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'Human thoughts' ; 'Bijū thoughts'

"Human speech" ; "Bijū speech/Shouting/Demonic influenced voice"

Jutsu/Rokushiki technique

Rokushiki no Naruto

Rokushiki (Six Powers)

1. Shigan (Finger Pistol): "A bullet isn't needed to pierce the human body.", Kaku
2. Geppō (Moonwalk): "One can also kick the air to float...", Blueno
3. Rankyaku (Storm Leg): "It is possible to be fast enough to cause slicing winds...", Kalifa
4. Kami-e (Paper Art): "But there's no art to being hit...", Blueno
5. Soru (Shave): "With leg strength explosive enough to seemingly cause one's body to "disappear"...", Blueno
6. Tekkai (Iron Mass): "We've trained our bodies such that we can turn them into "Iron Carapaces" if we so choose...", Blueno
7. Rokuōgan (Six King Pistol): "Let me show you... the most powerful attack available to those with full mastery of Rokushiki.", Lucci

Chapter 1 - Beginning of a Legend

Ring Ring Ring Ring...

Blue eyes fluttered open, but quickly narrowed in annoyance. The previously sleeping boy released a moan of discomfort and shifted a couple of times in his bed until he couldn't take it anymore. With the aid of his sensitive ears and still blurry vision he spotted the source of the annoying sound and smashed his palm in one swift movement onto a button on top of his alarm clock, successfully silencing the device that spoiled his wonderful dream about swimming in a giant bowl of delicious ramen.

Pulling himself up into a sitting position he yawned loudly, stretched his body, and kicked off his blanket before he took off his nightcap and jumped out of his bed.

The boy wore a pyjama, was comparably short for his age, had bright spiky blond hair, tan skin, magnificent cerulean blue eyes, and three whisker-like marks on each cheek, giving him a feline-like appearance. His name was Naruto Uzumaki, self-proclaimed future Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato.

He moved sleepily across the room towards a calendar hanging on the wall. A look at it revealed that today was a special day in Konoha, october tenth.

Exactly ten years ago his greatest hero, the Yondaime Hokage, Minato Namikaze aka Konoha no Kiiroi Senkō (Konoha's Yellow Flash), a shinobi whose mere presence on a battlefield could send entire armies of even the bravest ninja fleeing, fought and killed the mighty Kyūbi no Yōko (Nine-Tailed Demon Fox), sacrificing his own life to save others, a truly honorable death.

This demon fox was by far the strongest of the nine Bijū, an ancient creature possessing such tremendous power that it was regarded as a force of nature itself, feared across the whole continent. According to the stories of the lucky ones who survived an encounter with this behemoth it could easily crush a mountain and even cause a tsunami with just a swing from one of its nine tails.

On that fateful night the Kyūbi appeared out of nowhere right in the middle of the village and began to destroy everything in its sight, killing many citizens, ninja and civilians alike, leaving a large part of the village in ruins.

The shinobi of Konoha had put up fierce resistance to protect their home and loved ones, yet, despite being respected for their prowess and teamwork throughout the elemental nations, they were nothing but a raft caught in a hurricane against the sheer might of the Kyūbi and in spite of all their heroic efforts they couldn't even lay a scratch on it. Even the Sandaime Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi himself, a man who had earned himself the title Shinobi no Kami (God of Shinobi), only managed to chase it out of the village. It was the Yondaime Hokage who ultimately put an end to the carnage.

Today the citizens of Konoha will mourn for the dead and their fallen hero as well as celebrate their continuing existence with a festival, but october tenth was also Naruto's birthday. Remembering that caused a beaming smile to appear on the boy's face. His joyful expression lasted only for a brief moment though and his smile faltered.

Except for three people everyone in the village is going to treat him with much more hostility than usual. Normally, the villagers glare at him with hatred and disgust visible in their cold and uncaring eyes, call him names like demon spawn and throw him out of stores, even if he had enough money to pay for the items, or simply ignore him.

However, as soon as the festival starts everyone who spots him would look at him with outright murderous intent and either spit or throw food at him. In very rare cases some even went so far as to attack him, an innocent and defenseless child. Though, those foolish or drunk enough who tried that were quickly overwhelmed and arrested by ANBU, the Hokage's masked elite ninja force, and unceremoniously dragged to the T&I department where they vanished, never seen or heard from again. Such unpleasant experiences led him to stay away from the crowd during the festivities.

