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Kim Possible: Redemption

Original Story By Twisted-Wun & LJ58

Edited and Reposted (With Permission) by LJ58


"Welcome to Global Justice, Kim," a gruff voice greeted her as she and Shego entered the tech lab where she had been sent after her very emotional reunion with family and friends last week.

For four solid days, she had been the heart of a media frenzy that welcomed the 'injured' heroine back from the dead, and celebrated her survival even as it absorbed the fact that a rehabilitated Shego had come along with her.

Even after a long, wearying week, Kim found it amazing that she remained the leading headline in virtually every news story around the world.

Ron had been sweet, but it was Yori who had touched her heart the way she had simply bowed to her, then hugged her. In absolute silence. Just before presenting her with their one year old daughter that they had named Kimberly in honor of her memory.

That Ron had kept 'Team Possible' alive, recruiting both Wade, and her tweebs, also touched her heart. Keeping to the cover that Dr. Director envisioned, she let everyone know from the start that her 'mission' days were obviously long over. She might be working in an advisory capacity with GJ now, but she blatantly let everyone know she was not in any condition to be part of an active crime-fighting team any longer.

She did come out in full public support of the revamped Team Possible, and let everyone know how proud she was to be part of a legacy she had never intended when she first started her now near legendary website.

Walking into the GJ lab for whatever Betty intended for her, she was surprised to see a very familiar face grinning at her.

"Wade," she beamed. "I didn't know you worked here, too," she said, looking up at him. "And, wow, you got big!"

"What can I say, the dark-skinned giant beamed. My genetics rock, too," he winked, and the big man that had been her small, pudgy friend for so long she never envisioned him growing up half so well leaned down to hug her. "And I'm really glad to see you. Now, I have something I think you're going to like," he added when he straightened up to beam down at her.

"You do know she isn't up to walking, let alone….."

"Hang on, Shego. I do know her medical status, and frankly, what I've devised is perfect for her," he said as he led the pair into a private lab beyond the main work stations where over a dozen men at work paused to eye the two legendary figures.

He led them to a locked panel that required a retina scan, a palm print, and knowing Wade, a highly encrypted code only he knew.

"It's next-gen battle armor based on the Centurion prototype we borrowed for your old battle suit," he told her as Kim looked up at the dull gray latex garment that looked like a full body stocking with slender control gauntlets, and a digitally enhanced visor over an elastic hood.

Kim grinned. "So, what does it do?"

"They call it a neuro-enhancing body augmentation device. I call it a shadow skin. Considering you are technically healthy and whole, but your nervous system has yet to fully reintegrate enough to allow you normal movement, I believe my battle armor will allow, and compensate for normal movement. At least for short periods of time. We'll have to monitor you at the start, of course, but it might even help stimulate and encourage your full regeneration if you start getting up and using your body to its full potential again."

"You did get the memo where Kim 'retired,'" Shego asked blatantly. "Right, Nerdlinger?"

"That's why I added the hood and optical sensor. Full spectrum visual aide, with onboard VR interface to help you adapt to any lighting conditions, while giving you onboard communications, and hacking assistance in any computer scenario."

"Hmmmm. Shadow? That would make a spankin' code-name, too," Kim beamed, her green eyes lit with excitement. The kind Shego had not seen in a long time. "When can we try it out?"

"First we have another full medical workup scheduled. We need to ensure the onboard systems are fully integrated with your biology before we risk any kind of field trials. This is still a prototype, remember?"

"If you think you're sending Kim out in that…..latex underwear….."

"I have something for you, too," Wade turned to eye the green-skinned woman with a smug grin. "Obviously, Shego can't be seen in the vicinity of GJ's newest operative once she….shows up, so I came up with something that might help when you go into action," he said, and turned to open a locked box in the same equipment locker.

"You're not sticking me in some gaudy fetish outfit," Shego warned him.

He pulled out two slender bands, and a small buckle that might fit any belt.

"Please. Do I look like Drakken," he asked bitingly as he held out the open box.

Shego shot him a telling glare, but said nothing to that name.

"So, jewelry? How does that…..?"

He lifted the first band, and held it out. "Try them on. I think a demonstration will be far more convincing," he told her.

Shego gave him a skeptical look, but reached for the apparent jewelry at Kim's nod.

She frowned when she felt the bands actually constrict, tightening themselves around her wrists even as they were slid into place.

