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"The ….Network Transfer? asks Misaka not entirely sure what it is that you are talking about."

One thing was in the forefront of her mind; something that had happened during the Daihaseisai however she was not sure if this was similar or different to it in any aspects. In the end, she had no knowledge about what was going to happen to her or the Misaka Network itself.

The Researcher merely clicked his tongue before turning and looking towards what she knew to be the location of the large TVs that she had seen before.

"I'm not going to bother to tell you. After all, that would only give you more reason to resist. But there's something else that I want to see. Someone else that has to hear what I'm about to say."

He picked up something from the machine that was in the centre of the room before pointing it towards the screens and clicking the button on the thing that he had acquired; a remote control. There was a sound of something turning on behind her however the fact that she was strapped in the helmet meant that it was hard for Misaka Imouto to actually get a good look at what had happened.

"Let's just wait for our other guests shall we?"

The Sisters could do nothing as Kamijou Touma had jumped up, running towards the DER model that had attacked them and ran towards it. The move itself was crazy, the large machine still operable and able to shoot the approaching boy.

However that did not stop him. And in fact, nothing went out of its way in order to stop the boy either. There was no movement by the DER, no shooting, nothing. In fact it was not until Kamijou had actually gone up to it that he had in turn done something to aggravate it and attract its attention.

He had gone in front of it and had given one of the protruding machine guns a good kick and it was at that moment that the machine had reacted. It turned towards where Kamijou was however he had already thought ahead and ducked, covering his head as bullets continued to fire over his head and into the wall behind him. Yet they never angled down, where Kamijou was and thus they did not hit him.

The Sisters watched, fascinated at the scene in front of them and Kamijou rose his head from where he lay extremely carefully. And it was at that moment that he confirmed his guess. He turned towards the other Sisters.

"Oi! It's remote control! Someone else is using the cameras in the facility in order to get a fix on our location and then use it to attack us!" he shouted towards them, pointing above them. They all looked up and sure enough, one of the cameras that lay at the end of the corridor had been smashed, done by the Sister that Kamijou had tackled when the machine had first attacked them. It was obvious that when she had fired her gun involuntarily, she had managed to strike the camera which now served as the only thing that prevented the group from having more holes than Swiss cheese.

They turned back towards him as Kamijou headed straight for them, one of the Sisters turning towards the others.

"In essence, that means that this is the only safe space reports Misaka #10039 as she glares at the machine."

"You can't be seriously thinking about staying here can you?!" blurted out Kamijou as he looked at her. "Misaka Imouto is counting on us to get to her! Although Accelerator and Mikoto are here, we can't just wait things out!"

The Sisters looked towards him and then one of them out forward a suggestion. "Misaka #19090 questions whether or not we can follow the waves created by the remote? suggests Misaka as she devises a way to save Misaka #10032." She said. The others looked at her and one of the other clones put a hand to her chin.

"Although our ability is weaker than the Onee-sama's, is there nothing that we can do about the waves that surely must be created by the remote? asks Misaka #13577 as she comes up with an idea." Said one of the others.

"Wait, you can do that?" asked Kamijou as he looked towards them.

"Not necessarily puts in Misaka #10039 in order to not have false hope. Our power cannot compare with Onee-sama so there is very little we can do in regards to tracing the signal explains Misaka towards you." Said another one of the clones.

"But….." said one of the clones that had not spoken before. The group turned towards her. "Even though we cannot trace it, surely when each individual unit comes close enough, the signal strength should be strong enough to trace correct? asks Misaka as she gives another suggestion." The other Sisters thought about that for a moment before slowly nodding.

For certain, although they had 1/20000 of the power of the Original, there was the fact that they did have the power to sense the same waves that she could. Although it was not to same extent, the possibility still remained within them.

"The problem then lies in the fact that we do not know where the signal originates from responds Misaka as she gives her assessment." Again, one of the clones that had not contributed to the conversation gave her opinion. "And if we move from this one spot, there is the chance that we will be pursued says Misaka while pointing out the flaws."

The other Sisters hung their heads however there was one thing that the observer asked before standing up. "So all we have to do is run around this facility in order to find the location of the signal? Are you guys sure that you haven't already taken note of the signal already?" asked Kamijou Touma.

The Sisters looked towards him and shook their head. Even if they had determined the location of the signal already that just meant that they would already know where the enemy was. As they had not determined it that meant that the locations that they had not checked out were their only options in order to determine the location of the waves that the remote controlling the DER were.

"If that's the case, then all of you working together should be enough right? All you have to do is move in different directions." Said Kamijou.

"Incorrect says Misaka as she corrects you." Once more one of the Misaka clones who had not spoken gave her thoughts on the matter. "While Misaka does have power it is very small. Working in teams of two or three would be better towards fighting any potential enemies and having a fighting force that would be large enough to counter whoever is holding the remote says Misaka. Also these goggles should assist as well." Said the Misaka as she indicated towards them.

Kamijou nodded and bit his lip. That meant that they could not cover ground as much as he thought they would however that was not the only problem. Due to the fact that the Sisters had already moved through most of the facility, they had already checked those parts. The problem lay in the fact that searching the rest would be hard, especially if their enemy was focusing upon the cameras in order to hide as well as know their locations.

However at the same time, there was a small solution. This facility was in flames and Kamijou had no idea how long it was before it actually burnt down but that would certainly restrict movements. That gave them the advantage.

"But we still have to face the largest obstacle says Misaka #19090 as she looks towards the enemy." She turned towards the large machine that was standing in the way.

All of the Sisters stood up and held their Toy Soldiers towards it, Kamijou already having a solution in mind. He stepped forward and some of the Sisters followed him, knowing that the machine would not attack.

He turned towards them. "Alright, we'll all split up and find that remote and its holder. That way we can go and save Misaka Imouto without us dying ourselves."

