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The writer of both Harry Potter and the Restored Legacy and Harry Potter and the Altered World has always attempted to write new takes on normal ideas in the realm of fanfiction.

However, he has noticed something.

When he did Restored Legacy, his idea was too narrow and didn't sustain itself after a time.

In Altered World...the idea just got too big.

Both stories are over, and I can't help but wonder...how to make a better story. A story that won't suffer from too few plot points, or two many.

A story where I can change it up when I have writers block without creating more tangles

Then, it hit me. A story where Harry Potter reads stories. But not the canon books, but fanon tales. Yet, I know that is just asking for a way to be put down.

So, I have come up with my own revision to the format of this story type...that does not violate the rules, written or unwritten, and I just may have it

The Hogwarts main hall Earth 011613

"That...this has to be illegal!"

You've read this idea a hundred times

"Oh, but I assure you Mister Potter...its perfectly legal" a poisonously sweet voice said in a far too smug tone

Umbridge, by some magic from Unspeakables, had announced at breakfast that she had procured 'the exact truth' of Harry Potter. To do so, not only did she force her authority on the school, preventing important things like TEACHING to be done, but also dragged away government officials and random strangers in order to do so.

Namely Fudge, Bill, Percy, Molly and Arthur Weasley, Amelia Bones, Kingsley Shackelbolt, Nymphadora Tonks, Remus Lupin and Snuffles (AKA the falsely accused Sirius Black), Fleur Delecour, Oliver Wood, Augusta Longbottom, Lucius Malfoy and Narcissa Malfoy, with all but Fudge and 'Weatherby' looking quite...annoyed.

Some because it was a waste of time, and others because they were just getting into the mood for trying to give Draco a sister.

A lot of people found this to be greatly...disturbing like many others did. Three quarters of the Gryffindors, half the Hufflepuffs, a third of the Ravenclaws and a scant few Slytherins (Which actually did include Draco, because he did not want his parents seeing his behavior from POTTER'S point of view), but nothing would change her mind.

For while they complained. she ignored them, and as many of the remaining students looked on with opened the page anyway

"Chapter One..."

That was when reality exploded.

...unknown period of time later

"Ur...what happened?" Harry groggily woke up to find himself still in the great hall, with everyone else still out, with a scant few starting to stir: Dumbledore, Snape, Amelia, McGonagall and Lucius as Harry happened to look at the wall.

As they got their bearings, they began to match what Harry was doing (Looking pale in shock and horror) when Ron woke up and looked around.


Ron, reaching a vocalization of a Soronus charm with his shriek that really does hammer home who is mother is, woke everyone else up, as they saw the walls...

Or, where the walls had been. Now...there was only swirling masses of color on all four sides, and the ceiling as well. The floor remained there.

Voices rang out from the wall, vaguely echoing before silencing

" I'm just a guy with a boomerang. I didn't ask for all this flying and magic."

"I am never, ever going to make things easy for you, Seaweed Brain. Get used to it."

'No! Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try."

"Why does that line sound vaguely familiar?" Hermione tried to recall why that last one felt familiar to her as people started to cry out in confusion and horror.

"What...what just happened!?"

"Did You-Know-Who do this?!"


"HEY! I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THIS IS!?" Harry snapped back at the toad "For all we know, it was those FREAKIN' EVIL BOOKS!"


"Actually, Harry Potter is absolutely correct" a voice rang out, clearer than those echoes as light began to shimmer in the middle of the dislocated hall, forming into a tall man.

Seven feet tall, the man's face was covered in scars. He wore a impeccable Armani Tux and looked quiet annoyed.

"Over 120,000 multiverses cataloged in this single spec of the Omniverse with Harry Potter on them, with a new world found each and every day of him alone, let alone the others..and not once have one of us located a version of yourself with this level of IDIOCY!"

"What rubbish are you talking about, you muggle! How dare you talk to me like that, I am the Senior Under..."

With a flick of his fingers, Umbridge suddenly lost the ability to speak.


"Your utter idiocy, Dolores Umbridge, was such that you nearly caused your entire universe to be sucked into a BLACK HOLE THAT THREATENS SEVERAL OTHER EARTHS AS WELL!"

"Earths...plural?" Dean voiced his confusion "Like in comic books"

"Very much so actually. What this very idioitic toad creature attempted to have her unspeakables do was use magic to access the past, but what she did was cause massive rips into space and time. My people are currently working on preventing your world from utterly collapsing and causing a space-time domino effect, but until then, I ask you to allow us an experiment.

"I am the Minister of Magic, I won't be ordered around by..."

Fudge was also muted.

"When will you learn that back talking to a Titan is idiocy? What I ask of you, is to solve a little curious itch of mine. Their are many different earths out there, whose changes can range from worlds where Harry Potter was a Slytherin to world where he merely choose to check a different part of the library for Flamel and still found nothing? Your world is pretty normal, so how would you view different evolutions of yourselves? So, instead of reading your past, you shall read, and see, the stories of entirely different Harry Potter's"

"Why me?!"

