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Just imagine the Valley of Yore to be an orange version of Glacier National Park... If you don't know what Glacier looks like, go online and see some pictures on it... Enjoy!

Lux's POV

As I treaded in the deep water of the freezing lagoon, I looked about; gazing at the Eastern Highlands with its orange snow-topped mountains and hidden glaciers within its quarries. But what worried me the most was that it was broad daylight... I knew that Ahsoka and me must have missed the early schedule to secretly invade Iziz that was going to take place in this early morning... Adrenaline dumped into my veins... I knew everyone at camp was thinking about where me and Ahsoka could have ran off to... They were all worried sick of our absence... Oh, I knew Ahsoka's master would KILL me, knowing that his padawan was lost all because of me. Ahsoka has told me before that her master, General Skywalker, was WAY overly protective of her...

I had to get back to the Nest as soon as possible... But I had a problem... I couldn't swim anywhere because I was in the middle of this giant 'ocean'. It must have been 30 klicks in all directions to the nearest shore. It would take hours just to get on land; not to mention find my Ruping which was probably sitting down patiently in the mountains for Ahsoka and me to return.

And Ahsoka was unconscious... I had to lift her at the surface and make sure her face was above water so she didn't drown. I believed that whatever witchcraft I just escaped from was likely gone now... The darkest happenings of the galaxy fear the light of day. So all I could do was just tread where I was... If I tried to swim, I would just drown Ahsoka... But if I stay in my place, then I would drown myself... And I still couldn't speak for I felt none of my tongue on the floor of my mouth.

Think, Lux, think! What can you do that can help you escape this dilemma.

Then an idea popped in my head... Steela taught me a simple whistle that can communicate with the wilderness, especially with the cunning Rupings... I puckered my lips and made musical notes. Although they were low-pitched, they nevertheless echoed into the mountains, and was repeated by the birds to follow the same tune throughout the wilderness of Onderon... The natural music in which I sung was a simple tune,

'Ba-Da-Ba-Dum-Bum' I heard a faint echo across the lake, and then like magic it echoed from the songbirds and mysterious creatures of the Highlands.

'Ba-Da-Ba-Dum-Bum, Ba-Da-Ba-Dum-Bum, Ba-Da-Ba-Dum-Bum.' as if it were a choir tuning for a concert... The noise continued...

'Ba-Da-Ba-Dum-Bum, Ba-Da-Ba-Dum-Bum, BA-DA-BA-DUM-BUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM' It shrilled its last note...

And soon enough I heard a shriek behind me.

I jerked my head and there flew my same Ruping, dipping a wing into the water, and soon landed next to where I was paddling, floating on the water surface like a giant duck.

However I still had another problem... There was no way I could lift Ahsoka while she was unconscious on top of the saddle on the reptavian... There was no ladder to boost myself up... So, once again, I had to rely on nature to be a trusted companion. I informed my Ruping instructions on how to proceed on 'carrying' Ahsoka.

I used hand signals to communicate by pointing to Ahsoka, then pointing to the shore, then pointing myself, then pointing to the shore again.

The considerate creature, no!, person did as I desperately showed and understood what it needed to do. It carefully flapped it's wings into the air, hovered above me, grasped Ahsoka from my arms into its claws gently, and flew out of sight...

I was left to just tread where I was, only thinking if Ahsoka would be alright... When the bird came back, it swooped around... Then another problem lit in my mind. Even if the Ruping were to float on the water I would not be able to climb on top. The saddle was much too high for me to do so...

Luckily for me (or unluckily), I didn't need to worry about that. My steed swooped around and held its talons out, preparing to snatch me from the water.

I wanted to say, 'NO NO NO, STOP!' But it didn't care of my adversion. It gripped me by the shoulders, making me precariously fly off high above the water which dripped a river down to its source, and I just floated uncomfortably into the air like I was tied to a bunch of balloons.

Eventually, I came to the bank where my Ruping laid Ahsoka as I instructed... I rushed to her side. I put an ear and pressed it on top her left breast, listening frightfully for a heartbeat... Any heartbeat... There was none, and I knew exactly what I needed to do.

As crude as it may sound, I needed to loosen the tightness of her jumpsuit, especially her neck collar, to perform CPR on her to allow more free breathing inside her lungs. I unsheathed a knife out of my belt (Ahsoka's lightsaber would only burn her), and put it inside her chest hole of her apparel, while starting to cut to her collar. All at the same time, I was careful that I did not accidentally cut any of her skin and loosened out the top part of her clothing. But I knew that wouldn't be enough for her lung capacity to guarantee any likelihood of recovery.

I worked again on the bottom part of her chest opening, cutting it down this time, past her stomach, but I stopped going any lower from that. I took the two sides of the cutting bisection I made on her jumpsuit, and pulled them aside so she could be able to breathe freely. (All the while, trying my best to ignore the two perks of her chest.) I pulled her neck back to open the windpipe of her throat, put my lips on her's, and gave two enormous breaths into her lungs...

Then I moved my hands to her stomach, and pounded up and down, up and down to stimulate her nervous system online. After 30 pushes, I put my lips again and gave two breaths... As inappropriate as it was at that time, I couldn't help in those 'kisses' imaginine as if me and my 'Soka were somewhere alone. Perhaps on a beach, laying in the sand, kissing like a pair of common lovers off into the early sunrise that I so dreamed for. But that idea had to get out of my head. Ahsoka needed me to revive her. And performing what she probably would rather not have me do was still a necessity I was willing to cast.

I continued and continued over and over to kiss then push then kiss then push, but nothing happened to help her get any better.

Panic swept into me... OH NO! What if she really died!

Nonsense! You defied death on two occassions. The same should happen to Ahsoka if that magic were to exist.

But then another horrid idea rolled on tape... I thought about the message on the cave wall. 'Only the chosen will be given redemption. All others shall fall.' Well, as it so turned out, the message was literal. I did fall in the outer-dimensional cave.

However, what if Ahsoka wasn't the 'chosen' the message was talking of. What if it was me, who denied death when it should have occurred.

NO! Ahsoka is a Jedi! And being a Jedi, she should survive any ordeal while I should perish. It should always, no matter what, be that way! No! The healing waters should have brought her some redemption like the lake in the cave did for me.

And for the third time, an idea of revival came into my tortured mind... 'Redeeming Waters' ... Steela says she washed inside the redeeming waters as a 5-year-old when she shot the Fambaa in the River of Yon.


The answer quickly popped into my head. I must dip Ahsoka in the healing waters that flow into the Great Lake of Ondari at the River of Yon!

I rolled Ahsoka (Still half-naked, with the flaps of the jumpsuit that I recently cut were dangling on the sides) into my arms, picked her up into a carry (bridal style) and ran as fast as my aching feet could carry me to the healing waters of Nature.

Sorry if some of the descriptions were too crude during the CPR, but I still plan on keeping this story rated Teen. I know it's a little obscene, but I tried my best not to describe any of the 'crude' implements that I put in this chapter.

I actually, being a Boy Scout, learned how to use CPR (not recently). But I heard (and your going to laugh at me when I say this) that to give a woman CPR, to ensure they have the best breathing, they're clothing must be loose. Meaning that the top garment must be 'unclipped' before starting. I know it sounds lascivious and unrefined, but it is, as strange as it may seem, true.

Now don't get any funny ideas, Fanboys! Only a certified person can legally give CPR in America. OK?

Also, I got the whistle idea that echoed with the birds from the Hunger Games. Like the series, I enjoy putting in homages such as these from past movies and books.

Oh, and I know ducks don't exist in the Star Wars universe, but I needed to use a smilie that the reader can relate to.