In his early years the boy had toyed with the idea of running away from Konoha in order to escape this cruel treatment and travel around the world, going on a huge adventure. Naruto was definitely not the sharpest kunai in the pouch, but even he knew that leaving was impossible. The blonde couldn't climb the giant and intimidating wall surrounding the village or simply march through one of the gates leading outside, no matter how good he was at moving unnoticed and he didn't discover any other paths leading in and out of the village yet. Furthermore, he was sure that the ANBU would find him pretty quickly should he successfully manage to flee and drag him forcefully back.

Apart from facing overwhelming odds Naruto had two more reasons to stay. Firstly, he was not someone who ran away from problems like a coward. He vowed to himself that one day the villagers would recognize him and what better way to achieve this goal than becoming Hokage.

When he walked next to the aged leader through the busy streets of Konoha he noticed that no one would dare to look at him with bad intentions or whisper behind his back, at least until they were out of view, or just ignore him. Having observed that the Hokage's presence alone caused such a drastic change in the villager's behaviour towards him he concluded the people would surely acknowledge him if he himself became the Hokage. It was settled, Naruto Uzumaki would one day take the old man's hat!

Thinking about the kind Hokage, his grandfather figure, brought a small smile back on his face. Hiruzen Sarutobi and the Ichiraku family, consisting of Teuchi and his daughter Ayame, his sister figure, who helped her father running his ramen stand, were the second reason why he didn't attempt to escape or in the most desperate moment of his short life didn't try to end it. His very first memories were of Hiruzen smiling at him when no other did, playing with him and teaching him how to read and write at the orphanage, or how he used to call this place, hell hole.

Early in his life he had noticed his rapid healing factor. Deep cuts and bruises would heal in a couple of minutes up to an hour or two, whereas it took a day or longer for the other children. To his misfortune his caretakers observed this as well. Needless to say seeing Naruto's injuries heal unnaturally quick only enforced their believe that the boy was a demon in human disguise and every now and then accidents occurred.

They often violently grabbed him by his arms with enough force to almost crack his bones, if he violated a rule, stuck their legs out so he would stumble, shoved him against a wall when passing by, or spilled hot tea over him. Of course all that happened accidentally. But the devious smirks on their faces and empty or sarcastic apologies told him otherwise.

Moreover, they told all the other children to stay away from him and would punish all severely who associated with him, making him an outcast. Lastly, they even forbade him to take and read books from the small library the complex had, thus, despite Hiruzen's best efforts, his progress in reading and writing was fairly slow.

In this place he also learned a valuable lesson. That crying won't solve your problems. He had wailed himself to sleep countless of times and realized it didn't change anything.

Naruto could have told the Hokage what happened to him during one of his visits but he had no proof, because his body showed no evidence of his physical abuse. Besides, he didn't want to bother the old man with his problems, instead he wanted to enjoy the rare times they spent together and told him that he had been taken good care of.

Apparently fed up with their unsuccessful attempts of breaking him to such an extend that it would drive him to commit suicide the orphanage employees kicked him out in hope that the little blonde would starve to death while the Hokage was on a diplomatic mission to Sunagakure, knowing no one would be willing to sell the loathed demon brat food. How long can a six-year old survive on his own anyway? A foolproof plan, ruined by two factors.

First was Naruto's survival instinct. To quench his thirst he initially drank water from the rivers, however, when he felt sick after doing that several times the boy instead drank rainwater and the morning dew. Later on Naruto learned that he had to first filter the unclean water and boil it afterwards to safely consume it. Moreover, Naruto was able to catch the local wildlife with very simple but well thought out traps, find wild growing fruits, and steal enough food to survive on his own. Hunting regularly honed his skill in constructing traps along with his stealth to the level of experienced jōnin.