"What about you? asks Misaka #10039. You do not have the same power as us so how are you going to assist?" said the clone.

Kamijou had already determined that. Not only did he not have the power that they did, the Imagine Breaker residing in his right hand meant that there was a high chance that even if he did participate, the power of the sisters would be negated if he got too close. That was why he had already come to a solution regarding that.

"I'll leave that to you. I'll buy as much time as I can." He said before racing forward, sliding underneath the DER model before sharply standing up and turning left as soon as he got free from under the model. It was not until he passed another corridor that the machine moved in response.

Having already taking note of Kamijou on one of the passing cameras, it turned, angling its machines guns towards him before firing, Kamijou holding his head down and moving in the corridor, wishing to himself that it was a tiny bit bigger. More than once, he felt something whiz by his uniform and he angled his head, not only seeing the DER model deciding to move towards him but also the Sisters as they stood in silence due to the sudden move that Kamijou had made.

"Hurry! We don't have much ti-Shit!" Kamijou was interrupted as part of the wall that was next to him burst apart, throwing bits of rubble towards him. He took another sharp turn behind another corridor, poking his head out to shout some more. "There's nothing I can do now! So please make sure that everyone gets back safely! Destroy this machine so that we can advance!" Kamijou finished with that and rounded the corner, the machine in close pursuit, the Sisters silently looking at each other in response.

Again that boy trusted them. He had not met some of them mind but he still trusted them. It was not only because he was goodhearted. It was because he had faith in their humanity that they would do what was right, work towards saving one of their own. Sure, that thought was naïve but Kamijou had not strayed from that thought even in the situation that he found himself in. And it was that thought that had made him take action in the way that he did.

"The Saviour is right says Misaka #19090. We must move fast." She went down one of the corridors that led down to a different section of the facility while the others did the same.

And once more, 'that' feeling was present in the minds of the Sisters. That boy was working hard, taking the bullet probably quite literally in order to fight for one of their own. He had done so without any other requirement and had made it to that final obstacle. He would fight until the end; that much was clear. He would fight for the Sisters without any objection or thought for the after effects.

And somehow, Kamijou Touma had made them all move on. This encouraged the Sisters to take that first step, giving them that small light that they had to live. And to an extent, he had made them human even more.

'That' feeling that the Sisters had towards him and him alone was once more an emphasis on just how human they had turned out to be.

Kamijou took a sharp turn once again, feeling the heat on his skin of the bullets that had sparked past him. He had been at this for more or less a few minutes and the damage showed. Not only was his shoulder bleeding from the force of the fire extinguisher from before as well as the palms of his hands where he had cut them but parts of his side were bleeding, rubble having being blasted there without so much as resistance. Each step was painful however it was nothing to the alternative of stopping the chase and failing to be the bait.

However almost ironically, he had made it further into the facility than he had thought. The Sisters had not reached this part in their first strike, the fact that this part of the facility was untouched reflected that.

Also the fact that there was a number of Powered Suits in front of him reflected that as well.

"Goddamn it!" Kamijou cried as he stopped, seeing the Powered Suit look straight at him, holding up the anti-barrier revolving shotgun towards him. He did not know if someone was inside however he couldn't make a proper judgment at the current moment. He had seen them before in Avignon however had not thought to take one on head first. That would be stupid.

Then again, when Kamijou looked at the situation that he was in, stupid was not really a term that he wanted to use to describe himself. He looked behind him, only to see that the DER model was looking straight at him however his gut told him to get down. Now.

He did so and at that same moment, bullets roared through the air. The mere sound of the blasts as well as the mere force from the shots fired from the anti-barrier shotguns almost made Kamijou stumble to the ground, however he did not yet oxygen was forced from his lungs from being to close and he felt himself winded.

He covered his head as the bullets died down too which Kamijou had a look at something that had fallen to the ground in front of him, seeing the shotgun itself from the Powered Suit. Thankfully, there was no blood; Kamijou wondering how the Powered Suit was operating without a pilot however all thoughts were discarded. He immediately acted as the bullets died down.

The gun was heavy as he picked it up from the ground however unlike his fight with Terra of the Left, no guillotine was going to stop him this time. He had a look at the enemies in front of him, or rather the lack of them, the parts of the machines lying everywhere as the DER had fired on its own. This was a mistake that only a human could make.

He turned as fast as he could around and held up the heavy gun towards the DER. Perhaps the speed that it had been moving towards him had thrown off all of the fire extinguisher's foam, the weapon was devoid of the stuff. Yet at the same time, Kamijou watched as the turrets slowly moved down towards him.

He wasted no time and pulled the trigger.

Just one blast was enough to make Kamijou's body shake and pain burst from everywhere due to the recoil. He coughed up blood without warning merely from being too close from the monstrous weapon and his body felt as though it had been crushed inside a vice. It felt as though he had been punched in the stomach and his injured shoulder took the worst of it. However the effects of it were seen.

The shell from the shotgun headed directly for one of the machine guns, ripping it apart as well as the armour underneath. The machine guns stopped moving towards Kamijou, as if the person that was watching things from afar was shocked at the scene in front of them. Kamijou was as well, noticing the raw power that was behind the gun. However he knew that any second lost was a second away from death.

So he pulled the trigger again. There was nothing that he could do about the recoil, gagging as the shock of the blow resounded in his body and caused him to cough up more blood again, surprised at the fact that his shoulder had not broken. However the second shot was not that accurate, aimed a little up to which it hit the head of the DER. Almost as if it was made out of glass, it pierced through the armour and came out the other side, to which Kamijou waited to see the results.

Sparks flew from the machine however it was clearly not out, the retaliation in the form of bullets coming towards him making that clear. Kamijou covered his head as they pierced the ground next to him and found that the damage that he had taken had been more than he expected.

