Author's Note

Hello everyone, it is me! Favorite5, AJ, whatever you want to call me… I decided to start a new fanfic! YAY! This story is going to be about the characters in Divergent going through high school. This is something I've been thinking about doing for a long time, so I'm going to do it! Don't worry! I won't be stopping Divergent Fanfic, because that story has SO much to go before it's complete. Anyhow, I hope you like this story….. Here is the intro chapter…


The consistent sound of fork scrapping plate fill my ears. Chicken and peas stare me down. I force my self to eat, chew, swallow and repeat.

Mother, Father, Caleb and I sit at the table eating quietly. "So how was school today?" My Father asks us breaking the empty silence.

"Pleasant. I made a perfect score on my calculus quiz." Caleb says. I hold back a snort. Caleb is very erudite. He makes great grades and has mega advanced classes he flaunts it around and is cocky about his smarts.

"Wonderful Caleb. And your day Beatrice?" My Father looks at me.

"Good. We got to run the mile today in gym." I say to my plate. I don't want to talk to my father right now.

"What was your time?" My Mother asks. She's always been more encouraging of my love for sports than my Father.

"Seven fifty." I say to her.

"That's very good." My Mother says. I see Caleb roll his eyes and snorts.

"I run cross-country Caleb. Speed isn't my thing, endurance is. I'd like to see you do better." I spit at him.

"Beatrice." My Father scolds me.

"What about your day?" I ask him changing the subject. I am in no mood to be in trouble.

He smiles. "Remember Mr. Eaton's son?" He asks.

"Marcus' son?" I say looking up. My father is Marcus Eaton's secretary. Mr. Eaton is the mayor of town and has a son my age that was accepted for some boarding school in England when we were twelve.

"Don't get so excited Beatrice." Caleb sneers.

I roll my eyes and look at Father. "What about him?"

"He's come back. He 's attending school with you now." He says.

I try to hide my excitement by rolling my lips into my mouth. Marcus' son Tobias is amazingly handsome. He's extremely strong and athletic with dark brown hair and dreamy blue eyes. We used to be best friends when we were little.

"Did he get kicked out?" Caleb asks sarcastically.

"Caleb, be nice. He starts tomorrow." My Father says. Tomorrow! Why didn't you tell me that sooner!?

I pick my stand up and grab my plate. "I'm going to go finish," I pause and look at Caleb's erudite face, "11th grade bio-chemistry homework." I say, "Goodnight." I dump my plate in the sink and run up to my room.

Tobias is coming back. My sweet childhood friend that used to climb trees with me, and make mud pies is coming back.

I shut my door and sink down to the floor. He's coming back.

I hear a roaring engine outside my window. I run to see the commotion and see him driving down the road in his fancy black convertible.

He is back.


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