Second was the Ichiraku family. When they saw him in his pitiful state they had offered him free bowls of ramen out of kindness. At first he thought it was some sort of trick and that the food had to be poisoned since Naruto made bad experiences in trusting adults, but his hunger that day was too grand and those suspicions luckily turned out to be false. On the contrary, he found people who actually cared for him and introduced him to the wonderful world of ramen. His bond with them was cemented after they stood up for him and continued to serve him free ramen although other customers threatened to never visit their stand again as long as he ate there. At this moment he cried his first tears of joy while being comforted by Ayame. They would always occupy a special place in his heart.

Eventually, the Hokage returned from his mission and stumbled upon Naruto outside of the orphanage and noticed the state his clothes were in and how dirty he was. Suspicious, he had brought him into his office and demanded an explanation to which Naruto complied and told him what happened. Needless to say Hiruzen Sarutobi was at a loss for words. Assuring Naruto that he would take care of everything now he had sent him to the waiting room within the Hokage Tower and ordered two ANBU to guard him.

Once Naruto had left the room he couldn't contain his killing intent anymore, which he had supressed in front of the innocent boy. It forced the four hidden ANBU bodyguards to their knees, proving that he indeed earned the titles Kage and Shinobi no Kami. After calming himself he called Ibiki, notorious head of Konohagakure Jōhōbu (Konoha's Intelligence Division), and ordered him to arrest the orphanage employees, question them, and if found guilty of child abuse to dispose of them. Afterwards, Hiruzen began to take measures for Naruto's future and safety.

Till Naruto graduates at least three handpicked ANBU would secretly follow and protect him from harm. Furthermore, he would use the Tōmegane no Jutsu (Telescope Technique) to check on him on a regular basis, a technique which enables the user to observe people through a special manufactured crystal ball. The range of this jutsu is only limited by the chakra supplied and chakra sensitive people would feel that they are being watched, making it not suitable to spy on trained ninja.

In addition, Hiruzen offered the Ichiraku family financial support to compensate for their loss of customers as a sign of his gratitude and organized an apartment for Naruto to live in. The boy would receive enough money every month to cover his living expenses and still be able save some.

In said apartment, Naruto noticed that he had lost himself in his thoughts and therefore lost the track of time, so he took a look at his alarm clock.

'Jiji will arrive in two and a half hours and take me to Ichiraku's. Maybe he will bring me a present too. That would be great!', he thought in excitement at the prospect of possibly receiving a gift and spending time with his precious people. Naruto's beaming smile returned fully and he began his morning routine with renewed enthusiasm.

He took an ice-cold shower, a circumstance that didn't bother him for he had long since grown accustomed to it because the hot water supply always malfunctioned, did some morning exercises, ate merely a single slice of toast for breakfast to save his appetite, took care of his plants, which helped him to calm his hyperactive nature a bit, and finally changed into his usual outfit.

It consisted of a blue and white but mostly bright orange jumpsuit worn over a black shirt, a white swirl on its upper-left sleeve and a red one on the back, orange pants, blue sandals, and green goggles that would occupy his forehead until he receives a Konoha headband.

'Stupid academy', he pondered bitterly and shook his head. Jiji told him three years ago, before his first day as an official academy student began, that he would learn everything necessary to become a splendid ninja and could spend time with children his own age without their parents dragging them away from him.

Instead of learning cool and devastating ninjutsu or how to rescue a princess like Naruto imagined he had to listen to monotonous spoken and boring lessons about history, math, cryptology, tactics, geography, the basics of human anatomy, chakra and genjutsu theory as well as memorize countless of shinobi rules and the twelve hand seals.

Most of these lessons he either slept through, was daydreaming about his future heroic adventures or simply skipped them entirely. It wasn't his fault that the teachers always used long and complex words he didn't understand to explain everything. Naruto wasn't an idiot as everyone for some reason seemed to believe, far from it. He just needed simplified explanations. The first months he actually tried to ask questions, but was either ignored or laughed at. Iruka Umino, the only teacher who didn't let his feelings interfere with his job, answered his questions, though no matter how hard he tried to understand the man it was like he spoke a different language while teaching.

Additionally, there was also the completely useless Bunshin no Jutsu (Clone Technique) that for some reason seemed impossible for him to perform, no matter how hard he tried, and he always put everything he could muster into that technique. All his efforts always resulted in clones that looked like they were dying from a deadly and extremely painful disease.

