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1. Rachel

As Rachel opened her eyes she knew it wouldn't be a good day. The notion of having one was foreign but she couldn't help but think that this day would be worse than usual. She lay in her bed staring out the window. The clouds outside her window were dark and threatening and there was fog not too far from where she currently resided, making it so she couldn't quite she the end of her street.

It was Friday, the teenage girl wasn't sure if that was a good thing or not. It did mean that she didn't have to go to school for the next few days, it would save her the torture of having to sit through six and a half hours of hell with a group of students who wanted nothing to do with her. Not that she wanted anything to do with them, but Friday meant a weekend at home. Rachel wasn't sure whether she was relieved at the prospect or not.

When she finally decided that she'd better get up and got out of her bed, she shivered. Her pajama's, which consisted of a light sweatshirt which was long enough to cover her underpants, didn't provide much warmth. She wrapped her arms around her body in an attempt to keep warm. It was the middle of November and one of the coldest Novembers she'd had in a while.

Rachel walked down the dark hallway of her upper floor. Her mother's room was still dark as it had been for the past few days. It was as empty as just another guest room, not that the Roth household entertained guests very often, unless her father met with a 'business partner'. She silently gave thanks that he hadn't been much of a problem last night.

Rachel heard her dad in the next room just heading to bed, probably another late night doing what he saw fit. She honestly didn't care what he did so long as he wasn't bothering her. At the end of the hall was the bathroom, opened the door and caught a glimpse of her reflection in the mirror. She frowned, she didn't exactly meet her expectations, and probably no one else's either. Her naturally violet hair was tangled from sleep and even though its length had reached past her shoulder blades half of it had escaped the grasp of her hair tie. The dark circles under her eyes seemed considerably puffier than the last night.

She groaned. As if she didn't look creepy enough.

Rachel pulled her sweatshirt over her head and stepped into the shower, the heat of the water warmed her bones as her breath began to steam. She faced the shower head and smoothed back her hair. Rachel relished the few minutes she had to herself, for the rest of her day she would be around people. People who didn't accept her, people she didn't accept. People didn't like different, and Rachel didn't like people.

She stepped out after rinsing off and threw on some dark jeans and a dark blue top, sleeves a little too long, hem coming slightly past her knuckles. Rachel didn't bother drying her hair; it was so thin just walking to school would dry it for her.

Rachel went downstairs hearing her father's light snores when she passed his room. She hadn't bothered with breakfast and just left went out the door, right after grabbing a warm black hoodie.

Colder than I expected, Rachel thought, as she buried her face deeper into the hood. She wandered the street, the lamp posts were still lit and all the windows in the houses were still dark. She couldn't see much through the fog but she had lived here all her life, making her memorize the directions automatically over time.

Her wanderings lead her to the more quiet empty streets of town. Rachel rubbed her head in frustration; she was beginning to feel the stress of the past week in full force. It hadn't been fun, it hadn't been enjoyable, yet she hadn't felt upset or angry during the events, Rachel hadn't felt anything at all. Her constant meditation and her continuous runs had taken her mind off of her own life and into a blank world. It hadn't been easy, but the emotions she could have had to deal with would have been far more troublesome than the effort it took to supress them.

Even though she had went through all the meditation she hadn't been able to for the past few days and the walls were beginning to crumble, she was starting to feel.

Rachel slowly picked up her pace, faster and faster until she was running. It was her only way of forgetting and clearing her mind. She'd been doing this for years, running miles a day. She had become extremely fit and lithe through her daily routine.

Rachel ran until she'd lost track of time, she had almost built up her fortress again when she heard a noise. Footsteps, not hers. They sounded like they were running as well and they seemed to be getting louder and closer to her. She tensed slightly, Rachel never knew what to expect when she was alone and heard voices or footsteps, considering the countless times when 'friends' of her dad prowled around and seen her.

She considered just leaving, but she saw a large silhouette through the fog running up to her. As it got even nearer she saw that this person was not a threat. He was male, quite fit and muscled for a high school student and had skin the color of warm, milk chocolate.

He noticed her as he was running and lifted his hand into a wave, "Hey Rachel!" he called out, she nodded slightly in greeting.

It was Victor Stone. Athlete of the year three times in a row, he only needed to finish his senior year and he'd have earned it all his high school years. Rachel had been in his kindergarten class and he was one of the few people she could have a civil and intelligent conversation with, if you could even call it conversing. Victor respected Rachel's space and she respected his.

Despite this they hadn't really talked this year, the school year started a few months ago and Rachel hadn't said anything to him. Not like they talked to each other that much, but it had been at least 8 months since she'd uttered a word to him.

Victor slowed as he came up to her, "What are you doing out so early? He spoke with a bright smile, his kindness radiating out of his person.

Rachel shrugged in reply, "Just thinking." She mumbled.

"Just thinking? It looks like you've been doing some hardcore cardio!" He laughed, "Training to become an Olympic sprinter eh?"

"No." She said deadpan.

Victor looked a little uncomfortable at her simple answer, probably at a loss for words, unsure how to continue the conversation. "Um… so how's everything going with you? We haven't talked since junior year."

"Seeing as we just became seniors recently that's not that long." Rachel pointed out.

