No Body cared for him. No body loved him, and it was true.

No body loved poor little Tino.

He sat in his house all alone, thinking about why no one loved him.

No one cared for him.

"Why.." he said to himself.

ever since Sweden left him for Denmark, He has been alone.

Everyone left him. Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Sealand...even Sweden.

"Oh Berwald..." the small finnish blonde thought.

all he wanted was to see him, to hear berwalds voice.

But, he knew he never was going to again, NEVER again.

He still remembers what Berwald last said to him,...'


The small finnish blonde sat at the table in the kitchen, with Hana. He heard the door open, and slam.

"berwald must be home"

he thought to himself.

"Tino." a deep voice came from the doorway, it was Berwald.

"O-Oh! Berwald! you are home early, well..welcome back!" Tino said with a laugh.

"always happy.." the tall Sweden man thought.

"I am Leaving you." Berwald said, and he swore he heard Tino's heart-break.

"W-What Berwald?" Tino asked, almost in tears.

"I am leaving you do not deserve love." Berwald said, as he packed his things. and left Tino on the floor crying.

Poor Tino. no one loved him. no one cared. that was the last time he ever heard from Berwald.


Tino Started to write a note. a Suicide note.

"I am sorry for not being the best i could berwald...everyone." a tear fell onto the note. "i am so sorry."

The Finnish boy grabbed his gun, and stuck it to his head. "Good Night Berwald...i am sorry i could not be perfect..."

The door opened wide while the gun shot echoed off the walls.

"T-...Tino?!" The voice came from the man who ran and fell beside the small fragile body. "Tino...please..wake up Tino.." Berwald shook his little friend's shoulder. "I came back for you..please..Tino wake up..."

Berwald looked over, and saw a note- which was wet from tears. "H-Huh.." he grabbed it, and read it.

"Dear everyone,

hello. it is me...Tino. as you know, if you found this. i am dead.

I wanted to say i am sorry...for not being good enough...

I know now. I don't deserve love. I do not deserve anyone to care for me. at least- that is what you guys said. right?...

i know that now. i never believed it. until my love, Berwald had said it to me. even though, i never believed you Denmark...Iceland...England and France...Norway. all of you. I didn't believe until he told me. right in my face.

I guess he was right...Right?..please dont be sad. i know you wont be. I doubt anyone will even find me. and if you do...take care of Hana for me, would you? feed her twice a day, and play and love her a lot. like i did...well..goodbye world.

Love, Tino."

Berwald felt a tear run down his face. "Tino...I..never meant it." he cradled tino in his arms. "i am sorry tino.."

As blood got all over Berwald from the Finnish Blonde's head...

he knew, Tino wouldn't be waking up like he used to every morning. and fed Hana, and make breakfast like he used to.

and play and laugh like he used to.

He knew, Tino was gone from the world who said he did not deserve love or anyone or thing to care...