The only jutsu he truly exceeded in out of the three they were being taught was the Henge no Jutsu (Transformation Technique). Suddenly he smirked slyly, his eyes gaining a mischievous glint, and he chuckled inwardly 'Hehe I almost completed my greatest jutsu. I still need to research some certain anatomic aspects, but as soon as I have finished that I will beat the old man with it and take his hat, then everyone will bow before my greatness, dattebayo!'

Since Naruto started the academy he began to use his exceptional talent in stealth and trap construction to play pranks on his teachers to get attention and a good laugh. Seeing it work at the academy he unleashed a series of pranks upon the rest of village, resulting in his reputation as a troublemaker.

Moreover, there was nothing they could teach him about survival in the wilderness anymore since he had experienced it firsthand and the taijutsu lessons were frustrating. The exercises to increase his stamina, speed, and strength didn't even make him break a sweat, and the katas, which his teacher Mizuki showed him, felt very uncomfortable. Also, the blunt shuriken and kunai he received for training and target practice felt unnaturally heavy.

'Worst of all, in almost every spar I'm paired against Sasuke-teme.', he thought angrily while balling his hands into fists.

If there was one person in the world Naruto utterly despised, it was Sasuke Uchiha or teme for short. Only thinking about him made his blood boil. That bastard gets everything Naruto had ever carved for served on a silver platter because of his name alone and doesn't seem to even want it! Respect, attention, and even the affection of his Sakura-chan, his crush, his green-eyed and pink-haired angel. On top of that Sasuke doesn't acknowledge him, calls him dope or nuisance and would humiliate him in front of the entire class by defeating him effortlessly in a few seconds.

'Just because his last name is Uchiha doesn't mean he can walk around as if he owns the damn place! To think that after finding out about what happened to his family I considered to befriend him. That arrogant bastard and his stuck up attitude make me want to punch him into the ground.', he thought furiously, but as much as he wished to do that and make Sasuke acknowledge him as his equal he couldn't.

It was hard to admit, but Naruto couldn't deny it. Sasuke was far more skilled than him. A prodigy, he heard the villagers call Sasuke and this Nenji (misspelling of his name is intentional) or something guy he caught only a glimpse of once at the schoolyard, who had these strange and creepy white eyes like that weird stuttering Hinata girl in his class.

The girls at the academy were constantly talking about them, aside from hair care and diet. The only exception was Hinata. She never or rarely spoke with the other girls, or anyone at all. He had saved her once from getting beaten up by bullies before a man with the same eyes as her dragged her away from him. Also, for some strange reason this girl seemed to suffer from constant fever when he was around her and followed him home sometimes, poorly masking her presence.

Apart from his rapid healing factor he also discovered that he had better developed senses than the majority of his age group. Naruto picked up her scent, heard her footsteps, or caught a glimpse of her sloppy and nervous movements in the corner of his eyes while she moved around in the bushes or tried to hide behind a tree. Every time he tried to face Hinata about that she would pass out after he merely spoke three words, a very strange girl in his opinion, yet he would like to befriend her, because she appeared nice and kind, but it seems as if she doesn't like talking to him, or talking in general.

Besides, he couldn't shake off this feeling that someone else was following him too. 'Hmmm... Whoever it is, that person is certainly doing a better job than Hinata. I just hope it's not one of those fanboys I heard about.', Naruto thought and shuddered, he doesn't swing that way.

The only students he hung around with frequently were Kiba Inuzuka and his puppy Akamaru, an inseparable duo, as well as Shikamaru Nara and Chōji Akimichi. He wouldn't go as far as to call them his friends though, but companions, who hang around with him while skipping the lessons as he did out of boredom, trying to kill time, and Kiba occasionally helped him out with a prank. That was the extend of the bond he shared with them.

Taking a look around he thought 'This place is surely mess. I still have 30 minutes left and should use the time to clean up.'

Now normally he wouldn't bother to clean his apartment but his Jiji's visit was an exception. Completing the task he waited patiently and was rewarded by a knock on his door. Opening it he saw the old man and quickly tackled him in a bone crushing hug.

"Jiji, you are finally here. I'm so happy to see you."

"Happy birthday, Naruto. I'm happy to see you too.", Hiruzen said while smiling and returning the hug.