"Yeah, but a lot has happened since last spring," He countered, "What's been up with you, besides torturing any male who so much as looks at you, and picking fights with Jinx and her gang."

"Well other than that…" She said dryly with a roll of her eyes, "I suspect you're still burning the midnight oil with that Gamestation. Or have you gotten the new model?"

"Just got it last week!" He said proudly, puffing his chest and looking very happy with himself. He then realized that Rachel was mocking him in her own sarcastic way. "Hey…" He said narrowing his eyes playfully, "Did Rachel Roth just make a joke?"

"I don't joke." She said curtly, "I have to go."

Rachel turned around and went the other way, "Oh and by the way," She said turning her back to him, "Jinx started it."

"And the guys?"

"They can keep their hands to themselves." She left it at that and went on her way.

2. Victor

Vic hadn't spoken to Rachel in months; it was weird running into her. It was like nothing had changed, yet nothing had stayed the same. She was still the same closed off, reclusive girl he'd met in kindergarten, but something was off in her behavior, he couldn't put his finger on it, but something was up. Something must have happened in the 8 months since they'd last spoken.

Vic had changed in the last 8 months, that much he knew for certain. He wasn't left unscarred by life, but he didn't want to wallow in his misery like his father had, he needed to grow up and move ahead. He was almost guaranteed a scholarship to any school of his choice, and he personally couldn't get out of this town soon enough. He'd had enough of the containment, and the looks of pity often shot his way.

He had a little bit of time before he needed to be at school, so Vic somehow ended up lying in the middle of the football field, not doing much just staring at the grey sky and thinking. The frost was soaking into the back of his shirt and making him shiver. There had been a lot to think about over the past few months and it was hard to keep up with. As if he didn't have enough to deal with, now he had Rachel to worry about.

What was up with her anyways? He'd known her for almost 14 years, not on an extremely personal level, but enough to know that Rachel had secrets, and her secrets had secrets.

He could still remember their first meeting, it was the second day of kindergarten and Vic had been fooling around like the idiot he was and he fell off the playground. He screamed and cried to the point where he was just seeking attention. Then little Rachel approached him, looked at him with cold calculating eyes and said to him straight up, "Quiet, no one likes a faker. You're giving me a headache."

He stopped instantly, and stared at her in silent awe, she reluctantly offered him her hand. At first he didn't notice and kept staring. "Well? Aren't you going to take it?" She demanded, her annoyance clear. He took her offer of help, and ever since then he respected Rachel, and refused to believe the rumors that surrounded her. Vic became one of the only people in the world who understood Rachel to a basic extent. Most people just knew a name and a face.

Vic heard a noise from his current space; he tilted his head forward slightly, still lying down to see where it came from. He saw a smallish boy, (everyone seemed small when you're over six feet tall) running across the field in a frantic mess, dropping stuff, rushing to pick papers up, and overall making a complete fool of himself. Vic chuckled a little at the sight. He didn't recognize the boy; he didn't remember him from previous years. He seemed pretty young, probably a sophomore by the looks of it.

He quirked his head in slight amusement as he heard him say words that a little boy like him shouldn't. Vic almost got up to help him but he was both too comfortable here, and having a little too much fun watching this kid.

Eventually the boy drifted off, and Vic got lost in thought, watching the dark clouds move violently. He knew he should get to class, he had a few things to sort out with the office secretary, but just sitting there relaxed himself and he just didn't want to move.

He inwardly laughed at his thoughts; it was so unlike him to think so deeply, but after everything that had happened to him, he didn't really blame himself. Still he missed going either one hundred miles per hour, or none at all. This calm speed he was at now was a little disconcerting. He liked his life before, where he loved his life and didn't give a shit about anything.

He again was interrupted by someone. This time it was not a bumbling boy who had no idea where he was going, it was a girl, who seemed to know exactly where she was headed, like a predator sniffing out prey.

"Hey, Stone!" the pink haired girl called out, Victor cringed at her angry tone, he recognized Jinx.

Jinx was the school's little bad girl, she pretty much did what she pleased with whomever she pleased. Her and her gang of loyal followers were known for their feud, if you could even call it that, with Rachel. He had heard a lot of rumors of why Jinx hated her so much ranging from Rachel killing Jinx's cousin to Jinx having sex with Rachel's dad. All of the rumors were about as real and valid as tofu, and tofu ain't real. No one knew Rachel's dad and if there was any truth to a murder he was pretty sure Rachel would be in prison.

She stood there, in her short ripped skirt and her black and pink striped hand gloves, tapping her foot, impatient for an answer.

"Me?" he asked lazily,

"Yes you, you smart ass," She replied with a voice filled with annoyance, "Where's that purple haired bitch?"

Rachel? "How the hell should I know?" he wasn't exactly lying, he had no idea where she was, but he was making it seem like he didn't give two craps about her, when he'd been worried about her for a while. Vic didn't like lying, but he'd rather Jinx and Rachel not go head-to-head again.

"Aren't you Victor Stone, the only one to ever have a civil conversation with Rachel Roth, the world's only living heart donor." She asked, putting her hands on her hips in an intimidating fashion.

