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Pain. There was so much pain.

Saten Ruiko felt an incredible pain in her eyes like none she had felt before.

She had been in the Seventh Mist department store when it had happened. There had been a commotion near one of the windows and she had turned to look in the direction of the ruckus.

Two boys had their back to her; one that was a tall man in black robes and the other had black spiky hair and was wearing casual clothes. Behind them was a blond haired man and they seemed to be talking about something.

Realising that it had nothing to do with her, she went back to browsing the clothes that she was looking at. Saten was always interested in the newest clothes in Academy City, even if she didn't have the funds to buy a lot of them as she was a Level 0.

Those guys were still talking at the window however something one of them said could be heard even at the end of the corridor that Saten Ruiko was at.

"Perseus, son of Zeus, I use your great mirror to reflect and blind my opponents!" came a voice. Saten turned to see what the ruckus was all about and that was all saw.

She received a face full of light and her eyes burned. She covered them on instinct and cried out as she fell to the floor screaming and twisting in pain.

There was just so much pain that she didn't think about what had just happened. Other screams filled her ears but soon, one by one they died down until it was just only her screaming in pain.

Then suddenly, someone had grabbed her arms. She didn't want to see the light. She struggled, trying to pull away from the person as they tried to get her hands off her eyes. She continued screaming and did so louder when the person managed to get her hands off her eyes.

The person in front of her then put their own hand over her eyes and the pain was less intense. It was still there of course and Saten felt faint however it was no longer a burning pain. She felt her head being lowered gently onto the ground, her vision blurred.

She caught a glimpse of the person who had dealt with the pain, unable to see their face in her blurred vision. However that figure had black spiky hair. Saten thought in her head that that person that saved her must be that guy she had seen. No self-respecting girl that Saten had ever seen would have black spiky hair.

The boy spoke.

"Murray Bodine. I don't care who you tried to kill or for what reason."

Saten Ruiko felt her consciousness fading due to the pain that had just passed.

"But if you bring innocent people into your fights for your own ends-"

Saten had no idea what the boy was talking about but somehow she felt consoled just by his words. Although he was not even talking to her, she still felt comforted. Why was that?


The boy yelled. Saten watched as the boy left her vision.

Who…was that?

That was what Saten Ruiko thought as she fell unconscious.

Saten had spent the next 5 days in hospital. Apparently there had been a problem with her retinas, something that the doctors didn't know how it occurred. Saten's thoughts immediately went to that mysterious boy however she had no proof that the boy had done anything about something that had damaged her retinas. Of course, they boy had helped her somehow, just didn't know how.

Naturally, her friends came over to see her condition. Judgment members Uiharu Kazari and Shirai Kuroko as well as the famous Railgun of Tokiwadai Misaka Mikoto.

They had come every day after school and out of their Judgment duties, something that Saten was glad that they did even though they didn't have to. When they asked her what had happened, she had told them that she would tell them when she got out. She herself was still processing the events.

She had wondered if that spiky haired guy that she seen in the hospital with a bad leg was the same spiky haired guy that had saved her. Of course, that guy had left already by the time she had left and, as promised, she went over to the Tokiwadai dorm to tell her friends what had happened.

Even Saten thought that the events if the day where she had been injured were quite strange but she felt that maybe her friends could have some input.

Uiharu and Shirai had managed to get there quite early so the three of them waited for the last person, Misaka Mikoto. And when she did show up, something different was about her.

"Onee-sama!" cried Shirai as she looked at what was in Mikoto's hands. It was a small figurine, of a frog that Mikoto loved so much. "Where did you get that Gekota doll!?" she yelled.

Mikoto smiled. "I had some help getting it. You needed two people and I didn't think you'd want to do that racing game." She fondled the doll in her hands, almost as if it was a baby.

"D-Don't tell me it's that ape!?" yelled Shirai. "To think that he defeated me at this level!?"

Saten and Uiharu had heard about this mysterious 'ape' before however they had no idea who he was or his name.

"W-What makes you think that?!" yelled Mikoto in return. "I mean you're right but what makes you think-Oh crap! Did I leave him there!?" Mikoto turned in the direction that she came. She then mumbled, "He has a bad leg…and did I thank him?" She merely looked in the direction for a while before shaking her head and turned to the others. Saten could see the faint blush on her cheeks and smiled.

