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"Waaaaaaahh!" cried Index as she looked over at the shop in front of her. They had finally reached the store that sold all of the Magical Powered Kanamin merchandise and Kamijou was exhausted. Although Index had waited for him, it was a longer walk than he imagined.

Not only that but he wanted to avoid anyone from Tokiwadai altogether. After all, he had ruined their dorm. Many of the students had chased him after that. Maybe he had angered them to that extent? (Of course you guys know better…..)

As such, he had hid in many of the stores, pretending to look inside them numerous times but he had finally reached the store. Index looked around happily at the merchandise and Kamijou sighed.

"You know Index, I'll hold Sphynx. You go and have a look around." He said as he relived the calico cat from her hands. "I suppose we'll have lunch here too. I've never really had lunch in the School Garden before….." Of course Kamijou couldn't say for sure due to his memory loss but it was unlikely that he had eaten in this area before.

Index smiled happily at Kamijou and then raced off further into the store marvelling at all of the merchandise. Sitting at one of the benches that the store had, Kamijou reached into his pocket keeping Sphynx in one hand as he took out his pill bottle.

Looking for and finding water cooler, Kamijou ate the pill quickly and then sat back down onto the bench. He was amazed that his incident with the bus had not crushed the bottle itself.

Kamijou frowned. What had happened back there? Who was that Knight? And that figure that had stopped him?

The Knight had been after Kamijou's life that was for sure, but why would he attack a normal high school student like him?

Kamijou just couldn't figure it out. But still. He was in a place where he and Index were happy.

And he would keep that for as long as possible.

Kanzaki Kaori had stopped Darren Hersham. She had been jumping along the roofs of tall buildings, using her owners as a Saint to make them possible.

He had been jumping along the roofs of buildings as well as was around an area that was covered with many shops. Only very few schools surrounded the area however these schools were fairly large.

Was that where the Imagine Breaker was? It was most likely so Kanzaki wasted no time jumping towards where Darren Hersham was.

There he was, the Dragon. Darren Hersham, or as he called himself St George the II, gripped onto his sword; He had managed to escape that Saint, Kanzaki Kaori and looked at the Imagine Breaker boy in the window.

However, inside his armor, Darren frowned. The boy had managed to escape his blow inside the bus but he had no idea how he had managed it. Just before the blade had pierced the bus, the boy had dodged it.

To think that the boy had reached a level where physical attacks were easily avoided! He had read from the report that the power that resided in his right hand could negate any supernatural power. Of course there were some attacks that took a while to negate such as Stiyl Magnus's Innocentius.

Still, Darren didn't want to have another failure like on the bus. He would attack when the boy's defense was his lowest. That was either one of two things.

The first was when he was eating.

The second was when the boy took a rest to breathe after walking too much on that leg of his.

Kamijou Touma yawned. It was late in the afternoon and Index was still looking in the store. It was way past lunch time and he was hungry. Usually it was Index who took that role but she was preoccupied in the store. Come to think of it, was she going to buy anything?

Kamijou knew she didn't have any money it would be up to Kamijou to buy it. He was fine with that as long as it wasn't expensive. He stood up from the bench that he was sitting on and walked in the store for Index. He found her in the toy section.

"Hey Index." Said Kamijou. "Did you find anything you want to buy?" he asked.

Index turned her head so fast that Kamijou was scared that it was going to pop off. She nodded in a fast motion, her head a blur and grabbed Kamijou by the hand and walked him towards the counter.

The shop assistant gave a smile and said "Hello. How may I help you today?"

Index nodded and said "I want to buy whole store Touma!"

Kamijou's face froze in a stiff smile before he turned to Index. "Are you serious?"

Index nodded in that same fast motion. Kamijou sighed and gave Sphynx back to Index. What to say….what to say….When Kamijou felt he had the words he said, "Are you insane?! Out of the kindness of this Kamijou's heart I offer to buy you something and you come up with this ridiculous answer!? That's it! We're going to have some lunch!"

He dragged Index out of store and into the street despite her protests. Seeing that she wasn't paying attention, he put both hands onto her shoulders and said, "OK. What type of food do you want?" he asked like a strict teacher asking the dunce.

"Ch-cheap and not expensive yet delicious and nutritious!" answered Index immediately.