"That ain't true and ya know it," he replied, his voice nonchalant, "I haven't talked to her in months, anyways, ya should check your info, I hardly know the chick."

"Y'know I hate liars." She smirked, leaning over his body; he looked up at her smiled cheekily

"Me too,"

"Asshole," she muttered her smirk falling, "Think you're so smart, you and your 'holier than thou', 'devil may care' mindset."

"Then why'd ya approach me?" he asked, slightly exasperated that this girl had the nerve to refer to his sorta friend as 'a purple haired bitch', call him an liar and an ass, and expect him to be cool with it.

"I'd rather be around liars than people like you, so just… don't come near me." Jinx growled through gritted teeth.

"Ya didn't answer my question…" he laughed starting to stand up.

"You really think I'd find you worth wasting my breath on?"


"Good bye." Jinx stated all of a sudden, with no interest in her voice, she left to cross the football field.

"See ya later!" He called out after her in the brightest voice he could muster.

If Jinx heard him, she didn't show it, she had just kept on walking. Opposite to the school, Victor sighed and headed towards the entrance closest to the office.

He really hoped he wouldn't be encountering Jinx anytime soon.

3. Garfield

Garfield was late… again.

Of course he'd stay up till 3 am playing Mega Monkey's 4, the extended addition, with extra game packs and attack powers. Of course it would make him late for his first day of school. Of course.

It really was just his luck.

"I'M HERE!" he gasped as he burst through the office doors, still panting from the race he'd just had to beat the clock and get to school in time.

Gar was greeted by about 6 blank stares. He laughed awkwardly,

"Hehehe…" he trailed off as he noticed that the stares hadn't changed, "Um… hi, I'm new?" He spoke almost like a question; he wasn't sure what these people were expecting him to say so that just came out of his mouth.

One of the secretaries walked up to him, looked at a list with her all seeing eyes, "Garfield Mark Logan." She stated, pushing her glasses up her long pointy nose, "Welcome to Jump City High."

"Yeah!" He said, flashing her a toothy grin, "Dude, it's nice to meet you!"

The woman gave him an unimpressed, rather forced smile, "Like wise. Now there are a few things I need you to sign, and you can give your guardian this form, bring it in tomorrow morning with their signature."

Gar nodded, mood visibly dropping, but then perked up quickly, "Sounds good! I'll get it done."

"Here's your schedule, if you have any questions, talk to a guidance counsellor."

"No problem," he looked at what he had first, and a confused look spread onto his face,

Huh? What are all these codes? What do all these numbers mean? Where am I supposed to go?

He began to grab at his hair in a frantic fashion. Gar turned the paper upside down to see if maybe he was holding it wrong, after he'd turned around to each side about 6 times the secretary spoke up, "They're course codes." She said it as if it might mean something to him.


"I'll get a student to show you to your first class." She sighed

Gar exhaled, he hadn't realized he'd been holding his breath. The confusing numbers and magic codes wouldn't stop him from getting to class, if the school staff was plotting against him it wouldn't work. Then a thought entered his head, what if they were, he went through his mind to find anyone he may have accidentally pissed off since coming to this town.

Right then the office door opened, in walked a huge guy. He felt like this guy was twice as tall as he was.

"Dude, what the hell?!" He cried, he got a 'shhhh' from about 5 of the people roaming about the office.

He's huge!

The guy walked passed him, not before setting his eyes on Gar and snickering. Gar scratched his head, why was he laughing? Did he have something in his teeth or something? He closed his mouth and ran his tongue across his teeth self-consciously.

"Hey y'all," the guy spoke, "I'm here for the vice-principle."

They lead him into a room and the secretary motioned for him to stay there. Gar tilted his head to the side in wonder, and then he realized, they were plotting against him! Why else would they tell him to stay? Trying to make him late for class! He wouldn't take it, not from a bunch of old people!

"You'll never make me talk!" He shouted out throwing his fist up in the air, "I know you dudes' real intentions; you thought you could fool me! Well, guess what? I AM TOO SMART FOR THAT!"

That's how Garfield Logan ended up in the principal's office during his first 6 minutes of school.

"I can't have trouble makers in this school," the principal lectured as Gar shrunk into his seat even further, "Disrupting the work dynamic is unacceptable. Do you understand?"

Gar shuddered slightly at the man's voice, it was creepy, he sounded like the kinda guy who would touch children for fun, "Yes Mr. Wilson."

"Then you are free to go."

Gar exited the office only to be greeted by the tall guy who had laughed at him.

"Hey kid." He said towering over him, "What's up?"

"Umm, nothing I guess." He said unsure, feeling very useless and little.

"Mr. Stone," Mr. Wilson said from his desk, "You have the same class as Mr. Logan first period, would you be so kind as to show him the way?"

"WHAAA?!" the guy cried, Gar frowned, was he too short to be seen with or something? "This kid's a senior?!" He gestured his finger at Garfield in disbelief.

Oh, he just can't believe that I'm in his class 'cause of my height, he thought, feeling a little offended. One usually was when people commented on his size, he was only about 5'6 and this guy was like a kajillion heads taller than him.

"Yeah I'm a senior." He muttered and jumped in surprise as the guy grabbed him head and ruffled his hair violently,

"AWW YEAH! You're pretty small little man, but I think I like you!"

