features come into view. An angelic face, blonde, wavy hair that falls in sheets against his sparkling blue eyes. A full bottom lip and thin top lip parted as he breathes in silently.

The angel that pushes me out of Heaven,

The angel that stood up for me,

My guardian angel.

I think…

"What are you doing here?" I hiss. I scan my surroundings before pulling the angel into the forest, hiding us from the prying eyes of mortals.

"Listen, the archangels are watching your every move, so remember to keep it cool." His perfectly sculpted eyebrow rises in question. "What are you doing out here? School for mortals will be beginning soon."

I place a hand on my hip and stare at him coolly. "Who's smart idea been it to not give me the papers that I might so desperately need to get into the school?" He flinches, looking at anything but my furious gaze. He risks it, then sighs, running a hand through his hair.

"What happened?"

"What HAPPENED is that the school won't allow me in there until I get some papers stating that I am INDEED coming into that school, or I could have my brother talk to them and give them some papers. But may I remind you that my brother doesn't even know that I am here, and probably doesn't want me here!" I am spewing fire by now, shooting daggers at the perfect angel before me.

Then my anger dissolves and confusion takes my place. "What are you doing here?"

"That's not important." He waves away the question with a flick of his wrist. He reaches into his robe and a stack of papers appears in his hand.

"Sorry for not giving you these sooner, I apologize for the miscommunication. In here will have everything you need to get into this school. And you'll find in your schedule tweaked so that you have the same health and lunch schedule with your brother."

He hands me the stack of papers and stares at me, my gaze at him unwavering. Then he moves forward and brushes a stray lock of hair from my face. I look down for a second, then look back up, my mouth opening to ask him a question,

But he's gone,

Just disappeared.

I remember that I forgot two things.

To scold him on touching me.

And what is his name?


The lady in the office looks up at me in shock and I smile lightly as I hand her the stack of papers. Her face pales as she flips through the papers.

"Everything okay?" I ask, pasting a fake look of concern on my face. But I know everything will be okay.

She looks up at me, as if remembering that I was still here and nods, turning to her computer and types something in.

A couple minutes later she prints something out and hands it to me. I glance down at it to see that it's my schedule.

"Everything you see on here shows you what hours you have and classes. Right now you have health so I'll give you these…" She hands me a stack of books and a note. I nod my thanks and walk out the door towards the health room. I can't explain it, but a tugging feeling in my gut tells me that the way I'm going is the way to go.

I breathe in deeply before opening the door.

The teacher is in the middle of saying something and then stops when the door opens, his gaze narrowing slightly at me as I walk up to him hesitantly.

"What have we here?" He muses in a booming voice. He takes the note from my hand and reads it.

"Another Cipriano?" He looks at me. I smile slightly and shrug. He nods, then sticks out his hand.

"Nice to meet you Char, my name is Coach McConaughy." He shakes my hand, then squeezes it tightly as he whispers, " Call me by any other name, and I'll have to kill you."

My eyes widen and he laughs, patting me on the back. I chuckle lightly, staring at him in horror.

"You can sit next to Vee Sky over there, " He points to a girl with just right curves and then hands me a packet. "We're on page 246, doing this packet. I'm sure Miss Sky will help you?"

The girl looks up, then nods, grinning.

Coach pushes me towards her and I stumble slightly. My hip slams against a boy's shoulder and I look down, muttering sorry.

My breath catches in my throat as a pair of black eyes, identical to mine, meet mine irritably. His eyes widen as he takes in my face.


I clear my throat and walk down the row to where Vee sits.

"Hey, my name's Vee, you are?" I shake her hand, flinging my raven hair over my shoulder as I set down my books and flip open my book to the right page.

"Char Cipriano." I smile brightly, though my body is tense. Jev didn't even look like he was happy to see me.

Vee raises an eyebrow, looking over at Jev. "You're related to Mr. Tall and Hunky Patch over there?" I laugh and nod, looking down at my paper. I bite my lip. Thanks to the no good Mr. Questionable Angel, I have no pencils.

