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Story: Hikaru was turned to the hacker world at an early age. Haunted by Sai, she reluctantly integrates Go into her carefully crafted world. Of course, she uses multiple personalities as an excuse to everyone else, seeing as how she has the bad habit of being a con artist.
Set AU.
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Split Hack
Chapter Twelve: Mercy Me

To be honest, despite humming cheerily and grinning, Hikaru was actually in a real bad mood (Sai was equally in a horrible mood, but more depressed than angry). But she didn't want to worry Yun or Ogata, who had insisted he come anyway…wearing that silly disguise from the last time he pretended not to know her, at that school tournament. The baseball cap hid most of his blond hair, and the sunglasses obscured his eyes. She was, however, once again taken aback that he wore casual clothes, and it seemed strange to see him in them. But he did look pretty good in them, and anonymous enough and different from his usual look to not be recognized, just like last time.

The trial itself was oddly straightforward and quick. She was smug and rather impressed with herself in that she had managed to slip into Sai mode, and fool the rest with her MPD, remaining consistent with her diagnosis, which helped to not leave any loose ends or any room for doubt or to be caught.

When it came to the end, they wanted her "guardian" to step forward. Being that she didn't want to involve her grandfather and worry him, she thought between Ogata and Yun. Eventually, she'd ruled out Ogata, since she knew how high-profile that guy was.

Presenting a nervous Yun, they'd rattled off things he'd have to do in regards to her, and the occasional phone report to them. Deciding she was getting off with just a slight slap on the wrist, she patted her back mentally and told herself it was a job well done, with Sai sighing in relief beside her. But it wasn't over.

Then they were handing out her sentence, and she inwardly glowered. It was still considered light, considering what she was charged with, but she didn't like the restrictions she had to deal with. One, she had to wear an ankle monitor with a GPS that monitored her location at all times. She was also confined to her home and her usual routine, considering they were aware of the usual things she did, like the Go salons she visited, and had to report any variations in it. She also had a stupid curfew at 10 –she was usually in her home by then anyway, but that she no longer had the option to do so if she so choose, irritated her.

She also had to do free consultations with the PSIA/DIH in regards to computer programs, from simple tech problems all the way down to hack/cracking problems, which was probably why her sentence was so light in the first place.

She grumpily headed with the other two back to her home, although Yun had to leave after, whereupon she sat on the couch and poked at the ankle monitor, narrowing her eyes at it.

"Don't poke it," Ogata rolled his eyes.

Sai hid behind an unknowing Ogata, peeking warily at his host.

"Why not?" Hikaru huffed. "It's annoying."

"It's what you get."

Hikaru frowned and ignored him, continuing to examine the ankle monitor. Maybe she could…

"Here," Ogata plopped down a plate in front of her and she jerked up in surprise at the loud clack! the dish made on the table. She was even more surprised to see a sweet confectionary on it.

"What is this?"

"It's a strawberry shortcake," he gave her a 'duh' look.

"I knew that! I mean why'd you give it to me!"

Ogata humphed and turned away from her.

"You…seemed upset lately. I thought you'd like something to cheer you up."

Sai cooed at the sweetness, clapping his hands happily.

She blinked before she grinned widely. "Okay, I'm demoting your enemy status again."

"And what is this about this enemy business?! And when do I get to stop being an enemy?!"

"When I say so!" she said cheerfully, with Sai shaking his head and giving her a look, which she ignored.

"That's it!" he snatched her plate away, and she threw herself after it.

"Nooo! I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I don't mean that! You're the best!"

"That's better," Ogata grumbled, handing it back slowly. He sat down beside her. "How many people do you know anyway? When we were going through your contacts, there was a ton of people."

He tried to sound nonchalant and vaguely grumpy, and for the most part he succeeded…He didn't want to sound like he was obviously interrogating her, of course, but he was rather curious and there really had been a lot of names in her contact list in her phone. It was mind-boggling.

But then she started listing off names after naming an estimated ridiculous number, and while incredulous at so many…he was also strangely irritated how many names he'd recognized as male names. How many guys did she know? Or rather, why did she know so many guys?!

Frankly, though he wouldn't admit it, he disliked the idea that she knew and was familiar with so many males, and that there were so many in her life.

The idea bothered him, but he couldn't pinpoint why. He was just very sure that he didn't like the fact that she did. Dealing with Yun having told him how many people he'd had to call from her contacts and the example list of names (which was more than a handful already) he'd rattled off to Ogata had the blond feeling oddly bothered already, but now knowing more, he was even worse off.

He almost changed the subject and asked how in the world did she get along and got all those other prisoners to like her…when he backtracked and decided he was better off not knowing. He shuddered just starting to think on how, and immediately reversed his brain into some other direction.

"Mmmm, I think Hiroshi-san would like this~ And Hiroki-san too! Hey, I didn't think there'd be such cool guys in jail, but I'm really surprised they got on so well with me and Sai. I guess it must've been –"

Ogata immediately stood up and grabbed her finished plate, heading to the kitchen.

'I DON'T WANT TO KNOW!' his mind screamed.

