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Lux's POV

I was restless. The droids have sent everything they got to our camp. What was a simple couple of waves turned to be a mini-army. They sent all they had on us: Destroyers, Commandos, Assassins, even a Hailfire Tank! If it weren't for Ahsoka, we would have all been dead by now.

I remembered quite clearly how she took out her smaller, yellow lightsaber, threw it like a javelin, and while keeping it activated, hit the droid right into the center of it's servomotors. She then used her Force powers to cut the droid from top to bottom, right in half. She then retrieved her lightsaber and pluck it back on her belt as if it was not a challenge at all. Then she just strolled off from the battlefield as if nothing happened.

This indadvertedly brought back memories of when she decapitated four Death Watch heads all in one lightning-quick but effortless move, with their heads rolling. She always seemed innocent at times, but after my experience on Carlac, I knew that she truly is a 'nasty piece of work'.

We knew we couldn't stay here in the ruins of the jungle forever, so instead we moved our camp up to the highlands, someplace where the droids would not easily follow nor trace us, and set up our own command center up on top of a rock quarry which we promptly called it 'The Nest' for it's secluded and safe position. It was so high up that if one were to look closely from the top of the watchtower, they would be able to see the capital city of Iziz on the horizon. Iziz! My hometown, once a place for art, representing my fun-and-fancy-free childhood is now turned into an enslavement camp of my people. The crudeness of all that manifestations would drive me to a boiling point. That was why I joined the rebellion in the first place. To retake and refind my home.

When everyone was finally finished with the rebuilding their camp in the Nest, I was beyond exhausted. Some of my fellow friends were injured during the first attack and were being patched up now. The rebels voted that they are to NOT go through with my plan of secretly invading Iziz, acting as merchants, until everyone is physically ready to follow that next stage of my plan. The two other Jedi that accompanied Ahsoka, General Kenobi and Skywalker, were teaching the healthy recruits how to counter Commando or Assassin Droids after our run-in with them proved tragic when they showed up. (Well, that is a huge understatement)

So ... I decided to get some rest. I throughly was excited to finally get off my feet and just ... just sleep. Come on, Lux. Just one battle, one battle and you are already broken. Think about Saw! Think about Steela! Think about ... Ahsoka! They're all warriors, and when challenges occur to them, do they just sit lazily and rest? NO! They jump back on the Eopie and continue no matter what!

But I'm famished! I need all the rest I can get! I need ... I need ... Truthfully, I did not know what I needed anymore. One day I thought I needed family, the next day they were wiped out. One day I thought I needed the Sepratists to free the galaxy from the Republic's tyranny, the next day I needed revenge for their lies. One day I thought I needed to be on the run, the next day I just needed to go back to my childhood home and return to what I grew up to love. Onderon. With the jungles, and the cities, and the Rupings, and the people... people? PEOPLE! This realization hit me like lightning. That's what I love most: people. I was destined to serve people. To represent those who don't have a voice. I want to serve others just like what Ahsoka does. Be a hero! Become a soldier of the Rep- NO! NO! NO! The Republic is corrupt. Besides, it was never your home anyways. Why should you slink to them for guidance when you have Onderon? You would do it for her!

I sighed depressedly. I have beaten myself up internally. What further evidence to you require to realize you are broken, Lux?!

I slowly limped back to my tent stationed below the rock cropping of the Nest and away from the rest of the crowds of people who were learning from the Jedi. I looked back and saw her. Ahsoka stood 30 feet away, happy and proud as ever. She was so ... so ... so luminous. She did not look like a living creature with her shining headtails, always-etched smile, and curvaceous frame. She had a beautiful body too, from her shapely legs to her round waist to her - What are you thinking!? Why!? Face it, Lux! You shouldn't be worried about a girl you can never have. A girl who will always be far away from your home, your adventure, your purpose! A girl who will never show your love back to! A girl who murdered many people in this atrocious, intolerable war! A girl who ... who is ... who is so full of life.

I stopped where I was walking and looked to the ground more lost than I have ever been in my entire life, even more than after I lost my mother. She was always there to guide me, but now that she is taken from me, I ... I ... I question if I am truly a man enough to make my own decisions.

I looked at the ground, it's orange-red soil. It was such a beautiful shade, such a beautiful color. The color of home. The color of sunsets. The color of her - Snap out it! You will never have her. She is NOT your destiny ...! But ... but ... but. Realization hit me again. Whether I want it or not, she will always be a part of my life.

I stood erect, unfazed, unmoving... Even when I slowly cast a tear, splattering silently on the dirty ground. Then another... Then another... And here I stood, a man, firm in my beliefs, sobbing like a child. Will I always be this child? How will I survive this?! What do I do?! Who do I turn to?!