He stalled for a moment however a moment would have been enough. All it would have taken was for the machine gun to move towards him and then fire, everything would be over. However that did not occur. Instead there was a pained whirring as if the machine had broken to which Kamijou looked at the machine.

The machine turret looked as if it wanted to move to face Kamijou however could not. Kamijou guessed that the shell from the shotgun had done more damage than he thought and moved accordingly. Grunting, he stood up and moved forward in the room that he found himself in, the DER finding another way to do damage, firing as it moved its body to do so in a sweep.

However at the same time, Kamijou ducked his head down, feeling things whiz past his head as a result and was thankful, which he was rarely, for the fact that Index had strengthened his cranium in order to deal with some great wound. However he did not think that biting down on his head made him bulletproof.

The DER realised what had happened and moved forward, planning on smashing Kamijou into submission however Kamijou had already gone past the next door and had rounded the corner into another corridor, the DER sweeping again in order to mow down Kamijou however all it did was merely strike the wall and other forms of resistance that was in its way.

Kamijou managed to get a good look at the map in his back pocket before running again, his body aching. Ironically, he was closer to Misaka Imouto than he thought. Despite the fact that the map that he had was burnt in some aspects, he knew the route to take.

And only one room lay between him and the central station where Misaka Imouto was being held in a room that had no name.

Kamijou Touma had no intention on getting this far in the first place. He had hoped that the Sisters would deal with the machine however that reality was not going to happen at the current rate so all he had to do was run. And in the end, running was something that Kamijou Touma did very well.

While on one hand, that boy was being chased, another team was in pursuit. Or rather the three teams of Sisters that had been formed.

Having already found the remote signal throughout the facility, the Sisters had called the others upon the Network and all eight of the remaining Sisters had already found the best location to where they had to go.

Bullets soared through the air from the Toy Soldiers towards the security robots that had formed a line against the Sisters in opposition. The Toy Soldiers continued their assault and five of the Sisters stopped firing in order to hold up their palms.

Their powers were not that spectacular when compared towards the Original. It was only 1/20000. Their maximum output was only 50,000 volts. However 5 x 50,000 was 250,000 volts. And that was nothing to laugh at.

The security robots that were subject towards the blows did not explode, the output was not that great. However making something explode was not the only way to make a machine stop. They short-circuited and stopped moving, the other four Sisters that were firing using their military training in order to get precision shots towards the centre of the machine to which they powered down.

Yet the Sisters continued forward despite the new obstacle, moving down the one way corridor that they had found. It was lined with white, and somehow it seemed very familiar to all of them and they knew from where. Small openings in the wall opened up to reveal tiny turrets that fired upon the remaining Sisters however by using their powers they managed to use what magnetism that they could in order to press up against wall if it was only for a moment.

The Sisters that had dodged fell back to the ground, two of them combing their powers and throwing an electrical spear towards the turrets nearest to them to which they short circuited while other Sisters tried to take out the turrets on the second row. They exploded as soon as the bullets hit them and the ongoing conflict between human and machine went on.

The Sisters used their powers in order to defend from bullets, using it in teams in order to divert the bullet trajectory away from the main force and then the others would take fire. Using their Electromaster abilities they continued the assault, their military training allowing them the power to attack.

Using the same tactics revealed the same results. They advanced and saw that a door lay at the other end of the hall in front of them however again that one obstacle laid in front of them. And unlike the others, the fact that there was this was defence meant that something was sure to give once someone reached the end of the hall.

The anti-barrier shotgun of the Powered Suit fired in the small hall, the Sisters ducking down in order to avoid the shot and the force from the blow also made them lose their breath. Some of them coughed in order to regain their breath while others, clad in their goggles in order to move forward, leaped forward, their now green 'eyes' shining a bit brighter as they out their hands forward to face the Powered Suit.

The blows hit the machine however it was not enough. Sure, it sparked in response yet at the same time, its movements were restricted if only for a tiny bit. But it was that tiny bit that the Sisters used to their advantage. Taking leaps forward, they reached the machine in steadfast speed, eight different Toy Soldiers being pointed at it at different locations.

The bullets that came from them fired towards the Powered Suit, the close range that the Sisters were attacking making the damage greater than normal. However that was not the true tactic that was being used at the moment. One of the Sisters who had come up from behind placed her Toy Soldier in front of the backpack that the Powered Suit had. It was something that allowed the shotgun that it had to reload however mere bullets would not be able to destroy it completely. However that was not the move that the Sister was taking.

She pulled the trigger and something else came out, not from the barrel but one of the smaller ones underneath it. There was a tiny *PFHT* sound and the other Sisters immediately leaped back, the Powered Suit taking the shot full force, the grenade that had come from the Toy Solider exploding, leaving the Powered Suit in a cloud of dust.

The other Sisters did not want to get hit from behind in case the Powered Suit was still operable so they regrouped in the corridor, in front of the door that was their original objective, the Powered Suit still in between. They looked towards the cloud of smoke, expecting to see the remains of the Suit itself however fate was not so kind.

The Powered Suit stood, relatively untouched. The only damage that it seemed to have taken was the backpack on its back however that was the only damage that it seemed to have taken. Its back sparked occasionally however still the Powered Suit held up the shotgun that it held and, with its limited ammo, let off a shot.

Unlike the other blow though the Sisters did not react in time and the bullet pierced one of the walls that was next to the Sisters, throwing rubble towards them, the mere force from the blow causing them to actually be thrown back as well.

They landed hard on their backs, rubble smashing into their sides on the journey down and one of the Sisters who had managed to regain some form of consciousness fired another grenade towards the Powered Suit. However it was not aimed towards the Suit itself.

The ground beneath the foot of the Suit itself exploded and the Powered Suit seemed to wobble a tiny bit and two of the other Sisters that had also managed to get some feeling into their bodies raced forward, racing behind the machine by using the walls to support themselves, to which they kicked off and landed behind the machine, where the backpack had been previously.

