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Kim Possible: Redemption

Original Story By Twisted-Wun & LJ58

Edited and Reposted (With Permission) by LJ58


Shego coughed once. Twice. Then groaned as her eyes fluttered open to stare up at near darkness as the gray haze of settling dust and smoke colored the dimly lit corridor she lay in just then. Nearby, a fluttering safety light on the high side of the bored-out passage gave her what little light filled the underground passage just then.

She lay there a second more before her mind recovered an instant after her body, and she jumped up to look around as she remembered the usual song-and-dance with Possible and her buffoon that had ended in…..big surprise….another exploding lair.

When would Dr. D figure out he could not beat that pair? Especially not since monkey-boy tapped his inner mojo, and came in like a one-man army at times. She was all for holding on to the conditional pardon they had earned 'helping' save the world a few years back, but nooooo. Drew had mommy issues, and was more determined than ever to show his mother he could literally hand her the world.

Doy, why was she even still with him? His checks bounced more often than not lately, and even her patience was starting to wear thin with some of his loopy plans.

She slowly rose to her feet, experienced enough to know to be cautious in a lair that had just exploded. That she was laying alone in the tunnel was telling in itself. Leave it to Blueboy to build his latest lair on top of a volcanic ridge that just happened to have an untapped gas pocket underneath.


She waved her hand before her, dispersing the smoke as she walked to the end of the tunnel that ended all too soon. The escape hatch was only five feet from where she stood. Unfortunately, the wall of rock and rubble in front of her made it seem that crossing that seemingly short space was really unlikely just then.

Turning back, she peered back into the hazy darkness. Okay, so where did the other end of that tunnel go again? Drakken tended to plan his lairs like his plots. Which was telling. She walked back down tunnel to find the far end blocked. Figures. And she wasn't even sure she knew where it went. That left only one door, and it was not all that promising considering she had been literally blown through it just before she lost consciousness.

She shoved some of the debris aside to clamber over, and then through the warped steel panel before she dropped back down into the ruined lab that was the hub of the lair. A few emergency lights gave her enough illumination to see well enough to get around, but most of the equipment, and the escape hatch on the far side, were inoperable. Tons of rubble landing on it, she guessed, or simply cutting it off in the case of the latter, did not improve her options.

She was looking around, wondering how she ended up in these sitches, as Princess called them, when she heard a low moan.

Turning, she traced the source of the sound to a half crushed lab table on its side. Moving some of the rubble aside, she found a simple steel chair, and pulled it away to find Kim Possible herself laying there pinned by the overturned table. It was obvious the woman had grabbed the chair at the last moment to shield herself from falling rock and debris, but how had she ended up pinned? Let alone left behind?

Even as she pushed the rest of the loose rock and rubble aside, she found Kim's lower body was completely pinned beneath the overturned table.

The gas pocket exploding must have caught her off guard, too. Only where was Drew, or even the monkey-boy?

Even as she started to reach for the heavy table still pinning Kim down, she heard another moan, and bright green eyes flared open as Kim stared up her.

"Shego," the woman hissed, and tried to rise only to fail miserably.

"Hold on, Pumpkin," she gave a familiar smirk. "I'll get you out of there, and then you can get us both out of here."


"Yeah, I figured that one. Doc's laser must have set it off when he tried to tap the magma chamber. Genius, he is not."

"Ron," she groaned, looking around as Shego turned back to strain at the table that was heavier than it looked. Something creaked, and then with a sudden lurch, the table rose, and was tilted back on its squared legs as the heavy metal frame sent booming vibrations through the ruined lab.

"Uh-oh," Kim groaned as the vibrations, and resulting echo finally faded.

"What uh-oh," Shego grimaced, knowing that if Kim was worried, things were bad. "Stop with the uh-oh. I don't like uh-oh."

"Sorry," Kim smiled weakly, but didn't move. "It's just, judging from the acoustical reverberations just now, it's more than likely we're completely cut off, and there is no way we're getting out of here anytime soon."

"Hey, no big, as you say. I'm sure both our doofuses got out, and they're probably working out how to help us even now."

"Maybe," she said so somberly that even Shego was shook.

"Okay. That did not sound overly cheerful, or optimistic. I'm the cynical one here, Princess. You're supposed to be….."

Shego frowned down at her as she leaned against the table, still resting. After their fight, and the explosion, lifting that overgrown paperweight of a table had actually winded her.

"Uh, Kimmie? Why aren't you getting up, and…..doing things?"