"Hey, you need anything?" Vee is looking at me and I notice that I had been staring at my page for three minutes.

I shrug, smiling slightly. "I don't mean to be a bother, but do you have a pencil I could borrow?"

Vee laughs and hands me a bag, shining so hard from the light. When I squint I can see the pencil bag is covered in glitter.

"Pick any pencil you want, you can have it."

I open the bag slowly. Just what I expected, glitter-covered pencils.

"Like glitter much?" I laugh. Vee nods, taking the pencil bag from me.

I can see why fallen angels love it here so much.

I'm finally free.


Lunch is when I finally see him closely.

Vee waves me over to the table that she, another girl, and my brother are sitting at. I bite my lip, looking down at the tray I had grabbed, and make my way over to her.

"Hi, I'm Char." I smile at the brunette girl sitting in-between Vee and Jev. She looks at me, her eyes widening as she looks between Jev and I.

"Are-are you his sister?" The girl whispers, her eyes literally bugging out of her head. I look over at Jev, seeing his clenched jaw, his hardened gaze, his tense muscles, and nod slightly, still looking at Jev.

"Patch, you have a sister? You never told me that…youuuu….aaaaahhhhhhh….." The girl looks like she's about to faint and Vee shoves her shoulder into the girl's side, rolling her eyes.

"Seriously Nora," I tense. Those exact words, could I have just heard them two hours ago?

"You're questioning this? I mean, come on, they look exactly alike. Same nose, same eyes, same lips, same-"

"I get it!" Nora yells, slapping a hand over her friends' mouth.

Jev and I look at each other, him warily, me hopefully, and we study each other. We could pass off as twins if we really wanted to, but we do have some differences. I look much more happier than Jev, his face sullen and closed off to the world, and mine a happier version of an Angel of Death. I have freckles covering the bridge of my nose and cheekbones, and he has clear skin, nothing at all.

I look childish, he looks like the man he tries to be.

Although, two centuries down here can really change an Angel.

Or so I've heard…

"Seriously, what did your father look like that you both have that gorgeous look that says, 'Cross me and I'll fuck you.'"

My mouth drops open and Jev's face flushes with embarrassment,

Or anger, you can never tell with him.

His grip is so tight on his fork, I'm afraid he's going to snap it in half. Which isn't hard, I could break this tray in half just using my pinkie finger. I stare at him, still awed that I had finally found him after all these years, harbored feelings of abandonment, betrayal, anger, and jealousy towards my older brother. But all of that just went away once I'd looked into his eyes for the first time in two centuries, and relief washed over me.

Someone shoves me in the shoulder, and the sudden movement causes me to drop a piece of frosting on my lap.

I breathe in deeply and look calmly yet deadly at Vee, who had, coincidentally, shoved me in the side and smile deadly.

"Oh jeez, yeah, you guys are twins alright, or at least brother and sister. The looks you both gave me at the exact same time are just…wow…um…I…" Vee looks like she could die under my death glare, which I perfected since, coincidentally; I'm an Angel of Death, and Jev's murderous glare. I gingerly pick off the frosting and clear my throat.

"Yes, Vee?"

"Um…you know what? I think I forgot what I was going to ask. That's bummer." Vee looks away and smiles, getting up, clearly glad at a diversion.


I stiffen, and Jev does too, no doubt remembering all the times we had together with the angel Gabriel. I look up to make sure, and yes, my suspicions were right, that's not Gabriel the angel, just some random mortal.

A wave of memories washes over me, all good, Jev playing with my wings, Gabriel playing hide-and-seek with Jev and I, I laughing, my heart content,

Until I found out that Jev was missing.

I remember that day clearly; it had been a calm day, as usual, and I was sitting outside the gates to the throne section, waiting for Jev, my heart pounding.

He's never late, why's he late?