Gar smiled.

"I'm Vic." He introduced himself holding his hand out; Gar took it and shook it firmly.


As they walked through the halls Gar realized this guy wasn't so bad, he was actually pretty funny. Gar felt a bit guilty for thinking he was scary and mean.

"Dude! I have that game! Remember when the ninja ran through the golden bridge and then the clay monster blew him up with a grenade?"

"I couldn't believe he survived, I thought for sure that he'd have to be resurrected by the Pandora Stone!"

"That clay monster sure was nasty huh?" Gar laughed, "I almost couldn't beat him. I was just about to look up a cheat."

"Don't even joke about that." Victor warned, his voice serious and his eyes playful, "Cheats should be illegal"

"Dude! I know! They're so… cheap."

Gar, for the first time in a while, felt like he'd met someone who was just like him. From what he'd seen in the past 7 minutes, this guy was awesome! They both loved T.V. and videogames. They both seemed to be the energetic, happy sort. For the first time in a while, Gar didn't feel lonely.

"Here's the class, welcome to hell." He said with a smile not fitting his statement.


"If you don't like Advanced Science, it may as well be." He explained, "For me, this is heaven, but you don't seem like the type."

Gar nodded sheepishly, "Hell, here I come."

When they opened the door he was greeted by a red headed teacher, "Garfield Logan?" She demanded in a slightly bored voice. He nodded again. "Miss. Isley" she introduced. The teacher seemed as if she had better things to do, "You can sit next to Rachel and I expect you'll be on time tomorrow?"

"I'll try." Gar said cheekily, "No promises."

"Just sit down." She sighed, though she sounded annoyed her eyes held amusement, "At the back to the right corner, Rachel could you raise your hand to show him where you are?"

Only one girl didn't look up when Miss. Isley said it.

She's pretty, he thought. She had long purple hair and she seemed to be hiding herself in her hoodie. He got the impression that she was a little dark, her face seemed to be in a perpetual frown and she appeared to be alone. No one sat in the seats around her, or even acknowledged her presence.

"I should have known you wouldn't say anything Miss. Roth," Miss Isley groaned, "Garfield, it's the girl in the back corner."

So that's Rachel, Gar thought as he made his way towards the empty seat next to her. He sat into his seat and as he pushed his chair in it squeaked so loud he, as well as others around him, cringed.

Rachel didn't so much as glance at him. He was somewhat disappointed that he hadn't gotten a reaction, he wasn't going to lie, he liked attention, and getting attention from this girl was strangely important to him. He had no idea why, it was weird, but he did.

Gar attempted to catch her eye and failed multiple times, Rachel just kept studying her desk as if she thought that if she stared at it long enough, she'd burn a hole through it.

Eventually he got annoyed and poked her arm, Rachel whipped around quickly.

Gar flinched, "Sorry." He squeaked.

"Do. Not. Touch. Me." Rachel spoke curtly, her face was stony and her eyes were still unfeeling. Gar saw her entire face for the first time. It was sad, a face that didn't see happiness, he knew that from the lack of visible expression lines around her mouth. Her skin was a pale grey color and she had large eyes the color of some dark purple flower he'd seen, he couldn't remember the name, but he'd recognize the color anywhere. Her eyes, they had first appeared unfeeling, but he could see that they were sad. That was the only word his limited vocabulary could think of, sad.

Right then and there Garfield Logan made a promise to himself that he would get those eyes happy, he would get Rachel Roth to smile.

4. Kori

Kori Anders hadn't spent much time in America, but all she really knew was that Americans were strange people. All their customs were still very odd to her. She had come here while the weather was still hot and she still was not required to attend, 'the school', and when she had had to attend, she couldn't understand anything that was going on.

Even now in her science class, she could only vaguely comprehend what the woman of education was speaking of. Much of the chosen words were ones she had never heard. She felt a little alone at her school, no one liked talking with her very much, at least the girls. The males seemed to like doing the flirting with her but Kori suspected they didn't actually want to be her friend.

So she was forced to bear school until the Holidays of Winter and the idea of it did not appeal to her. She gazed at the seats around her; most of them were full with people who didn't talk to her, except for the boy who had attempted to grab her in a womanly area. Kori didn't think she liked him very much.

"Class dismissed!" The teacher announced. Kori put her things away slowly and quietly made her way out of the classroom. She had the lunch now and she did not feel like going into the room of eating and sitting alone again. At first Kori had tried to sit with others, she'd tried her sister even, but was only rejected by both Kaylea and her friends.

She made the decision to go out for a walk instead of enduring the sadness of being by oneself at a table of lunch. As Kori walked she twirled her reddish, brown hair between her fingers, searching for split ends. Her hair was straight across and was free of dead hair, but it was a nervous habit of hers that she did when she was feeling insecure of unsure of her surroundings.

Kori could still remember the day her sister had publically rejected her. Kori had felt the break of the heart as she heard the words, "Ugly bitch, don't even look at me." Kori could recall running out and crying in the room with the facilities.

Eating on a place where people created waste was not ideal and Kori hoped that she never had to do that again. She had been devastated, and the next day, she didn't even bother looking for her sister. Kori only sat in a table off in the corner with another student, one who didn't speak English, or any language Kori herself knew.

