The Meeting

The air across the room was very heavy with tension from the earlier bickering of their occupants. It had been a long evening and yet, they couldn´t reach an agreement. Kelly broke the awkward silence first. "Well, I agree with you all but with all the flutter on the social network on scene…we know who the first option to play Christian is according to many of the online social media polls…

Erica took a glance over her glasses and raised an eyebrow momentarily. "Yes, we know. That´s why I want to meet Matt ASAP. I need to see them together and then we´ll know if there´s any chemistry at all."

Mike sighed with exasperation, "It seems like nobody has any common sense here." he said throwing the wrinkled sheet of paper that he had been holding to the table, "Screw it up, I don´t really care…!"

"Mike..." said Kelly, "The guy is hot, a good actor and the audiences love him…Don´t you see it, for God´s sake?" She yelled at him. They continued discussing the same topic for hours and everybody seemed to need a break.

"I´m contacting his Agency, right now-" Dana said looking for her iPhone, "–and we can discuss this later. I´m pretty exhausted…"

Erica sighed, Mike pretended not to hear and Kelly was sporting a triumphant smile while everybody started to stand up for leaving. Tomorrow is going to be The Day.

The next day...

Matt Bomer stood up in front of the elevator with his manager, waiting. His mind distractedly going back to the earlier chat he had with Simon during their breakfast, "-I know how important is for you, It´s just…We agreed to take this with wariness and…"

"-Listen Si, don´t overthink this. I´m just going to meet the crew and see what happens. I have no expectations at all. Don´t make a big deal about this, yet." Matt downed his coffee and made his way to the bedroom.

"Just call me when you´re done. We can have lunch together-" said Simon with a weak smile on his lips. He knew his partner too well to know this project has been in his mind for awhile and he was kind of obsessed with the idea of playing Christian Grey, though he´d never mentioned it.

"Yeah, I will-" said Matt looking at the mirror, while taking his jacket from the chair and waving a quick good bye.

The sound of the elevators doors suddenly opened taking him by surprise. They stepped inside to the silence and headed to the 21th floor. Matt sighed, "Well, here we go…Let´s see how this goes." he mumbled.

Alexis was seated to the left side of Erica chatting animatedly with her and the older woman was frantically captivated by her beauty and sympathy. Certainly this is our girl- she thought – I really hope they´ll be a good match…

Her manager Paul pretended to pay attention to the talk between the two women, while sipping his coffee.

A blonde girl with squeaky voice entered the room announcing the actor's arrival' "Mr. Bomer is here, maam." She spoke to Kelly who was at the head of the conference table. "Please, let him in." She said harshly. The blonde just nodded and left the room.

Matt approached the door and entered the room. He was wearing a plain white shirt and washed out indigo jeans. He took a quick glance at every face in the room. Everybody stayed silent with expectation and every woman in the room apparently lost their ability to breath for a nanosecond. And then, his eyes met Alexis´s. She just downed her gaze with embarrassment – Oh my…I knew he was a hottie, but…wow!

Mike broke the silence "So, here you are Bomer. Nice to meet you…."

Matt extended his right and they shook hands. Without breaking eye contact with Alex, he took a seat next to Kelly. "So nice to have you here-" started to say Kelly giving a lustful look at him. Dana frowned and Erica looked over her glasses, one more time. "I´m very glad to be here, too." Matt said sporting a smile that could easily melt the North Pole. Every woman in the room was charmed by him.

Suddenly the door swung wide open and a very rushed man in a black suit burst into the room panting. Trying to sound as normal as possible, while recovering his normal breathing "Hi, everyone…So sorry for being late…!"

Dana looked at him. "Nice to see you, Jack. We were wondering if you were going to show up-" She said with a little sarcasm' "–Well I had some last minute emergency stuff, so sorry, again. I can see everyone is here…"

Kelly spoke, "Yes, we are. So let´s get started. I think everybody knows each other. So we´ll just skip the introductions. Everybody here knows the extraordinary successful books that my friend has created," Kelly started to say pointing to Erica. She smiled shyly returning the kind words with a small wave' "-So, here we have two wonderful actors, both gorgeous, I have to say-" Alexis looked to Matt who gave her a little wink that she answered raising a perfect eyebrow, So the man is cocky, too…she thought.

"-And now that, despite all of the drawbacks, this crew is complete, we´ll be able to focus on this lovely couple and work out the roles of Christian and Anastasia-" Kelly stopped as Erica stood up in response, "-Yes, now I'd like to have a little chat with the stars…in private-" Everybody stared at her with quizzical looks "-Don´t worry people. It´s just an author´s thing. We´ll be back soon."

Matt and Alexis looked at each other and shrugged following Erica to the next room. It was a small one, with a couch and some chairs. They all took their seats, Matt and Alexis on the couch, Erica in front of them. Suddenly it looked a lot like they were sitting at the Principal´s office.

"So-" Erica started, "I´m going to get straight to the point, guys. I agreed to do this movie and I´m very pleased that you are in it-" they grinned at her like two teenagers, "-But there´s some issues that I´d like to clarify before we go anywhere. You-" she pointed to Alexis, "-you look so young. How old are you?"

"31… "said Alexis.

"You look young enough. Have you've never done a nude or sexual scene?"

"I've never done either..."

"I'm assuming you've read my books?"

"-Yes, I did…"

"There is a fair amount explicit content in it…So I need to know if you are OK with it-" Erica asked Alexis who was suddenly intimidated. Alexis then answered firmly.


"And you-" Erica looked to Matt this time, "-I've been told you are gay…-" Matt sighed, Oh no, here we go….

"Listen, I´m going to be very clear here. I don´t care about prejudices. The only thing I have in mind is a perfect Christian. So, just as I said earlier, if you read my books, Christian is very…male. He is the incarnation of the straight guy...But, don´t get me wrong, I think you definitely fit in the role, however I want to be sure you´ll be able to create the hot chemistry that the couple entail. She made a pause and took a deep breath "Look, I'm going to go straight to the point here. Are you able to recreate the attraction you have for men to women?"

Matt considered her words with caution. "–I can be attracted to woman…- " he started to say trying to guess where this was going.

"-I need you to be completely honest about this, Matt-" Erica interrupted him. Matt narrowed his eyes with visible disgust.

"-So what do you want me to do?" Matt replied.

"I want you to develop the chemistry, the understanding between you two…I need you to… feel something, so that more sensitive people will be able to catch that real vibe about you two-" She gave them her distinctive glance over her glasses.

They stared at her in silence not getting where this was going to. After a while Alexis spoke' "What do you want us to do, then?"

"-You have to be together as long as possible, share your time in and out the set…Anything to be needed to achieve this goal…"

"Do you realize what are you asking for is very-" Alexis struggled to find the right word, "-unusual?"

Matt intervened, "Do you want us to have sex, too? He asked seriously.

* Erica L James (Author)

*Kelly Marcel (Screen writer)

*Matt Bomer (Actor)

*Alexis Bledel (Actress)

*Simon Halls (Matt´s mate)

*Dana Brunetti and Mike De Luca (Producers )

* Jack Morrissey (Director)