"Now, the control matrix," Wade told her, holding out the small buckle. "I'll give you the details, but I think once you see how it works, you'll be impressed," he told her somewhat smugly.

"And this goes…..?"

"It will attach to any surface. Wherever you want to put it, it will electro-statically bond itself in place until you remove it. Even your skin," he told her.


"Just put it on your belt," he gestured at the slender band around her dark green skirt she had worn that morning. "Then press the inset switch on the front."

She did, and felt a faint vibrational hum even as she felt the tingling warmth around the bands on her wrist.

"You just wired the devices to work for you, and only you. They're genetically coded. No one can turn them on, off, or even remove them except you now," he told her. "Now, pull up some of your bio-plasma. Just a little."

She did, and gaped.

Her usual green flame was a dark, swirling red.


"It's the same energy, obviously. But the bands employ chromatic spectrum shifting to make it seem the plasma is another color. So, you still have your power, but….. Nothing of a shade to tip anyone off that Shego is working with…..Shadow," Wade told her as he grinned at them.

"You overlook my pretty face, and my sunny personality, Brainiac," she growled.

"Think so? Look in the mirror," he pointed to a 'mirror' that was a reflective surface on the metallic interior of the equipment locker's open panel.

Shego glanced at the panel, and gaped.

Standing before her was a perfectly proportioned Kim Possible where Shego knew she should be. "What the hell…..?"

"Holographic overlay. That's just a default image to make my point. You can download, and preset up to ten different images for….all occasions," Wade grinned.

"It fools cameras, too?"

"I don't use cheap techniques," Wade sniffed. "That's a randomly oscillating, hard-light projection that will look, and feel real to man, or camera. You'll have to come up with your own costume, of course. But your body, and face can become anything you want. Of course, if you want my help in the uniform department….."

"I think I can come up with something myself," Shego grinned, and thumbed the switch again, returning her 'look' to her own familiar, jade epidermis. "Just tell me how you download images to this doohickey," she said with a predatory grin.


The summons came after her sixth mission proved that Shadow and Blaze were not only GJ's newest, but already their best agents.

The Shadow-Armor, as Kim called it, not only gave her full mobility, but as Wade theorized, it was helping amp her own still regenerating body. Wade's latest scans indicated her healing rate had increased yet again, and her initial diagnosis of years to full health had been downgraded to only a single year, maybe two. Maybe less. Meanwhile, she did still need that chair without the armor. She might make a few steps on her own now, but without that battle armor, it left her as weak as a kitten from the effort.

So she maintained the chair as cover, and was happy its defensive and offensive capabilities had been proven more than worth the investment a few times in the recent weeks as old faces, and even new ones popped up to try to make a name for themselves by putting down the resurrected heroine.

Just as she had long feared.

Between Kim herself, the chair, and Shego, the villains never had a chance.

That was saying any of them got past the security Wade, and the tweebs had packed into the small, penthouse apartment Kim and Shego now rented in Upperton. Allegedly to be near the university where she was finally finishing up her PhD.

In fact, it was so she could be near the area GJ offices.

Just after completing their latest mission, they returned to find a message from Senor Senior, Sr. inviting them to the island for tea. Nothing else. Both of them guessed the proverbial other shoe was finally about to drop.

Kim chose to go in her chair, her body still slightly wrung out after the admittedly wearying job of taking down a guy calling himself Rokk. He had good cause, since the man could somehow shift his entire body in a massive, living stone that was as hard and tough as solid granite.

Unfortunately for him, Blaze proved that even granite could melt with enough heat. The badly singed, and battered wannabe was now in a GJ infirmary, awaiting extradition to Russia, where the government wanted the fugitive for stealing undisclosed secrets.

Likely the secrets of his bizarre transformational ability, Kim suspected.

That didn't worry her. Not half so much as what Senor Senior might be wanting now that Kim Possible was back among the living, and back in the spotlight.

The flight to his private island took little time with the special mini-jet Wade had designed for her, and they had not bothered to spuculate, but headed out the moment they got the message. Now, setting the jet down right in front of Senior's front door, Kim shut down the engines, and glanced over at a somber Shego.


"You," Shego countered.

"Well, we won't find out what he wants sitting here," she nodded.

Kim turned her chair away from the control panel, and opened the hatch as Shego eyed the darkness outside the billionaire's private house that could be considered palatial even in jaded eyes.

"True. Let's go find out what he's really up to here," Shego asked.

"Might as well. I'd rather not have this hanging over our heads when we have to face him, or Junior in the future."

