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Super Namek Chronicles: Freeza Saga Chapter 5

Hey guys! Thanks for the reviews and help give me feedback! Anyway, last time on the Super namek Chronicles Cooler and Freeza battled it out, and Piccolo and Nail fused to become the ultimate Namekian warrior! This chapter or next chapter or two chapters from now, there will be a HUGE twist! Find out what will happen this chapter when Piccolo battles the Ice brothers! Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Freeza's scouter went haywire as Piccolo's power skyrocketed. Freeza grimaced. "Is Vegeta a super saiyan," Freeza muttered more to himself than his brother. "No matter. I destroyed the saiyans and your father, Vegeta. I'll kill you too." Freeza's laughter echoed for the few minutes before they arrived.

Goku and Piccolo sensed the enormous powers of Freeza and Cooler. When Freeza and Cooler arrived they saw that Cooler and Freeza were brothers. When Freeeza noticed that the power had come from Piccolo instead of Vegeta, he laughed loudly. "Well Vegeta, how did you manage to kill Zarbon, Cui, and Dodoria." Freeza turned to the two small fighters and the three eyed man. "Ah, these three must have helped you, no doubt. I still find it funny Vegeta that with a power like that, you think you can beat an emperor of the universe, like my brother and I."

Vegeta yelled furiously at Freeza and flung himself at Freeza at him. Freeza ducked the punch to the face from Vegeta, and punched him in the gut and kicked him to the ground. Little did Freeza know, that he wanted this. All he had to do now was to get healed and his power would be immense, even by Freeza's standards.

This was Piccolo's chance. He rushed at Freeza and punched him in the side of the face, sending Freeza into a nearby cliff. Cooler flew towards Piccolo and sent an energy wave at Piccolo. Piccolo deflected it easily and sent a barrage of blasts at Cooler. Cooler avoided all these and charged at Piccolo. Piccolo and Cooler met in a grapple with Cooler getting the slight advantage over Piccolo. Cooler kneed Piccolo in the chest and punched him across the face sending him into the ground, hard. The crater Piccolo's body made was about 30 feet wide. Cooler was about to blast Piccolo to death, but Gohan rushed at Cooler and punched him in the gut repeatdely. Cooler moaned in pain.

Gohan somersaulted in the air and put his feet together and kicked Cooler in the jaw. Cooler flew through the air. Cooler would have glided through the air onto the ground, but Gohan used the Masenko and hit Cooler in the back and sent Cooler into the ground.

Goku looked at his son in amazement. Where did he get that power, Goku thought. Then, he turned his head and saw Freeza. His head was large and oval shaped. His body wwas pink and white and large. He looked like a monster.(Freeza is in his 3rd form) Freeza was getting up. Goku was about to yell but that was when Piccolo jolted his fist into Freeza's face. Freeza's body flew into the air and Piccolo caught his tail and threw him into the ground. Nobody noticed Cooler getting up, and he charged Gohan, kneeing him in the stomach and elbowing his back, sending him into the ground. Gohan lay on the ground, knocked out.

Goku looked back at his son and cried angrily. "Kaioken times 20!" He charged Cooler, but Cooler dodged his barrage of fists and feet. Cooler sent one fist at Goku and it connected with Goku's face. Goku dropped and lay at Cooler's feet. Cooler laughed before he raised his hand, in a form of victory. He was about to stomp Goku, but Piccolo barreled into him and sent him into a rock. Piccolo thrashed at Cooler, in the rock.

A young namekian flies toward the battlefield. Dende, is his name. A very brave namekian, he looks for his fellow brother, Nail. He can sense the incredible powers, but he knows that one is Nail. He also has an incredible talent. He can heal people with just his own hands. He knows that he can help. He flies forward, slightly faster. As he nears the battle field, he can hear the blows. Their noise resonating in the air.

