Battle within

Smoke. The first thing that greeted Luke as he opened his eyes was the overpowering smoke.

Luke could hear voices gradually becoming louder, but they sounded strange.

Once gaining his vision he looked around and saw that he was surrounded by storm troopers. One of them quickly noticed he was awake "hey kid are you alright"?

Luke tried to form some words but his mouth clearly didn't want to cooperate, feeling the storm troopers searching gaze he decided to nod. It seemed like the safest thing to do.

The storm trooper seemingly not noticing Luke's loss for words carried on talking. "Did you live on that farm" with his finger the storm trooper motioned to their left and Luke took in the scene. The farm, his home was burned to the ground, there was barely anything left just pieces of rubble and dirt. Numbly Luke nodded.

"I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this but your guardians are dead they died in the fire. We only just managed to get you out". With that the storm trooper turned and left. Luke felt the burning heat from the suns beat down on him. He felt empty. Deciding he needed a distraction he paid attention to the storm troopers, there was quiet a few of them. Listening carefully Luke caught snippets of conversation. "We have witnesses...dressed in robes...had to be a stinking jedi" Luke's eyes widened a bit at that last comment, he wasn't stupid, he was 14 years old he knew what a jedi was. But there weren't meant to be any left!

Shaking his head Luke turned back to the agitated storm troopers "we have to inform Lord Vader now!"

Luke flinched Darth Vader might be coming? Wasn't he a killing machine? Well Luke thought to himself I for one am not waiting around for a emotionless killer to come. I'm out of here.

But as Luke started to make his way from his original spot he felt big hands grab his shoulders and set him back down. Twirling around Luke saw that he had been grabbed by a storm trooper.


Lord Vader sat in his private quarters deep in thought. He had just been talking with a storm trooper down on Tatooine. Apparently there was a possible sighting of a jedi. Vader smirked at the thought of those filthy jedi scum. If it was a jedi though then he or she would be long gone, however there was a witness that saw this supposed jedi and there was a survivor from the fire. A young boy. It's possible he might know something Vader mused.

Walking out of his private quarters Vader then made his way to the bridge. Spotting admiral Piett Vader said "ready my shuttle admiral" saluting Piett set off.

Yes he would go down to Tatooine. He would find the boy and see for himself if the boy knew anything of value.


Luke struggled to free himself but it was no good he couldn't get out of the death grip.

"Lord Vader is coming"! One of the storm troopers shouted

For some strange reason though Luke didn't feel afraid, instead he felt safe.

Better get ready he told himself Darth Vader is coming.