Kori walked around for a wandered around a while, bought lunch, and found a tree that had an appealing appearance to eat under. She silently set up her small spot and hummed as she unpacked her lunch, which consisted of a… she struggled to remember the name. Sam-which? She wondered, she dismissed the thought and pulled a bottle of mustard out if her designer bag and squeezed it onto the food item, which she still could properly not name. Once it was drenched she gleamed with happiness, then took a sip of the left over liquid.

Kori took a generous bite and sighed, feeling very blissful. As she did Kori heard a chuckle, she turned her head towards the sound. There stood Richard Grayson. He was in a few of her classes, she hadn't seen him in class for a few weeks, and Richard was often absent. Kori could not understand the reason why.

Yet there Richard was, leaning against a tree nearby, finding amusement in something Kori was doing. His eyes were covered by his dark sunglasses, and his hands were located inside his pockets in a most casual way.

"May I ask what is amusing?" She asked tilting her head to the side and putting her index finger to her chin, "I do not understand. Have I made a joke?"

Richard only smirked, leaving Kori even more confused, "Is it not customary for Americans to answer when they are asked a question?"

"Sure it is." He sighed lazily.

"Then why did you not reply to my previous question?" Kori pondered, almost to herself.

"I'm answering now." He pointed out. Kori didn't reply due to her bewilderment, what was he speaking of, the way he answered her questions did not give her any answers, only more questions.

"I do not understand." Kori finally admitted helplessly.

"Good," He replied, though his voice seemed nonchalant, Kori could somehow sense an undertone of darkness as he said, "It's better you don't understand this world, it only screws with your head, y'know?"

"Tell me, how does one screw a head?" She wondered, "You speak in strange ways."

"Does it really matter?" He said, the darkness coming out to the surface of his voice even more, "Better be someone like you, who doesn't get the shit hole we live in than someone like me who causes shit."

"Richard, are you alright?" Kori inquired, she may have been unable to fully understand why what he said caused him to be unhappy, but she could tell that he was, "You seem down in the garbage chute."

He chuckled again slightly, "I believe the term is down in the dumps Miss. Anders."

"Oh… well many thanks to you!" She smiled brightly; glad to have learned a new custom of the country, "I assure you I am most grateful!"

"I don't doubt it." He muttered as he walked off, opposite way of the school.

"I hope to see you in the Class of English!" Kori called out to him.

He did not reply, but she did hope that perhaps, whatever it was about her that he found amusing had made his day a little more joyous. Just a little.

Kori walked into her English class, and sat in her seat at the front. She turned her head and was most disappointed when she saw that Richard's seat was uninhabited.

She did however notice that another boy sat in the previously unused seat next to Richard's. He was a miniature size for someone his age; she then thought it could be due to the fact that Kori herself was quite tall for a girl. The boy was grinning, and making a boy named Wally laugh. She then decided that she liked this boy, and that he seemed most kind.

The teacher began to speak on a novel that they were supposed to read. Everyone settled down and the boy resumed making Wally snicker, only in hushed tones. He was silenced by the educator, and he was visibly dejected.

Kori turned back to him, and gave him the kindest smile she could. The boy returned it with a wink and thumbs up. Normally Kori would consider this an act of the flirting, but she did not think he had meant it in that sort of manner, which made her esteem for this boy grow even more.

When Kori turned around there was Richard, at the door. She could not mask her surprise and gasped silently. The teacher, Ms. Quinzel stared too.

"I'd scold you for being late but… seeing as you haven't been her in like 3 weeks, just take your damn seat."

Richard only grunted and walked down towards his desk. Leaving Kori somewhat happy with herself, this quickly dissolved when he stopped at her desk and muttered, not even looking at her, "Don't think I came because of you, I have some things I need to sort out."

Kori visibly deflated.

Of course, who would do something for a Klorbag like her?

5. Richard

Richard Grayson was done. He was done with school, with home, with everything. All he wanted right now was to be able to go off and do whatever he wanted.

Bruce was worse than ever, it was like he never knew about the 17 year old downstairs that was causing problems. He was too busy with his work and his company to even consider Richard. His attitude was even worse; when he was talking to Richard he was cold and distant. He couldn't even picture the guy smiling; it would probably crack his face.

However Bruce didn't usually bother with him, he left him to the damn butler. Alfred, he was called. The guy was so patronizing he couldn't take it. He cared too much about the well-being of the Wayne Household that he only cared that Richard didn't do anything physically or socially damaging to the houses reputation.

School was worse, teachers telling him what to do, how to do it and why they know best. It pissed him off and Richard had had enough, adults were all the same.

He was described by adults as a rebellious, angry teen who was lucky he wasn't in juvenile hall, or jail. Richard scoffed at this; he wasn't in jail because no one had caught him yet, he couldn't be caught. Anyone looking for evidence of his heists were evidently disappointed, they couldn't pin anything on him. The only thing they could prove was that he was a 17 year old kid who needed an attitude adjustment, but that much was obvious. One didn't have to investigate to figure that out, the fact that it was insanely difficult to have a civil conversation with the young Grayson without wanting to wring his neck said enough.

