Frylock was looking out the window in his bedroom as he headed to the living room, to see Master Shake simply sitting on the yellow sofa as usual.

"Shake, have you noticed that Carl's been acting... a bit weird?" Frylock stated.

Master Shake moved his eyes around his head, glancing at Frylock. "He's always weird. Looking at human porn and whatnot. Why should we be concerned?" A brief pause, with Shake immediately correcting himself. "I mean, why should I be concerned?"

"Because he's our neighbor and we have to be there for him." Frylock stated as he narrowed his eyes at Shake.

Shake scoffed as he returned his eyes back to the front. "Well, if you're so concerned, why don't you go on over there?"

"All right, I will." Frylock replied as he flew out of his house, heading over to Carl's house and knocking on the door. "Carl! Carl, are you there? Hey Carl?"

Carl had the door shut, all the lights off as he was in his bathroom, holding a couple of grenades as he chuckled. "Yeah, I'm in here all right... get ready for a blasting you'll never forget..."