"That's right!" yelled Kamijou into the sky. "Now, let's go and eat!" he said as he stormed off with Index in tow.

Of course, Kamijou's confident mood was short lived as his leg started to ache so he let Index lead the way. She had to stop every now and then to wait for Kamijou.

They were not far out of the shopping district that Index saw a restaurant and ran inside. Kamijou saw her do so and took a quick breather. He looked at the time. It was just before 3 and that meant that the lunch specials were most likely over.

Kamijou sighed. What was it in the past 3 days? It seemed like misfortune seemed to follow him on those occasions that he was helpless to prevent it.

Two girls, one wearing a flower headband and another that looked familiar to Kamijou with black hair walked past him as he took a rest. Where had he seen that girl? Kamijou didn't remember but he overheard part of their conversation.

"…-el 0 who could defeat Misaka-san." Said the flower head banded one.

"Well then Uiharu, where did the rumor of a certain unknown Level 0 even come from? It had to have had a basis. Not only that but….."

The girl's voice trailed off as she walked too far away for Kamijou to hear. But still he frowned. The rumor that they had talked about was the foundation of the group known as MINUS. He hadn't run into them for a while but they were still out there. Kamijou knew that he had to keep on his toes.

"Touma!" cried a voice. Kamijou looked up to see Index looking extremely cross as she crossed the road and approached him. "Come on! We have to eat!" Index took his by the hand and he sighed. At least Index was eager to eat.

Putting the thoughts of MINUS for later Kamijou let Index take him by the hand-

Just as the spot where he had just been was stabbed by a familiar looking sword. Rocks and dust flew up into the air as Kamijou covered his face, Index doing the same. As they were closest the rocks were hitting them awfully hard but still, Kamijou looked at the figure in front of him.

It was that Knight; the same one that had attacked him on the bus. The inscription on the blade was the same. People merely looked at the Knight in awe and stopped, not sure whether to scream or just pass by.

Kamijou looked at the Knight but his instincts told him that this guy was bad news. Twice, he had almost killed Kamijou and he would have succeeded had it not been for Index dragging him out of the way and when Kamijou had bent down to find Sphynx.

The silence was broken as the Knight turned to look at Kamijou. "Imagine Breaker. You will be the Dragon for my legend to be a Saint." The Knight said. Kamijou had no idea what this guy talking about but the guy had talked about being a Saint. Was he a magician? If so, that right hand of Kamijou's was the trump card that Kamijou held. But still, Index was here. Kamijou wanted her out of here as soon as possible and so Kamijou started to take a step back when-

"Stop!" cried a voice to his left. Kamijou turned and saw that the head banded girl from before had stepped forward, behind her that black-haired girl. Dust was still in the air so it was hard to see but Kamijou could make out a familiar looking armband on her shoulder. Judgment. The girl pulled on her armband, emphasizing it. "As a member of Judgment I-"

Kamijou didn't let her finish. This guy was a magician, something that residents of Academy City didn't know how to handle. "Get out of here!" he called and it was in that moment that the Knight spoke and moved.

"The Great Hero's Lance. Strike!" Said the Knight as the sword glowed with a light blue color as he swung it. Kamijou didn't need to be told that it was magic. Desperate, Kamijou jumped back despite his bad leg, the tip of the sword missing Kamijou's neck by mere millimeters. However before he could land back onto his leg, a massive burst of air came along with the strike, causing Kamijou to forcibly be blown back, smashing into the window of the restaurant that Index had just been in.

People screamed and ran as Kamijou hit the glass, shattering it and landed on top of one of the tables, sliding on it for a bit before falling off and hitting the floor as the table toppled as well because of his weight.

"Touma!" cried Index from where she stood near the Knight. The Knight turned to her and although Kamijou couldn't hear it from where he was the Knight must have used the same spell as the blade shown with the same blue glow and it swung in her direction. Of course Index saw the blow and reacted perfectly.

" HclthsaX" (turn thy blade into the air)." Index's Spell Intercept worked perfectly as the blade was swung up into the air, throwing the Knight off balance. Index took that opportunity to run back towards the restaurant as Kamijou stood up; trying to climb out of the window that he had just been thrown through.

"Touma! Are you OK?!" called Index as she looked as Kamijou stepped out of the restaurant.