He retreated into the safety of the kitchen and decided to wait it out for a bit, hoping she'd come to quickly forget about it and something else would come up for her to talk about. When he finally came back, she started chatting about all the things she planned to do to weasel out the weasel who'd sold her out. He sweatdropped, but it was much better than having to deal with listening about how in the world she managed to win over some criminals.

When he left her, he'd gone over to Touya Meijin's house with him once again wistfully looking out of his window, and once again the familiar game was played out on the goban before the older man.

"How is she?"

"Disgruntled, pouting a lot, and scheming," Ogata informed his mentor.

He truly admired the man's resistance and patience. Akira, likewise, had said he'd wait for 'Sai,' but even he had his moments. Kouyo was almost saint-like in his patience. However, he had certain things to tide him over.

He inquired into Hikaru's wellbeing and what was happening in her life. Though he never played against her himself (preferring to have their next game face to face), Kouyo watched her games online as much as he could, when his schedule allowed. Akiko was even kind enough to watch and record the games that happened when he wasn't able to.

He frequently, through Ogata, invited her to attend his Go meetings, and was hopeful each time, despite the continuous declines. That fateful game was replayed constantly. Sometimes, usually entertained and amused by Akira's wall, he would go visit his salon and sadly gaze at it (though he did respectfully ask the patrons there to not mention that game to anyone until Hikaru/Sai was ready to enter the Go world).

Ogata felt a little pity for his mentor, being so close to some sort of rival as he'd never been before.

"Would you like me to replay some of her recent games?" Ogata respectfully inquired.

"That would be nice," Kouyo murmured, resetting the goban and stones in front of him.

Sometimes he wished Hikaru would just come over and stop being afraid.

He knew she was too, despite her not saying it outright or showing it. "A thousand years of Go to ponder" indeed. He thought that was true, and she seemed very sincere about such an odd, vague statement…but he could see that she also didn't want to go outside her little bubble.

She was happy behind her computer, being anonymous and not having to let anyone in. She reached out and played Go, and she accumulated friends and was usually so well-liked, even from the beginning…But it was a control she had, and that she could do or say what she wanted. Reaching out to Kouyo meant stepping into an unknown world, and more exposure than she was used to or was comfortable with.

She liked the isolation she was in, and the way that she raised herself and was in charge of herself and her choices.

It made him uneasy and just a little sad for her himself.

Continuing her irritable mood, she went to school (after reassuring Ogata she wasn't going to murder anyone), and wore a terrible scowl as she trekked through the hallways. Sai patiently walked by her side, trying to console her, though it seemed like nothing helped.

"Hika-chan! Or is it Sai-kun?" she heard someone purr out, and then someone was draping themselves around her shoulders.

Hidaka Aiko rubbed her cheek against Hikaru's and Hikaru blushed red, chuckling a bit at the older girl.

"Eh, sempai~" Hikaru leaned back and tilted her head backwards, gazing at the other with wide eyes, turning the tables. "Are you teasing me, Hi-da-ka-sempai~?" She added in an extra pout, getting the expected blush and Hidaka moving back, gaining her own pout while nervously straightening down the front of her uniform.

"Hee! Hika-chan's so cute," Hidaka grinned, squealing happily.

Sai agreed vehemently. "Hai, hai! So cute~" He happily hugged his charge from behind, copying Hidaka's actions from earlier.

Hikaru grinned back, feeling slightly uplifted.

"Ohhh, why is Hika-chan wearing the boy's uniform today?"

Hikaru hid her grimace, instead bowing at the waist like a gentleman, before straightening up and offering a mischievous grin.

"My girl uniform was kidnapped by the Nekomata, used as a religious item, and is traveling the world to be worshipped."

Hidaka burst out into laughter, eyes twinkling with mirth.

"Right, Hika-chan. Whatever you say. Anyway…there was something I wanted to talk to you about," she turned solemn, and that made Hikaru uneasy.

She took Hikaru's arm and delicately led her to a more secluded place, closing the door firmly and turning back to Hikaru with a serious air.

"You know how the Go club is now also going back to having lunch meetings again, now that the school year's more firmly started? Well, Touya-kun joined the Go club in your absence, as a favor to the principal, and he's…being bullied."

Hikaru immediately had a thunderous expression on her face, as well as Sai beside her. She was thoroughly displeased with this new turn of events.

Hidaka further explained that Akira was mostly ostracized and isolated from his peers in the club, while three of them –Itou, Kojima, and Okamura –were the main culprits and went further, like making Akira play blind Go in a storage room, while making him clean up. Of course, Hidaka managed to interfere in that incident, but she was sure more was happening that she wasn't catching.

Oh, it was on. It was really freakin' on.

Her poor, kawaii little Akira-kun was being bullied, and she was not in the mood to be nice or to come back and hear such a thing. She was really not in a good mood. This? Only exacerbated things.

It was so on.

Being in the irritable mood that she was in, it was only fair that she take out her aggression on them and teach them a lesson. Besides, it's better than taking it out on the poor student body that also had to deal with her.

Apparently, to various sources and all corroborating…lunch was hell that day. At least for the Go club.

