Cato's POV

I walk into cloves room and I see Glimmer sat there. Clove looks as if she has just come from the shower, whereas Glimmer looks quite flushed.

'I just kissed Marvel' she blurts out. Both me and Clove look very confused.

'What' I say and Glimmer snaps her head around. She looks so guilty, yet somehow she manages to look beautiful at the same time.

'Cato I'm so sorry, I don't know what came over me' she splutters with tears in her eyes, Marvel walks in and looks sad.

'Just come in and enjoy the party' Clove says sarcastically.

'Cato please forgive me, you mean everything to me' Glimmer says desperately.

'It's ok Glimmer, I know you wouldn't do it on purpose' I say, getting slightly frustrated. She looks very relieved; I can see Clove getting angry though.

'Maybe we should go and leave Clove alone' I tell everyone, and glare at Marvel on the way out. I pull Glimmer into a kiss, and then walk her to the elevator.

'See you tomorrow' I whisper to her.

'Bye, I love you' she whispers back to me.

'I love you to' I tell her, and walk back to my room.

Clove's POV

Marvel came and sat down on my bed, and sighed.

'What's up? I ask him and sit down next to him on the bed.

'It's just that Glimmer kissed me but, she still doesn't like me' he replies sadly, i hear footsteps outside the door. Cato I thought, he can't know our plan.

'Trust me' i whisper to Marvel and pull him into a passionate kiss just as Cato walks in, Marvel kisses me back and we pretend not to no notice him. He clears his throat to get our attention

'Um, hi' he says, we stop kissing and turn around to see him.

'Oh hi Cato' I say trying to sound as casual as i can, to make him feel the pain i have felt over the last couple of days.

'Am I interrupting something' he asks quietly, I have never seen him look so shy.I don't know what to say, luckily Marvel speaks for me.

'No, we thought you were going to see Glimmer' He replies with a slight smirk, Cato looks confused.

'Um, no why' he questions, this time I know what to say.

'You know, having...' I trail off, he looks shocked, and starts to walk towards the door.

'Um no, I err have to go' he says before rushing away awkwardly. Me and Marvel burst out laughing once we could no longer hear his footsteps.

'Good one, I'll see you tomorrow' he says and blows me a kiss, I pretend to catch it then i fall onto my bed. I lay there trying to fall asleep but I can't stop thinking about tomorrow. After about an hour I decide to walk around for a bit. I sit by the window and look at the capitol, It's not long before Cato is sat beside me.

'Hey' I say as he sits down opposite me.

'Hey, I take it you couldn't sleep either' he says quietly.

'Yeah, I doubt any of us our sleeping tonight' I reply, he laughs.

'Well I just walked past Brutus's room and he sounded pretty asleep' he smirks.

'ha, but he doesn't have to fight to his death tomorrow' I tell him.

'Yeah, I guess' he answers we stay silent for a few minuets, Then he pulls me into a big hug.

'What are you doing' I question him as I struggle for breath.

'Saying goodbye' he replies simply, I am very confused.

'Why, we are seeing each other tomorrow' I tell him as he pulls away finally.

'Yeah, but everyone will be there then' he says.

'OK, anyway I'll see you tomorrow' I say and walk away to have a dreamless sleep.