Right now Richard was in misery. He was in class, English to be exact. Richard had thought that he had no choice; he owed Adonis some money for some beer he got off of them. He couldn't find another time to pay them back. He considered just not paying them, but after the incident with Johnny Rancid, Bruce threatened that he'd have his head if another one of his 'friends' showed up at his door with a gun. Scared the hell out of Alfred too, when he opened the door.

Richard was about to fall asleep when the new kid next to him snickered loudly; he and Wally hadn't shut up since he sat down. Richard didn't even want to tell this kid to shut up with this idiot in fear that he would start thinking it was ok to converse with him. As the two burst into yet another fit of hushed laughter he pulled his glasses over his eyes in an attempt to allow one of his senses to be relieved of the two hooligans.

Through the dark lenses he watched that girl. Kori Anders. She was strange, not just the fact that she belonged on the island of misfit toys, but that she was such an innocent person who was good to people, and she had yet to make a single friend during her time here. From the few moments he'd spoken with her, he knew he hated her.

Richard wasn't sure exactly what it was about her, maybe it was her obnoxious cheer, or her naivety, but he did and he couldn't help it. Perhaps he didn't hate her; it may be resentment that he felt. Whatever he felt towards Kori, it bothered him just as much as her smiles did.

When the class was over Richard met up quickly with Adonis, the guy was happy to get his money and couldn't shut up about how Richard had arranged a meeting during school hours. Richard merely scoffed at this and told him that if he wanted Richard to keep buying, he'd better learn to keep his mouth shut. Adonis left shortly after that, just as the boy suspected.

Richard was about to walk home when he felt his phone vibrate.


"What is it?" he groaned as he answered the phone.

"Just making sure your alive Master Grayson." He replied in his thick English accent, "I assumed you'd either been kidnapped or killed seeing as you haven't been out of your bed this early in approximately 6 years."

"Yeah, well I went to school," he said, his voice annoyed, "Why didn't you call earlier if you thought I was killed?"

"The reason for that was due to the fact that no person other than you has been in your room during the morning again, for the past 6 years; I only just realized your absence."

"Aren't you thorough." Richard said sarcastically.

"I try."

"I'm sure."

"I assume by your tone of voice and apparent attitude you loved your day at school."

"Hated every minute of it."

"As I suspected."

"Goodbye Alfred."

"Good day Master Grayson."

Richard heard the dial tone and shut his phone off.

That's when he heard the shouting.

6. Jinx

Jinx really liked to think of herself as a merciful, kind person. That didn't mean she actually was one. She knew that she wasn't, but it made her feel better to think that she might be.

Right now was a different story however. She felt no ounce of kindness in her soul at the moment; she was on a mission, a mission to kill Rachel Roth. Well… maybe not kill, but beating her senseless would do just fine.

Jinx was outraged when she had learned this morning that Rachel had given Seymour a black eye yesterday. He'd walked in, the skin surrounding his eye purple and black, and Gizmo told her. Jinx never had liked Rachel, but this made things even more personal than when they had been before. They had a history ever since they'd first seen each other in ninth grade, that meeting was enough to fuel a rivalry.

Now she was marching across the halls, her group of friends trailing closely behind her. Jinx was ready to start interrogating other students as to Rachel Roth's whereabouts when she quickly glanced outside of the window at the back of the school.

She looked away then whipped her head back around when she realized what she'd seen.

"Found her."

"Roth!" She yelled from the school door entrance. The purple haired girl may have been far away from where Jinx stood, but she turned around all the same.

"Get over here!" But Rachel only looked at her a moment with her cold, unfeeling eyes, then turned and kept walking. Infuriated with her lack of response Jinx quickly, but coolly approached the girl. As she existed the school's overhang rain drops pelted her skin.

When she was close enough, Jinx reached her hand out to grab Rachel's shoulder and jerk her around, but before she could the latter spun around as if she'd been aware of Jinx's presence the entire time. Rachel didn't say a word and just looked at her quizzically as if saying, "Are you really going to do this now?"

Yes, yes she was.

"Keep your hands off anyone I associate with." She warned.

"I wasn't aware that Seymour couldn't speak for himself."

"I can defend people if I want; at least I have people I can defend and those who will defend me. What do you have Rachel?" Jinx emphasized the last word in a tone of false kindness, causing very slight look of annoyance to cross Rachel's face, but as soon as it arrived, it left.

"Are you so desperate for validation that you have to disturb other people's time in an attempt to gain attention?" Rachel countered deadpan.

Jinx smiled sweetly, her eyes flashing, and threw a punch so quick that even Rachel couldn't have moved out of the way. She stumbled back and fell to the ground.

At this point a crowd was beginning to form in the middle of the parking lot where they were. Rachel was still for a moment, still on the ground, her long hair creating a purple veil over her face, she was breathing heavily, as if trying to calm herself down.

Jinx could almost feel the anger radiating off of Rachel's person. Jinx suddenly felt a stab of nervousness; she knew what kind of people surrounded Rachel, and the environment she was brought up in. She would have no problem reciprocating the punch.

But Jinx knew what she herself went through being raised, she could hold her own against Rachel.