"Smart. Whatever he wants, don't let him push you. Technically, I accepted everything on your behalf. You owe him nothing."

"I don't work that way, Shego. It's still my life, and he did what he did for me. I'd like to know why. Beyond the platitudes."

"Then let's go find out," she said, and jumped from the hatch without waiting for the ladder to extend.

Kim's chair didn't need steps, or a ramp, and she simply glided out, and down to the ground as she adjusted the servos output to lower her to the ground. Wearing civilian clothes, she would never be mistaken for the new Global Justice Agent known only as Shadow, and that was how she wanted it. Kim Possible might be back, but she was avoiding the limelight.

Or so it appeared.

"Senor Senior, Sr.," she greeted the man who opened the door on cue even as they approached. "Are you alone?"

"My son took his bride, and daughter on a much delayed holiday."

"So, he's on parole again," Shego drawled.

"Indeed. Come in. I have tea. A most delicious old brand from China. Quite rare."

"You said you had something to discuss. An….accounting," Kim asked bluntly.

"Indeed. Let me put your mind to rest now, my dear. I intend to be quite reasonable this evening. I trust you and Shego will be, too?"

The women followed him into the spacious living area where hot tea waited on a serving tray that looked to cost more than Kim's entire apartment. Furnishings and all. She didn't say a word as she accepted the cup, and sipped slowly as she watched him go through the motions of playing a host.

"Well," Shego finally cut the silence.

"Still impatient, Shego? I guess some things do not change. Well, let me start by stating that I never counted you out, my dear," he told Kim. "Neither of you. In fact, I knew that sooner or later, somehow, you would be coming back out on top. It is, after all, what you do. Remarkably well, in fact, as you've proven yet again."

"Bottom line, Senor Senior,' Kim asked. "What do you expect for your….hospitality?"

"Honestly, it's not much. Anticipating your return, I also anticipated my own…..decline as time, alas, catches up to even one of my caliber."

Kim said nothing as she simply sat watching him.

"My request is simple, Shadow….."

"I would prefer you not use that name when I'm not….working."

"Of course. Of course. At any rate, what I would like is for you to…..help watch out for my oft foolish son. We both know he will never manage to be a genuine threat to anyone except himself. Only I saw firsthand how quickly he could still get in over his head when young Stoppable nearly crippled him during one of his escapades. That young man obviously plays on an entirely different level these days," he sighed. "Fortunately, my doctors were able to treat Junior in time to forestall any debilitation."

"So, you want me to play….bodyguard?"

"Not at all. I want you simply to consider that my son is a hapless buffoon who often gets in over his head, and truly means no harm. I would not ask you to violate your oh, so admirable principles, but…. Perhaps you could….look the other way now and then when he is misbehaving. Say, so long as nothing….serious is involved?"

"That's it? Nothing else? No blackmail? No extortion? Nothing…..sinister?"

"Honestly, Miss Possible," he smiled now. "I am only thinking of my son. In time, I hope Bonita will guide him away from his folly completely, but even she has her hands full with him at times, as you must know."

"So, a blind eye, and a soft touch. That's it? No other favor?"

"As I said, so long as you know he is not doing anything…..overwhelmingly alarming, or threatening, which…. Let us be honest, he rarely manages. That, however, is but a request. My favor, as you put it, is something quite different. Or rather, someone different."

"Not Bonnie?"

"Oh, no. Honestly, you must realize that she is quite formidable in her own right. Still, she can be as blind as Junior at times. And a little too self-absorbed."

"Eleanor," Kim murmured, naming his young granddaughter.

"Precisely. I see your famed intellect remains as sharp as ever. You see, despite her obvious advantages, my granddaughter faces an uncertain, if unique upbringing. Whatever comes, she will require, as you young people say, an edge. I wish you to provide her that edge. Both of you."

"Bottom line, old man," Shego growled. "We're not anyone's lackeys," she pointed out firmly.

"Oh, no, of course not, my dear. Perish the very thought. In fact, what I ask is that you mentor the child. Train her. I would not even mind if you attempted to instruct her in your oh, so admirable principles. Honestly, you are two of the best women in the world for such a challenge, and I knew that even before the darling girl was born."

"So, you just want us as….personal trainers," Kim asked him bluntly.

"In essence, that is precisely what I desire," the old man smiled slyly. "So, do we, as they say in these matters, have a deal?"

Kim stared hard at the old man.

