Who will win?

disclaimer: unfortunately i do not own the hunger games or any of the characters.

Cloves POV

Urgh. Glimmer. The dumb blonde bimbo of the group. Firstly only district one parents would call their child something as ridiculous as Glimmer. Secondly what was she doing with the careers? She could barely shoot with a bow and arrow and she spent the whole time flirting with everyone, especially Cato. But even worse he flirts back, what does he think hes doing? We are careers, killers not meant to love or show weakness. I have had a crush on Cato for ages and I always thought he liked me back. I guess i was jealous of her, because she just walked in and got him straight away. I walk over to the knife area to lose myself in training, and forget all my thoughts. I throw three knives each landing in bulls eye. I see some of the tributes stare and look scared, i smile. I am brought back to life when i hear marvels voice.

'nice shooting two' he smiles and he suddenly looks strangely sexy. I gaze up into his green eyes longingly but i suddenly snap out of it when i realize what i was doing.

'thanks one your not to bad with a spear either' i smirk.

'ha i'm good like that' he replies. He looks at Glimmer and Cato and i see a flicker of annoyance in his eyes.

' sooo do you like Glimmer' i say casually. He looks away blushing.

'what no. i mean she likes Cato' he says quickly.

' come on you can tell me. we're friends' i say calmly. he looks at me and stops blushing and sighs.

'i have liked her since we started training but she barely notices me and she only knows me now because i was reaped.' he sputters.

' i have like liked Cato for a while now to, please don't tell anyone i'm not ready for anyone to know yet.' i say not looking up, i have never admitted my feeling to anyone smiles at me and then pulls me into a hug.

'you can count on me' he says kindly. i look at Cato but he hasn't noticed me. he is to busy flirty with Glimmer by the sword station. i look up at marvel his green eyes stare back at me.

' why don't you teach me how to throw knives' he says with a grin. i smile back at him.

' OK watch and learn' i say smugly. i pick up one of the knives and chuck it across the room, it lands directly in the middle of the target. he laughs gently.

' looks like I've got a lot to learn' he says with a smile.

'yeah I've been throwing knives since i was 2' i say, a huge grin spread across my face. he stares at me and i laugh at his face. he picks up a knife and throws it towards the target, it lands just to the right of the center. we spend a while throwing knives and laughing at marvels attempts. the bell rings to signal the end of training, we walk towards the stairs, and he walks me to my room. he pulls me into a friendly hug then walks back to the stairs. he passes Cato on the way. I lay on my bed and think about training. i fall asleep knife in hand wondering what will happen tomorrow.

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