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Story: Hikaru was turned to the hacker world at an early age. Haunted by Sai, she reluctantly integrates Go into her carefully crafted world. Of course, she uses multiple personalities as an excuse to everyone else, seeing as how she has the bad habit of being a con artist.
Set AU.
Spoilers: Probably.
Warnings: Age difference and anything else that comes up.
Pairings: Eventual Ogata/Hikaru, though plenty of one-sided Others/Hikaru

Split Hack
Chapter Fourteen: Pressure Play

Sai looked at his host, wondering about her pale face. She was in the bathroom, and while he waited outside…she had been taking a long time and he'd worried. Hence, he'd peeked in and saw Hikaru looking pale and looking down, though he avoided looking down as well.


He blinked. "Hai, Hikaru?"

"I'm bleeding."

He blinked. "Huh?"

"Oh God, I'm bleeding! I'm dying, Sai! DYING!" she screeched, and Sai's eyes couldn't help but zero in on what she was staring at, and oh Kami –

She really was bleeding to death!

Ignoring her feminine parts, Sai began nonsensically screeching with her. He ran out and looked for her phone and lunged for it –only for his hand to go through.

"Damn you, hand! Damn you!" Sai yelled dramatically as he glared at his hand. "Why must I be unable to touch anything?!"

Hikaru screamed again in the bathroom.

Sai twitched and threw up his hands, glaring at the ceiling now.

"Kami-sama, why?! Hika-hime is dying!"

Hikaru ran out of the bathroom and towards her cell phone, rushing passed Sai as she grabbed at it. She clicked the first number that was on her history and called.

"Hello?!" Hikaru was screaming into her phone.

"Hikaru? Why are you screaming at me?" Yun's voice asked in alarm.


"WHAT?!" Yun was screaming now too. "I'M COMING, HIKARU!"

He hung up abruptly and Hikaru kept screaming her head off. It wasn't actually too long until Yun was knocking frantically on the door and then (probably remembering the backup key under her doormat), the door was soon opened and he was rushing through the house and up the stairs.

"Hikaru?" Yun practically threw himself through her bedroom door.

He saw the blood too, and (ignoring her state of dress) charged towards her and picked her up, running out of there and to his car with her in his arms. He then began speeding his way to the hospital, with Sai invisibly urging him to go faster. His hand fumbled into his pocket, trying to grab his cell phone, and he glanced at his mirror to see Hikaru in the back. She was babbling incoherently in panic, and he flinched as her voice went at high pitch.

Finding his phone, he finally dialed the number he needed.

"Hello?! This is Yun, Shindou Hikaru's guardian! I'm supposed to report a variation to the routine, if there is any?"

"Uh, yes. What is she doing that is different –?"



"Okay, I'm done reporting! I got to go!"

And Yun continued to practically race through the streets, breaking several street laws, and running every red light in his way.


The younger officer looked at his superior.

"I'm sure they're being dramatic," the older officer twitched. "They always are. Especially that girl."

The younger one wasn't so sure, and looked uneasy. "But maybe…"

His superior frowned. "Well…just in case. We shouldn't just dismiss it just because of that girl's usual antics. It might really be urgent."

The two of them looked at each other before sighing.

"I'll get the keys."

"I'll find someone to cover us."

And so the two went off to follow the GPS tracker to the correct hospital and make sure things weren't as bad as it sounded.

The doctor looked from the man to the young girl. He blinked slowly.

He ignored the police officers waiting anxiously behind the two.

"From what I'm understanding of the situation, it's really nothing to be alarmed about," he told them bluntly. "It sounds like she's gotten her menstruation."

They all blinked at him.

"Her period," the doctor said plainly, raising an eyebrow.

He was still stared at, before the girl began to flush red and the man began to shift awkwardly. The two police officers breathed sighs of relief.

"I'm her…" the man glanced at the officers, "caretaker. Recent appointment. Um…I don't have any daughters or other female companions," he explained as his excuse.

The doctor looked at the girl. She shrugged.

"It didn't cross my mind. I don't think about these things. I'm more busy tinkering with computers, creating software, whatever…And I don't have female companions either!" she tacked on in a rush.

