The Assassins of Wizarding Europe

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Diagon Alley was partially clear as Aurors went to work with the crime scene. Amelia got quick healing to her leg although the phantom pains still lingered. Her niece was shaken up by the fact a friend she thought she knew; a girl SHE herself thought she understood just tried to murder her niece. And poor Hannah got injured as well although she would survive. A minor concussion from having her head smashed against the counter would do that to a person. Under the white tarp taken from Florean's shop was the dead body of Sally-Anne Perks. As Amelia watches Alastor scanning every corner of the crime scene, from the crowd she saw Dumbledore gently push through. An Auror was about to stop him but Dumbledore gave that twinkling smile of his and walked around the crime scene.

"Hello Albus."

The twinkling smile went away fast.

"What happened, Amelia? Minerva was here earlier and told me of an attack that happened here. Was it Death Eaters?"

"No, Dumbledore," she responds, "Sally-Anne Perks threw a potions knife into my leg, knocked Hannah Abbot unconscious by smashing her head onto the table, and tried to murder my niece. A white-garbed person flew down from the air and stabbed her with something because I saw blood gushing from her chest."

Dumbledore stared, in disbelief of the tale. He turned around and looked at the body covered by the white table cloth.

"Is Miss Susan okay?" Dumbledore questioned.

"Shaken up by the attack, but uninjured, thank Merlin."

One of his students was injured, one was almost murdered, and one was killed.


Mad-Eye looked at him, and knowing what the Headmaster was about to ask, he lifted the cloth enough to expose the victim's face. Sally-Anne's face, eyes closed, with a bit of blood coming out her mouth. Albus sighs, disturbed.

"Was there words traded by Miss Perks and this mystery killer?" Dumbledore inquired.

"All the guy said was and I quote, Sally-Anne Perks... I know who you are. To think a little girl like you could become so manipulative. You're worse than the magicals' fear of the Death Eaters. After that she said that my niece's death and the death of the Bones family were for the Greater Good, and not seeing the real picture."

Dumbledore flinched, hearing the two words he once associated himself with in his past.

Amelia continued speaking. "After that the short discussion turned to French and then she died in his lap before he set her down with a final comment and closed her eyes. Aurors finally showed up, but the person threw down glass orbs that released thick white clouds that blinded everybody. He and an accomplice that tore the knife from my leg and partially healed my injury vanished in the smoke. I heard no tell hearing of Apparition, Disapparition, or the sound that indicates the use of a Portkey."

Albus Dumbledore, for the first time in a long while, was completely stumped. But there was still a student death, even if the situation had nothing to do with Death Eaters whatsoever. There was still the informing of the Perks family of Sally-Anne's death in Diagon Alley. This was shaping up to be quite a dangerous mystery.

Just what the hell is going on?


"We eliminated the target; however she didn't give up much information. She died too quickly. All I got from scavenging her was her house keys, a wallet with money and other stuff, American social security card and I.D., and this note."

Said items were placed on the table.

"It's not much to go on, but the American ID and Social Security raises some questions. We'll get to research through the databases. How are the VIPs?"

Hermione stepped up. "Susan Bones shaken up, but she is alive. Amelia Bones injured but will recover. A friend of Susan was there as well and from what I saw she suffered a minor concussion from blunt force trauma. Most likely she got her head smashed on the table to induce a knock-out. We escaped quickly because Aurors arrived and we did not want to get into a spell fight with them. We fled under smoke bombs and quickly hid amongst the crowds and vanished from sight."

Ronald nods, as he looks at the parchment note again.

"Good work even though we did not get much information. Rest up. Harry, go see your godfather. That man is getting a bit annoying to our bodyguards."

"He probably wants to go home," Harry thought aloud, but he bowed quickly and ducks out of the office, Hermione following.

"I'm going to the dorm room, Harry. Need to study and all."

Off Hermione walks heading to the elevator around the corner.