The old man genuinely cared for him and he could talk to him about everything except for one topic that the Kage always seemed to avoid at all cost, namely his parents. After witnessing other children interact with their parents he wanted to know about his own. The only fact Jiji revealed to him was that this Kyūbi monster had killed them, looking visibly older when he answered. Nothing else, no names, relatives, pictures, nothing.

About half a minute passed and both ended the hug. "Have you brought me a present?", Naruto asked, bouncing up and down in excitement, looking up at the Hokage with large and hopeful blue eyes.

Nodding and smiling Hiruzen reached into his robes and pulled out a box. Not even a second in his hand, faster than the Kage could blink, his hand was already empty and Naruto sat in the middle of the room, tearing apart the wrapping paper and throwing the pieces like confetti in the air.

'That boy. He might have inherited your looks, Minato-kun, but his personality without a doubt comes from Kushina.', Hiruzen mused nostalgically and chuckled at the sight before him.

Finished, Naruto opened the box and was wide-eyed. A set of actually sharp kunai and shuriken! Taking some of the items in his hands he immediately noticed they felt much lighter than the blunt ones he got from the academy teachers. They would start training with sharp projectiles in the coming semester. Only ninja could buy real equipment, hence all the clan heirs in his class and students with a ninja in the family had already practiced with sharp ones for years, something he thought was very unfair.

"Thank you so much, Jiji. I won't disappoint you. I will train hard with those and show them all what an awesome shinobi I am, dattebayo.", he announced with a wide smile, which Hiruzen returned.

"I'm glad you like my present, Naruto. Are you ready to go so we can celebrate your birthday?"

Putting the items back in the box, the boy stood up and replied cheerfully "You bet I am!"

With that being said Naruto took his beloved toad shaped wallet, the first present he had ever received, slid it into one of his pockets and marched out with Hiruzen at his side, heading for Ichiraku's Ramen Bar.

Once they reached their destination both were greeted by the heavenly scent of ramen and the kind owners of the stand, who congratulated the boy. They talked for what felt like hours and Naruto ate as much as his little stomach could fit.

"Ugh. I'm stuffed. Your ramen is the best, old man, dattebayo!", the blonde declared while patting his bulged stomach with his right hand.

"Hey! I'm not old... but tank you, Naruto. It's always a pleasure to hear such a compliment from our favourite customer.", Teuchi replied, smiling with his arms folded before his chest.

"Sigh. Naruto, it's getting late. I really have to go now and prepare for the... festival.", the Hokage had to be present at such an event. Hiruzen truly hated the ignorance of the villagers. Naruto should be the centre of the festival and seen as a hero, the crowd praising his name for holding the beast at bay like his father wished for, but instead he would be spit at for just being near it.

Naruto looked down from his stool, letting his bangs shadow his eyes, and a long depressing silence followed.

"I understand, Jiji. Thanks for the present again and for the meal. Bye Teuchi, Ayame-neechan, Jiji. See you all later.", he spoke in a sad tone, stood up, and left the stand to go home with his hands shoved in his pockets and a downcast look.

"Bye Naruto.", the adults said collectively. The three wanted to add 'and have a nice day' but that would have only poured oil into the fire.

"Poor boy. Why can't they see the kind, sweet, and innocent boy he is and not the monster trapped within him.", Ayame remarked angrily at her adopted little brother's sadness.

"One day they will, I'm sure of it.", Hiruzen assured, paid for the meal he and Naruto had, and stood up to go.

"I hope so.", responded Teuchi with a sigh. Once Hiruzen was out of sight he leaned closer to his daughter and whispered "By the way, I don't look that old, now do I?"

He received a giggle and the comment "Well, certainly the Flames of Youth burn brightly within you."


That was not the answer he had hoped for.

Naruto groaned in frustration, bored out of his mind. Two hours had passed since he arrived back at his apartment and the festival already started. The boy had nothing to do and couldn't practice with his new set of kunai and shuriken inside.

'Hmm Maybe I should wander around a bit. That way I get at least some fresh air, but where should I go?', Naruto pondered and an idea came to his mind. Snapping his fingers he muttered "...That's it. If they won't let me participate I will go to the Hokage Monument and show the Yondaime my respect that way."

