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Cloves POV

'Clove, get up' someone yells at me, I just ignore it and roll over.

'Today is the games' the voice says, I shoot out of bed and rush to the bathroom, I hear someone laugh. I saw Cato laughing at me as I tried to get ready.

'Shut up Ludwig' I snap at him.

'Well aren't you lovely' he chuckles and leaves me to change. I pull out my phone and update my status.

Girlwiththeknives: #let the games begin and let all the bitches die by my knives

Marvelous: #clove 3 gunna kick some ass. Aww , Marvel was so sweet

Swordboy2: #I'm gunna win this thing

Loverboy: #I love you Katniss. Ugh he is so stupid, I hate him.

Glamorousglimmer: #Cato is ma boy. Whore, I hate her

Katniss: # coming home for prim. I hate her to.

'Clove, get a move on' Enobaria yells at me from the living room.

'I'm coming' I shout back. I grab my arena outfit from the wardrobe and change; I then brush my hair and stick it in a high ponytail. I run out the room and into the kitchen to see Cato, Enobaria and Brutus waiting for me.

'Took you long enough' Cato tells me as I grab some toast from the counter.

'Well I'm here now' I snap at him

'Stop bickering and get ready, you will leave for the hovercraft in half an hour, make sure you're ready' Enobaria tells us sternly.

Cato's POV

I go back to my room and pull out my token, it is a stone bracelet. It was given to me by my younger sister in the justice building after I volunteered. Clove walks in and sees me playing with the bracelet, she smiles.

'Looks like I have a good taste in jewellery' she says and pulls out a bracelet that is exactly the same as mine.

'My brother made it for me' she tells me calmly.

' obviously you do have a good taste in jewellery' I reply as she laughs then Enobaria's voice interrupts us.

'you better be ready, we have to leave in 5 minuets' she bellows at us from outside, this just makes us laugh some more and we walk outside to meet her. They take us to the hover craft and we take our seats. The guys are on one side and the girls are opposite us, I see clove is next to her two favourite people, Glimmer and Katniss. She looks so happy, not. I can tell by the look on her face that she just wants to kill them. I am sat between marvel and the district 10 boy, I will win this, and I know I will. The only problem is Thresh, he seems strong and he is probably the only threat, apart from fire girl.

Cloves POV

We walk of the hovercraft and then go our separate ways. A peace keeper leads me to a small room where Dylan is waiting for me. she smiles at me and says 'Clove are you ready honey' i smile back at her and nod.

'I was born ready' i replied confidently

'Good i am sure you will win, i would bet on you if i could' she told me kindly.

'thank you' i manage to say. she opens her mouth to say something, but the recorded voice cuts through.

'30 seconds, please enter the cylinder' it says with a heavy capitol accent. Dylan passes me my jacket for the games, and gives me my bracelet. i start to walk towards the cylinder. deep breaths i told myself as i stepped inside the cylinder.

'10 seconds' the recorded voice bellows.

'good luck' Dylan calls as the cylinder doors close. i turn around and see the arena. A forest. that was good, plenty of places to hide. i looked across at the other tributes, i saw Cato opposite me he also was surveying the tributes.

50 49 48 47 46 45 44 43 42 41 40 the countdown was only a minuet but it took forever. i licked my lips to intimidate the other tributes, Marvel was smirking as he looked around.

30 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 20 I saw Katniss, i would be the one to kill her, i would make sure of it, but for now i need to be ready. Just breath slowly and get ready I told myself.

1 the bell rang throughout the arena, i was off the peddle stone as soon as the bell began. I ran straight towards the pack of knives I saw while i was looking around. I grab one and chuck it towards a tribute, bulls eye i think. I chuck a spear to Marvel and he stabs a tribute. Then I see Katniss, she grabs an orange back pack then starts to run for the forest, she trips and the district 10 boy comes but a chuck a knife into his back. I throw one towards Katniss but she blocks it with her pack, I start to run after her but then remember I need to stay with Cato and the others. I grab a pack and some rope then go to find the others. I see Marvel near the lake, he has managed to pick up some food and a couple of spears, he smiles at me as i come to join him.

'so where are the others' i ask him

'they said they would meet us here' he replies calmly

'ah, so how many tributes did you kill' i question

'two, how bout you' he tells me him as we sharpen sticks.

'same as you' i tell him, then Glimmer and Cato come. Between them they have some weapons, water, matches and some wire.

'hey' Glimmer squeals in her high pitched girly voice.

'so how many did you kill' Cato asks us.

'two' we both said in unison.

'same'Cato says, Glimmers face falls, and i'm guessing she got less kills.

'i got one' she says quietly, i try my hardest not to laugh. Marvel sees me and bursts out laughing, and soon enough i am laughing as well. Glimmer gives us a dirty look before running off into the woods, Cato turns and glares at us.

'way to go you to, breaking up the alliance on the first day' he snaps at us before running after Glimmer. We laugh some more then start to walk back to the cornucopia to find the others.