"Sure thing, Mione," he says to her retreating back, opting for the staircase.

Two flights of stairs later Harry arrived to the room his godfather was at. The two guards at his door salute Harry as he entered. There watching television was a bored-looking Sirius, drinking what looks to be his fourth bottle of the fizzy wizarding children's drink called Butterbeer.

"Sorry we can't let you get drunk. We tend not to binge on hard alcohol often because we are always working in the shadows," said Harry, startling the man.

"Harry! It is boring here! I need to get out! I want to play some Quiddich!"

Harry chuckled. He's heard of Quiddich. He saw the World Cup in '94 but after the match ended immediately left. From word of mouth he heard how the location was attacked by Death Eaters that night.

"Ah. I've seen the 1994 World Quiddich Cup. After it ended, I returned back home so I never heard about that Death Eater attack until one of my friends who was there informed me of it," Harry told Sirius, deciding to sit down with his godfather.

"Wait? You were there that day?"

"Yup. I still followed my creed of being unseen so no wizard paid much attention to me. Also helps that I wore skin make-up to cover this faded scar of mine." He finally reveals the lightning bolt scar he was inflicted with by surviving the killing curse.

Sirius stars at the scar. This is what Harry got away with as an infant surviving the Dark Lord at the cost of James and Lily.

"This little bugger had dark magic leeching off my life and it was discovered earlier in my life, around when I was six years old. Had we not discover it sooner it would have fully buried into my magical core, and only dying again would have it unlatch from me; no way in hell I want to die just to have it unlatch from my soul or something. One painful exorcising cleansing ritual from holy monks in Tibet, and I was free from it. It and my body healed up but I will still have this as a faded reminder."

He lets the bangs fall back over the scar again.

"And the thing is the purified magic, a bit of it fused into my magical core giving me a bit of a boost in power. I'm a bit stronger than Hermione is in her magic skills but she's trained just as hard as I have in spell casting. Not to mention when she's not busy working for the Creed, she's reading a book or two."

Sirius couldn't help but chuckle.

"She reminds me of your mother, pup."


He nods. "Yeah. Lily enjoyed reading as much as she enjoys learning about magic. One of her books she would always read, that James as a kid would often tease her about was Hogwarts: A History."

Harry laughs.

"Hermione has a copy of that same title in the dorm. She wanted to learn information about Europe's schools and got that book along others for Durmstrang and Beubaxtons. Background info in-case any of our missions would have us near the school's general locations in the country. Better safe than sorry as Jonathan would tell us."

Sirius smiles seeing Harry carefree at this moment, and looking happy, not worried about certain problems that bar a cross symbol. He pondered what life would have been if he wasn't part of this whole secret organization.

"Harry, if you had gone to Hogwarts, what house would you go to?"

"Well, considering the fact that I spit upon death and brave the unknown elements, knowing that a mission I take could very well be my last, Gryffindor. Secondly I would have gone to that house called Hufflepuff because I am loyal to those I desire to protect; with my loyalty towards Hermione like a red ribbon, unbreakable by time."

"Are you happy?" Sirius asks next. He wanted to know the truth.

"No... No I'm not," Harry would answer truthfully.

Sirius looks to him, waiting for the follow-up.

"I'm not happy because our enemies, the Templars... they have always had a foothold over us. Our numbers are genially smaller while the numbers of the Templar Order is bigger. They have had a hand in history half the time, no more than their hold on America, Canada, and Asia. But I brave these elements because I do not desire these people to control the world. I mean they pretty much have a stronghold on British Wizarding Society; none of you people have yet to see the threat before it's too late, including your Dark Lord you folks are so scared of."

He got up and walked towards the window.

"However I am happy knowing that I am helping my fellow brothers and sisters fight against a force that has been around since before the Third Crusade. We are fighting a secret war, which involves ancient magical forces, for information, knowledge of forbidden arts. If the Templars succeed in their plans of acquiring the objects of their desire, we lose the long-struggling war."