Kim continued to look grim. "Because, Shego. I don't think I can. I can't feel my legs. And when I tried to sit up, my back felt….wrong."

"Oh….snap," Shego rasped. "Not good."

"At least we're still breathing," Kim told her.

"So far. Even I know there must be residual gas, and all this smoke and dust isn't going anywhere."

"Actually, it is," Kim pointed.

Shego turned to see the small swirling eddy in the haze that suggested there was a passage somewhere.

"Okay. That's promising. What about your Nerdlinger? Can you reach him….?

Shego groaned when Kim quietly held up a bloody, left hand, and showed the smashed body of the Kimmunicator on her wrist.

"You're really not helping out here, Kimmie."

"I just showed you a possible way out. You have to see if it will get you out, and then bring back help."

Shego stared at her incredulously.

"You really expect me to…..?"

"Well, I'm not going anywhere," she said honestly.

Shego bit her lip, and suddenly felt her heart thud as a distant rumble sounded far below them.

"Don't tell me….."

"Drakken may have succeeded in triggering the volcano after all," Kim said so quietly Shego almost didn't hear her.

"Figures," Shego sighed.

"Just go, Shego. We don't know how much time we have before something bad happens. Maybe you can still make it in time….."

"Or maybe I'd be leaving you here to die alone," Shego hissed indignantly.

"You can't help me now, Shego," Kim told her. "And I can't help you. Besides, the odds are better if you leave now…"

"Never tell me the odds!" She stopped and glared. "Okay, why did that sound like a bad movie line even to me?"

"Shego. Just go," Kim said so calmly that she had to wonder about her.

"Okay, why aren't you screaming and crying right now? 'Cause me? I'd be freakin' in your place, and trying not to scream myself," she admitted. "In fact, I think I am."

"I am scared," Kim told her. "And I don't want to die," she said, her eyes suspiciously bright just then. "But I've faced this possibility too many times to lie to myself. Your best chance…. Our best chance, is for you to go. Now. We both know you can't move me. I'm too big, and too heavy for even you to try carrying out of here. Especially in my condition."

Shego slapped a palm to her forehead as she blurted out; "Doy! Why didn't I think of that"


The woman said nothing as she just rummaged through the wreckage for a few minutes, and then came back to stand over her with a wide grin. It took her a moment for Kim to realize that Shego was pointing a small, yellow pistol at her. Right before Kim gasped as Shego suddenly began to rise higher and higher to tower over her.

No. She was shrinking.

"The advantages of living with a mad genius," Shego grinned down at the six inch Kimberly as she found a small sliver of metal she trimmed with her plasma to form a suitable backboard to carry the miniaturized heroine. She used some tape and cord to secure her, and the carefully slid her into a pocket on her equipment belt.

"Try to hold on, Kimmie. I'm getting us out of here if I can," she said as she headed for the small pocket of darkness where Kim had pointed out the swirling dust and haze. Even as she climbed the sloping, slippery pile of rubble, she felt as much as heard the low rumble behind, and somewhere beneath them building.

"Not good," she said, and scrambled up the shifting heap all the faster as visions of her own fiery death in a red-hot lava pool spurred her on.


"My…..God," Dr. Director rasped as she, Ron Stoppable, and the other Global Justice agents forced to pull back their rescue operations watched the formerly serene mountain explode with all of nature's fury. The pyroclastic cloud rose high over the hitherto silent mountain, and began to cover the surrounding territory in short order as they watched from a safe distance.

"Kim," Ron choked on his own grief as he watched helplessly.

Even Drakken, currently bound and shackled in a GJ transport, was staring out in horror at the scene before them.

"Tell me you got her out," he demanded, and both of them knew who he meant. "Tell me you didn't leave her behind!"

Ron dropped his head, knowing he wasn't talking about Kim. Will turned to point a weapon right at the man's head. "I swear to God, you blue freak, that if you do not shut up, I will shut you up. For good."

Drew Lipski knew when someone was bluffing. He lived with a walking contradiction for years, and knew when to take someone serious.

His blue lips compressed when the agent pointed that weapon at his head. The usually dour, by-the-book agent was not kidding. He didn't even have his safety on.

"Will. Stand down," Betty snapped, even but her voice was subdued. "We're staying on station to help any survivors once the eruption is over, and it's safe to move. Call for backup to take Mr. Lipski into custody. Add two counts of murder to the usual charges."

For once, Drew said nothing as he stared past the barrel of the weapon Will only gradually lowered, and up at the volcano that was now ravaging the area as it spent its fury on the once pristine wilderness that surrounded the Tetons in western Wyoming.