"OK. I'll go put this guy in my room and meet you out here. I'll be quick!" Mikoto raced off and the others merely looked at each other and awaited her return.

When Mikoto had put back her doll, the four of them had moved to a comfortable park that they knew of, passing by a Certain Vending Machine.

They found a bench and they all sat on it, Saten telling her story. It was short, the details involving the ruckus that the men had made as well as the mysterious boy that she had seen.

When Uiharu had asked about him, Saten had described him the best that she could. Including his spiky hair.

Kuroko and Mikoto looked at each other at the mention of that detail.

"Onee-sama. Could it be?" asked Kuroko.

Mikoto frowned. "Who knows? It sounds like something that idiot would do….."

Uiharu and Saten looked at them. "Do you know him Misaka-san?" asked Saten. "I'd like to thank him for helping me out."

Mikoto crossed her arms and turned to Uiharu. "Do you think you could get some security tapes of the incident?" she asked.

Uiharu shook her head. "Shirai-san and I tried to find some and all we found was the blond-haired culprit. The others that Saten-san has mentioned were out of the frame so we couldn't see. We tried finding some other footage but it's like someone doesn't want us to find it. It's all been erased."

Mikoto nodded and looked at Saten. "Sorry Saten-san." She said. "Unless I can make sure it's that idiot I really don't want to talk about him."

Saten was about to ask what was so bad about the guy when both Uiharu and Shirai's phones rang. They answered almost simultaneously.

"Hello?" they asked. Seeing the curious glares of the people next to them, Uiharu put her phone on speaker.

"-diot got himself stuck in this machine in the arcade. We've already got 15 Anti-Skill with another 5 coming and 13 Judgment members. It's quite entertaining although it's starting to piss me off. Wanna come?" the voice was from a member of the same branch of Judgment that they were from.

"What would we be able to do?" asked Shirai.

"I have no idea." Replied the person on the other end. "Maybe teach this guy a lesson? Hear that?" said the person to the culprit that was on the other end. "We're gonna get some guys to teach you what happens when you jam locks. And why doesn't my power work? Just what is your ability?"

"Right now my ability is to listen to you when you should be….oh I don't know, GETTING ME OUT OF THIS CHAIR!" yelled a voice on the other end. Mikoto and Kuroko paled as they heard the voice, unnoticed by Uiharu and Saten. Apparently, the Judgment member had reacted by hitting the guy constantly. "OI! Don't do that! Not the leg! Gyahh!? Such misfortuuuuuuuuuuuuuune!"

The call ended with that cry and Uiharu turned to Shirai. "Shirai-san, should we-"

"No." came the reply from the Judgment member. She turned to Misaka. "It seemed that you-"

"Yeah." Replied Mikoto, partly embarrassed. "I know." She stood up. "I'm…..gonna head back to the dorm now." She said sighing. She had yet to take a step when she turned to Uiharu and Saten. "Say, there's something on in School Garden. If you want this code to get in, we can give it to you."

"Really Misaka-san!?" asked Saten, ecstatic. She turned to Uiharu. "Wanna go?"

Uiharu nodded and they both looked at Mikoto who tried to remember the number off the top of her head.

"392…39260…Hang on." Mikoto frowned and then remembered it. "392600424189204. Yeah that's it. 392600424189204." Saten had used a pen to right down the numbers on her hand.

"So are you going to meet us there?" asked Saten.

Kuroko nodded. "I don't see a reason not to. So, we'll see you tomorrow?" she asked and Saten and Uiharu nodded smiling at each other.

The next day, Saten and Uiharu made their way to School Garden. Of course, Saten didn't waste time getting into her normal routine of flipping up Uiharu's skirt-apparently she was wearing white with blue stripes today-much to Uiharu's embarrassment.

When they arrived at the School Garden, an Anti-Skill blocked their way. They gave him the code and he nodded letting them in, not without frowning.

They passed by numerous shops, taking the time to look into them as they did so. Constantly Saten thought back to the conversation the day before. Had Misaka-san and Shirai-san known that guy?

