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A/N- This is the last chapter. It will have quite a few different viewpoints and cover a lot of time in snap shots. I hope you all enjoyed this story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Chapter 28


"So you are leaving."

"Yes." Esme whispered.

I knew this was coming. They were very quiet on the flight back. We had been home for one day. I heard the doorbell and opened it to find Rose, Emmett, Jasper, Alice and Esme standing at my door.

"I understand."

"You do?" she asked me.

"Yes. We live different lives. Humans and vampires…it just doesn't work long term, does it?"

"No." Esme shook her head.

"I love you. You know that right? I will love you as long as I live." I told her truthfully.

"I know Bella. I will always love you too. We all will."

"Esme you grab onto Garrett and don't let go." I told her. I hoped she would listen.

"I will Bella." I didn't even correct her. She could call me whatever she wanted this time.

Alice was crying. Well, crying as much as she can with the whole no tears thing.

"I love you Alice." I hugged her. I hugged them all. They didn't say goodbye. Neither did I. They all walked out. Except for Esme.

"Here is my number. If you ever need me or something happens with your health or Bo's you call me and if you want I will change you both."

"No. Bo and I. We will die together when it is our time. If vampires and werewolves exist so does God. I may need to start paying more attention in Church but one of us will be good enough to pull the other into Heaven. I will love him in the next world too."

"I know."

Esme walked over to Bo and hugged him. He hugged her back. "You take care of my girl Bo. Just like you always do."

"I will Esme."

Esme began walking towards the door and stopped. I wiped the tears from my eyes. I wanted to be strong.

"Bo, Peter asked me to give this too you. He said to call it when the time is right. He will be there to take care of it."

Bo nodded his head. We had talked about this on the way back from Italy. Bo and Peter had talked. I listened and tried to stay awake.

Esme gave me another hug and walked out of our lives.

Bo walked up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist.

"So what now?" he asked me.

"Now we live."

"Sounds good to me, darlin. We should go have dinner with your dad. He was freaked out about the whole being kidnapped again thing."

"Yeah. He will be glad to know it's over." I sniffed a little bit and went to change into something presentable for dinner. I would say I was looking forward to a normal life with my husband but it wasn't true. Normal was boring and nothing was ever boring around my husband.

"Hey Bo?"

"Yeah babe?"

"I want a baby."


"Let's get started."


"Yeah now." I said.

"But what about dinner?"

"You can have your dessert first." I threw off my shirt and dropped my blue jeans. He was on me before they got past my knees.

Yeah. I could get used to normal.

4 months later

"I have what?" I must not have heard the doctor right. This couldn't be.

"You are going to have twins. Congratulations. Both boys."

I looked at Bo and he seemed to be having the same reaction as I was.

Complete and utter shock.

"I guess I will need to build another bed." He whispered. "Are you sure?"

"Yes. You can see them right here."

Two boys. I was having two babies.

Oh my God, I was having two babies.

"Okay." I took a deep breath. "We better get home and bust that baby name book out again darlin. We are going to need a couple boys name."

5 months later


"What?" He was still asleep.

"Wake up!"

"I am awake."

"No you're not. You're doing that thing where you tell me you are awake but you really aren't."

He took a deep breath and opened his eyes. I couldn't exactly lay on top of him anymore so he had started holding me from behind while I spooned his body.

"What's wrong? Heart burn?"

"No. Contractions." That woke his cute ass up.

"Are you fucking serious?"

"Don't curse around the babies! Now get me to the hospital before it's too late and you have to deliver these boys yourself." He helped me up. He helped me get dressed. He practically carried me to the truck. We were at the hospital ten minutes later.

I won't lie. I was scared. One baby would have scared the hell out of me. Two…

"Don't be scared. You're the strongest woman I know. Look what you have survived. This is nothing for you."

"Did I say I was scared out loud?"

"I know your soul."

I shivered a little. The last time he said that was under the covers after my mother's funeral. It was true then and it was true now.

Ten hours of pain later and the first of my baby boys finally came into this world. The doctor handed him to Bo. He looked at him. We agreed on the firstborn's name. Bo whispered his name staring at him like he was staring at the sun for the first time.

"Benjamin Samuel Walker."