The plan was simple. Tap into the peripheral ridge systems, and threaten to activate a super volcano that would devastate the nation unless they bowed to him. It was simple, direct, and flawless in his head.

How could he have known it would go so very wrong?

"How could I be expected to know what would happen? It's not like I'm a geologist," he muttered sourly.

He never saw Will Du's fist fly. He only knew he later woke up in a holding cell far from his lair.

Which was apparently now Shego's, and Kim Possible's grave from what he had seen and heard.

"At least it's not as bad as we feared," Betty stated grimly as she merely glanced down at the unconscious lunatic. "Large as it is, the eruption isn't even going to reach beyond the foothills."

Ron found it hard to care just then.


"Crap, crap, crap," Shego chanted as she pushed, shoved, and all but melted her way though the very narrow passage that only led her to another dead end.

Then she saw the gleaming nose of one of Drakken's subterranean drills, and she almost howled with glee as she raced across the hangar as the ground began to vibrate alarmingly. She barely even noted Kim's tiny voice that was drowned out by the thunder of the impending eruption now rumbling ominously all around them.

She climbed up into the cockpit, quickly powering up the mobile drill, and knowing a few things about geology, and volcanism after spending half her life around lunatic scientists on both sides of the law, she aimed her transport's nose down, rather than up.

With luck, they could escape the lava, and the inevitable destruction topside when the volcano did its thing.

She was just two miles away from the ravaged lair when she felt the entire transport shudder in spite of the state-of-the-art gyros and stabilizers, and felt the temperature start to heat up alarmingly. Just about the same time that all navigational sensors went out. "Not good," she admitted, and blindly aimed upward as she realized she had obviously blundered right into one of the magma pools Dr. D was hunting with his sonic laser thingy.

She felt the drill lagging, and something was whining really badly from the rear as the engine began to complain. Loudly.

"Definitely not good," she said, and felt the sudden jolt as the world seemed to explode with such force that she felt like she was going to be deaf the rest of her life. However long that might prove to be as she felt the drill actually tilt, and suddenly fall before it thudded back down onto a hard surface.

The heat was still incredible, and things were sparking, and smoking around her as the bitter scent of ozone filled the cabin. She quickly noted the engine was still running, though, and just then, that was all she could hope for as she floored the accelerator, and tried to angle up and away from wherever the hell they had blundered. She didn't have a clue, as the heat had shorted out almost all her instruments, and her navigational array really was literally toast after all those shorts.

The whining behind her slowly started to become a dull clatter, that eventually became a loud knocking, but the temperature had finally cooled enough that the venting and air returned to near normal, and she was at least not breathing smoke any longer. She was starting to feel pretty cocky, and more than confident when the drill suddenly lurched again, and she felt the entire vehicle roll before it landed semi-upright, and left her painfully aware of the utter silence that now emanated from the engine compartment after that last halfhearted sputter.

"Not good," she said not for the first time as she sighed, and finally unbuckled the harness to start for the access panel.

In the sudden silence, she heard a faint squeak, and only then remembered Kim was housed securely in one of her equipment pouches. It said something about her own state of mind that she had managed to completely forget the injured redhead for that long.

"Trust me," she murmured as she pulled the scowling, doll-sized woman out of her resting place to check her makeshift restraints. "You didn't miss anything."

Kim made a mousey squeaking, but since she had shrank her, she had barely made out two words from her. She lay her down on the deck, then pulled out the shrink ray she used to occasionally to pull off impossible crimes, and returned Kim to her normal size.

Only then did Shego realize how really pale, and drawn the woman looked.

"What…..happened," Kim asked, looking as if she was really wanting to pass out more than pass time.

"I drilled out of the lair in one of Doc's tunnelers. Only I think I tunneled right into the eruption, and while we got away, I'm pretty sure I blew out the engine. I was just about to check things out when….. Do you hear dripping?"

Kim looked around, and 'pointed' with her chin. "Water. It's coming from over there."

Shego moaned, seeing the 'sun roof' Drew had insisted on getting in spite of the absurdity of it on the underground machine. Only then did she realize the seal was damp, and there was water dripping from one side. She had been lucky it hadn't failed when she passed through the lava, which was what she guessed had happened.

"You have to be kidding me," she groaned when she checked the portable GPS after remembering it, which was thankfully still working, and only then realized what had happened.

"Shego," Kim asked.

"I missed the surface. By about two thousand miles," she admitted. "We must have got turned around in a lava tube, or something, and somehow…..we came up in, or under the damn ocean. We're somewhere in the freaking Pacific," she said, and sat down in disgust near Kim.