He looks back to Sirius, eyes full of determination.

"I may be one person, but with my brothers and sisters, we are strong. As long as evil exists, as long as those faces wears or follows the cross of the Templar, our blades will be baptized with their life. As an assassin, I wield my weapons to protect the unknowledgeable from the shadows. From the shadows, I watch the world continue to spin, as the majority of the human race is unaware of the real history that spurs on with hidden facts."

He looks out the window again.

"And that is why I am afraid. But my fear will fuel me. My emotions will empower me. And so long as I remember our Creed, I am me."

Hermione spoke up, "Where other men blindly follow the truth, remember..."

Sirius jumped and turned to the door, seeing the Granger girl standing there. "Nothing is true," Harry answered her.

Hermione walks into the room and towards Harry. Something tugged at her so she had gone to see Harry, listening to her heart. "Where other men are limited by morality or law, remember..."

"Everything is permitted," Harry responds, turning to face her.

"We work in the dark to serve the light."

Their eyes lock.

"We are Assassins."

Sirius couldn't help but stare (with a Glen Quagmire-eques smile) when they kissed. So, pup's had a girlfriend all along. A devilish grin crossed his face.

"Are you two using protection?" he blurts out, shocking the two teens.

In heaven, Lily giggles over this scene while James would cry tears of joy of his son being a real man.

From the camera, Ronald watched the scene unfold on his monitor. He was smiling. Harry was a great young man. There was no doubt why many of the younger members looked up to him. After all, Harry (and in extension Hermione, too) learned from Master Jonathan the ways of the Assassin; the ancient ways intermixed with today's modern traditions. Then he burst out laughing when Sirius spoke that damning question.

"You got mail; it's not spam!" a male electronic voice says from his PC speakers.

He clicks the mail icon flashing on the lower right corner, and outlook opens up with a message from an outdoor agent. One of their targets was located working the streets for recruits again. It's been four months since the man narrowly escaped death. This time he would go down.

"Russell, fetch Harry for me. Our soccer recruiter is back on the street. This time I want a silent poisoned kill."

The man in the room nods and leaves to find Harry in the building.

One debriefing and a passing two hours later, Harry found his target by checking his aura exploring the general area of the target location. He finished his chili-cheese hot dog and pulls the green hood of his hoodie over his head, and puts on a pair of green-tint sunglasses. He casually walks up to the man who was distracted by looking at the scenery of the English Channel.

He did two things: first he had lifted his wallet from his back pocket with a sleight of magic hand when he got close enough, and secondly he had punctured the man in the neck with a syringe and pushed the plunger, injecting the entire dose of venom from a Coastal taipan. He was careless in the sudden plunge of liquid injected into the neck and made sure as he moved away he snapped the bamboo-made needle clear off the syringe.

The location was mostly empty of any civilians so Harry was clear enough to assassinate the man. As he walks away hiding the syringe back in the foil-lined side pocket of his jeans and soon back to a busier area, the man was already convulsing with the venom running its course; the man would already be dead by the time his unruly mad raving and foaming at the mouth attracts attention, and eventually the paramedics and police.

Returning to where he parked his motorcycle he puts his helmet on, hid the wallet in his pants, turns the ignition, and eases back into traffic heading back home smiling all the while on the hit he just completed. The man he had just taken out was a contact for Abstergo who would recruit orphans or rowdy teenagers and take them away to one of many facilities owned by Abstergo and eventually get them to join their crusade to combat today's modern Assassins. One less Templar Recruiter in England...

Somewhere else in the area of Oxford, Dumbledore was perplexed. How was this possible? He went to the address where Miss Perks lived at, which was in a quaint and lovely neighborhood. But all he found was an empty lot and a FOR SALE sign on the unkempt lawn. Minerva was also with him because there was a muggleborn family that lived in the general area; a late find apparently.

"Minerva, is this the right address?" The Headmaster questions his Deputy Headmistress.