Kamijou nodded and looked at the Knight who had recovered his balance. In the corner of his eye he saw that Judgment member and her friend frozen in place. Kamijou didn't have to think quickly. The first thing to do was to move away from this place. Others could be hurt if they stayed.

However, Kamijou didn't even have time to move as the Knight turned towards Kamijou and leapt forward, leaping across the road in less than a third of a second, sword raised. There was nothing that Index or Kamijou could do in response to the blow as it was purely physical, no magic involved in it. Spell Intercept and Imagine Breaker were useless.

Kamijou pushed Index out of the way, minimizing the damage to her and looked at the Knight. The blade was practically right upon him as-

-the Knight was smashed into the side with another kick from the mysterious stranger. The Knight flew and tumbled across the road, kicking up gravel and dirt as he did so. The person who had kicked him stood up and looked at Kamijou and the fallen Index.

She was tall although not as tall as Stiyl. Her hair was tied up in a ponytail and she wore a white shirt that was tied up, revealing her navel. She wore jeans although one leg had been cut off revealing her thigh. And in one hand she held a massive 2 metre long nodachi. Kamijou knew her by name.

"F-Fallen Angel Ero Maid?!" he blurted.

Kanzaki Kaori immediately blushed and glared at Kamijou. "I'll talk to you about that later." She said as she ran towards Index and Kamijou, picking them up before she used the power of a Saint to leap away from the scene.

The Knight stood up; there was not even a dent in his armor due to protective magic and looked up at the sky where Kanzaki, Kamijou and Index had gone. Inside his helmet, he gave a small smile. Although the Imagine Breaker had not known when he had first attacked him, in the burst of air that threw him back, the Knight had thrown a rune.

A tracking rune.

The Knight smiled inside his armor. Things would be a lot easier now. But first-

The Knight looked in the direction that the 3 had gone and then at a building next to him. Without hesitation he ran towards it, throwing the sword as he did so, so that the blade was halfway between the top of the building and the ground.

He jumped, landing on the blade and then jumped again, taking the blade out of the wall as he did so and then landed on top of the building.

All that was left to do now was chase after that Imagine Breaker.

"What do you mean Fallen Angel Ero Maid?!" yelled Kanzaki when they were back at Kamijou's dorm. They had maneuvered all around the District for the past few hours and it was night. Kamijou had already taken his last pill for the day and was talking with Kanzaki and Index.

"I-I'm sorry! But every time I see you I just think that!" cried Kamijou.

"Do you even remember my real name!?" yelled Kanzaki as she used the strength of a Saint to crush the cup that he was holding.

"Kyah!?" let out Kamijou with a soft whimper at the force she had done so with as crawled into a ball to protect his body.

Kanzaki let out a sigh and rubbed her head.

"So what does that guy want with Touma?" asked Index. Although they had been together for a while, Kamijou and Index had yet to receive an explanation.

Kanzaki calmed down and prepared her explanation. "Well, the long and short of it is that that Knight, his name is Darren Hersham, wants to prove his power so that he can become one of the Saints. And to do so, he wants to crush a being that has a reasonable reputation among magicians. That would be the Imagine Breaker." Kanzaki looked at Kamijou. "He calls himself St George the II and believes that you are the Dragon that came be the basis for his 'legend'."

"Dragon?" asked Kamijou and it was Index who answered.

"One of the most notable acts of St George was his defeat of a Dragon. It is the most well-known act and of him and forms the basis of the legend. Basically, if Darren Hersham defeats you Touma, he has that legend." Stated Index. (Description of the legend is in the prologue of Volume 17)

Kamijou was silent. Was he really that well known in the Magic Side?

"So, what happens now?" asked Kamijou.

Kanzaki looked at him. "Well, I think that we have escaped from Darren's clutches. So all we have, I mean all I have to do, is capture him. That's all. Your part is finished."

"But-" said Kamijou. He wanted to help in any way that he could.

"There's nothing that you can do. Even if you manage to block his magic attacks, he still has that sword. There's not much you can do if you are stabbed." Said Kanzaki.

Kamijou had nothing to say to that. He felt powerless that he was involved in such a situation yet unable to do anything. He hung his head slightly, an action that made Kanzaki smile a bit.

"Your concern is unneeded. But thank you for it regardless." Said Kanzaki. She stood and walked to the door. Index and Kamijou looked as she opened it and before she exited the room, she turned back.