"Say Uiharu." Said Saten s she walked down the road with her friend. "Do you have any members of Judgment with spiky hair?"

Uiharu looked at her and put a finger to her chin. "I can't say. "She replied. "You still thinking about that guy?"

Saten nodded. "I really think that I should thank that guy you know? I mean he just left." The thought that she was on made Saten remember a rumour that she had heard once. "Say Uiharu, have you heard the rumour that a certain unknown Level 0 can defeat the Railgun?"

Uiharu raised an eyebrow. "Misaka-san being defeated by a Level 0? I really don't think that is a Level 0 who could defeat Misaka-san."

They passed a boy that was taking a rest leaning against a shop wall. Still, Saten felt that she should keep the conversation of the rumour going.

"Well then Uiharu, where did the rumour of a certain unknown Level 0 even come from? It had to have had a basis. Not only that but I once heard of a rumour that said that a Level 0 defeated the Number One esper."

A girl cried out a name of "Touma!" behind them and Uiharu thought about the rumour, considering her answer. That was when Saten stopped. That guy…that guy that they had just passed.

"Saten-san?" asked Uiharu. "What is it?" Saten frowned. She couldn't remember what the guy they had passed looked like; after all she had hardly noticed him. But something about him felt familiar. She turned around to see what the guy had looked like-

-just as a Knight dressed in silver armour descended and stabbed the ground, rocks and dirt flying in all directions. Small parts of rocks flew in their direction and Uiharu and Saten cried out. As such, they didn't have the chance to hear what the Knight had said when he talked however, Saten saw Uiharu step forward.

"Stop!" she cried pulling on her Judgment armband even though there was dust in her eyes. "As a member of Judgment I-"

However, she was interrupted. The guy that they had just passed called out to Uiharu. His voice sounded familiar to but Saten was unsure. After all, she had almost been unconscious when she had heard it before. "Get out of here!"

In that moment, numerous things happened. The Knight spoke and swung his sword, it glowing light blue. The guy was thrown through the air so fast that Uiharu and Saten didn't get a good look at him, not being able to before through the dust.

The guy smashed through a window of a restaurant and fell through. People were screaming and running around frantically while Saten and Uiharu were still.

That same girl voice called that same name but again and the Knight cut at something in the dust but the blade was turned up into the air. Then a figure ran through the dust and went over the window of the restaurant.

As soon as she was over there, she said something but Uiharu and Saten couldn't make it out. The Knight moved in the next moment at a tremendous speed. The guy pushed the girl out of the way and just as the blade was about to strike the guy-

-something kicked it in the side throwing it onto the road. The dust made it hard to see so Uiharu and Saten couldn't make it out. Then the mysterious figure leaped away with what looked like the guy and the girl. And then unbelievably, the Knight stood up.

The Knight looked in the direction that the 3 had gone and then at a building next to him. Without hesitation he ran towards it, throwing the blade as he did so, so that the blade was halfway between the top of the building and the ground.

He jumped, landing on the blade and then jumped again, taking the blade out of the wall as he did so and then landed on top of the building and out of Uiharu and Saten's sight.

They merely stood where they were, in awe and completely confused at what had just happened.

Judgment members as well as Misaka Mikoto were the first among the scene. Naturally Shirai and Misaka went over to their friends and asked them what had happened.

In nervous voices they explained what had transpired. After they were finished, Mikoto frowned.

"Are you sure that someone cried out Touma?" Saten and Uiharu nodded. Did the name mean something to her?

Mikoto looked at Kuroko and she sighed. "It seems that ape is up to something again. I have no idea whether or not we'll figure it out. Onee-sama, can you come with me? Uiharu too. Saten-san, I don't really think that we'll need your assistance."

Saten smiled. "OK. I'll see you guys soon OK?" and with that Saten walked off. Of course, she knew why Shirai had sent her away. She was a Level 0 and someone who couldn't do much unlike the #3 esper. And besides, that Knight that appeared in front of her she had no intention of seeing again.

Something inside her was glad that Shirai had sent her away. But still, she hoped that they would keep safe but still numerous thoughts swirled in her mind.