Krillin was the first one to see the young namekian. "Hey!" he yells," get out of here!" The namekian just shakes his head and lowers himself onto the ground. He noticed Gohan right away and hurried towards him. Krillin is about to shout out again, but then he notices that Gohan's wounds go away as a light surrounds him. Is Dende a namekian healer?

Gohan looked at Krillin and Krillin smirked. Dende can be of use to the battle for Namek. Dende and Gohan hurried toward Krillin. When they arrived next to Krillin, Dende told them all about his journey and why he is there. Gohan and Krillin were shocked when they heard this. Krillin just remembered something. "Hey, Dende. Can you heal that guy over there." Krillin points at Goku. Dende nodded. He flew towards Goku and knelt down when he was next to him.

Vegeta stared at the young namekian as he healed Goku. He smirked when he saw Goku fully healed and stronger than ever. "Hey!" Vegeta called out rudely. "Get over here and heal me!" Dende just looked at him with disdain and walked away. Vegeta was about to blast him to smithereens but he was to weak.

Dende went up to Gohan and Goku. "Gohan, I need to take you somwhere. I sensed your potential earlier and I know someone who can help you bring that power out and control it," Dende said looking at Gohan.

Goku looked at his father. "What should I do, dad?" He asked. Goku looked at his son and nodded.

"Go with him, Gohan. It is going to take everything we have to beat these guys. Your mother can yell at me later. But just go." At this, Gohan nodded at Dende and they took off. Soon, they were just little dots on the horizon. Goku smiled at he saw his son take off. But he turned back to Freeza and Cooler.

They had the upperhand on Piccolo. Piccolo couldn't last much longer, as he was taking blow after blow. Goku flew up to Freeza and Cooler. He sent a blast towards Cooler, without inflicting any real damage. Cooler looked angrily at Goku. "Why aren't you dead yet?" He screamed and rushed at Goku. Goku's aura turned red.

"Kaioken times 20!" He shouted and flew away from Cooler. His real intention wasn't to beat Cooler, it was more for Piccolo to regain some strength. He flew faster, then stopped suddenly, when he was far enough from Piccolo. Goku smirked as he cupped his hands together. "Ka...Me...Ha...Me..." Cooler laughed at this. "Do you think you can me!" Goku kept that same smirk. "HA!" A huge blue wave of energy erupted from Goku's hands, as Cooler raised his finger and blasted Goku's energy wave. They met head on.

Piccolo kicked Freeza in the jaw and Freeza slowly hit the ground. "Well for a namekian, you are strong. I will give you that. But you can't beat me."

Piccolo smirked at Freeza's words. "Tough words, coming from someone that's in the ground right now."

Freeza laughed. "I have not shown you my true power. I am much stronger than my brother. You should be happy. You will be one of the first to see my final form. You shall see and when that novelty wears off, I shall kill you and make my wish." Piccolo looked at Freeza in alarm.

"You have another form!?" Piccolo asked. Freeza laughed. He stood up and started yelling. Piccolo felt his energy skyrocket and knew that Freeza wasn't bluffing. The enrgy that erupted from Freeza sent the ocean into chaos. There was a huge tidal wave and the wind went the opposite direction. Then Freeza stopped yelling and waited for the dust to settle. When it finally did, Piccolo gasped when he saw him and Freeza smirked.

Gohan and Dende neared Guru's small palace. When they got their, Dende and Gohan hurried in. When Gohan saw the huge namekian guardian, he gasped in awe. "Ah, you must be the one that have helped try to end the tyranny of Freeza."

"How do you know about Freeza, sir?" Gohan asked. Guru smiled.

You have good manners, child. I know of Freeza because of the great deal of trouble he has caused our people. And I also know why you are here. I will help you unleash your potential. Come over here." Guru instructed Gohan. Gohan did as he was told. Guru placed his hand on Gohan's head. "You have great potential, child. By far, the greatest I have ever sensed before." At this, Gohan felt the power being unleashed from his very soul. After it was done, Gohan could sense his power. His was ten times stronger than his previous power! He thanked Guru and he and Dende rushed out of Guru's home and they rushed to the battle field.