The others gave her a strange look.

"Akari doesn't count," the weird girl huffed. "She hasn't gotten her menstruation yet."

"What about your mother –?" the man's hand immediately covered his mouth and his eye looked like it was twitching.

"Her mother is currently unavailable," the man gave him a rather fixed smile.

The doctor looked at him. And then he looked at the girl, who was starting to wear a dark scowl, and then looked back at the man.

He nodded tentatively.

Yun inwardly sighed in relief, having averted that as much as he could. That talk would have been a disaster in the making, and he could just imagine Hikaru growing into a terror with ire raised. She would have been screaming and ranting, charging all over the place, throwing things around…

Or maybe she would be calm. Eerily calm. Like the calm before the storm.

Or maybe Hikaru would be melancholic, staring out his car window with forlorn eyes and body postured with feigned indifference.

He admitted being worried about her. He would have preferred it if she would have thrown a temper tantrum, rather than she was like at the moment.

Looking into his mirror, he saw that the police officers were carefully following behind them. He waved at them out the window and one of them waved back, before the police car was pulling back and then taking a different turn. He parked at the store and went in, letting Hikaru quietly stay in the car. When he came back, he gently handed over the bags with feminine toiletries into her arms, with her taking them with a blush and a quiet "Thank you."

He was still worried about her. She tried to ignore his worried stare.

Hikaru awkwardly held the bags in her arms, before peeking inside curiously. She rummaged around, pushing aside things and looking at what he got.

"There's chocolate in here," she commented.

Yun cleared his throat clumsily. "I heard women like to have chocolate around when they're on their monthly."

"Aa. Arigato, Yun-sensei."

He wondered if he should call Ogata. The Go Pro had a habit of needling Hikaru and getting under her skin. Maybe he could get her to forget about being upset, and distract her from it. Aside from that, Ogata was actually pretty good at getting Hikaru to talk and even making her feel better…

Anything was worth a try at this point.

Ogata put out the cigarette on the doorstep. He pinched the bridge of his nose, before shaking his head. Reaching into his pocket, he grabbed the spare house key he'd gotten made for himself, deciding to forgo announcing his presence and not knock or ring the doorbell.

Besides. She had keys to everything in his life. A key to her house was nothing.

Walking through the door, he saw Hikaru sitting by the table in the living room and doing her homework, which was normal, but something seemed off. He quietly noted that Yun was in the kitchen making dinner, but Ogata's focus was on Hikaru, who looked and seemed much too reserved.

"Yun-san, I am taking Hikaru. We'll be back," he said suddenly, and reached over and grabbed her arm, pulling her after him. They were out the house in seconds, without bothering to wait for a reply. Well, he didn't. She was caught off guard as well.

"Hey, hey! What did I say about weido Go people that insist on invading personal space and being grabby? Do I need to call out 'child –'"

Ogata shoved his hand over her mouth.

"Quiet, Chibi!" he said irritably. "Don't call me that, remember? Geez, you're such a loud mouth."

Hikaru grinned at him as he took away his hand. "You're so easy to tease, Megane-chan. And fun teasing too."

He grumbled a bit, before he remembered just exactly what he had set out to do. He opened his mouth, but Hikaru turned to look at him and had such a helpless look on her (he'd never seen that on her and never in front of him) that he couldn't help but stop short of actually talking.

"Don't, please," she practically begged him, which was such a not-Hikaru thing to do.

She got what she wanted and got her way. She was more of a taker (not that people were all that unwilling) and a manipulator.

Hikaru didn't beg.

"There's a park nearby. Let's go there," he said instead, averting his eyes away from her.

"Y-yeah! Let's go on the swings, okay?"

He ignored the tremble in her voice.

Hikaru hadn't been able to get out of her funk the entire week, though the visit to the park with Ogata had cheered her up a lot. But she was still being…moody.

She refused to think she was depressed.

The only other person who was nearly as moody as her was Kishimoto. She knew he got quiet and got into these kinds of moods often, but she'd sit with him at these times and they'd quietly sit together until he got over it. Or sometimes she'd distract him, chattering about something or making him go and do something with her.

She'd been out of it, so she hadn't been much help to him this time. So when she found him studying in the back of the library, she took a seat next to him and kept quiet.

