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Normal Pov~

Kaoru changed into dark green sweats and got an ice pack from downstairs. She had to be very careful because she had come home with four guys. Her mom and brothers didn't particularly mind, but her dad had burst into tears saying 'My little girl's grown up!' and tackled her. Butch explained things to them afterwards though. She got a small towel, wrapped the ice pack in it, and pressed it against Kukai's swollen head. Seeing as the guest room was Butch's room now, the male was sleeping soundly on the floor, head on her lap. The rest of the Rowdy trio were lying on the ground around her, heads on pillows. So she stayed up, keeping an eye on Kukai, Butch, Brick, and Boomer. She felt herself nodding off. Secretly, she had been running her fingers through Butch's velvety hair. She glanced at the green clock on the bed stand. 4:50. If she slept now she'd have 2 hours and 10 minutes... No! She rubbed her eyes. "Kaoru, Kaoru, Kaoru, you can do this." she chanted. "You can stay awake for 130 minutes. That's not long." she assured herself. She wanted to stand but didn't want to disturb Butch's sleep. "Great, I've gone soft." she grumbled. She heard light knocking from outside the door. "Come in." she whispered. The door opened revealing her older brother, holding a cup of coffee. {I think the older brother's name is Sai. If not Imma wing it. Good plan? Good plan.} "Hi Sai." she greeted, sleepiness seeping through her words. "Hey lil' sis. Coffee?" He asked handing her the cup, which she took gratefully. "Thanks." "No prob. Having fun?" she glared half-heartedly over the mug. "If you call being immobilized with nothing to do 'Fun' I'm having a blast." she said sarcastically.

Sai chuckled. "I suppose I could get your phone for you..." she nodded eagerly. She needed something to do to stay awake! Sai left the room and came back after a few minutes with her phone, which ironically had a green cover with soccer balls on the back. "Thanks Bro." she said smiling and turned it on. She began to play a virtual soccer game, her tongue sticking out on the side in concentration, Brother Forgotten. Sai sighed and took in the scene before him. His little sister- Tomboy or not- surrounded by boys. Hmmm. Didn't really sit well with him. Oh well, he can just question it in the morning. Kaoru played the game for an hour and 30 minutes before switching to read a adventure book.

Time Skip!~

She got through a quarter of the book- occasionally stopping to flip the ice pack over- before morning came around and softly pushed Butch's head off her lap. She stood and stretched. "Finally." she breathed and grabbed a towel from her room to take a cool shower in hopes of waking up. When she was done, she trudged into Butch's room. Smirking, she cupped a hand around her mouth and yelled "RISE AND SHINE, ROWDYRUFFS!" They shot up from they're positions. "Kaoru~" Butch whined throwing Brick's pillow at her. Swatting it to the side, she said "Take a shower." throwing them towels and clothes in their respective colors. Butch went first, Brick was next, and Boomer was last. Noticing that Kukai was still asleep she shook him, roughly. His eyes fluttered open. ". . . ." "Kukai-san?" she said unsure. The boy's eye laid on her for a second. 'Is he still asleep?' suddenly he launched up. The covers falling to reveal the pajamas Sai lent him. "Where am I? Why am I wearing these? Wha-" "Calm down, man!" she yelled. He looked at her, confusion etched on his features. "Matsubara-san?" She almost gagged. "No that's my dad. Kaoru's fine. Anyway's, I hit you in the head with a soccer ball- I kick really hard- and you were put for a day, or so. I brought you here where Butch and his brothers helped change you into my brother's- Sai's- pajamas, so my mom could wash you're uniform. You can take a shower now if you want." She explained. Kukai's face was a bright red.

"Thanks..." she handed him his stuff and directed him to the bathroom, asking him to come downstairs afterwords. He came down after 15 minutes. "I, uh, sorry for imposing..." he said. Kaoru's mom smiled at him. "No problem any friend of Kao-chan is welcome here." Kaoru face-palmed, whilst her brothers and the RowdyRuffs snickered. "Kao-chan? That's a new one." She groaned. After an eventful breakfast, her father tackling Kukai and brother interrogating him, Kukai connected the dots. The two soccer players left the house. "Your a girl." It wasn't said as a question, but a fact. "Yep." she said popping the 'p'. "Wow..." he went quiet before speaking up. "Why are you... you know." he gestured to her attire. She smirked. "Cause I want too. Besides, would you have treated me the same if you knew I was a girl?" After contemplating for a bit he said "No..."she nodded. "Butch and his brothers already treat me like a girl enough as is." Kukai smirked evilly and wrapped and arm around her shoulders. "Then it's settled! You might as well add me to the group, from now on I'll treat you like my little girl. " he said. Kaoru stared at him blankly. "People'll think you're gay." he shrugged. "Don't care, I already have a girlfriend. Her name's Utau. " Kaoru nodded. "Great. Congrats. Let go." "Nah... To school!" he announced and grabbed her wrist, before breaking into a run.

She frowned. "Why did you drag me?" she complained as she leaned on the school gate. "Because I felt like it." "Why you-" he ran off, cackling. 'That guy...' She sighed and went to class hoping to take a nap. But upon arrival she was swarmed by classmates.

"Kaoru-san! Is it true-"

"Kukai-senpai invited-"

"You said no-?!"

"More importantly! You and Kukai-sama were walking to school together today. Are you two friends?"

That question got eveeryone to stare at her, "Sure?" "We are friends! Just yesterday, we had a sleepover!" Kukai announced appearing out of nowhere. He pulled Kaoru into a one-armed hug, causing her head to bump lightly against his chest. That got everyone excited. A random girl said. "I ship this!" along with ten others. Blushing, Kaoru dragged Kukai out of there. Confused, Kukai asked. " What's shipping...?" she stared at him. "You don't want to know, dude. You just don't." she said shaking her head. Kukai nodded. "Riight." just then Kaoru was tackled by blurs of red and blue. "Kaoru!" Momoko yelled. "You had a sleep-over?! With all guys?!" Momoko and Miyako said in sync. "Your points?" she asked in annoyance and got the girls off. The bell rang. "We're going to be late!" Miyako said. Kukai dashed in the opposite direction. The girls made it to their seats just as the teacher came in. "Okay class! Settle down, please. I'll be taking attendance..."

One Class Later...~

Kaoru stretched, having finished an Pop-Quiz on English. Then an announcement came on. ::Hello! I'm Kukai Soma delivering a message from the Guardians. Ehem, Kaoru from Class 2-B is our new 'Star' Guardian! [I had I hard time choosing so I just chose that...;P] Kaoru shot up, along with her friends and yelled "What?!" When they got outside Momoko cried "Kaoru how could you?!" "I didn't choose this!" They stared at her. "I'll go find out..." She said rolling her eyes. She made it to the Guardians Headquarters and opened the door only to narrowly avoid a red ribbon. "Berserk?!"


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