"Well, at least we don't have to worry about burning up," Kim tried to smile, but groaned instead.

Not as loudly as Shego did at her comment.

"Without an engine, we're going nowhere, and…"

She froze as the metal shell around them groaned ominously.

"Yep. Right on cue. I'd say we have… What? Twenty minutes before the air runs out. Maybe less before the ocean decides to crush us like a soda can if the pressure gets us first?"

"Maybe not."

Shego gaped at her.

"Can you…..manipulate the atmosphere in here?"

"I….think so."

"Can you jettison…..stuff?"

"Uh, define stuff."

"The engine compartment," Kim told her. "I recall some of these models come with redundant compartments. Can you separate us, and increase the atmosphere to make us lighter than the water density, allowing us…"

"To float up like a balloon! Doy! I should have thought of that one myself," she said, and quickly ran through the rear hatch to arm the emergency separation charges in the back.

"Ready for your ears to pop? Oh, and get ready to take a deep breath if the air pressure pops the sun roof. Yeah, yeah, I know," she said at Kim's expression. "Only Dr. D would demand such a feature on a subterranean tunneler."

They both tensed, and gasped in alarm when the vehicle shifted and jerked a moment later. Then the moment passed without further mishap, and Shego began to charge the recyclers as she vented everything she could to lighten their segment of the now dead tunneler. For a moment nothing seemed to happen, then both women howled as the compartment rolled, and began to shift before it rose slowly toward the surface of the ocean even as the seal on the sun roof began to leak with alarming swiftness.

Kim, surprised to find Shego studying her makeshift backboard that had grown with her, stared up into darker green eyes, and Shego realized the woman was paler than usual, and looking less than her usual confident self.

"We'll make it," Kim told her quietly, her tone filled with pain all the same.

"Now you get cheerfully optimistic? That's just disgusting," the woman complained with a weak smile.

"Well, I was pretty sure I was going to die underground. After you brought us this far, I'm now pretty sure we're going to be okay."

"Says the cheerleader strapped to a corner of a lab table in a leaky bubble about to burst."

Kim smiled wanly. "I gave up cheerleading after high school. But thanks all the same."


"For saving my life," she told her earnestly.

Shego leaned back, banging her head on the console behind her. Then doing it again. And again.

"What are you doing?"

"This is so going to ruin my reputation," she complained. "I'm supposed to be putting you out of action, Princess. Not saving your skinny butt."

"My butt is not skinny," Kim huffed as she looked up at the green-skinned woman.

Which was when the cabin was filled with faint light as they realized they reached the surface, and daylight was flooding in through the cracks in the sun roof.

Shego grinned, for about three seconds. She heard the faint hissing and bubbling around her, and was smart enough to know what came next.

"In about three minutes, the air is going to bleed out when the power fails, and this thing is going down like a rock again," she realized.

"So we need to get out."

"Kim, you're tied to a slab of steel."

"Untie me."

"Your back…."

"I can deal. I can't breathe underwater. Can you?"

"Doy," she groaned, and used her claws to slice the cords and enlarged strips of tape to free her of the makeshift backboard. "I don't suppose you can move yet?"

Kim heard the hopeful cynicism in her tone, but only smiled faintly. It hurt too much to even try shaking her head. "Can't even wiggle my piggies."

"Piggies? Gah, Possible. How old are you?"

Kim gave a weak laugh. "Just let me float. I'll be fine."

"I don't know which of us is crazier," she complained, and headed for the hatch again, knowing when she opened it, the compartment was going down in a heartbeat. She had to get them both out, and away, or they'd go back down with it.

"So, we get away from a volcano just to drown in the ocean," she sputtered as she pulled Kim close to the hatch, and got ready to evacuate. She was ready to pull the hatch open when she saw it. Tearing open the box marked simply 'Supplies,' she pulled out a pair of matched life jackets.

"I am not even going to ask," Kim said as she gave a faint giggle at Shego's expression as she helped Kim into the jacket before putting on the other she found. No life raft, but she found a small medical kit, and even a box of MREs with a small emergency radio of Henchco design. She shrank the lot, pushed it all down into her equipment pouch, and then turned to Kim after tying their jackets together with some of the discarded cord she had kept.

"Ready, Pumpkin?"

"Anytime," she nodded, though her face was grayer than ever.

"Here we go again," Shego groaned, and pulled open the hatch, fighting the flood of salt water as the compartment began to sink almost instantly.