Now that the backpack had been all but removed, the two Sisters could see into the back of the machine itself, the sparking coming from its back being a sign of good omen. They wasted no time holding out their hands and letting electricity spark at their fingertips, releasing it in a concentrated burst into the circuitry of the machine.

Yet at the same time, almost as if the Powered Suit had known what was going to happen, it quickly tried to angle its gun towards the two of the Sisters and fired. The same time that the shot went off, the electricity headed straight for the heart of the Suit.

One did not have to be a Level 5. When one saw the heart of the machine, a proper concentrated burst of electricity towards such would disable any machine. And that was what had happened now. As soon as the electricity hit the machine, it sparked once more, before powering down.

Simultaneously, the blast threw the Sisters of their feet, the bullet obliterating the door that was behind them, turning it into a mess of metal and rubble, the Sisters going unconscious from being too close to the shockwave that it produced as it smashed them against the wall.

The Powered Suit fell forward with a thud and the remaining six Sisters went to their siblings, making sure that they were fine and upon realising that they were, placed them carefully on the walls of the corridor and entered that final room that bridged the gap between failure and success.

Now that the machine gun of the DER could not manoeuvre as much as it could, the person that was controlling it had decided upon a different strategy to eliminate the boy threat.

Kamijou Touma threw himself to the side as the DER model zoomed past him, smashing into the wall that he was standing behind. His legs hurt, his arms and hands hurt however he was not paying attention to that.

He got up and ran forward in the corridor that he found himself in. Ever since the gun had been stuck in place all Kamijou had to do was lower his head in order to avoid bullets however the DER model had found a way around that. By zooming forward at crazy speeds, they obviously hoped towards smashing Kamijou as he ran, plummeting him into the wall that the DER would eventually run into.

In a way, that was scarier than the thought of being shot. And so Kamijou had to decide whether or not to run with his head down or up and that seriously provided Kamijou with his situation being that of being stuck in a rock and a hard place.

There was more whirring from behind him to which Kamijou turned around and looked at the DER got into position to run into him again. He turned forward again and tried to find something that he could turn into however could not, almost stopping in place. The only thing that stood in front of him that he could use to escape was that of a large metal door that looked as though it would take a large amount of force to actually open.

There was more whirring and Kamijou did not need to know what was happening behind him. He increased his speed, with his head still down, before reaching the door, expecting it to open however found that it did not. He stared in shock at it and turned again towards the DER model that increased its speed almost monstrously towards him.

As a natural reaction, Kamijou ducked and went to the floor, knowing that there was no way that he would be able to avoid it by running to the side. He covered his head with his hands and waited for the sound of bones crushing against metal-

Nothing happened. Well, not that Kamijou thought it would. There was a rush of air above him and a crash behind him, the the sound of metal that seemed to bend against its will going through the air. He slowly angled his head up, only to see the empty corridor that he had just run down. Where was the DER?

Her turned behind him and paled. The metal door that was behind him had a large hole in it, to which Kamijou knew the outline of the shape that had pierced through it. The DER model zoomed forward in the room beyond the door to which Kamijou was glad that he had managed to avoid all of the other times that it had tried to ram him. Now, all he had to do was turn and find a different corridor to r-

He stopped as he looked at the end of the room that the DER had gone through. It was completely white and due to the fact that the DER model was still going despite having already smashed through the door meant to him that the room itself was very long yet not very wide as he could see the walls. It was tiled with white yet at the other end of the room there was another door like the one that had just been smashed through.

Central Station

Kamijou knew what lay beyond that door. It was the whole reason that he had entered this battlefield after all. He looked at the sign that was above it. What was this?! He looked at the machine that had stopped and turned; the same machine that had managed to smash through that door.

Why was it that the obstacle that stood between him and that door was that damn machine?!

Kamijou gave a gulp. There was surely another route around. There was no room that had only one entrance. That itself was a fact. Yet at the same time Kamijou was reminded of the time that he had created an entrance in a building that had no entrances to begin with. Well, him, Thor, and Fräulein Kreutune.

Still there had to be another entrance.

And so Kamijou Touma stood up….

And walked through the entrance that had been created. There was no turning back to look down the welcoming corridor that he had run down. There was no hesitation in his steps.

Although the fact remained that it was possible that there was another entrance out there that was only a possibility. There was no way that Kamijou knew that it was the case and he was not going to waste time trying to find something that he had did not existed. Misaka Imouto was waiting for him on the other side. Although he figured that Accelerator and Misaka Mikoto were here as well, there was no knowing where they were so he had to take action.

He stepped into the room and noticed the size of it. It was like a football field in length and Kamijou was taken aback for an instance. Everything that he had seen already was nothing new, the only thing that he noted was the booth that stood higher up the left wall that looked down at the room. It was tinted so he could not see inside however Kamijou thought he heard a muffled 'boom' sound from inside but he was not sure.

He gulped as the DER model turned towards him to which Kamijou let out a nervous smile. Why was he so surprised at the situation in front of him anyway? He went into battles without knowing that anything could go to his expectations and even in his everyday life, things never went his way. So why did he expect anything else? And Kamijou Touma entered that battle with a cry of his own.

"Why did I expect anything else? Such misfortune."

When the six Sisters walked past the door into the room beyond they saw something that they had been looking for.

Just as that boy had said, there was another room that housed security cameras. Similar to the first security room, it was lined on the walls and the back with computers that filled the room with a light. The room itself was fairly large. Around 30 computer screens were lined along the back wall at most and 35 across the walls, making the room look like a gamer's paradise or something like that. It was 10 monitors tall and looking at all of them at once did not seem healthy.

However not all of the back of the room was lined with computers. There was a window that overlooked a room, a room that was pure white with tiles that covered it.

