Class was over and Syo enters his dorm. He turns his head and views Natsuki, lounging on the bed.

"Hey" Syo greets. Natsuki doesn't look up, his apple green eyes are locked on the screen of his phone. "Natsuki! what are you doing?"

"Oh hi Syo, I'm playing a Piyo-chan app! You get to dress him up, then play with him!" Natsuki smiled and went back to his game. Syo sighed and went to his drawer.

"Sometimes I don't understand you Natsuki. You..." Syo gave up trying to express his thought. The room became silent for a minute. Then Natsuki placed the down the game.

"Syo, You're so cute." Natsuki smiles and sits up, soon walking to the confused Syo.

"Natsuki? He-hey! W-what the hell?" Syo was now placed under Natsuki's arms, trapped against a wall.

"Cuter then Piyo-chan." Syo, still very befuddled, now had his lips pressed against his friend's.

Am I a homo now? God. Not that it matters, but I kinda like it... Thought Syo, closing his eyes. A few seconds passed and their lips were still locked.

"Hi Gu..." Said a familiar voice. Syo and Natsuki opened their eyes immediately. It was Otoya, followed by Tokiya, Masato, Ren and Haruka. Again the room became still.

"Bad timing?" joked Masato. Syo released his lips, pulling from Natsuki's view. He started to sweat, trying to create an excuse, but he knew this would be the end. And the worst thing, Haruka was standing right behind the boys. Natsuki, like the innocent idiot he is, walked off humming some song, and soon he was back on his phone.

"We just wanted to congratulate you. Everyone passed." said Otoya.

"With the help of my Little Lamb." said Ren, turning to Haruka. Masato looked Ren coldly in the eye. Syo stood awkwardly, listening to the others conversations.

"I guess... We can come back l-later?" says Haruka, looking at her shoes. The groups agrees and heads out the doors, mumbling down the stairs.

"W-wait!" howls the desperate Syo.

"May we continue, my lover?" smiles Natsuki.

"Fuck off!"