The Assassins of Wizarding Europe

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A young man with medium-length dark hair with a swept-back style sips his coffee as he sat with a girl his age with chestnut brown hair in shoulder-length wavy curls.

"See the target?" the male whispers to the girl sitting in front of him.

She sips her drink, as her honey-colored eyes take on a slight gleam of gold.

To her the entire world's colors faded to shades of dark grays. The blue aura of her partner stood out the corner of her eyes. Across the street the normal-looking man in a tweed suit and matching boater hat with a large briefcase looks normal to any other human being wandering this fine city of London. To her, his aura was a mix of red and gold and stood out against the other citizens who had no distinguishing aura sight.

Her eyes return to their normal color. "Yeah, that's the target."

The green eyes of her partner take on a sharp look, a soft smile crossing his lips.

"Then let's introduce ourselves to the man."

"Don't forget, Harry, we need to do this out of view of any cameras AND the audience. We cannot have any police hounding us since we're not in disguise."

The teenager named Harry sends a grin to the girl.

"I know, Hermione. Besides, we can use the magical energy inside our bodies to aid us if something goes awry."

The finished their drinks, leave a bit of change as tip and quickly head out the outdoor café, following the target from a set-distance. The duo were acting like a teenager couple in love minding their own business, and the target was unaware they were following him. Five minutes later the man finally moved from the crowds and into a dingy-looking alleyway in a part of London with tall homes. Grimmauld Place, actually. The man kept moving until he stopped to make sure he saw no one around, before taking out a cellphone.

As he dials in a number Harry and Hermione finished scaling the side of a house without anyone seeing them, and crept along the rooftop until the target was in view. They made sure the hoodies they wore were drawn over their heads to partially conceal their faces in the shadow.

"Yeah I'm in the location. Send your informant over. Abstergo needs this information that I stole from those white bastards."

Up above...

"Heard that?" Hermione whispered.

"Yeah... Let's wait for the guy's informant to arrive. Then we'll take them both out. Got the poisons?"

She lifted two daggers. The blades inside were hollow and held an untraceable poison. Harry carefully took one dagger, as Hermione held onto the other. Another thirteen minutes passed when a person arrived. Harry blinked, recognizing the man.

"Hermione... look who it is."

She almost gasped.

"Is that who I think it is?"

"Yes it is," the green-eyed teen whispered.

"Vernon, you're late," the slimmer man said.

"Shut up, I had to make an excuse to my wife about where I was going. My mother was in town," the fat walrus-mustached man growled, trying and failing to not act suspicious.

Vernon Dursley... a man who somehow got off scot-free from drunk driving that killed Hermione's parents when she was two years old, the lone (lucky) survivor. She ended up in an orphanage where she met a boy who was much a loner and struck up a friendship with him. Harry had no love for the man who was supposed to be his uncle. When he was a toddler he was abandoned by the Dursleys in the park. Only a passing priest (who was in the Brotherhood of Assassins) discovered his crying self that cold early morning at 1:40 am. He was brought to an orphanage where he met a girl two years later who lost her parents to a drunk driver.

"I'll poison the fat fuck," she whispers to Harry.

"No love lost for the man..."

When they turned five, they overheard a meeting between the head of the orphanage with the very same priest that saved him from freezing to death discussing about men from the Templar Order, but were caught eavesdropping. However instead of being punished the adults were relatively surprised two young children were capable of hearing them with such silence. They were scolded, yes, for being out past bedtime, but the priest saw something in the two. Ever since, they were trained in the arts passed down from generation to generation of the Brotherhood. The discovery that they wielded wand magic like the hidden magical community of Europe (or so the wizards like to believe they were hidden from the muggles) only increased their assassin training as they also grew up living something of a double-coined life.

Harry and Hermione crouch, readying themselves with a bit of magical channeling, and then leap gracefully from the roof. Descending upon the two adults like hawks on their prey, they see the shadows but are unable to defend themselves. Perfect, deadly hits with the poisoned daggers; the blades piercing the flesh in an area that would not kill them right away... the poison was injected into them as the two collapsed in pain from the hit.