"Nothing else? No breaking the law? No blackmail? Nothing but….training?"

"A little mentoring, and some timely guidance, perhaps. After all, if she learns just a tenth of what you two admirable ladies could teach her," he told them, "Then I daresay that Eleanor Senior will soon become a force to be reckoned with. Whatever path my dear grandchild chooses to take in life."

"And you don't care if we try to keep her honest," Kim asked him frankly.

"Well, we can't all be perfect," he chuckled. "Still, I do believe you'll do the honorable thing, and allow her her own choices when it comes time," the billionaire remarked slyly.


Kim glanced at Shego. Then back at Senor Senior.

"All right, Senior. We have a deal. But you never tell anyone that Kim Possible and Shadow are one and the same. Ever. Not even, and especially Junior."

"Have I not shown you I can be an honorable, and sporting rival, Miss Shadow," he told her with a telling gleam in his still sharp eyes.

"That's the only reason we're talking," Kim nodded, moving her chair slightly forward to hold out a hand. "Deal."

"Deal," he grinned. "Shall I tell Eleanor you'll be coming by to see her soon?"

"Let's just surprise her," Kim suggested. "My schedule still remains…..tricky."

"Of course. Of course. And surprises do make for excellent opportunities to adapt, and learn," he added as he nodded, and turned to show them to the door as they prepared to leave. "By the way, I have to know. How did you beat Sonique last week? Even Jack was astonished you put her down so easily considering the power she can unleash with those vocal chords of hers. By all rights, you should both still be deaf, and off-balance after the sonic barrage she reportedly unleashed on you."

"Trade secret, Senor Senior," she told him with a faint smile as they headed for the door now. Even Betty didn't know she could use her new powers to heal anyone instantly. She might have to suffer a few minutes herself, but it had been beyond easy to heal Shego, and let her surprise the woman with her sudden, and near instantaneous recovery.

Outside the door, the cool night air filled the house when the door opened, an she glanced outside where their mini-jet waited. No lackeys or henches waiting, though she had half expected it. He even held the door for her as her chair moved silently past him, the servos barely making an audible whine as they lifted, and propelled her forward. "You know how it is," she drawled.

"Naturally. And…welcome back," he nodded before he turned to go back inside, leaving them to depart. "I look forward to seeing what miracle you, and your alter ego pull off next," he remarked before closing the door after himself.

Kim said nothing to that as she and Shego headed for the door.

"You trust him to keep our secret?"

"He kept our secret for over four years," Kim reminded her. "In his own way, he's really a nice guy."

"Yeah, right. I still remember that story you told me about him trying to turn you into ice cubes."

"Well, it was part of the job," she shrugged, moving back to the controls.

"Oh, no. You flew out. I get to fly home," Shego told her, taking the pilot seat next to the open space made to accommodate her chair.

Kim just grinned.

"Fine, I'll get to nap for a change….."

A distinctive tone filled the air as the communication panel lit up, and both women turned to face it.

Kim reached over, and flipped a switch as a grim, one-eyed woman appeared to stare from the screen where Kim still half expected to see Wade even after all this time.

"Agent Shadow. Agent Blaze. We have a situation. I am transmitting the data to you now, but you're needed in Austria. Fortunately, you're not far from Europe now. I trust you settled with Senor Senior, Sr. amicably?"

"Yes, Dr. Director," Kim told her. "He just wants us to mentor his granddaughter. Which might not be a bad idea. We could ensure a new generation of Seniors didn't follow in his proverbial footsteps."

"I agree. Work it out on your own time, though. Agent Franz Stein is waiting for you in Frankfort before you enter Austria."

"We're on it," she said, reaching for the special case holding her Shadow armor.

"So much for a peaceful night out," Shego muttered as Kim opened the case, and pulled out the first pieces of her body armor.

"Look at it this way. We finish early, and we can take a little time out for that shopping trip in Milan you've been wanting," Kim told her with a wink.

"Who is he, and how fast can we put him down?"

"It's only Dementor again. Teaming up with a newbie calling himself Gunz," she said, glancing at the data downloading on her comm-panel. "They're apparently trying to take over a few German nuclear power plants for reasons yet to be determined."

"Boys, and toys," she groaned. "Am I right," she sneered.

"Let's just encourage the Professor and his new friend to retire. Early," she grinned, and pulled the dark, featureless hood down over her distinctive visage before pulling on the visor over it. "Powering up," she said, and the air hummed as Shadow prepared to go into battle once more.