It had been a harsh day and Alexis was growing more uncomfortable with every single minute that passed, but what had cracked her mood the most had been that comment Matt dropped before they started to shoot. What he was trying to do? Flirt with her? Following Erica´s desires and pretend he could have something with her? He was certainly playing a dangerous game. There was no way she could go out unharmed, especially while she was feeling so attracted to him. Now at home, her most cherished wish was to get an ice cold beer and put herself in the bathtub. She went upstairs trying to put aside all the unfaithful feelings that lingered in her mind, when her cell started to ring. She picked up the call; it was from her friend Ashley.

"Ash! Where have you been? I´ve been missing you, gal!" she squealed with excitement.

"I´m right here hun, open the door!"

She ran downstairs to the door and opened it wide. A tall blonde with a tanned skin was standing outside, her dearest friend. They hugged each other with glee.

"Ash, what a nice surprise! You have no idea how much I´ve missed you. Come on in girl, I was about to open a beer." They came inside and made their way to the kitchen. Ashley took a seat in front of the large table as Alexis opened her fridge to take two bottles from it.

"So, how´s everything? How´s Vince?" Ashley inquired.

Alexis sighed "Actually, we kinda….broke up." she didn´t want to expand about the topic.

"Really? Are you fine with it?" Ashley asked warily. Anyone could tell her friend was far from fine, so she didn´t want to push the subject.

"Yeah, I´m fine…about that." she said feeling her conscience.

Ashley narrowed her eyes, "Are you going to tell me? What´s going on?" She had known her friend for a long time to know something was eating her inside.

"Is it about Vince or is there someone else?" Now Ashley was pretty curious about.

Alexis said nothing and just sighed. OK, she's very adamant about pushing for information.

"You know I´m currently working on the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, and…"

"Wait, I´m aware of that. So this is about work, I mean, is it bothering you?"

"It´s very complicated..."

"Oh… Just tell me what´s going on, please?" she gave her a worried look, "This is about a guy, isn´t it?"

"You know me so well…"Alex chuckled and sighed.

"So, let´s see. It's about a guy. And the complicated part...Is he married?" Ash was trying to work out where this was going.

"Yeah, No! I don´t know…"Alexis was confused.

"But he´s engaged…"Ash was trying hard to understand.

"It´s worse…"

"Worse? How worse?"

"He´s gay." Ok. I said that out loud. I have to face it.

An awkward silence stood between them. Ashley considered her friend´s words and eventually made the connection.

"You mean the guy is…. Matt Bomer? Your co-star?!" her eyes were wide open, "Oh honey, this is not good." Ashley said standing up to take another beer.

"I know…It´s not exactly-" Alexis paused, "... appropriate."

"No, it's not. How about him? Did he make a move on you? Did you guys sleep together?" Ashley was trying to weigh up all the possible scenarios.

Alexis rolled her eyes "For goodness sake…No and No." She was really pissed about her nagging friend.

"Oh fuck! The guy is beyond hot. I think every gay man should look effeminate, not so straight or at least they should wear a warning: 'Stop your horny thoughts. I am NOT into women'."

Alexis couldn´t help but chuckle. "It´s not funny..." Alexis tried to put her best straight face but failed.

"Why don´t you tell me everything from the very beginning." Ashley was very serious now


Alexis told her about their first meeting with Erica, the extended lunch, the accidental almost-kiss in Matt´s car and the strange confession about being with a woman.

"So, what do you think?"

Ashley took a deep breath and sighed, "Well, it´s very complicated…"

"I know. What should I do? We've even started to shoot those ´oh-so-hot´ scenes between Christian and Ana and I´m already thrilled."

"Baby steps, honey. You have to focus on doing one thing at time. Just keep a safe distance from the hunky guy." Ashley admonished her.

"I think I can try. Are you going to stay?"

"I can´t, but I promise to stay if you desperately need me."

She was a very good friend and Alexis was pretty sure she was going to support her without any doubt.

"Maybe you could search at the web if there´s any chance for a gay guy to fall in love with a woman."

"You are kidding me, right?"

"Not at all. When I´m in trouble and don´t know where to go for answers, I go straight to the blogs and…"

"Bullshit!" Alexis interrupted her.

Ashley shrugged, "Just sayin'… I have to go now, sweetie. Thank you for the beer. We´ll keep in touch." She gave a bear hug to her friend "Love ya."

"Me too, you´re the best."

When Ashley left, Alexis went straight to her bed forgetting about the warm bath she was going to take earlier. Instead she reached for her laptop and typed in:

"Can a gay man fall in love with a straight woman?"

Matt was turning and flipping around in bed. He couldn´t sleep even being as tired as he was. He glanced at the nightstand clock, 2:45 am. Oh my…What´s going on with me?

The fact was he couldn´t stop thinking about Alexis. He was trying to push the thoughts aside but there she was, everywhere he was looking. Her big blue eyes staring at him, her lips, her hair…

He couldn´t remember a time when he was attracted to a woman this way. He knew he was gay since high school, though he had been on a few dates with women, mostly older than him. This was different in so many ways for him; the feeling was overwhelming and it was terrifying him so much.

Oh God, Am I going nuts?

He thought about Simon and their life together as a couple. They had so many things, a home and a family but now, was he just feeling…grateful to have him? He had been a great partner, but did he still love him?

He didn´t understand why he was so baffled. He needed his rest, maybe tomorrow he´d be able to figure out what was happening to him. He turned over and closed his eyes and began dreaming about a girl with dark hair and big blue eyes.