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Lux's POV

"So where are we going?" Ahsoka asked again.

"Where Steela went years ago... To the Great Lake of Ondari and the River Yon in the Valley of Yore."

"Oh," Ahsoka suddenly stated, slightly confused of all of this purpose, "OK? What for?"

"There is something there that might be of some importance to the Rebel Alliance" I continued... I was just curious of why that place had a sudden effect on Steela... There just seems to be some ungraspible purpose to that area... I was only ignorant of knowing what that might be...

"Like what?"Ahsoka pressed... I couldn't blame her. This all seemed unusual to me too, but there something that I needed to learn at that place. And there was also a historical importance in the Valley of Yore.

"That place, Lake Ondari, is sacred... Legend has it that ancient magical beings came from those waters... Both acting as soothsayers and conquerors... Some say that is where the Naddist Movement started from there milleniums ago... There is strange happenings that goes on... It's rumored that people who do return are never the same... But to me it just sounds like a legend... The water is known for having healing powers. Perhaps Steela was healed by those same waters... I don't know, but whatever that is there is definitely worth a quick look." I thought Ahsoka would say otherwise against the plight but to my surprise she followed by saying,

"Sounds like a sight I wouldn't want to miss." This left me in a bewilderment. I always regarded Ahsoka as the cautious one and myself the naïve one, but I suppose I just didn't know Ahsoka well enough to know all her sides (and not literally).

So in little effort, I spoke to my Ruping in the Onderonian dialect, "Nenda na eves ya Ziwa Kubwa Ondari." I instructed and kicked the reins, prompting the creature to squawk in understanding and zoomed to my command.

"What did you say to it?" Ahsoka questioned

"I told it, 'Go to the eves of the Great Lake Ondari'. We rebels and many faithful people of Onderon can have a symbiotic communication to some animals, especially Rupings who are exceptionally smart. They can understand our secret language so if one were to steal the creature for themselves, they wouldn't be able to fly it. It only listens to their trusted Masters. Anyone else and they will resist. That's why they make good carriers for passengers. But Steela due to her policy tries not to have us abuse the animal too much..."

I kicked the reins again, and sooner than I expected, arrived at the destination.

To my surprise, the lake was a whole lot bigger than what I expected. It looked more like an ocean than an 'entrapped' body of water. It stretched out to thousands of klicks in all directions and was undisturbedly motionless... The moon shined on the still lake, giving off a phosphorous glow... Eventually, I landed the Ruping on the ground.

I jumped off the creature, walked up to it, patted it's head in thanks, and said, "Kukaa hapa hapa wakati mimi na Ahsoka kuwa na kuangalia kote. (Stay right here while me and Ahsoka have a look around.)" The Ruping purred in acceptance and obediently knew to stay where his Master told him to stay.

I then put my focus on Ahsoka, and raised his hand like a gentleman. "Need help getting off?" I asked, hoping she'd say 'yes'.

But as I expected she said, "I think I can handle it." I was brought back into nostalgia. Those were the first words she ever said to me when we met. I remembered having the lucky chance to just, for a quick second, prick a finger on her hand as she quickly flinched from my touch... I was a little hasty then as ever.

Back to reality, the drop from the ground was larger than Ahsoka anticipated and she was not used to saddling off a flying beast. When she rolled both her legs on one side of the saddle, she slipped and fell. I instinctively ran up to her and caught her in a bridal fashion. Ahsoka gave a slight "Oof" as she landed in my arms and just laid there. When she comprehended that she didn't land flat on the ground, Ahsoka just looked at me.

I stared into her piercing gaze that had an astounding glow to them, even in the dark night. Well, I guess the moon was highlighting her features. She just smiled at the awkward silence and I gave a blush (hopefully it wasn't too bright that she could see it, but then again she had a scrutiny that can see right through me). After a very stilted moment where I stood as still as a statue, merely ogling at the orange face, Ahsoka finally remarked dryly, "Ummmm..., Lux..., can you, like, put me down, please."

I was once again brought back to reality, and just tried to remark matter-of-factly, "Oh, yes... Of course..." I, rather unwillingly, slacked my right arm so Ahsoka's feet met the ground.

Once that happened, she walked off to the lake... I was immediately reminded of why I came here originally.

