Cloves POV

We walked in silenced back to the cornucopia to find Cato and Glimmer kissing each other's faces off.

'Get a room' Marvel and I yelled in unison. They turned towards us and grimaced.

'This is the hunger games, not a time for love' I say and start to rummage through the stuff left behind at the cornucopia.

'Well you and Marvel seem quite happy together' Glimmer tells me and I just glare at her.

'Yeah but that was during training' I tell her simply.

'Guys cool it' Marvel says

'Yeah we have to kill some tributes' Cato butts in.

'Well nah, it's not like we're in the hunger games or anything' I snap at Cato.

'Jeez Clove what's up with you?' Cato asks me. I turn around and face him giving him my death glare and he knew to back off.

'Cato baby, let's go and collect some water together' Glimmer purrs and waggles her eyebrows at him. I pretend to throw up and this sets Marvel off. The others both glare at us before turning and walking towards the lake.

'God it makes me so sick' I tell Marvel once there out of earshot and he similes back at me.

'I know there always all lovey-dovey together' he tells me as we start to put the tents up.

'There are only two tents' I say as I throw stuff to the side. Marvel looks shocked and helps me look for some more.

'I am not sharing with Glimmer' I snap and turn to Marvel he shakes his head.

'And I can only guess that they will share a tent' Marvel says and nods his head towards the lake. I smirk back at him and continue to sort through the stuff. After about 15 minutes Cato and Glimmer return with bottles full of water.

'You took your time' I say as they sit down on some logs.

'Yeah any way what have you guys found' Cato asks a little embarrassed.

'Stuff, we only have two tents through' Marvel tells them.

'Soo we have to share' she asks dumbly. I swear how is she even with the careers, oh yeah she thinks she can shoot an arrow.

'No shit Sherlock' I snap at her as she glares at me.

'Yeah but who's sleeping where' Marvels asks and we all stare at each other waiting for someone to say something.

'Girls' and boys'' Cato suggests and I shrug in agreement, at least he wouldn't be sleeping with Glimmer I think to myself.

'But Cato baby' Glimmer pouts at him and he sighs, then turns to me and Marvel.

'You guys ok with sharing a tent' he asks me and Marvel, I glance at Marvel and shrug.

'Fine, but who's on lookout first' Marvel asks.

'I'll go on first watch' I volunteer and Glimmer smirks at me. I swear I am going to make her death slow and painful, and I'll make sure I wipe that smirk off her face.

'So what shall we do now' Glimmer says trying to turn the attention back on her, she can't stand not being the main focus.

'Why don't we look for some tributes' Cato suggests, I nod in approval.

'Who's going to stay and watch the stuff' I ask and look at Cato.

'The best I guess' Marvel says.

'Glimmer you're the best at bow and arrow and that will come most useful here' I say to her with a fake smile.

'Really you think so' She asks me smiling, I keep smiling and nod.

'Ok guys, be back soon' she says and we grab our weapons and head towards the forest. As soon as we are out of her eyesight Marvel high fives me, Cato stares in confusion.

'Why are you randomly high fiving each other' he asks us in confusion.

'Because we finally got rid of Glimmer' Marvel tells him and Cato frowns.

'Aww come on Cato you know you hate her really' I tell him.

'Let's just kill some tributes' Cato says and storms off.

'Someone's being stressy' I smirk and Cato glares at me, I follow him and walk into someone's chest. I look up and see lover boy staring down at me.

'What are you doing here?' I snap at him.

'Errm I want to join the careers' he stutters.

'What?' Marvel asks.

'I can help you find her' he states and Cato immediately looks interested, he is still angry that she got a higher training score.

'How do we know we can trust you' Cato enquires.

'Well I have supplies to share' he suggests.

'What have you got' Marvel asks.

'Food, medical stuff and a pair of night vision goggles' he tells us. Marvel nods approvingly.

'One moment please' I say to him and pull Marvel and Cato into a huddle.

'No, we can't have another useless career' I state simply

'But he can help us find her' Cato interjects.

'Please don't let him in' I beg Cato.

'He has good stuff' Marvel adds, Cato nods in agreement.

'No' I plead, but Cato is already turning back to lover boy.

'You're in' Cato tells him, he looks relieved.

'Let's get back to Glimmer' Marvel says and we walk back to where Glimmer is sat.

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