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Quiet Thunderstorms Chapter Six

An Everlasting Love

Kaoru took a quick breath as she felt Kenshin touch her. His strong hands grasped her thighs as he pushed inwards. She let her breath out loudly as he began to fill her. Underneath her, her hands were tight fists grabbing the sheet. He was teasing her, she knew it. He was slowly pushing himself in listening to her gasp at his little movements.

In the dark she grinned and squeezed her muscles tight around him. Kenshin's ensuing moan had her chuckling. "Hurry up, anata. I want to feel you in me."

He sighed and ran his fingers down her thighs and onto her stomach. "You're all mine, Kaoru. I like you this way." He ran a finger to her center and rubbed. "Tell me you want me."

Kaoru tried to concentrate on her breathing as he continued to slide into her. "I do," she whispered. Her hands unfisted and flattened against the bed. She pushed upwards as much as she could trying to move herself onto him more.

"Not loud enough, koishii." Kenshin's fingers rubbed her more as he pulled out slightly. "Your body says you want me, but I want to hear it from you." He moved back and forth inside her with short, jerky movements. He heard her whisper again. "Louder."

"Now," she said shortly between breaths. "I want you. now, Kenshin." She almost screamed as she felt him slide completely inside of her at the mention of his name. He bent down till their chests were touching. She could feel his smooth skin on her over sensitized nipples. His lips were sucking at her neck as he kept pushing with his hips. She brought her hands out from underneath and slid them up his sides until they could grasp his hair. Kaoru heard him moan as she loosened her legs from around him and pushed her feet into the mattress. Using the new leverage she lifted her hips and began moving around him.

One of his hands found a breast while the other kept him supported above her. Kenshin sucked, licked, and nibbled his way to her lips as he held himself back enjoying the feel of her movement. "Koishii, my Kaoru," he whispered into her mouth before he took it with his own. His tongue darted in and touched hers then slid out and smoothed over her lips.

Kaoru felt the invasion but was helpless against it as his tongue entered her again. She held her mouth open for him and waited until he had left a second time before she strengthened the hold she had on his hair and pulled his head backwards.

Her own marauding mouth nibbled underneath his chin then fell to lapping at the hollow of his collarbone. As her mouth moved upwards towards his ear he could hear her whispering broken phrases. He caught his name and grinned as she gasped at the feel of him bulging within her. He could hear a questioning tone, but couldn't make out the words.

Kaoru held her breath as Kenshin lifted above her. She felt the slight movement even in her core, waves of pleasure lapping out with just a slight push. She could hear herself whispering and hoped she was telling Kenshin to move inside of her, but she had no control over her voice. She let go of his hair and grabbed his hips. She pushed them away and nearly screamed at the feeling of emptiness. Then she was able to do nothing but scream as he took over.

He entered her quickly, sliding in on a warm velvet lining. Kenshin could hear her every breath as loudly as he could hear his own heart beating. He felt a small spasm within her making him grind his hips into hers. Kaoru whimpered and circled his neck with her arms bringing him down from above her.

He buried his face in her neck, breathing in her scent as his hips plunged and lifted. Her loud whimpers excited him more as she did her best to keep up with him. He wanted to hear her say his name again, wanted to tell her again that she was his, wanted her to know how much he loved her, but his voice was lost in his own groans as he felt her tighten around him. "Kaoru!" he cried out as he pushed into her clenching muscles feeling her milking him as he let go. His closed eyes saw nothing but colorful sparks that burst as he heard her cry out also.

Kaoru lay limp as she felt his lips move against her neck. Her labored breathing sounded like thunder in her ears, but the ebbing tide of feeling in her body kept the wide grin on her face. She finally managed to gasp out his name as she let her arms flop onto the bed.

He nuzzled her like a kitten and pushed at her with his hips causing her to yelp as a fresh wave rolled over her. She could hear him laughing softly between deep breaths. He stretched out his bent legs until he was lying flat on top of her. Kaoru brought her arms back up to wrap lovingly around him.

"Kenshin," she sighed as pulled out of her but remained lying where he was. She could feel his breath hot on her neck, but she just squeezed his shoulders in reply and purred in contentment.

As Kaoru lay there with stars still in her eyes she felt him shift to her side. He wrapped an arm around her shoulders and brought her along with him. This time he buried his face in her hair and breathed deeply. "So sweet, Kaoru," he finally whispered. "You're so incredibly sweet."

She giggled and curled into him as best she could tossing a leg over his hips and folding her arms between them. "Sweet and tired. You wear me out, Kenshin."

He chuckled and placed his lips on her forehead. "You make me want you too much, Kaoru. I'm like dead man in the desert around you." He lips kissed her nose making her giggle. "You're the only thing that brings me back to life. I love you, Kaoru."

She sighed with happiness as his words echoed through her mind. "Oh, Kenshin," she breathed out. "I love you so much. I want you to stay with me forever. You don't have to ever go home." She could feel his mouth smile against the skin of her forehead.

"I'm all yours, Kaoru. I'll be here whenever you need me."


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