"Yes it is Albus. I sent the letter out with the rest on the usual date along with new letters for upcoming muggleborns. This is where Miss Perks lived."

A muggle was looking at them weirdly from his position, but the two strangely-dressed individuals didn't notice him until he cleared his throat upon getting close.

"Excuse me, can I help you?"

The two were startled but quickly regained composure, facing the muggle.

"Oh, yes kind sir, do you know where the Perks Family is?"

"Perks?" The man repeated the name. "Sorry sir, but no one's lived in this house since March of 1991 after a murder suicide plagued the home. No other family has lived here since. If you are looking to buying this home there should be spare caller cards in the container on the FOR SALE sign. Although, who would want to live there? Most folks tend to stay away from the house because..."

He looked around, and then leaned closer. "Some say that something evil festered within the home, like dark magic. But whatever the reason is, everyone tends to stay away because of this feeling of uncertainty. But still, only few brave trying to sell an interest on the property."

"I see. Well, thank you sir," Dumbledore thanks the man and pulls Minerva with him, making sure to act grabbing a spare card that appears to have out-of-date information, and left.

Once out of sight the two adults split up, Albus going back to the school and Minerva leaving to find the muggleborn family that had returned from a vacation in France. The muggle shrugs his shoulders when the old couple had left and turned the street corner and he continues his light jog around the neighborhood. Those two people were probably fans of Lord of the Rings or something judging by their clothes, mostly the old man's bizarre colorful robes.

Later on, Dumbledore would discover from a social comrade in the Wizengamot that two people took Sally-Anne Perk's body claiming they were family from autopsy. The strangest thing was the names were soon discovered to be falsified and the Ministry was fooled completely by the one act. The body could not be traced at all.


Amelia was finally at home. The whole day was chaos, and the paperwork was a bitch. Often she just wanted to Depulso all the paperwork into the fire place, but the the paper pushers would bitch and moan and send more paperwork her way. Her niece and Hannah were okay, had healed up by the Medi-Witch that treated them at Saint Mungos and allowed to be home again. Susan opted to be with Hannah but for safety reasons she had several Aurors she could trust to stay with the girls at the Hannah residence.

"What happened today was insane," the woman groaned.

As soon as she took off her coat, something fluttered to the floor. She bends down to pick it up and looks at it. All it had was the Assassin insignia with two words under it: BURN IT. She took her wand and lit it, turning it to ash and vanish the remains. She went to her private quarters of the manor, locks herself inside, and takes out an encrypted cell phone from the safe after she unlocks the bolted steel box that rested inside.

She dials a number stuck to a stick-it post on the phone...

"What the hell is going on," she mutters to herself.

Eventually her call connects.

"Hello Agent Amelia. Glad you finally called on the encrypted phone. Looks like one of my agents had contacted you."

"Jonathan, what the hell is going on? Are Edgar's enemies trying to kill my family again?" she demanded.

"Unfortunately, yes. Be thankful that we managed to discover who was going to kill you and your niece and prevented it. But I know things re a right mess there in the Ministry."

"The hell it is, you idiot! Dumbledore's throwing questions left and right because a muggleborn apparently tried to murder my niece. I later found out today two people claiming to be her parents came and managed to get the body out of autopsy. It couldn't be traced anywhere and before that Albus informed me that the girl's family home hasn't been live-in since 1991 of March! I need answers, John."

"A lot of crazy stuff has been happening in the background unseen by both muggle and magical eyes. You know how bad the Templar Order is, especially through the company that they run in the muggle world as their front, Abstergo Industries." She hears a soft sigh. "For one thing, a couple of months ago Sirius Black turned up missing. He was actually captured by Templars and tortured by them, experimented on. Two of my agents infiltrated their facility out in the countryside and we assaulted the base. He was there and was promptly rescued."

