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Kim Possible: Bad Girls

Original Story By Twisted-Wun & LJ58

Edited and Reposted (With Permission) by LJ58


"Long time, no see, KP," a familiar voice murmured as she looked up from the notebook computer she hunched over to gape in shock.


He didn't even look at the computer where her fingers still rested.

"Is this really what you want, Kim?"

"They…. They have to pay, Ron," she seethed now, her shock fading into anger. "You don't know what they did. To me! To us! To…..everyone!"

"I know this isn't you. I know, KP. Are you really going to wipe out humanity? Wipe out hope? Joy? Even…..love?"

"L-Love? But….you left. You…. Everyone left," she grit out, shaking her head vehemently.

"I didn't, Princess," Shego told her, climbing into the tree house after Ron, and smiling at her as she knelt there on hands and knees not feet from where Kim sat, one hand still poised over the keyboard. "I told you I would never leave you again. Remember?"


"So, you were going to leave me," Shego asked quietly as Ron stepped back.

"I….. I was…. Going to make them pay," she glowered. "They have to pay. For Drew. For us. For…..everyone they hurt!"

"And what about the innocents," Ron asked. "The ones you used to protect? The ones you fought to save?"


"Now, Yori."

"Yori? What….?"

Kim screeched as the ninja woman rose through the trapdoor, aiming the small device she held, and firing it in the same instant. Kim fell back, twitching violently, then slowly went limp.

"Did that….do it," Shego asked, slowly moving toward Kim.

"Give me the laptop," Ron told Shego, his focus on the threat still before them.

"N-No," Kim croaked, slowly sitting up. "Gen-Genetic…..coding. Anyone but….me touches it, and the…..program launches every nuke in the world."

"Will you stop it," Shego asked her carefully, pulling back her hand about to reach out for the machine. Guardedly eyeing her, she asked, "For me?"

Kim sat up again, shaking her head.

She frowned, staring at Shego, then looking at Ron. Then finally Yori.

"What…happened? God, what did I do," she finally asked, staring at the laptop that no one moved to touch.

"It wasn't you," Shego told her.

"Yes. It was," Ron told her. "It was just a side of you that you usually control. Only they let it out, and forgot to cage it again. Don't worry. Our device is more efficient than the one the government agents used. Your dark side is completely under your control again. So, will you switch off that doomsday program?"

"I….." Kim frowned. "I can't believe I…..?"

Shego, Ron, and Yori just looked at her.

"I was really going to…..blow up the world? The whole world," she whimpered, deactivating the program counting down before her eyes.

"You were having a really bad day, Kimberly," Shego called her softly. "Trust me, I've been there. And we'll get through it together. I promise."

Kim stared at the hand held out to her.

She glanced up at Ron, standing resolute, somber, untouchable.

She all but flung herself into Shego's arms. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I dragged you back into crime! I made you a wanted felon again. Oh, God. I really was…evil!"

"Evil? No, Kim. You were never truly evil," Shego told her quietly. "Just hurt. I know how that feels. So, shut down the machine? I'd like to live a little longer. Long enough to tell you….."

"Kim Possible, come down with your hands up," a voice bellowed. "You are completely surrounded."

Everyone in the tree house knew that voice.

"Pompous, little….."

"It's all right, Shego," Kim said, looking past sad now as she reached own, and tapped a few keys. "It's over. Maybe….it's better this way," she said, eyeing Ron as she tapped a few more keys.

"Kim," Shego frowned. "Are you okay?"

She gave a weak laugh as she closed the laptop, and left it setting there.

"Honestly? I don't know. I don't know if I'll ever be okay again. But…."

"Kim Possible! I know you can hear me," the strident voice boomed over a loudspeaker.

"Insufferable little ass, isn't he," Shego tried to tease as the searchlights now filtered in around them, lighting up the night.

"Ron," Kim asked quietly as she looked to him even as she clung to Shego with one arm.


"Can you get Shego out of here?"

"Of course," he nodded.

"Then do it. I'll go out, and distract them. You get her away from here. She….isn't a part of this."

"Kimberly," Shego gasped. "You can't…."

Kim had already dropped down the hatch as soon as Ron had nodded.

No one missed the fact she had left the laptop behind.

"Don't move, Possible," Will shouted, over forty agents, and another ten local officers surrounding her even as a sleek, blue VTOL landed nearby.

Dr. Director stormed out of the hatch, jumping down even before the aircraft landed, and shouted, "Damn it, Will! This is not being subtle!"

Kim stepped forward, hands raised.

"It's all right, Dr. Director," she told her, her expression unusually placid after all that had been said and done. "I give up."