"Are you okay, Hikaru?" he asked softly, turning towards her.

"I was gonna ask you first," she pouted, but it was a muted effort.

They were silent again, before Kishimoto sighed and ran a hand through his hair.

"I used to be an insei," he admitted in a quiet, pained voice. "I was good at Go. I thought I was good enough to go Pro too. But…I wasn't. I was nowhere good enough. So I quit the Go Institute and played Go at this school's club. It just…My love for the game died. I played here and I was the best, but I wasn't enough to become professional. I became bitter and I just…stopped. I stopped playing. Being a Go Pro was all I dreamed about before, and now? Now I don't know what to do. I have to catch up on my studies, figure out which university I want to go to, what career I'm thinking about…I had that all answered with Go, and now that being a professional is out of the question, I feel lost. And a part of me still misses playing Go and having it in my life…"

"I am a…difficult kid," Hikaru finally started, after a pause after Kishimoto's confession. "My father used to say I was just precocious, and all this was a phase. But I know I can be…odd. And that my…eccentricities can be hard to handle. My mother didn't know what to do. She didn't know how to handle me. My father accepted me better than she had, but he also wasn't sure what to do with me. Eventually, we all split apart. Basically, I was the one who drove them away," she shrugged. "One is hiding from me all the way across the ocean, and the other is trying to make a new life and pretend she doesn't have a family. I'm just…here."

They glanced awkwardly at each other, before he patted her head fondly.

"You're not difficult. You're…Hikaru," Kishimoto gave her a small smile.

"And being a Go Pro isn't the only way to love Go," she told him firmly. "I don't care about being a Pro, but I still love Go lots!"

"Yeah, I know…Meeting you, I'm starting to slowly fall back in love with Go," he murmured.

She beamed happily at him.

"But I still bet you'll somehow eventually become a Go Professional," he teased.

She pouted, but this time it was a genuine pouting session.

But as she coaxed him to come with her to the Go club meeting she attended after school, she was happy to see him being easily welcomed back.

Although Hikaru was rather pleased that once Kishimoto was back, he'd been given back 1st seat and captaincy of the school Go team (he was still easily the best of them, and Akira didn't want the spot while she was banned from it), that didn't mean that Hikaru was all that happy with the club.

"But I'm sick of ramen!" Okamura complained. "We always have ramen!"

Hikaru narrowed her eyes at him, and those that had been quietly or just the slightest bit vocal (not too much –they knew better –and definitely not as loud as Okamura) had all quieted down.

"What did you say?" Hikaru scowled.

"No more RAMEN!" he practically wailed.

It was like fires literally lit up in Hikaru's eyes.

"How dare you! You…you…you HEATHEN!" Hikaru threw a textbook at his head, which he barely dodged. It embedded itself into the wall behind him.

Okamura gulped and stared.

"How dare you speak about Ramen that way?! I-I…I will train Haze to beat Kaoi! You hear me?! I swear it on my grave!" Hikaru vowed, capitalizing the 'r' on her ramen for good measure.

She then turned on her heel and exited out dramatically.

"What have you done, Okamura?" Itou asked in horror.

"Oh God, we're doomed," someone moaned out.

Hidaka shook her head. "That's what you guys get. You should know better than now, about Hika-chan and her ramen."

Some of them turned to Yun, who shut his video cam shut and shook his head.

"You reap what you sow," he said cheerily.


Hikaru stormed into the science room of Haze High, scaring the hell out of the small Go club residing in there.

"You!" Mitani jumped up to his feet. "I have words for you, Crazy! What the hell are you doing, recruiting me into this club when you don't even go this school? You're not part of this club! In fact, you're in the rival school and its club!"

Hikaru gave him a bland look. "So?"

He gaped at her. She ignored him and turned to the others.

"I'm training you for the tournament. And you better damn well win."

A dark shadow passed over her face as she glared at them menacingly.

The group watched her wide-eyed, while they nodded dumbly in response.

Correspondingly, the next few days (after school) were pure and utter hell for them. Hikaru grilled them every day since coming to them. She had them playing Go with buckets of water on their heads. They were doing Go while doing jumping jacks.