"Make sure you stay safe." She said as she left. The room that she exited was filled with silence, both occupants thinking about what she had said.

It was Index that broke the silence. "Touma, Touma. You heard her. There's nothing that you can do right now. That's OK. It's not always up to you to do things. In this battle, you could really be killed.

Kamijou said nothing as he stood up sighed. He realized that but still he didn't feel good because of his powerlessness. Still, he needed to move past that. He had faith in Kanzaki and her ability as a Saint.

Kamijou moved to the fridge and opened it, trying to decide what would be for dinner and froze. Crap, he thought, at the end of the day the greatest enemy is-!

"Touma…is the fridge empty?" came a voice behind him. Kamijou turned his head extremely slowly and saw that Index was sitting at the table looking none too happy. He was scared to answer. He really was. But still, he had to act.

Kamijou felt his wallet in his pants pocket. The door was only a few steps away but he had to turn a corner and Index was closer. But still, he would have a fraction head start. If he could use that…

Kamijou leaped for the door, favoring his good leg and opened it in a quick action. He turned and started to close it, just seeing Index leap towards the door as well.

He closed it and sighed, only to jump back in fright as a sharp white tooth stuck out of the wood of the door. Just how much force did that biting attack have!?

"TOUMA!" yelled a voice inside.

"I'm sorry Index!" cried the sorrowful Kamijou. "I'll be quick and buy us some dinner!" he fled the dorm, scared that Index would open it and punish him regardless.

Kamijou tried hard to find a convenience store that was open. The one that was nearest to the dorm wasn't so Kamijou had to run around, stopping occasionally to rest his leg. He looked frantically and saw one after a while, on the opposite side of the road that he was on, the lack of people helping him see it.

He looked on both sides as he crossed the road, finding no cars as he crossed it and as he was half-way across he stopped.

He looked behind him and in front of him, and got a terrible feeling of déjà vu. He had no idea why he had it but the knowledge of the previous Kamijou Touma was on high alert. Apparently something had happened here before he had lost his memories; something in this exactly kind of situation. Had he faced someone here when no-one was around once?

The area was a large intersection around three lanes wide in all directions. Kamijou had gone through it before but never like this; never when it had been so empty. There were no cars, people or animals anywhere. Where exactly was everyone?

That was when Kamijou felt it. There was no explanation to it, just Kamijou knew. He knew that he had to get out from the spot where he just was.

Precognition: The ability that numerous fights with espers and magicians had sparked that type of ability inside Kamijou allowing him to subconsciously read AIM fields and distortion in mana in the air to avoid blows. Kamijou didn't use it of his own will but it was an ability that he was thankful for.

Still, that ability was telling him to move; telling him to move now. Kamijou didn't waste any time. He jumped forward, an action that would have looked strange to a passer-by as it was for apparently no reason but that action saved his life.

A blade of air passed right where he had been, cutting into the road, sending gravel into the air, the gravel striking Kamijou in the back. Kamijou looked in the direction of where the blade had come from, the light from the streetlamps giving the enemy in front of him an ominous appearance.

The armor looked like a star yet Kamijou knew that if it represented anything, it was a black hole; A black hole of a man trying to fulfill his own desire, his own reality. And that reality was one where Kamijou Touma was dead and that man had achieved the rank of Saint. Of course, that was impossible. The man known as Darren Hersham had no Stigma from God. And thus, he could never be a Saint.

But still, that did not stop Darren Hersham. He was going to be a Saint no matter what.

Kamijou clenched his fist. Although Kanzaki had said that he would be struck down by a physical strike, he wasn't just going die here.

Darren stopped when he was a fair distance away from Kamijou. "You have no hope of winning." He said. "Your leg will see to that."

Kamijou knew he was right. But of course that assumed that Kamijou was the one moving. "But if I don't move?" he asked.

Inside his armor, Darren narrowed his eyes. His grip on his blade tightened.

"The Great Hero's Lance. Slice!" The sword gained the same light blue glow as Darren swung it up in a vertical slice. The just like when Darren had attacked him before, a blast of air accompanied the strike. Of course, it had to potential to cut anything in its way like it had with the road but that didn't make a difference.