The men swarmed her before she could take a breath.


"How are you doing, Kim," Betty asked as she walked into the redhead's cell in the most secure federal prison in the nation.

"Can't complain," she murmured, sitting on the end of her cot, the only furniture in the small cell. The small, pale-looking redhead didn't even look up as she spoke.

Betty studied the woman in the oversized orange jumpsuit, and shook her head.

"Have you eaten today," she asked.

Kim only shrugged.

Betty already knew the woman had not eaten in the four days since she had been brought in.

Without the control codes to the world's nuclear arsenals.

Everyone on scene had been so busy posturing that they forget a few details.

Like whatever device was being used to store, and control the arming codes. The actual data itself gleaned from stolen files, and then, of course, there was Ron and Shego. Who no one had seen since Ron had taken off from Shego's island.

By the time she had restored order in the excitement of bringing in Kimberly, there wasn't a sign of Stoppable, Shego, or the threat that still hung over their collective heads.

Amateurs. She was surrounded by amateurs.

"I guess you know what they want?"

"The same thing they always want," Kim shrugged. "Honestly, I'm not sure why I tried so hard to help them," she told Betty in a quiet, haggard voice. "They're the real threat to this world."

"I won't argue. Every system has its….problems."

Kim said nothing.

"Kim, if you just told us….."

"I have nothing to say. Not anymore."


"Goodbye, Dr. Director," she said, and turned to look at the wall.

Betty didn't bother to swear as she left the cell. Possible, she realized, was very close to giving up this time. She was literally willing herself to die. Like it or not, she only had one chance. It was a risk, but she had to take it.

If only to save the one woman in the world that once gave her all to save it.


"Knock, knock," Shego smiled, standing in the middle of the crumbling wall where she had just blown an allegedly impenetrable bunker open.

The four men sitting inside only gaped.

"Now, I know what you're thinking. You should be in jail. Or running. Or something. Guess what? Not happening. I'll tell you what is happening, though. We, Kimmie and I, we still have a whole lot of top secret papers with names, dates, and really embarrassing secrets on them. You want them back? Well, too bad," Shego smirked.

"Listen, woman. You're already in enough trouble….."

"Funny you should say that. You've never seen me mad. Not really. Annoyed, bored, irritated? Sure. But mad? Nope. Nuh-uh. Want to know what it looks like?"

The men shared uneasy looks.

"The correct answer is…..no," she instructed them as she walked forward, and grabbed a guard's wavering gun barrel, which promptly melted into slag in her glowing hand.

"Now, here is where you screwed-up losers listen to me," Shego smiled sardonically. "Because, and this is very important, if you don't, I'm not going to tease. I'm going to post everything. That's right. Everything. Every dirty deal. Every murder. Every secret operation you did for whatever reason. It all goes on the net. Everything. Right down to your secret fetishes, Bobby," she smirked at the secretary.

"What do you want," the gray-haired man spat, looking more than uneasy.

"Clear my Kimmie," she growled, "Today. Tomorrow will be too late," she told the men before turning and walking out.

She didn't look back.

No one pursued.

"What do we do?"

Three of men turned to Robert Hinton, and the man shuddered.

"You have to be kidding?"

"She's blunt, idealistic, and all but untouchable. Do you want to know what the bitch will do if we try calling her bluff," the President demanded of him. "And there's still the ninja. He's obviously back in play."

Robert found he had nothing to say to that. Nothing at all.

"I'll call a press meeting first thing in the morning," the Vice President said quietly. "We should decide how to manage this."

"What about that notebook," the Secretary of Defense demanded. "We still have no control over our own nuclear weapons, but it's a sure bet that someone does!"

"I don't think we had better mention that one. To anyone," the President told the others.

No one argued.


Kim walked out of prison just after noon the next day, staring incredulously at Shego who leaned against her old Roth as the woman winked, and grinned at her.

"I can't believe it," Kim laughed, suddenly feeling alive again, and ran across the road to where Shego was standing just outside the prison gates. "You actually pulled it off?"

"Let's say I've had more experience with negotiating with these guys, and leave it there," Shego grinned.

The two embraced in full view of the media waiting on her release this time, along with quite a few spectators who were cheering, and applauding even before the pair hugged.

"So, Kimmie," Shego beamed at her. "You're a free woman again. What now?'

Kim sighed.

"I just want to go somewhere quiet, and just….relax. No pressure. No stress. Just… Nothing."

"I know just the place," Shego grinned, and guided her into the passenger seat. "I'll drive."

"Are you sure….."

"Trust me," Shego winked again as she slid behind the wheel. "I'm a professional."