Hidaka purposely settled herself in the best seat in the room, where she could see the entire place and not miss a thing. Wearing a suspicious smirk, she waited in suspense. Yun glanced at her confusion, wondering what was running about in her head, though not too much since he was despairing about Hikaru's situation and wondering what he could do to help. Actually, he'd been so troubled about Hikaru's problems, that he'd been missing out on a lot of things and not noticing some stuff, like the annual teacher convention that was supposed to be mandatory but he completely neglected in favor of studying up Hikaru's criminal charge and sentencing. There was also paperwork, things he needed to grade, the Go club (yes, really), school duties…

Ah, but Hikaru had been arrested. Excuse him if he'd been very distracted as of late!

The door slammed opened and everyone jumped in their seats, some of them scattering Go stones onto the floor and around their area. Hikaru stood in the doorway, wearing a rather…scary, demonic grin on her face.

"Heeeeere's Hikaru!" she giggled, rather insanely in several people's opinion. "My Wendy's! I'm home."

And she swung the hitherto shinai in her hand forward, and pointed it rather dangerously at the group of people.

"What the hell? Is she also in the kendo club too or something?" someone muttered.

Hikaru twitched and discarded the bamboo kendo practice sword, whipping out a bokken instead.

"Nope, Yankii," someone corrected the first person.

Yun continued filming, having started to film at Hikaru's entrance. He'd noted that she probably didn't have many home videos of herself, and it was such a shame to have none in one's youth. He personally decided he'll film many home videos himself, even at scenes like these.

"Come play with us, everyone," Hikaru sing-songed, Sai's voice blending with hers.

Huh. Yun hadn't realized that those two could do that.

"N-no thanks, Hika-chan," Okamura, the poor fool, said. Hidaka shook her head.

Scarily, Hikaru was suddenly behind him, and she was placing the edge of the wooden katana against his throat. He visibly swallowed, staring up at her with wide eyes.

"Hello Okamura-kun. Come and play with us. Come and play with us, Okamura. Forever…and ever…and ever…" Hikaru/Sai said eerily.

"Nooo! I don't want to play with you!" Okamura shrieked, rapidly escaping from underneath her bokken and running away from her.

"But all work and no play makes Okamura a dull boy!"

It was a train wreck no one could escape from or stop staring at.

Hikaru cackled. "Little pigs, little pigs, let me come in. Not by the hair of your chiny-chin-chin? Well then I'll huff and I'll puff, and I'll blow your house in!" She stared specifically at Okamura, Itou, and Kojima, with a malevolent glint in her eyes.

She chased after Okamura, even cutting a chair in half with her wooden sword.

Kojima ducked under a table, while Okamura ran towards the door and Itou just stood there in numb shock.

"Come out, come out, wherever you are!"

"Stop quoting The Shining!" Okamura screamed. Hidaka blocked his exit, with a smirk.

'Things are never dull with Hikaru and Sai around,' Yun mused.

She captured the three of them and dragged them to the center of the room, placed them in front of three gobans while she sat on the other side.

"Do you have the slightest idea what a moral and ethic principle is? Do you?" she hissed, losing her maniacal grin in favor of a dangerous snarl, narrowing her eyes at the three as she continued to quote.

Without further ado, she demolished all three of them in Go, at the same time, purposely switching between Sai and herself at the same time to mess with their heads.

Meanwhile, in the back of the room, Akira gaped at his formerly missing friend, hand still holding a Go stone absentmindedly. The girls he'd been tutoring shook their heads collectively.

"That's what those three get."

"Mmhm. But I think Sai-kun's been corrupted by Hika-chan, especially since they can now speak together."

"Sai-kun?" Akira was brought back to them.

"Uh huh. Hika-chan's got another personality or something."

What in the…?

Hidaka also approached Yun at that time. "Eh, Yun-sensei, you're not going to stop her?"

"Hmmm, no. It's better she take out her aggression here, and with Go," Yun nodded his head in decision. "Besides, it's entertaining."

Hidaka sweatdropped.

Hikaru finished against the three in record time, before turning to face the rest of the class with a menacing look.

"What was that Eagle's song? You check in and never come out?" she growled.

She then proceeded to massacre the rest of the entire class mercilessly.

Akira was still shock at the pitiless play of Go against the class and Hikaru's harsh discipline against the Go club (though he kind of figured out that this might have something to do with his treatment by most of them…). And there was this something about a Sai?!

Sai cheered beside her, having fun with all the games and fun-type of lecturing they got to do against everyone. He also thought that Hikaru and Reiji-nii really would have probably got along very well, since they were very alike, especially how overprotective and vengeful they got on behalf of their loved ones. It was really endearing, when Sai thought about it, on the parts of both his elder brother and his mental twin.

Hikaru headed over to Akira after she was done, humming cheerily as she reached him, glomping him happily.

"Akira-kun! I've missed you!"

And then she shook her head and her demeanor changed, Sai recognizing the change. Everyone was too busy bemoaning their crushing defeats and wallowing in depression and self-pity.

"Akira-kun," Hikaru smiled gently as Sai. "It has been a long time, has it not?"

Akira blinked at her and then fainted.

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