I was caught up in the moment. I was exhausted. Then a burst of pain brought me back to the present and remembered that I had one more of these kids to push out.

I could only grunt and moan. I couldn't curse anymore. The first baby was out. I wouldn't curse around my babies.

Ten minutes later our second son was born into the world. Bo handed Ben to the nurse and held our newest baby.

"Marcus Benjamin Walker."

Bo handed me my babies. I was exhausted. I hurt. But all I could do was think about how beautiful they were. They were so perfect. Angels.

3 years later

"Dammit boys get out of the damn mud puddle! Bo! You are supposed to be watching them! I can't carry your baby and run a wedding and watch them! Now what the hell are we supposed to do? Their clothes are filthy and Leah is walking down the aisle in fifteen minutes."

I was already irritated. 9 months pregnant. Hot as hell out here. My sister walking down the aisle. I'm the maid of honor. I have had to get my dress resized three times now.

Bo was laughing. Charlie was laughing. I didn't find this shit funny.

"Momma, we go swimming?" Mark asked.

"You watched them do this, didn't you? Dammit Bo!"

"Mary I swear I will get them clean. I brought extra clothes. I got this."

"Hurry. You're the best man. Travis looks like he is ready to pass out. Get them changed and go stand in your place."

"Yes ma'am." He winked at me. Damn I was horny. He really looked good. That black tux. That cowboy hat he bought for this wedding. My hormones in overdrive.

I walked slowly down the aisle. The same aisle I walked down with Dad on my arm to marry the man of my dreams. Just like then, he was waiting with that gorgeous smile at the end of it. We had so much to do. Our store in Tyler had just opened three months ago. We were still hiring employees. I still didn't have my little girl's room ready for her arrival. But today. Right now. I was going to go relax and try to figure out a way to dance with him. And then get him to go home early. Or maybe take him in the parking lot. Maybe the bathroom? I doubt I would fit in a stall. I would figure out something. The minute little Renee Ann came out I wouldn't be able to have sex for 6 weeks. I had to make the most of my time.

We decided on Renee Ann. Ann was Bo's mother's name. We were traditionalists.

Watching Leah get married was so sweet. She hadn't phased since we came back from Italy. She started having her cycle again. Her temperature went back to normal. A recent trip to the Gyno revealed that there was absolutely no reason she couldn't have children. Her and Travis certainly had enough practice. She had done so much for us. For me. We really had become sisters. Seth was like a little brother. A little brother who looked so handsome in his tux right now.

I was thankful. Life couldn't get any better. I turned and saw Charlie walking Leah down the aisle. Sue was crying. Bo was standing next to Travis. Oh shit. Chris must be watching the boys.

I whipped my head around in time to see Mark and Ben both jump into that damn puddle again. Bo was smiling. Asshole.

My boys turned around and smiled at me. Ben just cupped muddy water and poured it over Mark's hair. They were both laughing.

Life huh?

Then I heard Leah say I do. She was crying. Yep. Life was pretty damn good.

Ben POV 15 years later

"Nee nee. Tell big brother what's wrong?"

"I don't want to talk about it." She responded. She was currently sitting between me and Mark in my truck. We were heading to the mall. She was going to hang out with her friends and Mark and I were going to meet our girlfriends.

Our baby sister looked very pale.

"Tell us Renee." Mark said.

"I…I needed to get my saddle out of the shed."

Oh shit. Despite having three stores in Tyler and two in Dallas, Dad and Mom still worked in that shed. Mom did most of her paperwork there and Dad made his new designs in that shed.

"Was the door closed Renee?"

"Yes, but it wasn't locked. I opened it and saw…"

"They were…yeah, they were doing that, weren't they? On Mom's desk?"

"Yes… it's horrible. I mean Dad is 42 and Mom is 38 and they still go at it. I mean she is pregnant again! Who the hell gets pregnant at her age? You guys get to go to college next year. I have two more years of listening to that." Poor Nee Nee.

"Did they know you saw?" Mark asked.

"God no! I was frozen. The sounds…I finally slipped the door closed quietly and ran. Ben you and Mark need to have a conversation with them! They are too old for that."

"I don't think you can get to old for that Renee. At least till you are in your fifties."