Rachel looked up at her; her eyes were no longer blank, but blazing with anger. She suddenly got up and in a flash, even faster than Jinx had, returned the punch with extreme force. Jinx cried out as it connected with her jaw. She then fell to the ground spitting out blood. Rachel loomed over her dangerously.

"What's the matter?" She scoffed maliciously, "Can't fight back?" Jinx started at her in surprise, never before had she seen Rachel like this, it was as if she was a completely different person, a mere shell of the girl everyone knew her as. "You really thought that you could hit me and get away with it? Don't make me laugh! I've seen things you can't even think up of in your ugly little mind. You haven't seen anything bad yet, Iris." She seemed to be mocking and growling at the same time, "You dare touch me again and I will rip you apart, and won't hesitate in doing so. I've had to do worse, touch me again and I'll kill you."

Jinx reached up to feel her jaw, her hand touching the blood. That would leave a mark, and despite Rachel's words, she didn't move.

"That's what I thought." Rachel laughed cruelly as she turned to walk away, and stopped before saying one last taunt, "Coward."

That was it; Jinx could feel everyone surrounding the two of them staring at her, seeing what she would do. Jinx was not about to lose her reputation to Rachel, to someone who openly mocked her. She hauled herself up and Rachel glanced back, "Oh, is little Iris getting up like a big girl?"

"Shut up." Jinx said under her breath, as she strolled up to Rachel. She threw a punch, to which the girl stepped away from and raised an eyebrow. Jinx smirked, she had fallen for it. As Rachel moved, Jinx used her other arm to other fist to connect with Rachel's side, it knocked the girl off balance, but she dropped to the ground, hands on the wet pavement, supporting her as she swiped both legs in front of her tripping Jinx and causing her to fall to the pavement.

Jinx launched herself at the girl and pinning her to the wet gravel and began hitting her repeatedly in the face, before she could get many hits in Rachel blocked her fist and rolled making her on top of Jinx and the one throwing the attacks.

Every hit hurt like hell and Jinx tried in vain to stop the barrage, when suddenly they stopped.

Someone had pulled Rachel off.

7. Contention Colère

Just as she began hitting Jinx, she was yanked off of her. Who had done it? She'd kill them.

Rachel wrenched her arms from the grip of the bastard and whipped around to see who it had been. When she saw who it was she gripped his shoulder and threw him to the side. It was the boy from her Science class, the one who she disliked from the second she saw him, the one who she hated since the moment he poked her.

"You!" She seethed, "Did you not understand me when I told you never to touch me!"

His dark green eyes were filled with fear, but only a moment, it was then replaced with determination, which pissed Rachel off even more.

"Stop." That was all he said, "Just… stop."

Rachel almost went to beat him to a pulp, when she sensed someone coming up behind her; she jerked around to see Jinx's attempt to get her from behind fail, due to a large boy slipping his arms underneath Jinx's and holding her back. Jinx spat, "I thought I told you to stay away from me!"

"Not when you pick fights with my friends." He said calmly, "Rachel." He greeted with a nod.

"Victor." She replied grudgingly.

"Why are you doing this?" He asked, his voice level.

Damn him, damn him and his damn tranquility.

"You should listen to Jinx," Rachel answered angrily, "I don't need you, or this shrimp," She directed her thumb at the kid behind her, "To try and change me."

"Ha! Told you!" Jinx laughed cruelly, "She doesn't want you meddling, now let me go before I kick you where the sun don't shine."

"Stop." The shrimp said again. Did he know any other words?

"Shut up!" Rachel snarled as she gripped him by the tops of his arms and threw him for the second time.

He hit someone behind him, someone who had been in the middle of the crowd,

"Oh look, it's the idiot who won't keep his mouth shut." Richard Grayson said, clearly bored, He leaned forward his piercing blue eyes glaring into the kids "You don't want to make me angry."

"O-of course not," He stuttered then laughed nervously get up and dusting his now wet pants off, "I-I mean uh-" He was cut short by Richard lifting his leg and kicking him back to the parking lot floor. Richard then began fighting the kid.

This left Victor visibly distracted, Jinx saw an opening and kicked Victor where she'd threatened to, causing him to let her free. Rachel saw an opportunity and resumed her attack.

The crowd was shouting, all 5 of them tussling about, it soon became apparent that no one really knew why they were fighting anymore, Rachel was fighting an evenly matched Richard, meeting him punch for punch, kick for kick. Each of them obviously experienced fighters.

Victor was defending the shrimp from Jinx, it was obvious he didn't often fight but his brute force was able to block Jinx's nimble attacks, the shrimp hadn't managed to get many hits in, but by the blood of his face, he'd been hit plenty.

Rachel was running purely on adrenaline, her anger fueling her energy. It no longer mattered who she was fighting just so long as she was. It felt good, it felt really good.

Richard attempted to smash his fist into her face; she caught his large fist in her small hand with ease. She grinned, and it wasn't a happy one. Rachel twisted his wrist and he grunted, using her other hand, she attempted to mimic his attack. Richard ducked but Rachel still felt her hand make contact.

She'd hit someone in the crowd.


It was a girl, who looked about Rachel's own age, she had a pretty face, and Rachel had just hit it.