Kamijou held out his right hand and as soon as it touched the blade of air, it disappeared; Darren's eyes widened inside his armor. Kamijou had only ever dodged his attacks unintentionally so he had yet to use the power of the Imagine Breaker. And it was just as the reports had said. His attack was just….negated.

Darren clenched his sword tightly. So….that was what the boy had meant. Darren couldn't attack him with magic where he was and Kamijou couldn't attack because Imagine Breaker was not a long-range ability.

"Don't think such a thing will stop me!" cried Darren as he leaped forward using the same speed he had before. He swung his sword again as he got close, using a purely physical attack. There was no way that Kamijou would be able to block it just by using his right hand. Yet, Kamijou did something that completely went past Darren's expectations.

Kamijou Touma ducked. The blade went sailing over his head. Darren had expected that he would have just merely jumped out of the way and that way, Darren could take advantage of his weakness. But he had ducked. Before Darren could react from surprise Kamijou attacked.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!" he cried as he swung his right fist. He's going to attack the armor thought Darren. That was insane. Punching a piece of metal was just stupid. But Kamijou wasn't aiming for the armor. He was aiming for the Great Hero's Lance. Even if it was a sword that could harm Kamijou it had one fault.

There was no way that it was an ordinary sword. Naturally the man known as St George the II wouldn't have anything else. In the battle to fight the Dragon the Saint known as St George had taken two weapons, a lance and a sword. The sword had already had a known replica and it was known as Ascalon, used by the former Saint Acqua of the Back. In the legend, the Dragon was publically executed by this sword. However, Darren Hersham had acquired a replica of the unnamed lance that had been used to smite the dragon itself. The unnamed lance Darren had used Darren made into a sword, the sword that he held now. (There was a lance although sometimes it is called Ascalon and the sword is unnamed. Since the sword is named, the lance isn't thus it is the weapon he uses. Also, if you remember, Acqua does use Ascalon)

And since the sword had been made in the model of that unnamed lance, and thus why the inscription said Great Hero's Lance, it was a spiritual item; Something that could be destroyed by Kamijou Touma's right hand.

"Damn!" cried Darren as he tried to swing the blade in his hand away however Kamijou caught his gauntlet in his punch. The punch caused the gauntlet to twist at an odd angle, the metal cutting in Darren's flesh. He tried to swing the blade again however Kamijou Touma had dodged again.

Even though the blade was a spiritual item it would not be destroyed even Kamijou Touma touched it with Imagine Breaker. It had not worked that way with Ascalon and the blade would still be able stab the being known as Kamijou Touma. However, even if he could prevent the blade from using magic, that was enough. That way, the stalemate that occurred before could occur again.

Darren glared at Kamijou, the blade of St George's lance unable to reach. To think that it had stabbed a Dragon yet not this boy! The thought infuriated Darren and in his anger, he swung the blade again.

Kamijou ducked again sent another punch towards the blade however Darren maneuvered his arm and he punch hit the gauntlet again, digging the metal into his flesh further. But this time, Darren was ready.

He allowed the punch to connect and unleashed a strike of his own. A kick towards the leg that Kamijou Touma had avoided walking on. The strike connected and Kamijou Touma let out a cry of pain and fell to one knee.

"You dirty bastard!" said Kamijou under his breath.

Darren merely lowered the blade and held in near Kamijou's neck. "Your weakness, my strength." He said and prepared to swing the blade however the strike was cut short as another blade blocked it.

Unlike Darren's blade, this one had a name. Shichiten Shichitou, also known as Seven Heaven Seven Swords. And its owner was one that Kamijou knew well.

Kanzaki Kaori glared at Darren but spoke to Kamijou. "What the hell do you think you're doing? I told you to stay out of it."

Kamijou was speechless. How had Darren found him? He couldn't figure it out. He looked up at the knight and he answered.

"A tracking rune on your shirt; There's no point in tracking you anymore if I know where you are."

Kamijou felt the fabric of his shirt and sure enough he found a small card that he wouldn't have seen if he wasn't looking for it. He touched it with his right hand and it fell off to the ground, useless. Kamijou then stood up and backed away.

Like Kanzaki had said, there was nothing that he could do in this fight. And thus it wasn't his place to interfere. Kanzaki nodded in thanks to him.

And thus the battle between the Saint and the would-be Saint began.

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