Konan starred up at the raining sky in a state of disbelief. She let the freezing pure water drops drench her hair and clothing. She hadn't moved for hours, not even blinked. Unlike her usual cautious self, she didn't even turn whenever she heard something rustle behind her.

They had been slaughtered right in front of her. Her family. She had only been gone for an hour, yet when she returned the entire house was covered in blood. The blood of everything she cared for and worked so hard to protect.

It was her fault.

If only she hadn't messed up so many times in her life. If only she had not made as much enemies as she had. They were still after her. They wanted her to suffer. They wanted to watch her squirm and scream and cry until her eyes bleed. They wanted her to fall so low as to take her own life.

She wouldn't. Well not on purpose. Maybe if she stayed out in the rain long enough she would catch a deadly respiratory infection, if she hadn't already.

She couldn't get the image of the crimson smeared on the walls out of her mind. The baby's silent room. Her five-year-old son. The love of her life. They were all gone. She broke out of her stupor and screamed at the clouds, begging for answers. She fell to the ground and covered her face in her hands. She would never stop crying.

She couldn't help but to think of her children, how terrified they must have been when they saw what happened to their father. How she wasn't there to save them from the assassin. They had probably been crying for her. She felt so guilty. "It's all my fault..." The words repeated in her head, rapidly driving her insane. Before she knew it she was chanting the words to herself over and over again.

"It's all my fault. It's all my fault. It's all my fault. It's all my fault... They died because of me! WHY?! Why couldn't they leave them alone?! They had nothing to do with the past! Why not me instead!"

She felt a hand on her, shaking her. "Konan, wake up!"

She opened her wet eyes to see them there, her family. She sat up, coming to terms with reality. She cried on the shoulder of her love, "Oh thank everything! Thank-you so much!"

"What's the matter mommy?" Her older son asked as he and his two-year-old sibling sat on the bed next to their parents. "You were screaming in your sleep!"

She hugged her sons, "I'm fine." She remembered the images of their blood smeared along the hallways and doors and began to cry more tears, "I just had a really bad dream. It's alright now, take you brother and go back to bed sweetie."

The obedient kid jumped off the bed and helped the toddler down as well, "Alright mommy. I love you mommy."

She forced a smile, "I love you too. Both of you." She watched as they walked out the door and closed the door behind themselves. I really do.

She looked to the pair of glowing red orbs beside her. The eyes she loved because of who they belonged to. The eyes that would always watch over her and their family. The eyes that would keep them safe. She hugged him and began to cry again, not of fear this time, but because of relief. She fell asleep in the warm caring arms of her lover. Nothing like my nightmare could ever happen, because you are beside me.



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