Part III: Hail to Queen C

The plan had been for Spike to claim Cordy as his childe and then spend a few months molding her into the perfect princess who was utterly devoted to her new sire.

The problem was that Queen C was already royalty, and already perfect, ta very much. Somehow, and Spike wasn't and never would be sure how, he was the one who'd wound up in training. The little bint had him wrapped around her finger so tight that he knew he was pussy whipped and still couldn't seem to get away.

He eventually decided to blame it on her powers of thrall. There was no shame in being led around by a slip of a fledge, so long as the thing she led you around with was your dick.



Sod off.

Still, Spike found himself carrying her purse, stealing her jewels to apologize for whatever it was he didn't know he'd done, and, horror of horrors, letting her introduce more color into his wardrobe.

"You have such sinfully blue eyes, Spike, it'd be a shame not to flaunt it. Wear this shirt to bring the color out, and then I'll kill every bitch who notices."

She was such a sweet talker, his Cordy.


After a few close calls with Peaches, they wound up back in Sunnyhell. Spike wanted to take another run at the Slayer, and Cordy was fine with that so long as she got to eat Willow. She could go on for hours, gleefully planning what to do with the girl. Spike could relate.

He felt the same way about a certain chaos demon.

They holed up in a crypt that was connected to the tunnel system beneath Sunnyhell. Cordy bitched, and Spike admitted it was below the standards of Queen C, but he wanted to keep a low profile for now. He had a lead on the Gem of Amara, and he wanted time to look for it before the Slayer twigged he was in town.

"I don't see why you want it anyway," Cordy called over to the tomb where Spike had his maps of the tunnel systems spread out. She was organizing her wardrobe. Spike had had a couple minions go out and get her some of those free standing clothes rack things, so that she could hang up all her kit before it wrinkled. She got in such a strop if anything happened to her trunk of designer shite. Worse than Dru and her dolls that way.

"Why wouldn't I want it?" Spike returned, tracing a tunnel path with his fingertips. "Makes you immune to everything, dunnit? Be truly immortal."

"Well, yeah, duh. I know why I would want it. But you're always going on about how the reason you hunt Slayers is because it's a fight that it's possible to lose and proves you've got mad vampire skills or whatever."

Spike shrugged, a silent acknowledgment that she was right. "Still could come in handy, if say, a sire had to leave his childe, who is complete pants at fighting by the way, unprotected."

Cordy looked up at him with wide, startled eyes, and then she smiled that beautiful smile, and she was so bright and shining and yet so full of delicious darkness that Spike was moved to kneel at her feet, pulling her hands forward so he could kiss her palms. Queen C took the supplication as her due, so damn regal that he wouldn't be surprised to find there really was royalty somewhere in the generations of her human family.

"So we'll find the gem and then we'll keep it for days when the world's about to end, okay Spike? It'd just be stupid to let people know we have it. All the vamps would want to take it from us, the Scoobies would want to make sure no vamps could use it, and everyone would know that all they had to do to make us vulnerable again was take the gem away," she babbled.

"Smart as you are beautiful, kitten." Spike pulled Cordy into his arms.

She wrapped her legs around his waist, letting out a purr. "You don't need the gem to beat Slutty anyway. Not when you have me."

"Don't talk about the Slayer. Puts me right off," Spike growled, shifting into game face as he carefully undid the back of Cordy's dress.

'Thou shalt not rip Queen C's clothes for any reason other than the prevention of imminent dusting' was a lesson Spike had taken to heart. He'd had to steal a red convertible and an actual bleedin' tiara before his fiery childe got over him ruining some black dress by Vera Wang.

Cordy laughed. "Alright. I'll tell you my idea later, so I don't put you off."