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It was already 9:30am and Matt was running late for their first major scene together. Of course he had overslept after the sleepless night he had suffered. When he finally woke up, it was 8:50am and to complete the rushed awakening, the traffic was slow and without any doubt would it take the same time walking than going by car to get there.

He hurried along, passing across the set to find his co-star. Alexis was seated on her chair, reading her lines and next to her a guy with a certain Latin look was leaning over her, talking to her and putting his muscular arm on the back of her chair. Matt narrowed his eyes in disgust and made a bee line to them.

"Hi, Alex." he said completely ignoring the guy next to her. The guy stopped talking, looking puzzled at him as Alex lifted up her face with flawless blue eyes meeting his green ones.

"Hi, you´re late." she simply said harshly.

"Bomer, right? Hi, I´m Ray, I´m playing José´s role." he said extending a hand to him.

Matt just stayed there looking impassively at him with hands in his pocket pants. Finally he spoke. "Hi. Can you excuse us for a moment?" He was now staring at Alex with his piercing green eyes crossing through her. She sighed and stood up, walking beside him. He put his right hand at the small of her back guiding them to the corridor.

Alex turned around to face him "What ´s wrong with you?" She almost yelled, but then remembered they were at a very public place, "Why you were so rude to Ray?"

"Why are you so mad? The guy was harassing you! You should be grateful I was there to rescue you." Matt said leaning over her, whispering in her ear in a much closer proximity than Ray was earlier.

"What! And since when do you have to babysit me... I´m a grown woman who can take care of herself!" Alex was really pissed at him, but it really wasn´t just about his earlier behaviour. The fact was she didn´t know how to react in front of him. She just wanted to push him to the wall, throw herself toward him and kiss him mindlessly.

They just stayed there staring at each other, Alex panting with rage and Matt in awe enthralled by her.

"Hey guys, there you are! I need you to be ready in five minutes on stage three. Come on." Jack, the director was calling them from the platform.

"We´d better get going." Matt kept his eyes on her as Alex was making her way to leave, heels hitting hard on the floor, swaying her hips slightly. Oh God, so fucking hot... He thought as his eyes followed her cute ass.

They had been taking some shots involving Alexis, Matt and Ray as well as other actors. The tension was increasing between Matt and Ray; and Kelly, Erica and Jack were pleased about that, since it supposed to show the rivalry between José and Christian. But what pleased them the most was the increasing sexual tension between Alexis and Matt. That was exciting to see and Erica decided she deserved credit for that, after all the little talk they had at their first meeting proved to have been fruitful.

However, despite the fact Matt and Alex were working smoothly all day, at every break they took Alex chose to stay apart, fleeing from Matt and avoiding any contact except for the strictly necessary, which was very frustrating for Matt because he didn´t understand what was going on.

Now they had to shoot the scene in the elevator when Christian was supposed to kiss Ana for the very first time, and Alexis couldn't help but feel she was losing control. She was feeling terrified to show in front of everyone how distressed she was by him.

At the makeup room she tried to collect her thoughts and keep her focus on something else other than the hot guy who was her co-star, while the make up artist was doing some stuff on her face.

Jack called everyone to the stage and soon Matt and she were on their spots on the fake elevator, standing together in silence.

"And action!" yelled Jack from his chair.

They turned to one another and Matt made a move to catch her hands, but she was so still that soon they were struggling, looking more like a fight rather than a scene of passion.

"Cut!" Jack took his headphones off and leaned towards them, "What the hell was that? Let´s do it again, but this time I want you to keep the momentum going, OK?"

They made another shot, but failed again. It was late and Jack was beginning to get frustrated, "Hey guys you need a break?"

"No, we´re fine, just a second," Matt said from his position and then turned to Alex mumbling in her ear, "I think you need to relax a little, we should continue this tomorrow, I think."

"No, I´m fine. I can do this." she said with confidence and tried to focus one more time. I can do this; I am a professional…

"OK, everybody ready?"Jack spoke through his megaphone. Matt whispered to Alexis, "I´m ready, when you are." She blinked at him under her long lashes and he swallowed hard.

"And action!"

Matt turned to Alexis, she glanced shyly at him and suddenly everything was going in slow motion. She didn´t know how it happened but there she was, pinned by him against the wall, hands up trapped by Matt´s right hand, as his hips were crushing to her core and her mouth was being assaulted by his. She had no choice but to respond with her mouth and let his tongue run, explore and savour the delicious taste. He continued his ministrations as she was now mirroring every stroke with the same hunger.

In the back of her mind she heard a distorted voice, but didn´t acknowledge where or who was from. Before she could think further, Jack yelled. "Cut!" they suddenly came back from their private place in heaven.

Finally, Matt freed Alexis and they began to disentangle from each other reluctantly. Alexis thought she was going to faint, but made her last effort and pull herself together and look at Jack quizzically.

"So..?" she inquired.

"Perfect! We´re done now. I want everybody at 9am, tomorrow. Good job everyone."

Well guys, let me know what you think and maybe I can take the things very much hotter than that….