The Sisters looked at the room beyond, reminded of something that they did not want to be remembered before taking focus of the person that was in the room. She sat on a chair that was in the middle of the room itself and almost seemed surprised to see the Sisters that filed into the room however she regained her composure.

She seemed tall, taller than the Sisters at least however she did not wear a lab coat. Instead the t-shirt that she was wearing was large enough to be called a dress and the jeans that she wore were ripped in a number of places. She did not wear any shoes and her brown hair was about shoulder length. She adjusted the glasses over her yellow eyes and gave a smile, before reaching for something in her jeans pocket and pressed it to her mouth.

"They're here. You better hurry." She said before she threw the walkie talkie onto the floor and gave it a kick towards the back of the room.

"Well. Well. I didn't think to see you so soon." She said as she smiled.

"You know why we are here says Misaka #19090 as she looks at the small remote that is your left hand." Said the Sister.

The remote itself was more like a PlayStation remote. There were two joystick-like objects on it, one of the left of it and one of the right, and there were a number if buttons near the joystick of the right. The woman gave a nod before indicating to one of the computers to her right.

"So what? It's not like you can do anything about that clone now. After all, your Original is in a different facility altogether. As is the #1." She added as she indicated to another computer to her left.

The Sisters did not need to look as they had already seen what Misaka #19090 had when she was in the security room. On the monitor to the Sister's left, they saw Misaka Mikoto. She was in front of a door and the camera there showed her reach out for a piece of metal that was on the ground, using a Railgun variant to blow the door off.

To the Sister's right they saw the sight of Accelerator break through a door on the same size and colour to which they both entered another room. Cameras were placed in that room and the monitor that was next to one that whatever Sister was looking at revealed the sight of those Level 5s going pale in the face.

"So all you have in the end is yourselves. And don't even think about that boy. After all," The woman gave a smile.

"He is someone who will know the full extent of the darkness that he has been pulled into involuntarily."

She held up the remote and clicked one of the buttons that was on it, gunshots being heard from the room that then booth was overlooking. They stopped as soon as the lady let go of the button however she moved the analog stick on the left without even stopping to look at the room, hitting the same button as before at the same time.

There was a crash from the room below and a voice came from the rom below.

"How exactly do you have that much ammo?! Shouldn't you have r-" The woman pressed the trigger and more gunshots came from the room to which the boy went silent. However the remaining Sisters had already known who had spoken. And they acted together.

Some of them raised their arms with the Toy Soldiers in them while others raised their arms with electricity sparking however the woman merely smiled. She clicked another button on the remote and all of the computer screens changed their view to be the room that was below them, all different angles as the woman stepped back.

"I should thank you though. You did give me an idea how to remain operative even if you found me."

She quickly slammed one of her arms into the t-shirt that she was wearing and there was the sound of something beeping. Judging from where she had struck it was most likely something that had been in her jeans however the Sisters had no other thoughts as the room filled with foam that came from under the back terminal, quickly enveloping the woman and soon the Sisters as well.

Visibility went to zero and the Sisters looked around, looking through their goggles in order to protect their eyes but still, they would see nothing. Although it allowed them to see in the dark there was no such function for foam, rendering them useless in this situation.

"Stay calm! states Misaka #13577 as she gives an order. We have to-" She was cut off by a gunshot and all of the other Misaka clones looked in the direction that she had just been in. There were footsteps and another Misaka called out.

"Misaka #13577 is fine yells Misak-"

She never finished as another gunshot pierced the air and the other Misaka fell to the ground. Whoever had spoken had confirmed that Misaka #13577 was fine so that meant that it was most likely that the gun contained one of the LV-Drop darts that had been used against Misaka Imouto.

However a few questions came to mind as a result. How exactly was the woman targeting them inside this foam? There was no way that she should be able to see in this condition. There were more gunshots and a boy swearing however every screen here served as a camera for the floor below. The woman could be at any of the computers and even if they were right in front of them, it was hard to see.

So how had she managed to get one of the Sisters, no two of them?

One of the Misaka Sisters, saw the answer and shouted out to the others however was silenced. They were down to three.

However the answer still reached them, the Misaka Network having already received the answer that was needed. And as their new gained advantage was utilised, the sound of a voice came through a loudspeaker that the Sisters did not know was there.

"Good afternoon everyone. It's time to let this begin. The Network Transfer."

"They're here. You better hurry."

That voice came from a walkie talkie that was near the Researcher and he looked at it. He picked it up and looked at it for a moment before throwing it over the edge of the platform that they were on, a while before Misaka Imouto heard the soft 'clank' of it hitting the ground.

"Who was that? asks Misaka as she wonders how many people are participating in your project."

"Shut up." said the Researcher as he gave a sigh. "If you were made to ask questions, we wouldn't have put the Testament with military knowledge in your head so shut up." He turned and faced the TV that Misaka Imouto knew were there. They came on with a florescent light to which the Researcher came towards Misaka Imouto's chair and turned it, allowing her a full view of the screens.

Somehow both of them showed the same thing. There was a chair in the middle of the screen and there was a door in the distance. But one thing that Misaka Imouto took note of was the fact that the overall layout of the platform was one that was similar to them one she found herself on. There were no chairs, only the one, and no stranger machine but only that one machine.

At the same, on both of the TVs, the door at the end of the bridge was utterly destroyed. On the one of the left it sailed through the air before falling down the edges of the bridge and again, even Misaka Imouto heard the soft clunk of it hitting the ground. On the right, there was a bright light and the door was melted due to the heat of the attack.

Two figures raced into the room and Misaka Imouto knew them both. Accelerator and Misaka Mikoto. Her eyes went wide as she looked at them, even at that distance, she saw that they did as well.

The Researcher stepped forward with a malicious smile of his face and Accelerator raced forward with astonishing speed, gripping the chair that in his facility with so much force that when he threw his hand back, the chair was ripped from the bolts on the floor and flew off into the space behind him.