The weapons are left in their place as the gloved attackers step back and watch with uncaring eyes. Harry walked up to the slimmer man and with a stomp, breaks his shins. Hermione grabs the briefcase dropped during the sudden assassination.

"What the hell?" the man coughed, already starting to sweat and his skin felt very hot.

Vernon growled as he tore the dagger from his arm, and using it as a weapon charged Harry but he leapt to the side with a quick stride. Hermione also back-skips, and the weapon impaled the other man in the neck.

"Don't worry; the poison will end your worthless life soon. Using that company as a front to sell your drugs and embezzle money from charities around the country will end with you here framed for murder."

Hermione with her gloved hands take out a drug bag filled with seventeen grams of crack cocaine. She threw the bag at the man who collapsed to his knees, wheezing for breath. His sweaty palms smash onto the bag as he coughed.

The perfect "crime" in a sense...

"We also know that you're but a lowly agent in the Templars. You will not be missed much in the mortal world," Harry said.

Hermione then speaks up, using Italian. "Ma quando si incontra Dio, sarete giudicati per i vostri peccati che avete commesso diciotto anni fa... Requiescat in pace..."

They quickly leave the area as Vernon finally succumbs to the poison and dies. Ten minutes have passed when some unlucky teen kid running the back alleys as a shortcut came across the scene. Harry and Hermione were already long gone, taking the rooftops to leave the scene of the attack until they were two blocks away. They finished their assignment, and got whatever it was their target(s) were holding inside the briefcase. As far as police investigations went, Vernon Dursley met his buyer who he tried to make a drug exchange with. Whatever happened caused the deal to go sour, and Vernon attacked with two hollow daggers that should belong in a museum. The other man got a lucky hit before getting stabbed twice: once in the arm, then the neck. They never found the real culprit of their deaths: the untraceable poison.


A month went by since the shocking homicide in downtown London. Some people in the city had connected Vernon Dursley with an old case that somehow got thrown out of the court with the man walking free from a case that ended the lives of two kind people and leaving their daughter the lone survivor. Some were already claiming it was karma returning. But mostly, the news has come and gone.

Clad in black and gray robes with some armor worn on their torsos, arms, legs, and two capes draped over their right sides, the hooded teens snuck past patrolling security of a rundown building in the middle of nowhere in northern Scotland. The acquired briefcase detailed plans of technology from the 16th century given a modernized revitalization that would bring the Templars ways of discovering how to combat and fight the Assassins of today's generation. The Brotherhood has decided that such technology should not be in the hands of the enemy. Much of the stolen Intel was still being analyzed by the best minds in the order.

So in the field, Harry and Hermione were selected to infiltrate the location of where this technology was being modernized. They weren't alone on this mission, but for now the two were the best in getting inside the building since they had the power of magic.


Harry did.

Hermione scans the roof before pointing to an air duct with a sealed grate.


"Hidden, yes. We're not in range but another twelve steps and we would be toast."

He nods and snaps his fingers in the direction of the hidden camera. A snoring guard in the security room never saw the camera feed turn to snow. With a small neutralizing magic bolt sent to the camera, the two teens crept along the roof to a nearby window that was left open.

"For a secure building they sure don't close the windows."

"Hurry," she urges.

"I know, I know..."

They climb into the building, and use magic to hide their bodies from sight. Even if the Templars knew of the wizarding world as much as the Brotherhood does, many in the Templar Order were mundane so were able to be fooled with magical use. But there comes a time when they would run into a magical Templar. That then is another scenario altogether.

"My senses keep ringing on me, Mione," Harry whispers softly, as they kept to the ceilings by crawling like spiders with stick charm spells infused on their gloves and boots.

"The last time that happened we nearly got ambushed by a large group of Templars who run that Abstergo Company," she hissed at him.

"I know."