Who was that Knight? And that guy, Touma, what did Mikoto and Kuroko mean when they had said he was up to something again? Was he involved?

Saten would most likely get the information that she needed from Uiharu or Mikoto so all she had to do was wait. Regardless, that left one more problem. That rumour that she and Uiharu had talked about before the Knight had appeared bothered her. She liked to get to the bottom of some rumours however some eluded her such as that rumour as well as one of the more popular ones: that there was an ability that negated other abilities.

Saten smiled at herself. She now had something to keep her busy.

For the next two days, Saten found a lot of information. However this information was not one that she was focused on.

Uiharu had called to tell she what they had found out which was very little. Apparently the culprit had been detained although not by Judgment or Anti-Skill. The higher-ups of Academy City had announced that they had been taken away to a facility 'outside' Academy City however there were numerous unanswered questions.

Two days ago, when the supposed criminal was apprehended, an area that apparently been the place of the arrest had had no people around. How was that possible? There had been no detours but people just avoided it. Was there some kind of Imaginary District Experiment going on? Also, all the glass in buildings that were within a 100 metre radius of the centre of that area were completely smashed.

The only power that could manage that was a Level 4 Sound Waver and the most powerful esper with that ability had been arrested upon an attempt on the life of a certain unknown Level 0. But that was all the information that Saten found out. No other culprit was seen on security cameras.

On the other hand, with that rumour of the esper who defeated the #1 and #3, she had no luck whatsoever. There had been a name that was released with the rumour however that was lost completely. The threads of blogs that had the name were deleted so it was like the person never existed. Only the rumour existed.

No matter how hard Saten tried to look for people who knew the rumour, they said they had no information. Running a hand through her hair, she touched the flower on the left side of her head.

If the source of the rumour had no information that left one choice. Go to the parties that the rumour specified. Saten had no idea who this certain Level 0 was and she didn't know the #1.

However she did know the #3.

Saten waited outside the Tokiwadai Dorm after her school finished and managed to catch Misaka Mikoto before she went inside.

Her face was down when Saten approached.

"What's wrong Misaka-san?" asked Saten.

"Hmm?" said Mikoto as she looked up. "Oh, it's just you Saten-san. I intended on apologising to that guy but it's way too embarrassing. I heard from Kuroko that it took a blowtorch to get him out so I feel a little guilty."

Saten tilted her head. "Well, if that guy's your friend, shouldn't it be fine if you apologise? That guy would understand."

Mikoto sighed. "Yeah." She looked up, her facial expression having improved. "So what is it? Kuroko and Uiharu are out investigating those buildings that had all their windows and stuff smashed."

Saten nodded. "Yeah. Apparently someone thought that they heard a roar just before the building's smashed." Mikoto raised an eyebrow. "Oh! Right! Well, I wanted to ask you about that rumour."

Mikoto frowned. Something felt off about the way that he had asked and Mikoto felt an ominous feeling in the air. "Rumour?" she asked.

Saten nodded. "Yeah, that rumour about that unknown Level 0 that can defeat you, the Rai-Mmmph!" Saten couldn't finish as Mikoto covered her mouth with her hand. Mikoto looked around the area, people staring at them and then Mikoto took Saten by the hand and led her away.

She didn't know where they were going and it seemed that Mikoto didn't either until she had reached their destination. The Tokiwadai Dorm. It appeared that they had down a complete circle.

Saten looked confused however Mikoto started speaking. "Saten-san, you best stop looking into that rumour." Saten raised an eyebrow and then smiled.

"Oh? Does the fact that there's a rumour about being defeated annoy you?" she asked cheekily.

"Ruiko." Said Mikoto sharply. Saten froze. Mikoto rarely used her personal name and off the top p her head, she couldn't' think of where she had. The tone in which she had been addressed was forceful. Something was up and it surrounded that rumour. Saten could tell that much.

"Mi….saka-san?" she asked. "What is it?"

Mikoto took another look around before turning to her. "There's a group that's around that rumour. They call themselves MINUS. Last I heard, they were a bunch of Level 0's but that could have changed. But, what they are based on is that Level 0 in that rumour."