I remember Gabriel had come out of the gates, gently prying my hands away from the golden gates.

"Charoum," He had whispered.

"He's great at hiding." I had said hysterically, tears streaming down my face. I was laughing hysterically too, sobbing hard.

"I haven't found him yet."

"Charoum." Gabriel had whispered again, pulling me close to him. My black wings had shaken so hard from the sobbing.

"Jev is missing."

I am pulling back to the present by everyone getting up. I sigh, grabbing my uneaten tray and dumping it in the garbage can, watching it fall down, to be taken away and thrown out later.

Is that all I am to Jev now?

A nuisance?

A little sister that's constantly getting in the way when he's fine by himself?

Even if I'll be all alone forever?


Classes go by quickly for the rest of the day, but my heart isn't into it. I want to learn the ways mortals do, but the questions I had swirling around in my mind since lunch had brought me down.

The highlight of my day was when Jack was in my class. I sat right next to him and he had helped me just like Vee had.


I should apologize to her later.

I bite my lip as I shut my locker quietly, compared to the bustle of the kids rushing out, to be free and do their own thing for a while.

I sling my book bag across my shoulder; I hadn't had one before, but apparently, Mr. Stalker Angel had come in and placed all I needed for this school in my locker when I was class, and I was so surprised, you could imagine, at finding everything I needed was in my locker.

Well, I could have used that earlier on…

I walk out the building, stumbling slightly as a jock bumps into me, laughing under his breath. I squint as the sunlight blinds me, raising my hand up to block the sun as I walk over to the forest.

"Char!" Vee calls. I turn around, away from the sun, thank goodness, and see Vee and Nora walking over to me.

"Hey, Char, do you need a ride? We'll surely give one to you." Vee offers, slinging her book bag strap on her shoulder. Nora nods slightly, her eyes searching for something.

"Hey Angel." Jev walks up to Nora and slings an arm around her waist. My heart drops.

'Angel' was my nickname.

"Sorry guys but I'm going to go with Patch to my house. We have to study." Nora says, grabbing Jev's hand.

"Sure…" Vee says, rolling her eyes. "You're going to be 'studying'."

Nora flushes, but Jev's eyes lock on mine.

"Where are you going to stay Char?" Jev asks quietly, not breaking his gaze. I purse my lips and advert my gaze, my heart dropping even further.

I hadn't thought about where I would be staying once I came down here. All I was thinking about was trying to find him.

And now I really wish I hadn't.


"She's coming with me. We are going to meet up with some of her friends from her school." The angel from before had appeared behind me, soundlessly, and snakes a hand across my waist, smirking at Jev.

Jev's eyes narrow as he takes in the angel. "Azrael?"

The angel laughs. "No Patch, just Jake, please."

Vee looks between Nora and Jev, and 'Jake' and I, and sighs. "Wow do I feel left out. I'm going to go home and work. Bye." She turns around and walks back to her car.

Nora watches her go with pursed lips. Jev walks up to Jake until their noses are touching.

"If you hurt my little sister at all, I will snap your neck in half." Jev says quietly, deadly.

Jake smiles back at him, an evil look in his eyes. "I'll have to keep that in mind."

Jev doesn't break eye contact with the angel, walking backwards to Nora. "Come on Angel, let's go to your place."

Nora nods; waving goodbye and they walk over to a motorcycle, hopping on, and drive away.

As soon as they're out of sight, I slap the angel's hand away, turning to look at him and glare deeply.

"What. Was. That?" I hiss.

The angel laughs. "Oh Charoum, you've grown to be just like that angel's I want in my army."

My heart stops.

Azrael: THE Angel of Death.

I choke, gasping for air. "Azrael, my boss? My…" I back away from him and his laughs stop. He walks up to me and grabs my hand.

"Come on, I now a place for you to stay." And with that, he leads me into the forest.

But I can't say no, can I?

For he is my boss and I can't say no to him.

No matter how hard I will try.

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