Mikoto had a completely different reaction, looking at the screen in shock as she stepped closer to the screen.

There were gunshots from behind Misaka Imouto however she had no idea who was firing them or how far they were. That kind of psychological idea of hope being in grasp yet too far was something that she blocked out of her head as she looked at the espers who looked straight at her and the Researcher.

"You motherfucker!" shouted Accelerator. "What the fuck do you think you're doing with her?!"

Mikoto, probably due to the fact that there were two screen like in the room Misaka Imouto was in, heard him and snapped too, however the colour had not returned to her face. The Researcher just stood there, seeming to relish inside the victory that he had against the two of the City's Level 5s before regaining his senses, walking to the machine and picking up something that looked like a police radio.

"Good afternoon everyone. It's time to let this begin. The Network Transfer."

He pressed a button that was on the same machine and there was the sound of feedback before Mikoto said something, something that was spread through the entire facility due to the loudspeakers.

"What do you mean Network Transfer?! What do you think that you're doing?!"

"What do you mean Network Transfer?! What do you think that you're doing?!"

The woman had already taken out 3 of the Sisters. Due to the fact that they were espers LV-Drop would work effectively against them and she was thankful for that. Yet she had a whole other clip left in case she missed so she was not worried about running out of ammo.

She was scared of the Sisters finding her first.

Unlike them, she had a gun filled with a tranquilizer. The same could not be said for the Sisters. And she had lost the advantage that she had assumed that she had.

It was probably the last Misaka clone that she had shot that had figured it out however still the fact remained that the advantage that she had was lost, thanks to the Misaka Network, something that annoyed her to a great extent.

"We have removed our goggles, states Misaka #10039 as she reveals the loss of your advantage. You can no longer judge our positions using the glow from them." said a voice through the foam.

Indeed, in the corner, there were 3 green lights and even the woman had to lay low in order to pilot to DER. Unlike the others that were in the separate facility with the #1 and #3, this one was the prototype of the DER series. Hence the P'0'. Each had cost a large amount of money however they had still served a decent purpose, holding back those that had invaded.

Especially here where it counted.

The woman ignored the voice of the Sister and focused on the screen that she could see, moving the DER out of the wall that she had rammed. That bastard that was in the room was extremely beat up, a large red blot where his left shoulder was, dust and dirt covering the rest of his white shirt and trousers, drops of it covering the white floor showing where he had managed to retreat. How the fuck was he managing that?!

Yet at the same time the tenacity that he showed was amazing. She had already tried to shoot him numerous times and even when he was cornered, he had managed to fall to the ground fast enough to be in the gap between the DER and the ground.

It seemed that he had taken note of the loudspeaker and was listening to it intently when she had fired off another sot to which the boy had retreated away from the door leading to the central station and the woman sent to the DER after him where it smashed into the wall.

"You should have some more respect for this you know #3. After all, we even had someone kidnap Last Order as a façade to draw you both away from this facility. Even though we tried again to get Last Order, it seems that we still have our back-up in #10032." The voice of the Researcher entered her ears and she looked up.

"What the fuck do you think you're trying to prove asshole? The Level 6 Shift is already over!" Accelerator's voice came as a yell, nothing that surprised the woman.

"And this project was nothing to do with you. But we did think that you would protest so we took action. You two aren't even near our actual facility. Having this project being approved by Thomas Platinaburg before he died was convenient as it allowed us the staff we needed and the resources to have some expendable buildings." Again the Researcher's voice came through.

"Even now-"

The woman felt something cold press up against her cheek and she turned to the source of it, seeing a Toy Soldier's barrel pressed up to her face. She held up her hands with the remote still in her hand as she looked at the Sister that held the gun. She almost swore out loud for being distracted to this extent. She had the LV-Drop gun in her other hand however she would never get it up in time.

"Drop it suggests Misaka as she orders you what to do." Said the Sister clone. Which one was this one? She didn't know however she did what she was told yet still smiled.

"Heh. You actually thought that things would end here? Like this? Sorry but…..wrong answer." At the sound of those last two words, a beep came from the remote that had fallen to the floor, a red light shining in the foam that had built in the room.

There was another beep from the room that the booth was facing and another one of the clones sent out a message as they looked down at the room where the DER model was.

The message was received however there was nothing anyone could do as the DER revealed its last resort.

The last thing that the woman felt as the DER exploded was the cold feeling of the terminal being smashed against her head as she was flung into it.

Misaka Imouto tried to look behind her as she heard the blast, the shaking that followed extremely unnerving however she never got her eyes or head that far. The Researcher stopped talking and Accelerator and Mikoto looked at the door that was behind the Researcher through the camera however saw nothing.

And not a sound came through. Not a peep. No cry for assistance. Nothing. Even when she reached through the Network, Misaka #10032 could not find anything, or anyone that reached her call.

And that was when it hit her. She was alone. There was no one coming. The last that she had 'seen' of the Sisters in the Network was that of a room full of foam and the suggestion to take off the goggles in order to regain an advantage being the last thing that she remembered from them.

"What was that?" asked Mikoto.

"Cheh." Said the Researcher. "Must have been the other Sisters. I did say that it had to be used as a last resort. I hope that she got away in time."

"WHAT?! What did you do to them?!" yelled Mikoto to the camera.

The Researcher slowly turned his head towards her and tilted it. "Oh? I killed them." He said without a hint of remorse or sadness. It was as if he was saying something easy, something that had to be done because it was annoying or the like. "Honestly, I didn't think that the-"

"You did what?" asked Accelerator, his voice quiet.

"You heard me." Said the Researcher. "I killed them. They died because of me. In the end, they came to save this clone. Most likely they got the upper hand on the mecha and payed the price for it. Oh well. It's to be expected."

