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"You'll come crawling back"



"When you see that Seimei is not the right sacrifice, the right person for you… You'll come crawling back." Ritsuka spat through the blinding gleam of tears, cursing his brother's name for the first time.

The bitter words escaped his lips before a clear thought could reach his mind. At any rate, there was no way he could think clearly after what his fighter- ex fighter told him a moment before.

Seimei returned and took Soubi back. "You've played enough", he said then commanded his fighter to leave Ritsuka and follow him again. Soubi obeyed.

Soubi and Ritsuka stood several paces apart on an empty street. Soubi stepped forward, reaching out. "Ritsuka" A cool breeze blew several strands of flaxen hair into his face. The sky grew dim and bleak; it seemed a storm was approaching.

Ritsuka turned his gaze upward, deep violet eyes locking with the fighter's. "Do you honestly think there's anything you can say right now that will make me feel better, that will make anything alright?!" He cried in anguish.

A rotten taste came to his tongue and he wanted to spit, even at the offending man before him, but swallowed. All this talk was rotten in his mouth. It was unbearable, everything was so frustrating, confusing, upsetting, and he couldn't take it. Suddenly he let loose a long scream.

Soubi didn't budge at the loud outburst. Afterward he spoke calmly, in a coaxing manner, "Ritsuka… Seimei is-"

Ritsuka cut him off with a glare and an angry "Don't".

He continued, "Seimei is my master".


"I cannot go against his will Ritsuka".

"Stop it!" he screamed. "Stop talking, stop saying my name!" It sounded like such poison now. Every word Soubi ever uttered was a lie. Each breath of "I love you" was trickery. The fighter made spells from words; it was no surprise the spell of love was just the same.

Heated, Ritsuka spoke through gritted teeth, "You manipulated me, lied to me over and over again, and now I'm stuck. Bastard you did this to me, and for what?" Dark hair became tangled as he shook his head.

"You made me… you made me love you! How could I be such an idiot?" He smacked hands over his damp face.

The sound of a chunk of tar rolling brought his hands swiftly down. Knowing without opening his eyes, he pushed Soubi who was now a few inches in front of him.

"Don't touch me" he whispered bitterly with a glare. "Go. You'll see, he'll treat you like dog shit and never show you love! You'll realize and come crawling back to me. But I'll tell you something, if you walk away now, if you go to him, I won't take you back."

The fighter remained silent.

His reticence infuriated Ritsuka. Frustration, anger, and most of all sadness filled him, causing waves of tears to shine on pale skin.

"Go away I don't ever want to see you again!" He screamed then turned away, hands clenched at his sides. Moments later, he heard the clicking sound of shoes connecting with pavement. Emptiness surrounded him now.

Minutes later from a distance he heard the soft sound of Soubi's voice, "Goodbye Ritsuka".

He clamped a hand over his mouth to choke back a sob before it escaped and broke his stance.

In the silence and darkness Ritsuka stood alone.

You'll come crawling back… and I hope I can have you…








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