And so he left his apartment for his favourite spot in the village, the top of the Yondaime Hokage's head. Little did he know that his spot was already occupied.

Looking down from the Hokage Monument upon the village of Konoha was none other than Bartholomew Kuma. A true giant of a man, standing nearly 7 meters tall (22'6"/6,89m). No human in this world came even close to his intimidating size.

He was dressed in a black jacket with a white target cross at the front and several paw prints at the bottom of it, grey pants adorned with brown circles, brown boots, black gloves, and a grey hat decorated with two bear like ears. Furthermore, he carried a bible in his left hand.

What allowed him to stand there in the first place was the special power of the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi (Paw-Paw Fruit), a devil fruit that once consumed grants the user paw pads that make someone capable of pushing anything, making him capable of pushing the dimensional barriers apart, an extremely difficult task, which required all of his concentration, and pushed the power of his devil fruit to its absolute limits.

The giant had already seen every notable place in his world and wanted to spend some time at a place where nobody would recognize him. He had found himself in a large forest outside the village where a dozen foolish bandits ambushed him. They were hesitant at first, probably intimidated by his size, but after one of them shouted 'just a cheap genjutsu trick' they charged him head on. Kuma, having never traveled beyond the borders of his world before, was genuinely surprised to actually encounter humans, but more so by the fact that they spoke his language. Dealing with them in less than three seconds he left one barely alive and pushed the man's knowledge out of him, making him sort of brain-dead, and transferred it into himself, thus he learned how this world worked.

It's ruled by shinobi or sometimes also referred to as ninja, assassins for hire. The ninja world views the ideal shinobi as an emotionless tool, something he himself was in the process of becoming. He was turned into a cyborg by the most brilliant scientist of his world, Dr. Vegapunk, whose scientific knowledge was at least 500 years ahead of his world's current level of technology, and there was not much of his original body left. In a few weeks his transformation would be complete and he would die, becoming nothing more than a machine waiting to execute its next order.

Learning about Konoha he snuck into the village to take a look at it. He wasn't worried for his safety in the least. He's a Shichibukai, one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea and quite capable of defending himself, even in unknown lands and a passive scan didn't reveal any immediate danger. In fact, if he really wanted to he could flatten this entire village with a single attack.

Thanks to the data his sensors provided Kuma noticed a boy approaching his location with three pursuers not far behind him. They were fairly well hidden he had to admit. 'Probably bodyguards', he concluded.

As Naruto came near the Yondaime's head he stopped and was wide-eyed at the sight before him. 'Who... is... that? He's so... HUGE.' Childish curiosity getting the better of him he approached the man fast before the ANBU had any chance to intercept him. They had never before seen or heard of such a humongous man.

"Stay calm! The stranger may take Naruto hostage if we show ourselves now. Protect Naruto at all cost and don't underestimate the foreigner.", the purple-haired female ANBU member, her mask that of a cat with three red stripes, Yūgao Uzuki, instructed her two subordinates through the radio and gripped the handle of her katana tightly, ready to jump in as soon as the stranger would make any hostile movements towards Naruto. "If he could sneak in with the tight security measures during the festival, despite his size, he could be at S-rank level, so be careful and don't provoke him.", she added.

"Oi! Oi! Hello! My name is Naruto Uzumaki, future Hokage of Konoha, nice to meet ya.", the energetic blond boy introduced himself proudly and a short moment in silence followed before the giant replied.

"Kuma, my name is Bartholomew Kuma. What is a little boy like you doing up here all alone?", he responded, choosing not to expose the boy's hidden pursuers without taking his gaze from the village to look down at him.

If there was an easy way to provoke Naruto it was to call him little. His left eyebrow began to twitch and he shouted "I'm NOT little!" while swinging his arms wildly.

Ignoring his little outburst Kuma continued "Shouldn't you be down there with the others and celebrate as well?"

Now Naruto's fury was replaced by sadness. He could hear the people celebrating from afar. Looking down he responded "I'm not welcome there. If I go near the festival the villagers would throw things at me, spit at me, or sometimes even attack me. In their eyes I'm some sort of demon." His eyes teared up and a lone tear escaped each eye, which he quickly wiped away with his sleeve, ashamed that he had lost himself for a short moment.