They kept quiet as they bypassed unsuspecting guards, heading towards their destination in this building. Eventually, they arrived to a sealed chamber door where three guards were playing poker. The two snuck into the room before rushing in and stabbing the guards in the necks. The bodies were repositioned to make it look they were sleeping in the chairs before coming up to the door.

Harry's eyes shift to a gold color as he looks on the electronic padlock. Highlights of fingerprints emerge on five of the buttons and it took Harry only four tries to get the right code that undid the locks and crack the steel shutters open. They squeeze through and look around. The room was somewhat small. There was plenty of stuff that could be stolen. It was also well-ventilated because in one corner was a chained man.

Prisoner, they assume.

Abstergo would kidnap anybody to try and see if their Animus machines would "unlock" things in human minds.

The man Hermione checked over showed signs of trauma and injury.


She looks to Harry who picked up a polished stick. Only one thing: wizard.

"You think this belongs to our prisoner here?"

"Possibly. Harry, shrink all this stuff down and give the signal. We'll break this man out so Abstergo can't mind rape him."

Harry went to work, tapping to his HUD in his hood and contacting the others outside to attack and draw attention. Hermione took out a small laser cutter and started cutting the chains that kept the man held to the wall. Once he was freed, Harry had finished shrinking everything in the room and putting them into his pockets.

The alarms went off.

"That's our cue to leave."

"I'll wake him up." Hermione channels a bit of magic in her hands and soothingly rubs the man's head. This effect woke him up in a groggy state.

"Hey, wake up wizard, we need to get out of this building and quick," Hermione shook the man gently.


Sirius Black didn't know what was happening. Two weeks ago there was suspicious activity going on in this area of Scotland and as an Auror he went to investigate only to get attacked by a bunch of muggles wielding their weapons bearing a coat of arms the shape of a red Victorian-era cross. But among the muggles were four wizards that also wore the same symbols on their clothing. He had been quickly overwhelmed and unable to escape as his emergency portkey (the Order Medallion) was ripped from his hands before a sharp pain in his neck quickly put him to a deep unconscious state. The group of muggles and wizards kept him chained in this room ever since, as other muggles in white coats studied him like he was an animal.

And now, he was awakened again. He expected those muggles were going to do more "experiments" on him using that strange muggle machine, but came face to face with a girl no older than eighteen wearing a white cloak and a sharp-pointed hood obscuring part of her face. He did see her honey brown eyes. Behind the girl was a boy her age roughly by the looks alone, in a similar garb.


"We need to leave now. Our companions are distracting the Templars, but no doubt they're sending armed guards to check the vault we broke into."

She took the wand from Harry and handed it to the man.

The doors opened and there stood five burly men armed with swords attached to sawed-off shotguns. Harry had already reacted by throwing five daggers, each impaling their hands and making them lose hold of their weapons. The teenager rushed the distance and with a leap toppled two of the men. Sirius gaped as the young man got back up, blood dripping from two hidden blades coming from the wrists. Holes where the wrist blades impaled their skulls leaked blood. The other three survivors had time to fight back as Hermione impaled another duo with head kills. That left the last man who got his throat viciously slit open. The man quite literally choked to death in a spray of blood.

Sirius Black was now wide aware of the two teenagers having just killed and not even flutters an eyelash at the cruelty they performed. Footfalls are heard as more of the soldiers arrived, but he was once again given a shock as the two white-garbed killers thrust their hands forward as if pushing air. A force of magic is felt in the air as a wave of light mows the soldiers down hard.

"Run!" The male yells, running with the girl in tow.

Sirius had no choice but to follow the two killers/saviors.

But the Auror was going to get definite answers from the two white-garbed teenagers once he had escaped this mad house filled with muggles and rogue wizards.

Something that seems rushed, I know. For now it's something I wanted to get out of my head so I can focus on other stuff. An AC/HP fic that doesn't involve time travel or characters pulled from the timelines to another time. It's also full AU since Harry and Hermione are not Hogwarts students.