The girl didn't move, she stayed ridged in shock. Her face wore an expression of confusion and distress. Rachel just stared, as did the other 4. The auburn haired girl struggled to find words to say, right then Rachel remembered who she was.

Kaylea Ander's sister Kori. The girl who was alone, just like Rachel. The only difference being that Kori didn't deserve her solitude.

What had Rachel been doing? How could she lose control like this? Suddenly she felt vulnerable, all these people watching her, seeing what she had done. Rachel hastily pulled up her hood to try to hide herself, it was futile but she did it anyways.

"Kori I-" She began but was cut off by Mr. Wilson bursting through the crowd, "Now, now," He sighed, his voice surprisingly void of anger, "What do we have here?"

He strolled casually around the paring lot as the audience scattered away, "Victor Stone, Football Captain. Shame, shame Vic. This could affect your scholarship applications." He passed the large boy and passed the shrimp, "Garfield Logan, didn't I warn you only 6 hours ago about causing problems? Twice in one day… tsk tsk," He then turned to Jinx, "Ah Jinx, can't say I'm surprised, just can't seem to stay out of trouble can you?" He went right up to Richard, maybe a little to close Rachel remarked to herself, "Richard Grayson, why are you even at school, don't you usually skip?" He left it at that and moved on to Rachel, "Rachel Roth, don't glare at me, it won't scare me. You really let loose didn't you? Very unlike you I must say." Rachel contained her indignation and wore her default face. Just when she thought he'd finished his condescending speech he turned to Kori, "Kori Anders, now I'm surprised. I did not expect this from you."

Poor Kori, her eyes began to well up but instead of protesting that she had nothing to do with the fight she just nodded submissively and burst into tears. Mr. Wilson patted her head comfortingly, "We all make mistakes, and we just have to make up for them. Which all of you will be doing. If any of you have plans, change them, you're all coming with me."

8. Une Curieuse Répression

"I hope you realize what you've done is unacceptable." Mr. Wilson said, "You all are lucky I like most of you because I've decided that none of you will be expelled. I've been coming up with a new form of punishment in schools, you lucky children are going to be my guinea pigs per say. For the next 2 weeks every day after school you will stay in a classroom with one another, unsupervised. You must learn to deal with one another and learn to overcome your differences. You will be given a series of questions you must be able to answer about each person by the end of the two weeks. Each of you must answer them about one of your peers as well as say what you've learned about this person you never knew before and say how the experience changed your opinion of them. If I do not find your answers satisfactory that will result in another two weeks… for all of you. Should you decide to not show up I will not hesitate to involve the cops and have you all arrested for assault. Are we clear?"

All 6 teens stared at the vice principle in disbelief.

Yaay! First chapter of my very first fic! I hope you all liked it.

The characters are most likely going to be a little different than in the Cartoon Network show. The fact that none of them have powers makes their lives very different, and a lot of them have slightly different personalities. I tried to make their back stories as canon as I could, but how canon can you really be in an AU. I promise there is a reason for why each character is the way they are.

Rachel is a strange sort, extremely quiet, a loner, and doesn't really care about what people think. Like Raven she doesn't like small talk or people. Her family life seems very mysterious at this point but all will be made clear to you in future chapters. You may wonder about her minor freak out, it's supposed to be similar to in nevermore when she suddenly snapped and became a completely different person. I wanted that aspect of her to be depicted in this story.

Victor is athletic, funny, and generally a happy guy. Maybe a bit of a smart ass, but he was kinda like that in the show. Like in canon, Vic is very accepting of Rachel's behavior and doesn't like judging her for it. All the characters in this story are quite miserable, and have every right to be so, but there is one thing about Vic that sets him apart from others and that should become apparent in time.

Gar is punny, a little nerdy (in the videogame sense, not smart sense), and quite hyperactive. He seems to be a pretty good guy, but butts into people's business a bit too much. He jumps to extreme conclusions and isn't really much of a fighter. Some readers may have noticed his slight dejection when the office asked for his guardian to sign a few things, those who are familiar with Garfield's original past in the comics may understand why... in part.

Kori is sweet, innocent, naïve, and alone. I've always thought that if Starfire hadn't met the Teen Titans, a group of really unique and weird people, she wouldn't really fit in anywhere else. It is like that in this fic. Her sister Kaylea (In case you were wondering Kaylea is Blackfire in this story) isn't exactly ideal and as of right now anything else about Miss. Anders is uncharted territory. Forgive me if some of you don't like the dark side I give her, I figured a happy go lucky, two dimensional character didn't really fit and that Starfire always had more to her personality than that.

Richard is really the character I changed the most. He is sarcastic, angry, rude, and has a knack for making trouble. He's more like the dark side of Robin sometimes explored by the Television show, mixed with a hint of Red X. Believe me, it will make sense why he is as brooding as he is, and that sweet side of Robin will appear eventually.

Jinx is really a character that no one really knows much about. I found her characterization in the show a bit inconsistent. At the beginning she was flirty, smart mouthed, and generally pretty dark and badass. Then in season five she was an organized, hardworking, and a suck up. For the purposes of this fic, I choose the badass side of her to write. And since her origins are unknown it should be interesting to see how she comes out.

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