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When you think of the words 'friendly little chat', whatever springs to mind will undoubtedly not resemble in any way the discussion that came directly after Kili and Fili let their uncle out of the trap. In fact, it's probably as far from a 'friendly little chat' as you can get, without descending into 'Kill the dwarf-scum!' territory.

Fortunately for Nori and Ori, most of Thorin's dialogue was aimed at Kili and Fili, but they stood there anyway, squirming with nervousness about what Thorin might do to them.

Most of the details of this conversation were lost on Ori, who by now was approaching the 'out of your mind with terror' stage, but it went something like this:

"Do you know how hard I work to make sure that you two have enough to eat every day and a roof to sleep under?"

"Yes, Thorin. Yes, we do. But please just let us explai-"

"And what do you do? You spend your time playing ridiculous jokes!"

"Yes, but, Thorin -"

"Stop interrupting!"

The conversation carried on in this vein for some time, during which Thorin talked at length about how disgraceful his nephews' irresponsible behavior was, while they desperately protested and in turn claimed that they were innocent.

At last, having nearly exhausted this interesting topic, Thorin fixed the four dwarves present with a steely glare.

"Kili, Fili," he began "You'll help with all repairs necessary to Dori and Ori's shop. Then, this war of yours will be over. Done. If I ever hear about any of you playing another trick on each other, you may not live to regret it. Understand?"

There was a sheepish chorus of "Yes, Thorin"s, while Kili, Fili, Nori, and Ori all stared downwards as if conducting a devoted study of the floors of forges.

"Right," Thorin growled "Now, get out."

They got out, and quickly, too.

Once outside of the forge, the four dwarves stopped and stood in a rough circle, eyeing each other, warily. Finally, Fili spoke.


"Truce," Ori said, decidedly relieved, as Nori nodded his agreement.

Though there had been a certain amount of excitement and pleasure in participating in the war, he was looking forward to being able to relax and stop living in fear of the next trick.

"You'll notice that Thorin never specifically told us that we'd be dead if he caught us playing tricks on other people,' said Fili, grinning.

"You mean...?" said Ori, weakly.

"We'll help you fix up your shop," Kili said, his grin, too, stretching nearly from ear to ear "And then, I've got a brilliant plan for what we could do. You see, we take some nettles, and we wedge them into the privy, and then..."

But I must draw a veil over the conversation, and eventually the rather prickly adventure that followed. Suffice to say that Ori wished that he'd never been born, Nori wished that he'd come home sooner, and Thorin wished (though he didn't really mean it) that Dis had never had children.