Kuma turned to face Naruto, his footsteps echoed through the air. "If you were to go on a trip... where would you like to go?", Kuma questioned while slowly taking off his gloves, putting the ANBU on edge.

Dismissing the man's odd gesture Naruto answered "I don't wish to be anywhere else.", much to Kuma's surprise, whose eyes widened slightly.

Being confused Kuma asked incredulously "Don't you wish to leave this place that treats you so poorly? I can give you the opportunity to go wherever you wish."

Without hesitating a second Naruto replied "I won't leave my precious people behind. My dream is to become Hokage and then everybody is going to respect me, dattebayo.", he said with determination burning in his eyes.

After that statement Kuma put his gloves back in place. "Respect cannot be given, you must earn it...", Naruto's eyes widened at that, the blonde never saw it from this point of view. "Besides, a leader must be willing to do anything to protect those under his care. Could you sacrifice yourself for those who mistreated you,... who you hate."

"I d-don't ha...", Naruto began, trying to deny the truth.

"You can lie to me but not to yourself. You secretly hate them in a corner of your heart, don't you?", Kuma quickly interrupted him, silencing the boy, who just looked downwards in response.

"But that doesn't matter.", Naruto heard the large man say and his head snapped upwards. He gave the giant a confused look, not understanding what exactly Kuma meant. "Huh?"

"What really matters is, can you grow past that hatred? Show them that they are wrong about you. Could you sacrifice yourself for those who caused you such misery?", Kuma inquired, not expecting an immediate reply from the blonde, who fixed the ground again. However, this time his bangs shadowed his eyes.

A deafening silence followed during which the most painful memories of his short life flooded the boy's mind, causing his eyes to tear up again and occasionally flicker between blue and red, the abuse, the name calling, the hate-filled glares, the tears he shed from loneliness, cold, and hunger, and finally the one moment he shakily held a sharp splinter of glass against his throat while searching desperately for a reason to live, which he found to be his precious people Hiruzen, Teuchi, and Ayame.

He gritted his teeth in anger and balled his hands into fists. 'I hate them so much!' Can he really let it all go, just like that? Can he forgive them for the sake of his dream? 'If respect has to be earned... then even if I had lived a different life... I would still have to earn respect. Just like crying won't change anything, so won't holding onto my hate... Alright, I will let go of it this once. One day, instead of demon they are going to call me hero!'

After what felt like an eternity Naruto looked up directly into Kuma's eyes, noting they resembled Hinata's in a way, and replied with even more fire in his eyes than before.

"From now on my new dream is to earn their respect so they are going to make me their Hokage. Everyone who put me down will realize that he was wrong about me. I'm not a monster, I'm Naruto Uzumaki, a man who will shake this world, remember that name, dattebayo!"

Kuma studied the boy's expression 'That look in his eyes... such strong ambition.' and came to a decision. He moved his large hand into his jacket. The ANBU almost jumped in, but stopped once they saw he just pulled out a scroll and handed it to Naruto. "With the help of this scroll you can fulfill this dream."

Naruto looked at the scroll, which was actually bigger than himself by a few inches. "But... But I don't want to use a shortcut on the road to fulfill my dream."

"That scroll will only guide you to the right path. The path itself you must walk on your own."

Naruto admired the scroll he held in his arms.

"My journey ends soon, but yours is about to start. We will not be seeing one another again... farewell."

"What do you... mean?", he could only blink. Where Kuma once stood was now nothing but air.

"What happened?! Where did he go?!", the three ANBU exclaimed in utter shock at the same time.

'I neither felt him build up chakra nor have I seen him use hand signs or move at all! Was that some type of kekkei genkai like the Jinton (Swift Release)? Regardless, I must inform Hokage-sama immediately.'

"You two, continue to watch over him. I'm going to report this event to Hokage-sama. He will know what to do.", Yūgao ordered through her radio, formed a ram seal, and used Konoha's version of the Shunshin no Jutsu (Body Flicker Technique) to seemingly vanish in a swirl of leaves.

Composing himself Naruto walked back home, holding the scroll tightly. 'Wherever you came from, thank you for opening my eyes.' And so began the legend of a true warrior, who will become known throughout the entire world as Rokushiki no Naruto along with many other titles he will earn on his journey.