"Wow," the Torgruta remarked praiseworthy, "It's a lot bigger than I expected." She said as she looked onto the horizon where the moon glowed luminously...

"Yeah," I said. I was not focusing on the water. Instead my eyes were lingering on Ahsoka's... back... I was still thinking of how I just carried her a minute ago.

I took a deep breath and walked up to her side. She still was staring at the lake surrounded by a slatted yet giant mountain range that formed the valley. Although very beautiful, my eyes were quickly lingering back and forth from the water to take a snippet glance at Ahsoka's moonlit face. Then returned to staring at the water, then sweeping my pupils to avidly look at Ahsoka's face again. Then back and back again.

To keep the intimacy of my staring to a low, I decided to pip in a conversation, "Steela says that when you touch the water, you are given a feeling of redemption inside you... I didn't believe her at first, but I... I wonder if it's true..." I was actually curious of this place... There just was a lot of mystery revolving around it.

So I took my leather boots and woolen socks off to try it out. When Ahsoka saw my actions, she was curious. "Your not planning on swimming this late in the night, are you?" she looked incredulous.

"No, no. I'm not going to swim. I just want to dip my feet in the water to see... to see if anything happens..." Ahsoka looked at me as if I grown a third eye.

"You can't be serious... Whatever you heard about the 'magic' of this lagoon is probably just a superstition." She was probably right, but curiosity was getting the better of me...

"I just want to find out for myself." I finished my flurry and slowly took a foot and stepped out on the needle-sharp rocky ground, and then ever-so-closely came to the bank. When my feet were just about to touch it, I turned around and stalled, "Are you coming too?"

"I think I'm fine. You... you continue your little science experiment, Senator..."

"You sure?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Absolutely." I knew that she meant, 'I through discussing this!'

Thereupon, I raised my foot and plopped it into the dead, freezing water... Creating a slight wave from the disturbance in the silent night... I was surprised that water can be this cold and not be frozen... My feet were starting to get numb but I stood there and waited... waited... waited... impatiently waited... Nothing happened... I felt no different...

I sighed in exasperation, disappointed that there was no 'magic 'happening whatsoever... Ahsoka laughed...,

"So, how's your little experiment going?" she said sarcastically.

I grumbled at her sarcastic remark, stepped out, and smuggled a look as if I was robbed of a prize at a state fair. "I don't know why it didn't work!" I shouted flustered. I trusted Steela. I knew she'd never lie... Perhaps the 'magic' ony works on someone who grew up in despair, not essentially despairing for a brief period of time.

I put my shoes and socks on in defeat... Ahsoka once again was right... Whatever that has been said about the 'healing waters' is just a superstition.

"Lux, look!" Ahsoka shouted and pointed to the water again. I stood and looked at that direction and took a double take at what I saw...

The water, where my two feet once stood were are starting to ripple, even when there was no wind at all... The waves got bigger and bigger despite the logical fact that there was no tangible form creating that disturbance.

"Are you seeing what I'm seeing?" I asked practically spooked.

"That the water is moving by itself." Ahsoka was equally frightened. Then an idea popped in my head. Maybe the water wasn't doing this magically. What if Ahsoka is using her Jedi Force powers to create a disturbance and idly scare me.

"Stop that!" I shouted.

"Stop what?"

"Stop moving the water. You're startling me."

"Lux," Ahsoka began frankly, "I'm... I'm not doing this."

The water continued to whirl and gurgle and spew and implode, without any sign of stopping... The waves got bigger... bigger... bigger, bigger, bigger, BIGGER, BIGGER! I stood back, expecting the area of disturbance to explode... I braced for impact...

But then, for no reason at all, the waves stopped... The ripples ceased to an end and it seemed as if this whole site was just a misunderstanding...

"Well, I must say-"

Suddenly, there came a light from the water... It did not come from the moon or the moon's reflection, but the light was coming from inside the lake. It grew brighter and brighter... But how!? The bottom of the bank had to only be two inches deep! How is there a light being able to come from there!? And where is it coming from? But it seemed like nature was defying the forces of nature.

"I got a bad feeling about this." I stated.

