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The boys ran after the three streaks in the sky. With their super hearing they could tune into their conversation. They listened quietly. "Mojo is cray-cray for thinking those three could cause trouble." They heard Blossom say, and smirked at the 'cray-cray' part.

"I dunno, Blossom, I mean they looked, and felt…Different than most of the villains we fought before." Bubbles said, and they looked at each other in surprise, thinking how she could tell they were different.

"How do you know they're villains?!" They heard Buttercup say, "They coulda just been some random boys that walked up after Mojo Jojo ran off crying like a baby." She finished, they heard Blossom and Bubbles silently snickering.

"Oh puh-lease BC." They heard Bubbles say.

"You totally have a crush on Butch," Blossom said giggling, making Butch blush furiously.

"Do not, we just met, and I wouldn't be saying crap Bloss, you so had the hots for that Brick guy." Buttercup said, and began snickering while Bubbles laughed at her two friends. Brick began to blush like Butch.

"W-Well we all know Bubbles has a crush on Boomer!" Blossom said, trying to get the attention on her giggling friend.

"Can you blame me?" She asked, and Boomer felt a small blush. "Him and his brothers seemed so cute! Not to mention, they were kinda nice, nicer than Sakamoto or Mitch." She said, and they imagined her scolding her two friends.

"Hey! When did Mitch get in all of this? I mean I can take him." Buttercup said, while Butch and Brick mentally growled that they were getting hurt. "And besides, Taka seems nice but we know what happens when you two are alone Bubbs, we see the bruises." Buttercup said softly. Boomer's eyes widen. A/N: Please duns hate me for saying that, I just found Taka to sweet to break up with Bubbles so I hadda give a reason :puppy dog eyes:. The girls were silent for a while after that. They suddenly flew to the ground and walked up to a white mansion like house. The boys looked at each other and walked close behind them, then hid in some bushes at the gates. They saw the girls go in. They listened to the conversation.

"Mitch!" Buttercup said, and they heard something that didn't sound human like. "Oh my god! What the heck Mitch?!" She growled.

"They're okay, they'll just be out for a minute or two." A very masculine and rough voice said. They heard silent crying in the distance.

"Get away from me Sakamoto! You're scaring me!" They heard Blossom shout. Brick growled, followed by his brothers. They didn't want those girls to get hurt.

"Shh…It won't hurt, only a little." They heard a very creepy voice say, and then a blood curdling scream.

"Taka! What are you doing?!" They heard Bubbles shout.

"What we shoulda done a long time ago." They heard him say. Instead of a sound a loud "Oof" came. Suddenly they heard evil laughter. "Now the villains can rule without them." They heard Taka say. They all flared up, as well as their dark aura. They ran up to the house and blew the door down. "What the?" They saw a blond haired boy stepping over blue shoes, Boomer tackled him. Mitch and Sakamoto came ran to his side, both seemed like they had a fight. Butch and Brick attacked them both. After a good while the boys, Sakamoto, Mitch, and Taka collapsed and fell into a deep slumber from the battle. The boys ran over to their counterpart. Boomer picked up Bubbles, Butch picked up Buttercup, and Brick picked up Blossom. They each went outside and flew back to their place, Mojo was there.

"My sons!" They heard him shout, then looked at the PPGZ. "You captured the PPGZ just like my sons would." He said. Butch laid down Buttercup and grabbed Mojo by the neck.

"Guess what monkey?" He asked, and Mojo looked terrified. "You've just been evicted." He said then literally kicked the monkey out of the abandoned warehouse. "Let's keep them warm, we don't want them to catch something." He said, picking up the peaceful Buttercup. They went to the second story and found a bedroom. They laid the girls on the bed. The covered them up and was about to leave, when they heard a sound from Bubbles.

"Run girls!" She screamed jumping up, sitting in the bed, hugging her shoulders, crying in her lap. She was awake, but had her eyes closed, and was crying. "Run…" They heard her say, and Boomer walked towards her, and she winced. "T-Taka?" She asked in a whispering voice.

"N-No." Boomer said, and Bubbles's head snapped up and looked into Boomer's blue eyes that looked into her watery ones. She launched herself off the bed and gave him a death hug, her arms wrapped around his neck.

"Thank you, Boomer. For coming for me." She said, "And my friends." She finished, and he wrapped his arms around her waist when Buttercup and Blossom groaned and rolled over.

"Five more minutes, Miyako." Bloss groaned.

"Yeah, what Momo said." BC said. Bubbles blushed.

"Girls!" She screamed.

"Ahh!" They said, falling off the side of the bed. Butterup rubbed her head, and Butch grabbed her elbows and helped her up. Brick offered his hand to Blossom who took it. "Thanks," They said, rubbing their arms.

"Wait a second…" Buttercup said. "Where the heck are we?" She asked, looking at Blossom.

"I dunno." She said, looking at the walls. "Hmm…" She said. Bubbles went over to Blossom and whispered in her ear. "W-We did?" She asked her, Bubbles nodded.

"We didn't." Buttercup said. Bubbles nodded again. "The professor's going to kill us." She said, then shrugged.

"Nah, he won't." Blossom said.

"Well, I can't handle wearing a skirt no more, so yeah." Buttercup said.

"I'm with BC on that." Bubbles said. The girls opened their compacts and swiped their rings on them and three lights, light pink, baby blue, and light green, covered them. They heard them shout something and when the light disappeared, they were there. Buttercup was wearing boy shorts, a yellow tank top, and a green hat, it was backwards, with some converse. Bubbles were wearing a t-shirt that said 'I got an A+ in texting' a cardigan and skinny jeans with converse. Blossom wore converse, a pink t-shirt with cherries a skirt, but with skinny jeans under it.

"Now that we are out of our superhero identities, let us give you our real names." Blossom said, smiling. "I'm Momoko, Bubbles is known as Miyako, and Buttercup is known as Kaoru." She said. Miyako was fidgeting with her converse during the introduction, while Kaoru was messing with the skateboard that had appeared with her as well.

"Hey, again." Kaoru said.

"Konichiwa!" Miyako said, cheerily. They all looked at the girls, who were joking with one another now.

"I wanna go back to the skatepark before the monster attacked." Kaoru argued.

"Okay, but after that we can get ice cream, right?" Momoko said.

"And then go shopping?" Miyako asked her, with puppy dog eyes that melted Boomer.

"Woah!" Kaoru said, "I'll go skating, and eating ice cream, but shopping?" She said, then laughed causing confusion between the boys. "Count me out." She said.

"We'll go to Hot Topic." Miyako said, in a promising voice. Kaoru narrowed her eyes, making Butch want to laugh.

"How dare you, Miyako." She said, and Miyako looked confused. "I taught you well." She said, grinning. Miyako smiled.

"The student has become the master." Momoko said. "Let's go now!" She said. "Oh I almost forgot." She said, then turned to the boys. "Do you guys wanna come? We'll get you guys something, for saving us." She said. The boys looked at one another, then nodded. The girls walked out, chatting away while the guys followed them.

Now what will happen in their little adventure of Tokyo? Will they have fun, or will it take a turn for the worst? Find out in the next chapter. ;)

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