"Why?" asked Saten. What did this MINUS group have to do with that unknown Level 0?

Mikoto raised an eyebrow. "I would think that a Level 0 like you would know that better than anyone. Aren't Level 0's depicted as weak?" Saten nodded. Of course that was true. "And if a Level 0 were to defeat a Level 5? Would they still be called weak?" Saten realised what she meant. That Level 0 had proved that they were not weak. And there would be some people who would embrace that, think that they were strong.

"MINUS takes the rumour seriously. And most of all they don't want that Level 0's identity revealed. If that were to do so, they think that me and the #1 would go after them. And they'll do anything. Literally." Mikoto's tone was dark. "So don't look into the rumour anymore. I don't think anyone overheard us so be careful. I don't want MINUS coming after you."

Saten nodded and looked around her. She saw eyes that were not directed at her suddenly doing so. She felt a tingle of fear. A group of Level 0's? What if they had grown? If a Level 0 could defeat the #1, then didn't that to apply to Level 1s as well? Level 2s, 3s and 4s? Anyone could be in MINUS.

But still, Saten's curiosity wanted to ask one question.

"So…..does this certain unknown Level 0 exist?"

"Ruiko." Mikoto's tone was sharp again, daring her to ask again. Saten thought about the question and decided a different approach.

"Well, let's say hypothetically. Do they hypothetically exist?" asked Saten with a grin.

Mikoto sighed and looked around before letting out a small nod that only someone close could see.

Saten grinned. "And hypothetically, do you see this person a lot?"

Mikoto let out a small smile. "Well, if they do exist, which they hypothetically do, then I could say that yes I do see him. And quite a lot."

Saten raised an eyebrow. "And do you like….him?" she asked with a grin.

"Wh-Wh-Wh-What!? End of questions!" Mikoto blushed furiously as she stormed back towards the Dorm, Saten smiling on the street. So….the rumour was true. There was a Level 0 esper out there who had defeated at least the #3. The #1 though? Saten wasn't sure.

From what she had heard about him, he had the ability Vector Change, the ability to manipulate vectors around him. How was someone with extremely little power, yet power nonetheless, like a Level 0 do anything?

Saten was stumped and didn't make the connection. Wouldn't an ability that negates others cancel out that Vector Change?

Saten looked in a certain direction and then headed for home. Still, she wondered about that mysterious group and the rumour? What was MINUS? Were they near?

Saten didn't know and had no intention to find out.

Ogiwara Junko was a Level 3 esper. Normally, that in itself would not be a notable detail however there was something that about her that was different. And that was she was a member of MINUS, along with her brother Kingo.

The thought that someone weak yet powerful was something that she and her brother idolised. She had yet to reach that Level known as 3, yet that Level 0 showed that they were strong.

And so, when she had passed by the Tokiwadai Dorm and heard two girls talk about that rumour she stopped. And listened. They went around the block once and then appeared at the same place, Junko following them the whole way. And the entire time she listened.

She knew who the brown-haired one was. It was Misaka Mikoto, the Railgun. On another occasion, Junko would have thought about what to do in her presence however with the large operation that was coming up, she didn't have to act. Misaka Mikoto would be dealt with in that operation.

No, the problem was the black-haired girl. She was the one asking the questions and in Junko's eyes that made a threat to MINUS and that Level 0 they worked to protect.

She could attack in any number of ways. She had the ability Metal Twist, an ability that allowed her to twist metal into other shapes, for example a coin into a bullet. However she could not expand or make smaller objects into bigger objects. Thus was the limit of her power.

Junko felt the bulge in her jacket that she wore. Of course, she wouldn't have to use Metal Twist to deal with her.

Saten Ruiko walked home, still thinking about what Mikoto had said. Was that Level 0 really that idolised? She could see why that was the case but to the extent of forming a group? It seemed a bit extreme for her, something that she would never join.

She reached the traffic lights and waited for the traffic to stop, waiting patiently. Someone tapped her shoulder and she turned around.

The girl in front of her was a little bit taller than her and wore glasses, square spectacles that covered her green eyes. She had long black hair that had occasional white stripes that must have been fashionable. She wore casual clothes and a thick jacket having changed into them after school unlike Saten.