"At least now that Mom is pregnant again her and Dad won't be getting in bar fights anymore." Mark commented. He had a good point.

"Yeah, now if we can just get you to two stop getting into fights, our family would be perfect."

"Didn't you hit Holly Lewis in the nose last week?" I pointed out.

"Totally different situation." She responded, rolling her eyes.

"Whatever. Look, we are going to be in the food court. We are going to meet there in three hours. Don't be running off Renee." I told her. There were more than a few nights when she took off with a boy and Mark and I had to hunt his ass down. She better be damn glad we never told Dad. He probably wouldn't take it well.

"I promise."

"If Bobby is here, stay the hell away from him. He is bad news and too old for you." Mark told her.

"I can talk to who I want, Mark."

"Yes you can. But if you talk to him I am going to put a boot in his ass."

Renee sighed. Poor kid. Seeing Mom and Dad polishing the desk. It was bound to happen. I remember one time Mark and I had snuck our girlfriends in the shed when we were 15. Mom and Dad came in so we had to hide behind a desk Dad had just built. Then we had to listen. For an hour. With our girlfriends hiding next to us.

We were hanging out in the food court when I saw him. Renee was on the other side of the food court. She was talking to a guy I had never seen before. Thick bronze hair. Pale. Thin. I pulled out a photo Dad have given me the day Renee turned 15. It was some dude. The photo had been cut out of a larger photograph so it was only him.

Dad told Mark and I too keep this photo. If we ever saw this guy around Renee we were to call him immediately.

"You seein what I'm seein?" I asked Mark.

"Yeah, let's go kick the shit out of him." Mark stood up. I put a hand on his shoulder.

"No. We promised Dad that we would call him and let him know. No questions remember? We promised."

Mark sat down but continued to glare. Renee was laughing.

"Hello my big little boy." Mom answered.

"Hey Mom. Is Dad there?"

"Why? What did you do that you can't tell me?"

I had to laugh. You get one little ticket for disorderly conduct at a pasture party which I was still convinced was perfectly legal activity on private land and Mom acts like you are a career criminal.

"Nothing Mom. Remember the picture Dad gave us on Renee's birthday?"

"Yes." She whispered.

"The guy is at the other end of the food court talking to her now. You want us to take care of it?"

"No! Do not approach him but do not let your sister out of your sight. Your Dad and I are on our way." She ended the call.

"What did she say?"

"Keep Renee in sight and stay back. She and Dad are on their way over."

"Alrighty then." Mark kicked back and resumed trying to talk his way into Brittany's panties.

May as well do the same with Bailey. But I kept any eye on my little sister. I don't know how Dad knew this guy was coming. But he did. He thought this guy was bad news. That was enough for me.

Bella POV



"Make the call."


"Hurry. You can make it on the way to the Tyler Mall."

We drove without a word. I was anxious. I had been anxious ever since Renee had turned 15. I wasn't sure if this day would come. But the conversation with Peter 18 years ago on the plane ride back from Italy came true. I guess he really did know some things. Bo kept his conversation brief. He ended the call and turned to me.

"He is already in Tyler. He said he will meet him in the front of the loading dock by Sears. We just bring her to our truck next to it."

"Sounds like a plan. Let me guess. He just knew to be here?"

"Yep." Bo smiled.

We pulled in and parked as close to the Sear loading dock as we could. Walking in I saw my handsome boys sitting with their girlfriends draped across them. Ben caught my eye and then looked towards the back of the Food Court. There he was. I couldn't remember ever seeing him in person. But I knew he would come. I knew it. Renee was laughing at something he was saying. It wouldn't happen.

We walked over. They both looked up. Edward's face went a little paler if possible.

"Hey Mom! This is Edward. We just met tonight. He is moving here. His Dad is a doctor."

"Oh really? Interesting. It's time to leave baby."

"What do you mean Mom? I was going home with Ben and Mark?"

"Sweetie Edward here is a 24 year old sex offender. Ben recognized him from the local sex offender website. Edward preys on girls at malls."

Renee glared at Edward.

"You son of a bitch!"

"She is lying…"

"You are calling my mother a liar?" Renee was pissed now. Good.

"Come with Daddy, baby girl." Bo placed his hand on her shoulder and she stood up and walked out with him.