"You OK, Bonteri?" said an all-too-familiar voice. I turned to see that ravishing Torgruta standing there not beaming in ecstasy with a smile I always love to see but rather frowning with worry. She was worried about me? I was so confused that I just decided to scold her.

"What are you doing? Shouldn't you be teaching the others?" I said more harsher than I wanted it to come out as.

"Shouldn't you be there to teach?" she said slyly.

Oh, she always was one you could never fight against. I decided to just spill the beans and admit what I was really trying to do.

"I am going back to my tent to rest, OK. I'll be fine." I... I lied to her. I was FAR from fine... But that did not matter, I decided to just ignore her again and proceed to limping back to my bed, slowly.

However, she did not seem to take 'fine' for an answer for she, rather nimbly, stepped in front of me, forcing me to stop abruptly in my place, and stared with the most peculiar blank expression that I never seen her use. Then again, you don't see her often.

She just stood there for an awkward minute, narrowing her eyemarks, but doing nothing of the sorts. She stood relaxed and passive. Going back to my camp may be harder than I thought. After a moment of confusion and silence, she stepped back and eyed my body, bottom to top. Again, I was indadvertedly brought back to the memory where I scanned her poised body in a similar way on Raxus. That was the first time I failed with words in front of a girl my age.

When she was finished 'inspecting' me, she gazed at me straight in the eye with her ... her glorious sapphire ocean turquoise eyes ... and said,"I'm sorry Senator Bonteri, but you look the complete opposite from 'fine'. You look as if you been ran over by a Reek." I couldn't help but smile at her humor. "Why didn't you go to medical ward after the battle?" she asked with an unnecessary firmness.

I was lost of words. I did not know what to say. In truth, I wanted to impress her, as if I was another ferocious warrior, not just an idle politician. So once again, as painstaking as it was, I lied. "I ... I didn't go to the infirmary because Saw said I would look more like a soldier if I didn't patch myself up." It was the best I came up with, but very close to the real truth.

Ahsoka, regardless, was not impressed, "And you listened to him" she countered, jokingly. I was defeated. She had a point.

"Listen, pal," she said in an obviously sarcastic voice, "A soldier does not let themselves rot with cuts and bruises right before their real battle that comes. If you want to be a soldier, than I suggest you come with me so you are physically strong enough to fight" She had a point. I may look like a soldier with my wounds, but I won't act like one. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, why did she always have to be right?!

I said nothing as I stared at her beautiful face. This was one of the most awkward moments in my entire life, and that's pretty hard to say since I have had a lot of awkward moments all the time.

After another very uncomfortable silence, she raised her gloved hand, saying,"Here ... take my hand, I will be your nurse today, Bonteri." I sighed. Why does she keep calling me 'Bonteri'? But I was not about to let go of an offer I could not resist, so I, rather stiffly, held onto her outstretched fingers, feeling her warm, soft, pristine hand brush against my cold, bruised, filthy palm. I closed my eyes, following her lead like she did back when she rescued me on Mandalore and just drifted with her slow wake, marveling at the peace that was now in my mind.

I felt her fingers intertwine with mine, fit in between it's nooks or crannies, and closing it like a lock. I did not know how many moments past, but I did know it lasted a very long time. If it weren't for her voice, I would have fallen asleep right then and there, but she interrupted that luxury by saying,

"Don't worry, I healed many sick clones back to health. It won't be hard with what you have."

I was barely listening. I was at peace. Seconds, minutes, hours, maybe even days could have passed there for I will never truly know. It was a peace I have never felt before. And that peace lasted a long time. Until, that is, she stopped me, abruptly once again.

Everything was still. Absolutely still. My feelings were blinding me, but I just gave into it. In the darkness that clouded my sight, I felt pressure being placed on my eyelids. She opened them with a painstakingly slow pace, having me wake once again to such a beautiful face. "You OK, Lux" she asked again, this time giving me a rather cheeky smile. She ... she called me by my first name! I felt, oddly complete after that. Being home, with my cause, with the woman I love for months on end, all in the same place.

"Ummmmmmmmmmm ... " I hesitated, but what I said next slipped without thought. "I sure am now." That sounded stupid. But to my surprise, her smile only widened and made a quick scoff-like giggle saying,

"Well that's good, 'cause it would sure hurt me if you were sad because I'm here." Sad because you were here? That's impossible! Quite the opposite in fact. But I didn't say anything.

She took my hand again, (oh how good that felt!) and led me to my tent, to my bed to rest in peace. I was at peace, drifting off in the breeze, to those quarters.

Although she made things all the more difficult now that she was here at my home, fighting for my home with me, I was still happy she was at my side in this conflict, my conflict. This truly was a war on two fronts.

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