"Excuse me, can you show me the direction towards the Tokiwadai Dorm?" she asked while smiling.

Saten tilted her head and nodded. She pushed past the girl and pointed in a certain direction. "Well if you walk-"

She stopped as she felt something metal and circle shaped press up against her stomach. He looked down at the object and paled. A gun was being placed near her stomach.

"Scream and you die. I have a silencer and I'm not afraid to fire this gun." Said the girl. Saten looked at the girl, the green eyes that were full of warmth before now icy cold.

"Wh-What do you want?" said Saten with a shaky voice. Had she been randomly targeted? However the answer that the girl gave shattered that thought.

"I want to you to stop prodding into that rumour. Curiosity killed the cat is the English phrase right? Well, it's going to be taken quite literally here. Walk." The gun was pressed in Saten's stomach harder and she had no choice but to move.

Saten gulped as she moved. Where was she going? What was going to happen to her? Although the answer was obvious, Saten's mind was filled with thoughts that somehow there was some force out there in that scientific world that would act to save her.

Kamijou Touma sighed. After getting out of the hospital after 2 days with his leg feeling incredibly better he had reluctantly returned to school.

"Kamijou-chan. Although I do have a note from the hospital, just how many days are you planning on staying there? Do you really hate school that much?" asked his teacher Komoe with tears in her eyes.

The class awaited his answer, silent. Kamijou looked from her to them and sweated. Somehow he felt that no matter what he answered some major misfortune was coming his way.

"N-no sensei." He said. "I just managed to run into some trouble. Please don't blame my lack of attendance on my misfortune…."

Komoe-sensei sighed before going back to teaching the class. And after school had finished….

"Ah! Kamijou-chan! Here's all the homework that you missed out on."

A massive stack of paper was on her desk that made Kamijou pale. It was literally around the size of a phone book that in order to make it all stay together someone had managed to staple the pages together using some magical stapler in Kamijou's eyes. That…..was all he missed out on? How was he going to carry it all?

"It's all due tomorrow so you'll have to get some help or stay up all night. If I make an exception, no-one else will do it." Said Komoe as she smiled.

Kamijou on the other hand was doing nothing of the sort as he was forced to carry the large stack of paper. He had glanced at the first paper and his eyes boggled.

"WHAT!? LETTERS IN MATHS? What is this mysterious phenomenon!? Agh! Such misfortune!" he cried, figuring out he would manage to do all of the work. His thoughts immediately went to a certain Railgun who had helped him before however he had no idea where she was.

And so, Kamijou had headed towards Tokiwadai Middle School carrying all of those papers which were incredibly heavy. And when he had reached there….

"Look! It's Kamijou-kun!" cried one student who was over by the gate. Numerous faces all turned in that direction and Kamijou didn't see Mikoto at all. Not that he had actually looked. After all his first instinct was to run.

And so he fled Tokiwadai Middle School somehow managing to keep all of his papers from flying away as he cried "Such misfourtuuuuuuuuuuuune!"

And so, Kamijou Touma managed to escape the onslaught of Middle School students. How was he going to do all of this homework and manage to feed that freeloader of his?! Maybe the Dorm Manager would strike a bargain although after what had happened the last time he was there, he didn't think it was likely.

Still, he would manage to think of something. He headed towards Tokiwadai Dorm and spotted a familiar face as he did so.

It was the black haired girl that he had met in Seventh Mist and at School Garden. He didn't know her name but that flower in her hair was awfully familiar. However the person who was right next to her was not.

She had green eyes and square spectacles along with black hair that had white stripes in it. Kamijou didn't know her however something was off. The black-haired girl with the flower was walking quite stiffly and Kamijou could see sweat on her forehead from where he was.

The other girl however was awfully calm, almost a forced relaxed expression. Kamijou knew the expression that the black-haired girl had. It was one that he had himself when a gun was pointed to him by Oyafune Monaka, a member of Academy City's Board of Directors.

The way that the other girl was up close to her sent off warning bells inside Kamijou's head. Something was off.

But the thing was, would could Kamijou Touma do about it?

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