"So how did you find us Edward?"

"It is good to see you again Bella. Lovely as ever. I hear two heartbeats. Congratulations."

"How did you find us, Edward?"

"I finally tracked down Esme. I stayed outside of her house. I am afraid Garrett would not have had a good reaction should I have shown up unannounced. But I could hear her thoughts. She was looking at a picture of you. Thinking about you. I was quite shocked to find you were alive. I am quite angry my former family kept this from me. I wanted to see you for myself."

"And instead you saw my daughter, right?"

"The resemblance is amazing." He was smiling.

"Don't come near my daughter again, Edward."

"I'm afraid that isn't going to happen. I am pretty certain I can convince her your sex offender story was a case of mistaken identity. Perhaps I should tell her the truth. Do you think she would be as drawn to vampires as you were?"

"Probably. But you won't have an opportunity to find out. Good bye Edward."

I turned away and walked towards the door. Ben and Mark had left. Bo and Renee were waiting for me. We walked slowly to the truck. Renee was a bit shaken but seemed okay. Before I got in I heard it. The sound of marble breaking. As we were driving off I saw a flash in the dumpster.

I smiled at Bo. He smiled back.

Goodbye Edward.

Edward POV

I couldn't believe how perfect she was. At first I was angry that Bella had been alive and I was not told. Carlisle felt betrayed. We found Esme. He went to confront Esme. I stayed outside. I read her mind. She gave him up for Bella. Then she betrayed him with Garrett.

I was so focused on Esme's thoughts I never paid attention to Garrett's. Carlisle was on fire a second after he called Esme a bitch. I ran. Straight to Texas. I found her house. I watched her family. I saw her daughter. I was taken back in time. I had a chance to right the wrong decisions I had made in the past. I could find love again.

Talking to her tonight made me realize how like Bella she was. Funny, sweet, slightly sarcastic. Beautiful. She also nearly smelled the same as Bella.

Bella showing up was a definite surprise. I am not even sure how she knew who I was. I picked up from Esme what happened. I don't know how she knew that I would be there. But she was. She was pregnant. Only slightly noticeable. Beautiful.

I followed the three of them out into the parking lot. I walked into the shadowy corner of the loading dock and watched them walk towards their vehicle. Then I heard them. Their thoughts were silent but their scents did not lie.

"Hello Edward."

I froze.

"Jasper. Peter."

"Good bye Edward." Peter said.

I am not sure what happened next. I felt Jasper's teeth on my neck and Peter twisting my legs off. I saw Jasper dropping a lighter, falling towards my face…

Bella POV.

My phone received a text while I held onto my baby girl and had a conversation about being careful about talking to new people she did not know, without her big brothers around.

I picked up my phone and looked at the text.

"It's done." I told Bo, smiling. He smiled and nodded.

"What's done, Mom?"

"Some old friends did us a favor by taking out some trash and burning it at one of the stores, honey. Just business. Nothing you need to worry about."

She seemed to take the explanation and then proceeded to tell me about some new type of blue jeans that she saw. I took a deep breath. It was over. Edward Cullen was dead.

40 years later


I walked into the house, using my key. The house I grew up in. The house my grandparents raised my Dad and Aunt Stephanie. The house where we were raised by my parents. My parents who were currently not feeling well. Usually despite not feeling well, Mom was up drinking coffee with Dad by this point. The house was too quiet.

I walked down the hall and saw the door was still closed. My heart was shattering.

I had to do this.

I opened the door and walked to the bed. The bed my Dad had made my Mother so long ago. They were lying like they always did. The same way they Mark and I would find them when we ran inside in the mornings as kids. Mom was laid across Dad's chest and his arms were around her. I spoke to them last night. They had gone to bed smiling. They were smiling now. Mom's hands were in Dad's hair and his arms were wrapped around her. They went to sleep together and died. I would bet they died at the same time. I walked out and somehow through the tears managed to call Mark. Then Renee. Renee told me she would call our baby sister Tina. I didn't have it in me to call her. After telling Mark and Renee I didn't have it in me. I had to call my kids. They had to break it to our grandkids. It had happened so fast. We were celebrating their anniversary last week. Four days ago they began to not look good. I tried to talk them both into going to see a doctor but they just smiled and said they were fine.