Kim couldn't help but laugh again as the car rose into the air, and Shego broke every law the FAA had as she rocketed out of the area at full thrust, likely shattering more than a few windows as they went hypersonic in only seconds.

"This thing is almost as good as my jet," the green-skinned woman beamed as they flew around half the globe in literally only minutes.

"Well, my brothers helped build it," she said, sighing wistfully.

"Ah, the twin terrors."

"They aren't that….. Well….. They are still my brothers," she murmured, glancing out the window thoughtfully.

"Glad you feel that way," she said, and as the miracle car began to decelerate, Kim realized they were back at Shego's island. And this time their arrival was being watched.

By four people she knew very well.

"M-Mom? Dad," she croaked even as the car settled to the asphalt, and she spotted her parents and twin brothers standing near the airstrip watching her.

"Go on, Princess," Shego murmured, putting a hand on her shoulder to give her a nudge. "I put them up in the villa with you. You guys are due a reunion. I'll see you later."

Kim turned to study her, eyes filled with tears, and abruptly flung her arms around Shego. "I love you," she rasped, clinging to her with fierce passion. Genuine passion, Shego felt.

"I love you, too, Kimmie. Now, go say to the folks. Believe it or not, they missed you, too."

She gave a watery sniff, then jumped out of the car, and ran over to hug her parents as they all had a very tearful reunion. Shego smiled, and then turned to drive toward the resort, leaving the cart for the Possibles to use. She just had one more meeting, and this sick little game could finally end.

Or so she hoped.




"Don't call me….."

"Harpy? Cyclops? One-eyed bitch? Stop me when I'm getting warm."

"You just can't give it a rest, can you?"

"Can you?"

"You promised to tell me where the notebook went if I helped you find the Possibles. Now, I know you're a woman of your word, odd as that seems to some in our….community. But I do trust you, which is why I enlisted you in helping Possible at all. So, spill. Where is it?"

"Stoppable took it. With Kim's blessings. She even shifted the access codes so only he can use it."

"Tell me you're kidding?"

"Some of your bully boys were talking about bombing Yamanouchi at the end. You know that? Now, how much do you think that pissed off those monkey ninjas?"

Betty didn't say anything to that.

"Still, Stoppable is the one guy in the world you don't actually have to worry about. We both know that."

"My superiors aren't going to like that answer."

"Your superiors were the idiots that created this mess. Why don't you remind them of that fact? Frankly, if I were Kim, I'd have pushed the button without waiting. Even at her darkest, though, she held out, looking for hope. You think about that one."

"I have. It's why I helped push for her complete pardon."

"You mean my play-acting for the boys didn't help," Shego mugged.

"It didn't hurt. But, then, you weren't acting, were you? I doubt even the President thought you could go through their best shelter like you were ripping through cardboard, though. You'll have them working on new designs for months after that one."

"I'll try to care."

"We're not done."

"You never are," Shego shot as she eyed the woman in her chair behind her desk. It grated, but she knew the harpy only sat there just to get on her nerves. This was a game they had both been playing for years.

"I was hoping Possible might come back. Rejoin us."

"Even she's not sure about that one. And I don't blame her."

"There's still also the question of that fifty million plus she extorted. And the documents," she asked leadingly.

"I asked her about that," Shego smiled as she opened a drawer, and pulled out a thick stack of paper she set before Betty without explanation. "Unfortunately, when she got her brain rewired back to its default state, she lost touch with a lot of the dark corners she had been forced into. She doesn't even remember the codes, or the accounts where she stuck that money. Isn't that a shame?"

"I take it you don't know either," she asked as she eyed the first few documents, and then pulled them off the desk to stuff into a pouch.

"Hey, that was her show. Why would I care?"

"Why, indeed. For the record, you're still on probation, Carla," she called her. "Off the record," Betty said, rising to her feet. "Thank you."

Shego said nothing as Betty stopped in the door.

"One more thing," she added.

"There always is with you," Shego complained.

Betty nodded at her brandy decanter.

"Real scotch isn't so pale. If you're going to use tea to fake drinking, you'd better seep it a little longer."

Shego sniggered as she watched the woman walk out.

So, she had guessed what she was doing that day all along? Well, she didn't care. Just as she didn't care about Kim's money. Money she had talked fast and hard to get her to keep. At least, for now. She deserved it, after all. They did owe her.

Just then, she didn't want to think about any of that.

She left her office, going to find her favorite redhead, and find out if they still had any kind of future at all before the world caught up to them again.

As it always did.

Just then, she just didn't care about the world, though.

All she cared about was her Princess.