"…..And what the fuck was it worth?" When the Researcher merely showed in his face that he did not hear the boy, Accelerator spoke again. "WHAT THE FUCK WAS IT WORTH?! What do you think you're trying to prove by hurting those clones?!"

"Ah Accelerator. Who are you to say such things? Who, in the end, killed over 10,000 of those clones? No one likes a hypocrite. In the end, all I'm doing is the same as any other scientist. Studying that which interests me."

"Then why do the Sisters have to suffer you bastard?"

"Simple. The Misaka Network. No other person on the planet has a brain structure quite like the Misaka clones. Of course, they are different. They were born to die and in the name of Science. Now, they can do that under a different name. The Network Transfer is the way to do that."

"How can you say that with no emotion at all?" asked Mikoto. Colour had returned to her face and it was clear that she was absolutely outraged. "Thomas Platinaburg is dead! You have no funding or incentive to continue with the resources!"

The Researcher tilted his head. "You thought I was doing this for money? I'm not that petty. I did this for interest. So of course there is incentive! After all the Misaka Network spreads all over the globe! With each clone being placed in distinct locations in the world, there's nothing to say that once someone has control over that, they can mould 10,000 people to their will! A consciousness spread over 10,000 people. Just think of the scientific implications of such!"

"But….that Network is a part of them! You can't seriously be suggesting a-"

"Of course! What else do you think? Of course I will need to forcibly extract that part of the brain from them and implant it into another being!" said the Researcher with his arms outstretched. "And who else will do this but me?! I've already set the chair that will be receiving the information and gathering it! And I've already located the aspect of her brain that houses the Network!" The Researcher gave a grin as he looked at Misaka Imouto.

It was as if he was silently signing her death certificate. He already knew Misaka Imouto's role from the start. Her only role was to serve as his way into this 'goal' that he had created. Once he had used her, once he had finally managed to get into the Network that existed…..what use did he have for her?

"Did you know? The Network exists in a part of the brain that is different from normal humans. And in the end I couldn't have done it without the assistance of you! You two espers who created the clones with your own two hands!"

"You're fucking insane." Spat out Accelerator. "You're a sick fuck and you will burn in hell when I find you. Do you know what will happen? That clone will die. The part of her brain that houses the Network will be removed without any hesitation. She-"

"Who exactly do you think I am? I know that she'll die. But who cares? She's just a doll. She has no other existence than this. She should be glad that something like this has allowed her to exist once more. Who knows what effect it will have on the rest of the Network or the other clones but I'm sure that this discovery will go down in history!" That Researcher said those words without a beat.

"How can you say that?! They are more than that! They have tried to move past the Level 6 Shift and have managed to get this far! How can you-" started Mikoto however was cut off.

"How can I what?! Do this? Give someone a purpose that they had in the beginning? She has a man-made body and a mind that was given to her! She has a worth of 180,000 Yen and there are more than 9000 left! So ask me again! There is nothing that will stop me from doing this in the name of Science! And it is for Science that I do this!" yelled the Researcher towards the espers.

This was his victory. This was something that he at least wanted to make sure that he reached. Level 6. The goal that had once been out of his grasp. However here he was once more with something that he could call a noble goal for Science.

The targets were the same but the goal was not. The Sisters were once more going to be used for something that was useful.

"And there is nothing that can stop the Network Transfer! I have progressed too far for this! I-"The Researcher stopped as a creaking entered his ears. He stopped and was about to turn around however stopped as he looked at the two Level 5 espers that were watching the entire thing.

They were looking straight at the door that was behind him and there was something in their eyes that he had never expected to see in their eyes at that moment. Misaka Imouto could not see however the Researcher turned her chair around in order to look at the person that stood inside the frame of the door that was at the end of bridge leading to the platform.

And her eyes, those emotionless eyes gained that hint of hope. Much like the #1 and #3 had. Was it hope because they had found someone that could possibly protect the Sister that was on the chair? Or was it hope not because they thought a rescue was possible but rather…


And the person at the end of that bridge spoke. His voice was not especially loud however the Researcher heard him as if wanting to know what this new 'hope' was.

"Nothing? In that case….having someone like me involved….was just your misfortune."

And with those words the stage was set.

When the DER had exploded, Kamijou Touma had luckily been at the opposite end of the room. For some reason, it had smashed in a wall at the back and then stayed there, to which Kamijou had been thankful for the voices that were being made through the loudspeakers.

However even at that distance, the shockwave of the blast threw all air out of lungs and made him smash so hard against the metal door that led to the central station that he felt his entire body scream in pain from the mere blow of the force that he had been thrown against the door.

He did not lose consciousness and that was the worst part. His arms hurt, his legs hurt. His shoulder was burning and he knew there was now a cut against his head from being slammed against the metal door with immense force. He saw the dent in the metal and smudge of red that trickled down from it. He tried to move his hands, only to see that they had begun to bleed more heavily. He thought that his vision blurred from blood loss however he was amazed that he had even been running around in his state.

And then at the same time, those doors that Kamijou had wanted to open ever since he got here did and Kamijou looked up to see another door at the end of a small bridge between a ledge at the end of the door that had just opened and the door at the other end of the bridge. The door was simple in taste and size and all Kamijou had to do was stand up and move to reach it.

He tried to however the pain in his shoulder made him fall back to the floor, Kamijou turning his head back towards the DER. It was in flames and the blast had smashed the windows of the booth. Foam flowed out through the windows and Kamijou was semi-glad. He had no idea if anyone was in there however they were probably still unconscious but due to the foam it was unlikely that they would be burnt alive or anything of the sort. He worried that they might choke on the foam however he didn't know if the foam dissolved in the mouth or nor.