I walked around the house and looked at the pictures on the mantle. Us kids growing up. Grandkids, great grandkids. Vacations they had taken. The picture they took when the first store opened. Mom was pregnant with Renee. Robert Walker Designs had 16 locations now. Mark and I did the designs now. Soon it would be our boys who took over. Working with wood runs in the family. Renee was still CEO. She would be at that desk until she died. I sat on the couch and cried.

Finally I stopped and smiled. They lived together and left this world together. They were in Heaven together.

We buried them 4 days later. The funeral was beautiful. It was a celebration of their lives. The only weird thing I noticed was on the hill at the cemetery. Eight very pale, very beautiful people stood off in the distance. I looked up after the ceremony, wanting to introduce myself but they were gone. My youngest granddaughter walked up to me. She looked so much like Mom. Her name was Isabella. She preferred Bella.

"You okay Grandpa?"

I knelt down and wiped the tears from her eyes. She wiped the tears from mine.

"Yeah sweetie. I'm okay."

"We will see them again, one day. Right Grandpa?"

"You bet we will kid."

I knew though that they were seeing me right now. I could feel them watching. I looked at the sky and saw two birds flying off. I hope there are no bars in Heaven. Some angels would be getting black eyes.

Bella POV

I went to bed last night feeling every bit my age. Neither of us had been feeling very well. This morning though I felt great.

I opened my eyes and looked at Bo.

He was…

"Bo? Bo!"


He opened his eyes and gasped.


"Me too?" I asked.

" Yes."

I slowly rose from his warm chest. I felt…18 again. Bo looked like he did when I met him.

"Bo…are we dead?" I was breathing. I could feel my heartbeat.

"Yeah.. I guess. Either that or we are dreaming."

We both got out of bed and I walked to the closet. My clothes were there. The clothes that Bo had bought me when I came home from the hospital.

"Bo, where are we?"

He shrugged his shoulders.

Then I heard them. Laughter in our living room. We walked hand in hand down the hall.

"Mom? Dad?" I asked.

"Mom and Dad?" Bo asked. I instantly recognized the people I had only seen in pictures. Bo's parents. I looked around and saw Phil. Sue was there.

"Where are we?"

Mom ran up and hugged me. She was real.

"Your home baby. You are finally home."

I looked at Bo. He pulled me into his arms.

"Is this Heaven?" He asked.

"Yeah. This is Heaven. Want me to show you two around?" Charlie asked.

"Around?" I asked confused.

"Yeah. You can watch your family. There seems to be no end to the places you can go. The things you can see and do. It really is paradise, Mary. But I have a feeling that you two will be spending most of eternity here, right?"

I smiled and shrugged my shoulders.

"It was paradise here when we were on Earth. Don't see why now would be any different."

Bo's mother Ann walked up and grabbed my hand.

"Mary you have to sit and tell us about our great great grandchildren. We have been watching them. They are growing so big."

"Yeah they are."

Bo sat down next to me and wrapped me in his arms.

"Then we have so much catching up to do." Ann said. Renne was nodding her head as well.

"Sounds great. I think I will get some breakfast on. Wait do we eat here?"

"This is Heaven dear. You can do whatever makes you happy." Renee said.

"Just don't miss Church. Trust me you wouldn't want to anyway. It's amazing. Wait until you meet the pastor." Charlie winked. "Now we can eat after I show you some of my favorite spots. You wouldn't believe this fishing pond I found Bo. Then your friends want to catch up with you two."

"Which friends?" I asked.

"All of them, Mary." Charlie smiled.

I placed my lips on Bo. He kissed me back so softly.

"This world and the next huh?" I smiled.

"Just like we vowed, baby."

" I love you, Bo."

"I love you too, Mary."

The end.


Okay that was a tough chapter to write. Traceybuie had mentioned in a review that she sort of wished they would have become vampires so their love could go on forever. I like to think love goes on forever anyway.

Thanks to all the readers and reviewers of this story. I can't believe the response I got from a Bella/OC story. Ya'll are amazing. Seriously. Wanted was my favorite story I had ever written but I think this one is now. I fell in love with these characters and I hope you all did as well. We laughed together. Maybe cried a little together. It was awesome. Until next time everybody.