*Momoko's P.O.V*
Me,Miyako,and Kaoru all transfered to Seirin Academy. Kaoru managed to get a boy's uniform which made her really happy. Any ways on our first day we stood outside the door until the teacher called us in "Hi! I'm Momoko Akatsumi!" I said. "Hello. I'm Miyako Gotokuji." Miyako said in her cute voice "So-SO CUTE!" the boys said. " 'Sup I'm Kaoru Matsubara..." that was Kaoru.

*Amu's P.O.V*

The new girls/boy(?) were really interesting. "Amu-chan! Amu-chan!"Ran yelled "What?" I whispered "I sense eggs!" She replied "Us too!" Miki and Su said. Ran flew up and danced in front of them. No reaction. " So It'll be born soon huh?" Miki muttered

*time skip*
I told the other Guardians what Miki, Su, and Ran told me and now here we are following the new kids. Then we saw 3 guys walk up to them Miyako and Momoko had shock evident on their faces, Kaoru's face was impassive " Brick..." " Boomer...!" " Well look what the cat dragged in.. hello Butch." um.. even an idiot could see Kaoru-san and "Butch" don't get along.

*Kaoru's P.O.V*

I'm not shocked too see them. It's not like they'd stay away after all...what I didn't expect was for Boomer to say " Wait! Wait! We're on your side now Kaoru-san!"
Ok would YOU expect that I think not. I sighed and looked at Miyako who looked back at me and said " ...Fine I believe you apparently so does Kaoru" "...what the hell Miyako?" The boys looked at me with wide eyes until I heard somone sneeze...and my eyes narrowed.

*Tadase's P.O.V*

Yaya sneezed. "..! YAYA!" Amu whispered frantically. "Gomen~ Amu-chi!" was the reply. Then I heard someone say "Looks like we have some spies on our hands." I nearly jumped a few feet in the air. I looked up and saw the three boys who recently came glaring at us and well lets just say if glares could kill we'd be dead. " Ahhh!" I said when the raven headed male dangled me by my collar. "Tadase/Tadase-chi!" Amu and Yaya exclaimed. "Me and my friends are sorry for spying!" The reply never came."...Put him down Butch." said Kaoru "tch...fine." and he let go. "So who is he?"Butch asked "No clue." and "he"(?) left. Butch left too. " Come on Boomer." Miyako said and left "Boomer" followed in suit." Brick come on." Momoko told the other red-head. "..." silence fell among us three. "...well we should probably go home"

Kaoru's P.O.V

Why is he to following me? "By the way where do you live?" " You'll see soon Butter-babe" "Dont call me that!
Little did I know it is gonna be a LONG night.