We stood still, did nothing as the light became almost a moon, bright and round, and then... it faded completely. Please, please say that was the last of it. Please say that there won't be any more mishappenings... But it wasn't...

Slowly a spectral came from where the light was growing and a green mist escaped from the water, backlighting the scenery in an almost horrid glow, and started to move.

It twisted around and around... and then, as if making up its mind, seeped over to the left, into the mountain range in an eerie ethereal trail...

"What in the universe is that?" I questioned in the most dumbfounded state of mind.

"I... I think were, you're suppose to follow it." Ahsoka said both in an awe-struck manner and a horrified demeanor.

"I don't think that'd be a good idea." I pointed out. But Ahsoka said otherwise.

"Hey, Lux, you dragged me along here. You wanted the water to so-call 'guide' you... I think you just have to follow it." She pointed out.

"Are you sure that's a wise decision... We don't know where that will lead..." I noted.

"No, but your the one who asked for it... I think you should fulfill it... A plan is only as good as those who see it through to the end..." She stated... I gulped

"LOOK!" she pointed once again.

And from where the mist was escaping from the water, more light came stretched out to all sides of the lake. It's arms snaking its way like an those on Blixus... It was like the color of an aurora borealis. Pretty to look at yet mystical to comprehend... I was merely confused how all these forces were maintainably working in accordance.

"All right, all right." I turned to Ahsoka. "I asked for the water to be 'creepy', you asked for us to blindly follow it... I shall adhere with your wishes."

Although I was snitching with Ahsoka's words, she just took my lead as if it were a worthy challenge... "OK, let's get going."

We went back to the Ruping. I tried to help Ahsoka back up onto the saddle, "You need help..." Ahsoka was thoughtful at my courtesy and said,

"Sure you can help me... Put your hands on the ground so I can stand on it and hoist me up..." she commanded. Boy, she sure was giving me a spunky side, but I'd do just about anything for her... So I did as she told, put my hands on the ground, she stepped on them- Ouch! What is she wearing?! Cleats?!

I straggly brought her up, "Why are your boots so strong?" I poked.

"Why are your hands so soft?" she countered. Oh, so that's how she wants to play it?

"Ah, right back at me." I scoffed...

When we both were finally back in the original seat, I started off, "OK, let's get a move on..." I turned towards the Ruping and spoke in the Onderonian dialect once again, "Fuata ukungu kijani. Tunahhitaji kujua nini husababisha (Follow that green mist. We need to find out what it leads to.)" The four-eyed reptavian squawked in understanding and headed for that direction. There was nothing but silence as we moved along to the unknown destination...

When we finally arrived at the edge of the Valley of Yore, we saw where the light was going...

"Look, it is going into one of those... mines. This midt led us into a Separatist fuel mine." Ahsoka said. I was surprised that this is where the light would lead us... "It looks like it is entering the facility."

"You sure there won't be any droids there? We don't want to cause any incidents." I stated

"Hmmmmmm, it looks abandoned to me... Sometimes the droids won't work night shifts." Ahsoka threw in.

"Why? I mean, they're just droids. Why do they need shifts at all?"

"Something is amiss, I'll admit that but it looks safe to land." Ahsoka finished.

I talked to the Ruping again. "Ardhi juu ya kwamba machimbo ya mwamba na jengo hilo. (Land on that rock quarry by that building.)"

After landing and hoping off our ride (this time without incident) and telling my Ruping to await our return, we walked to the opening of the cave.

"Now are you positive with yourself that there is isn't any droids in there?" I asked. I was quite afraid of what could be inside. But Ahsoka, like always, was the brave one.

"No, we have to go inside... I sense, I sense there is something waiting for us in there...," she spoke in a monotonous tone, "C'mon! Let's go!" She walked slowly inside. But I grabbed her hand before she can do so...

"I think whatever is in there will not be helpful to either of us." I pleaded

"Come now, where is all the enthusiasm you had earlier?" she joked. I was defeated once again... I simply decided to follow with her wishes...

And so we moved in congruency, hand in hand, as we slowly followed the wispy mist into the unknown darkness.

"I don't like this... I feel like we may be harmed in this little misadventure." I was trembling.

"Relax, Lux," I could tell that she was getting annoyed, "The fear you feel is just the deep breath before the plunge."

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