They were playing Go for hours on end.

By the time they got home, it was nighttime. And they still had to do homework!

"Chin up! Back straight!"

"Faster, you fools! Move your fingers! Like the wind!"

"Mwahaha! We'll WIN!"

It was horror.

When the time came, the rest of the tournament couldn't believe their eyes. Because the door to the building burst open, and four figures in intimidating black wardrobe smoothly walked in and all badass-like, with the American band ACDC playing "Hells Bells" in a music player that Shindou Hikaru was holding as background music to their entrance. They even wore dark sunglasses.

"Hikaru," Mitani whispered through the corner of his mouth. "Why are we dressed in black and walking in like this, with music?"

"Shhh. Just do it! Like we rehearsed, everyone!" Hikaru just whispered back vehemently.

And then she strode to the sign in area and continued their epic entrance.

"Haze High, back in black, people!" she announced.

Kaio High, her school, were staring at her and her group in shock. Kishimoto, though, just looked amused.

"Psh, what did you all expect?" Hidaka muttered, rolling her eyes at the others. "It's Hikaru."

Yun was just glad he'd managed to catch that all on his video cam, and decided that this would be a perfect thing to show Ogata, who'd probably be (reluctantly and reticent in admitting) upset he'd missed it all.

Hikaru swung her arm out, holding her closed fan. "Onwards, Team Haze! Conquer!"

Tsutsui, Mitani, and Akari sighed, but went to their assigned area and sat in their seats obediently.

Hikaru inwardly pouted that this year everyone had to go and decide to make the tournament teams co-ed. Bah –they were just afraid of her. Hmph.

The tournament progressed and Hikaru was smug (and had no qualms showing it either) that her team were steadily beating the opposition, right until the very end where they were facing off against Kaio once more.

Akira, who sat in the crowd, held up two miniature flags that represented either schools and waved them weakly. There were frequent glances over to him since the beginning –maybe Hikaru should send him over to Ogata for tips on how to disguise oneself?

Anyway, Akira would of course cheer for his school, but…well, Hikaru was his friend.

Then the game was on and everyone went to concentrate on it. By the end, Kishimoto wasn't a surprise at having won against Tsutsui, though that Hidaka had lost against Mitani was. Even more surprising was that Aoki had lost against Akari.

But then Aoki looked at Hikaru and gave a weak grin and a wink, so she got that he'd tossed the game and it was supposed to be an olive branch to her.

Oh, alright. She'd forgive those Ramen Heathens and the Go club.

The doorbell rang and Hikaru grumpily got out of her bed, since Sai wouldn't quit poking her to get up and answer the door. Geez, who was bothering her this early in the morning? It was a Saturday! It was time to be sleeping in, damn it.

The door opened and the police officers she most frequently interacted with were on the other side.

"Ohayo, Hikaru-chan," the younger one grinned at her.

The older officer elbowed his partner as Hikaru sent a sleepy grin back at him.

"What's wrong?" she muttered, swaying slightly as she yawned.

The older officer handed her a box. "This came in. They would like you to figure out what the problem is and send them instructions on how to fix it."

She scratched her head. "Eh, my first consultation. Oh, fine. Ruin my weekend, why don't they…"

She grabbed the box from them and they left, so she headed straight to her kitchen and new laptop. Grumbling about early mornings and not being able to go back to sleep now (she would probably put it off, regardless of whatever they wanted, but she was too awake by then), Hikaru started to set things up and work on the thing already. It turned out to be a laptop that was fritzing for some reason.

"What's wrong, Hikaru?" Sai hovered over her shoulder.

"Malware, maybe," Hikaru mumbled, going through the easy stuff first to rule them out. "I'm working on it."

It didn't even take that long in the end.

She snorted and Sai glanced at her in confusion.

"Hn, this is easy. They're having trouble with these things? Sheesh, it's elementary!"

That settled it. She wasn't even going to bother consulting them and telling them how to solve it (she was much too lazy anyway, to write out instructions). She'll tell them what the problem was, even though she couldn't believe they couldn't figure it out by themselves and quickly at that.

Hikaru was just going to solve and fix the damn thing herself.

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