Krillin sensed a huge power approaching and was ready to fight when he saw that the power belonged to Gohan. He smiled at Gohan. Gphan landed next to him and told him about the guardian of Namek. Krillin stared in wonder as Gohan told him about it. Krillin wasn't the only one in wonder.

Vegeta also stared in wonder. How could that brat have gotten so strong, Vegeta thought. He was going to find out his secret. But he suddenly turned back when he heard the blasts from Goku and Cooler explode. He also looked at Freeza and Piccolo.

Freeza had Piccolo beat. He was pummeling the namekian fighter. Piccolo could hardly fight back anymore. Freeza was about to deal the final blow. But Gohan flew up and blocked Freeza from finishing Piccolo off. "I won't let you hurt my friends anymore!" He screamed. He began blasting Freeza with everything he had. When he was done, he was panting. He gasped when he heard Freeza's booming laughter.

The dust settled and Freeza barely had a scratch on him. "Is that all you got, kid?" He asked before charging Gohan. Gohan was scared and tried blocking, but before he got hit, Freeza had been kicked into the ocean. Gohan stared up at Piccolo.

"Thanks, Piccolo!" Gohan said in glee. Gohan noticed that Piccolo was battle worn. "Piccolo, come with me, before Freeza gets up!" Piccolo followed Gohan to Dende. "He can heal you." Gohan said pointing at Dende.

Piccolo looked shocked. "Dende, why are you here?"

"Nail, I didn't know you fused with another namekian. Your power is incredible. Let me heal you first, though." Piccolo let himself be healed back to full power. Gohan watched as Freeza exploded out of the water and began fighting Piccolo, immediately. They went blow for blow until Freeza punched Piccolo in the gut five or six times before sending him flying into the ground.

Cooler was doing the same to Goku. He was pummeling Goku. Goku's power was also taking a beating. It was rapidly decreasing and soon enough he would die. Cooler just wouldn't let up.

As all this was going on, Gohan watched horror struck. His mentor and father were going to die right before his eyes, and he couldn't do anything about it. Tears stremed down Gohan's face as he watched Freeza repeatedly blast Piccolo, into the water. Please come back up Piccolo, Gohan thought. But Piccolo didn't come up.

Gohan rushed down after him and pulled him back up a few minutes later. Krillin didn't know why, but Gohan's power was increasing every second.

Tears were still streaming down Gohan's face but now Gohan wasn't sad, he was just angry. "No! Piccolo, you can't die. Not now. I won't let you!" Piccolo opened his eyes.

"Kid, I don't think I'm going to make it this time." Piccolo said, before coughing up water. Gohan turned away and instead looked toward his father, who was screaming from Cooler stomping him into the ground. Gohan cried loudly.

While all this was going on, Freeza smirked. "Go cry to your mother, you little brat!" Freeza said before laughing. Gohan looked up at him and stopped crying.

"You!" He said. "This is all your-" the ground beneath Gohan gave in and a huge crater appeared. "Fault!" Gohan, finished before yelling. A cloud of dust settled over Gohan and Piccolo. A wind appeared out of nowhere.

"Where is this wind coming from!" Cooler said, as he got off Gohan. He looked at his brother and Freeza nodded at the huge crater and dust cloud. Cooler looked at the dust cloud and saw a small figure in the dust.

When the dust did finally settle, Freeza gasped. Gohan's hair was spiky and yellow. "What is he!" Freeza shouted. Vegeta also gasped. This half-saiyan child was the first super saiyan in a thousand years!

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Below are a list of power levels

Goku(Zenkai)- 180,000

Gohan(Zenkai)- 45,000

Gohan(Potential Unleashed)- 450,000

Gohan(Super Saiyan)- 11,250,000 This is when Gohan is first a Super Saiyan. This is not his full power.

Piccolo(Fused with Nail)-3,840,000

Cooler(4th Form)- 6,500,000

Freeza(Final Form 50%)- 6,000,000