Amelia sits down at the desk and listens to everything Jonathan says. August 2 is when Sirius was liberated from his captives and taken to their secret locations eventually staying after being coerced into staying as his escape by their hands would have the company believing Sirius to be part of the Assassins. Two days later she would then go take her niece to Diagon Alley, and then the incident that happened today would unfold leading to now.

And all Amelia knew was that once again her family was in danger from not just Voldemort's dark forces, but from another organization much eviler than the Dark Lord and his Death Eaters. She knew Edgar and his wife had fought for the Assassins and she even helped them once and awhile distracting the Ministry when she worked there. Of course after their deaths by the Dark Lord's followers she was spurred to joining the Department of Magical Law Enforcement full-time and rose to becoming the Head of that department to protect her niece. She had a hunch the exploded building on that day was something bad and tried to keep the paperwork held. She was glad she followed her gut instinct on that.

"So what now? What do I do?"

"Keep an eye on the Ministry. Sirius Black may still be missing in the eyes of the Wizarding World, but he is safe and with his godson."

"His godson? Wait... you don't mean-"

"Yes, the so-called missing Boy-Who-Lived. He would be a treasure trove of information to the Templars because in a past life he was one of many who devoted his life to serving the Brotherhood, and serving his life to Ezio Auditore da Firenze during the late 1400s. No worries, like some of our wizarding assassins he and his girlfriend are trained protectors. For now, keep this information from Albus. The old man may desire to see a world where evil and corruption no longer exists, and I would gladly help him fight the Dark Lord's forces, but this shit storm of an eternal war between us and the Templars is way over his league. Understand?"

Amelia sighed. Now she KNEW she was way deep into this mess now. "Fine, understood, John."

"Good. For safety reasons, once we disconnect, destroy your encrypted phone. Technology is getting better nowadays and using it a second time could expose you to our enemies. Better safe than sorry."

"Just like Mad-Eye," she mutters, hearing the man on the other end laugh.

She disconnects before breaking the cell phone with a quick Reducto. She then transfigures the pieces into small twigs and upon leaving the secret room, tosses the sticks into the fireplace so it would burn away. Harry Potter was alive all this time, and an Assassin. Dumbledore would flip if he knew any of this. Nay, Dumbledore and the Order of the Phoenix; everyone who have helped James and Lily in the past would flip over such dangerous information.

"Merlin, help me," she bemoaned, deciding to take a swig from her brandy cabinet.

She only had to worry about the threat of the Death Eaters, and Voldemort lurking in the shadows waiting for the time to strike when everyone was at the most vulnerable. Now she had to worry about Templars trying to kill them. As she took a sip of brandy she returned to the secret room, and opened a trunk that belonged to Edgar. Inside it were white and dark gray wizard robes modeled after an ancient Assassin outfit with a dragon hide-made vest, boots, gloves, pants, and arm warmers. His wand, which survived that dark night of his murder, was also resting inside the trunk sealed in the wand carrier.

But, buried under the articles of clothing was a dark brown leather arm bracer complete with retractable hook blade. She undoes the straps, puts it on, and recalling an old memory of Edgar showing her how to operate it, causes the blade to deploy.

Well, it's not just Amelia Bones who is the secret agent in the Ministry; Edgar Bones apparently was an assassin as well including Mrs. Bones (Edgar's wife, that is). Susan Bones is completely in the dark about this secret family history. But who knows what would get exposed?

As for the poison injected in that agent of Abstergo, the snake and its venom is a reference to the first episode of NCIS "Yankee White". The Coastal taipan is native to Australia and is a deadly poisonous snake. Usually one untreated bite from the snake would be a fatality. I wouldn't know what would happen if a concentrated dose of venom got injected into you but I would imagine it is nothing short of a very painful experience, or a powered Cruciatus Curse if ya wanna get all Harry Potter on me.

And lo and behold! Another twist in the Sally-Anne Perks case: She never existed in the muggle world. Begs the question: Who IS Sally-Anne Perks?