"Because, Mister Potter, your the most divergable timelines, allowing for the most variety in Harry Potter's. Naruto Uzumaki is one of the few heroes even close to your level of idea divergence."

"As to why you'd agree to my request, its not like you have anything else to do, besides stare at the void and suffer a mental breakdown?"

"I'm going to regret this" Harry muttered to himself.

"If it makes you feel any better, we're make sure to only show worlds where your male and straight.."

"..." Harry was now holding his head against the table, oozing depressing aura.

"...Though I'll give you some choices if it makes you feel any better...but first, I do think we're in need on expanding the audience"

"Expanding?! Your going to kidnap more people!?" Percy demanded as Prometheus silenced him too.

"All three of you get to talk again when you view Harry Potter alternate world number 1, to you, and of course I am. I am a god, to me you are ants, and can you kidnap ants? Now...who else should be present..."

"Oh yes...I know exactly who..." Prometheus snapped his fingers as, where the three doors to the Grand Hall were, sealed off areas formed.

"Just a precaution for special guest stars number 1, 2 and 3"

In a poof of smirk, three people appeared in the left sealed off area close to the Slytherin table. One was huge and fat, with a mustache. The second was body and blond. The youngest looked like he had lost a lot of weight and was currently recovering from some addiction.


"The Dursleys!"

"Who the hell are the Dursleys?" Draco drawled in utter confusion.

"Harry Potter's living relatives...er at least the Horse and Duddy are"

At the sight of the Dursleys, who were mostly large, fatty and currently swearing about freaks, to the meek, skinny Harry Potter...a lot of people were suffering massive confusion.

How were they related...or even living in the same house when they were so different.

"Now, for special guest star 4..."

In the right sealed off area, closest to the Gryffindors, a pale figure appeared. Her hair was curly, her eyes looked mad, and she was rather hot.

Neville Longbottom and his grandmother stiffened when they saw her, as did many others, particularly the older.

"Straight from Azkaban Prison, its Bellatrix, Lestrange!"


"And for our final guest star..."

The bottom door, the main door that was visible for most everyone, a pale figure, even paler than Bellatrix, rose up. His eyes were red and snakelike, he lacked a nose, and his hands were like claws.

Everyone in the room paled, and Umbridge looked ready to scream out denial.

"He goes by many names: The Dark Lord, You-Know-Who, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-named, Tom, but the brave call him LORD VOLDEMORT!"

"Who dares to play some sorcerers trick on Lord Voldemort. Answer and I may not kill you over a long period of time"

"He's alive!"

"Harry was right!"

"What happened to his nose?"

"Whose the snot nosed MudBlood who dared demand of me my NOSTRILS!"

At Voldemort's ticked off yell, Colin Creevey shrunk down behind Ginny.

"Now, do choose what world you want to view. I have to prevent the Toad's idiocy from destroying something important...like Belgium"

As soon as Prometheus vanished, the silenced regained their voices.


"Umbridge...please stop while your still capable of being declared sane" Amelia drawled.

"Freaks the lot of ya!"

"Oh shut up!" Mcgongall was getting a migraine, somehow by the end of this she was going to get into a yelling match.

The question was with whom

As she wondered that, the technicolor wall shimmered, becoming lightless black and became covered in various white letters.

Most were far away, hazy and illegible, but in the center, a single phrase began legible.

The world where Harry Potter was adopted by Canadian Bigfoot Hunters

"Wha? Canadians? Bigfoot?" Harry was utterly lost on this one.

"What's Canada?" Ron was confused as Hermione blinked once

Then twice

Then banged her head into the table.

"Got anything remotely magical?" Draco drawled out as the white letters faded away and changed

The world where Harry Potter was kidnapped from the ruins of his house by Bellatrix Lestrange and raised as her own

"NO!" Harry, Neville and Bellatrix yelled out simultaneously while everyone else looked greatly disturbed.

The world where The Dursleys would set the stages for the utter decimation of the British Magical World


"YES!" Vernon yelled out before anyone else could complain, as the letters began to glow.

"Muggle" Voldemort said darkly, radiating fury that caused a few first years to collapse from the killer intent as the dark void began to gain color, forming into something as the letters began to change.

Universe time frame: delayed 20 years. Harry Potter's birth date: July 31st 2000. First defeat of Voldemort: October 31st 2001. Harry Potter sent to Dursley's residence: November 1st 2001.

"Its in the future!?" Hermione said in amazement as the scene around them was finally clear.

It was Kings Cross Station, with glowing letters blaring on a electronic bill board that confused the magical born and amazed the muggle borns about how advanced it was.

June 10 2014

How does this Earth play out? What sort of world would allow the Dursleys that much power? What will a future that I write be like, for even without the ability to create flying cars or fat free bacon with taste, how much culture chance can I create in over a year? Will this story work? Your show me.