Alright guys, this is the sequel to As If, and I'm proud to say this is an attempt to write a fluffy romance story! And yes…I'm guilty. This is a Sonadow, yet again. Please, help me and suggest some other couples for me! I need to change my pairings every once in a while…Any couple is okay, gay, lesbian, straight. ^^ Requests are welcome too.

Edit: Gah, I'm so excited to write this. I've got so many ideas popping into my head right now, and I feel like I could just explode. I hope the story doesn't get rushed…I tend to do that when I get too much ideas.

*get's smacked* On with the story!

*Romance in Japan*

Sonic and friends, Knuckles, Tails, Amy, Silver, Shadow and Blaze along with Rouge decided that they would take a trip to Earth again and explore that they hadn't when they were teleported there by accident. Amy suggested that they should put some votes into a box and see where they would go.

"Hmm," the pink hedgehog hummed as she took the papers out of the box. "It seems like we'd gotten two votes for France, and three votes for America and Japan. Umm…"

"A tie?" Tails poked his head next to Amy's to look at the words scribbled on the eight pieces of scrap paper.

The girl nodded as the little kitsune brought a hand up to his face, subconsciously tapping his chin. He turned to Sonic in the circle and smiled. "Sonic, one or two?"

The blue speedster raised an eye ridge but answered nonetheless. "…Two."

Tails nodded and announced, "Japan it is, then!"

As childish as it may sound, the group of friends cheered, and their chatters made a decrescendo. "Who'll get the tickets?" Blaze asked.

The small voices lowered to an uncomfortable silence, until a midnight colored hedgehog with blood red streaks on his body volunteered. Rouge said that she would do better since she could fly there.

"I can teleport, bat," Shadow muttered.

"Fine, then." Rouge rested a hand to her well shaped hip and stayed quiet.

The circle of friends left after discussing happily about what they were going to pack. After a while, they left went about their own business. Shadow was leaving when Sonic grabbed a hold of his arm. He smiled, "Mind if I tag along?"

"…," the black hedgehog looked away and stayed quiet for a moment before turning back and murmured, "Fine."

That made Sonic laugh for some reason. It earned him a glare. "Sorry. It's just that you don't have to be so cold. My friends aren't around, you can chill."

"I don't 'chill,' hedgehog."

"Oh yeah, really. What about that time when—"

"Doesn't count."

"And that time when you—"

"That doesn't count either."


"Shut. Up."

"Dude! Stop cutting me off! You always say something just before I reach the part where you get friendly and super cute!" Sonic growled lightly. "Of course, you're always cute—not in that way, at least."

Shadow sighed. "Whatever. You coming?"

He received a grin. "Race ya!" was the last thing he heard the hero utter before a sudden rush of wind whipped his quills forward. "I am not cute…" he sighed before running off after the blue idiot. Did he even know where he was going?

*Romance in Japan*

"That would be 1182 rings," a green and silver colored hawk replied. To Sonic and Shadow's surprise, there were actually mobians that live on this planet.

"Shadow, 1182 rings times eight is a lot. Are you sure you want to pay for it?" the azure hero asked.

"I work for G.U.N. I can afford 9456 rings." Shadow, who was next to him answered.

"Hmm, if you say so…"

Without further hesitation, Shadow took out a card and gave it to the hawk. She scanned the numbers over with her light green eyes that looked almost blind and typed in the numbers on the computer in front of her. After she was finished, she handed the card back and gave him eight tickets.

The hawk gave the two an indifferent expression and said the same words for everyone, "Thank you for your corporation. Your flight will be two days away. Have a nice day."

Sonic looked at Shadow. "Start packing?"


*Romance in Japan*

"Sonikku, what should I wear for the trip?" Amy swayed around with two dresses in her hands. One was short but with fur linings and one was long, kind of like a coat, but with a belt in the middle.

"Aw, Ames, you know you look good in everything. You can bring both if you want, but I'm kind of thinking that it will be hot there." Sonic said, sitting on Amy's bed, which was covered in a hot pink sheet.

"Tehehe, you really think so? Okay…then I'm just going to bring some shorts and tank tops. The rest can be some skirts," Amy leaned forward and shared a light kiss with Sonic. "Thanks for the advice. I'm almost done packing, considering that most of my stuff is going to be clothes…so, do you want me to help you?"

"Nah, I'm fine," Sonic flashed her a smile. "You know I won't pack much."

"Oh…if you say so." Amy hugged him one last time before saying, "See you later, then." And left the room, probably to go and see Rouge and Blaze to see how they were packing.

Sonic looked around in the mostly filled with pink room. Packing? All he needed was some socks, gloves, a bottle of water and he was good to go anywhere.

Seeing nothing that he could do here anymore, he left the room, the house, the neighborhood, the town, the state. He ran. The two day wait was much too long for him. A small adventure wouldn't do any harm.

Blaaaaah! Why did I end it like that?! That's so cheap!