DISCLAIMER: I do not own Steins;Gate, nor do I own any of its characters. I do not own the cover image. I am only halfway through the series at the moment, so this fic is based on what I've seen so far. I'm up to Episode 12.

No. She didn't deserve this.

Such a delicate, harmless girl, ended by the very bullet of the woman I once trusted…No wonder that Moeka was so damn quiet. I should've known of that horrific secret she had hidden up her sleeve. If I weren't so ensnared in the coil of curiosity that my love of time travel gave me, then maybe I would have noticed it. Maybe Mayuri would have lived to see another day. When it felt as if our research was going nowhere, Mayuri's wondrous smile always kept me going. Without that smile…it seems completely impossible to me.

AUTHOR NOTE: I really wanted to try writing a drabble, and it was great fun! :D I might try writing some more sometime.