He wanted to check however he did not know how to get there and there was still the goal in front of him. Those voices still came through the loudspeaker and Kamijou remembered that Mikoto and Accelerator had somehow ended up in another facility according to the voices. How that happened he had no idea but it wasn't good. He had made a mistake. Thinking that they were in this facility had made him careless. But that was no longer the case.

"…..And what the fuck was it worth? WHAT THE FUCK WAS IT WORTH?! What do you think you're trying to prove by hurting those clones?!"

Accelerator's voice entered his ears. It was the voice of someone who truly did not want someone to get hurt. Kamijou did not know the status of those other clones however he hoped that it was something that was not that serious. They too were someone that had a place in that world and merely abandoning them when they were in trouble would not emphasis that.

But neither would abandoning Misaka Imouto. She was ahead of him, and the only person that stood in front of whoever was speaking right now and Misaka Imouto's possible death was…..

She had gained so much. Ever since August 21st, when the Experiment had ended, she had gained so much since then and there was the chance that everything that she had gained would be ripped away in a false swoop.

There was something that she had gained. Misaka Imouto had gained one spark of hope, that necklace that he had given her. That small spark had allowed her to move forward thinking that someone would always be there for her. And he had told her so himself. Was he merely going to retreat from this situation because of pain? Was he merely going to sit down and let things go forward in the way that they were going to?

Kamijou punched the floor with his right hand, blood squirting from it as he did so, lifting it up and doing the same with his body, resting his head on the ground as he breathed heavily to withstand the pain. His left shoulder ached and he withstood the pain and stood up, feeling blood drip from his arm towards the ground. He tried to take a step forward and swayed from the state he was in, using the wall as a support.

He gave a quick analysis of what his body was in. His left shoulder burned. His head throbbed. There was movement slowly returning towards all of his limbs however he did not know if any movement would move them past their limits. Despite all he had been through the fact still remained that Kamijou Touma was still a high school student who would normally lose given that he faced a normal esper or magician.

Yet even though that fact would not change, he still took a step forward past the door and onto the small 'bridge' between him and the door. Determination filled his body as he continued to listen towards the voices that were on the intercom.

He was the only one here. Assuming that Accelerator and Mikoto was here, he had moved forward however he realised the contradiction between that and reality. They were not here. Although they were trying to fight against this…..they were not here with him. He was alone…and so was Misaka Imouto. The cruel reality stood before him however he merely clenched his teeth and moved forward.

That reality…did not have to be held for long.

He held his hand forward and turned the doorknob, stepping through the frame.

"And there is nothing that can stop the Network Transfer! I have progressed too far for this! I-"

The door creaked and Kamijou saw two faces. He had assumed that the conversation was only via the intercom however was proved wrong. However that did not matter that they were there or not. In the end, the person that he had come for was staring right at him as her chair was moved around. And so was the person that had taken her.

He wanted to say so many things towards this situation that she was in. However the only words that came out of his mouth at the current moment…..

"Nothing? In that case….having someone like me involved….was just your misfortune."

The boy in front of them was hardly in any fighting shape. Blood ran down his left shoulder onto the floor and there was a cut of unknown depth on his forehead that also ran some blood. His clothes were ripped in some places and burnt in others yet one thing was clear.

That boy was not leaving that stage unless he was forced off. But even then he would still persistently make his way there once more.

The Researcher looked in shock at the boy. He recognised him. He had been the one that had tried to protect #10032 from her inevitable fate. He had merely thought of him as someone that was leading her around however he had made it this far and in the condition he was in, it was clear that #10032 was no stranger to him.

"You! What the hell?! Even this clone was out for ages with the LV-Drop! How the hell did you manage to be cured of its effects so fast?!" yelled the Researcher as he reached into his lab cost and pulled out the same gun that he had used before and in his moment of pure shock at the situation in front of him he fired.

There was a clash of metal against metal behind Kamijou however he did not even flinch at the sound of it. He did not hesitate even once. And he took one step forward. It was sluggish and slow however he managed to take that one step, reaching out his right hand in order to grab one of the hand rails that the bridge had.

The Researcher clicked his tongue and slowly regained his composure however he was not the best shot. At the distance that he was at from the boy he would surely miss.

"Heh. Just why the hell are you here? You certainly did not escape the DER. You think that everything is going to go smoothly from here on out? Everything has reached the end point! Just what exactly do you think a person like you can do?" said the Researcher towards the boy.

And the boy walked ever closer. He took step after step and looked up towards that Researcher. And he spoke.

"What can I do? What the hell are you saying? You think that everything should be planned out in advance, that everything has a formula to it, that everything is dictated through Science and complex mathematics? Don't you see what it is that you are doing right now?! You're trying to take away a life that wants to keep on living! You say that things have changed; that things are different than what they were in the Experiment. But just what exactly has changed?! All you're doing is the same thing under a different name!" That boy yelled out with so much strength that his words seemed to hold the entire core that kept him standing.

"What!? You think that every ideal under the name of Science is the same when they need the same processes!?" declared the Researcher. "How can you call them lives when we were the ones that created them? You clearly know about the Level 6 Shift, so you are more vital to this than I expected! What was your role in it? How can you say words like let them live when you obviously let them die in that project?!"

There was the sound of laughter from behind him to which the Researcher from behind him, turning towards Accelerator who was holding a hand towards his forehead as he laughed.

"You really are a clueless bastard in the end aren't you?" He said. There was a mock in his tone however the pure hatred had disappeared from it at the same time, almost as if his rage had been somewhat calmed. The intercom seemed to echo the words in the room. The Researcher did not know what to think about his words and merely looked towards him however it was not him that answered.

"Do you even know how the Experiment was stopped?" said Mikoto from where she was. Her expression had calmed, tension still in her face however the hopelessness that she held seemed to have disappeared.

The Researcher frowned at the question. Of course he did. He had heard about a Level 0 who had defeated the #1, however he had never learnt about who it was. In the end, since Tree Diagram had been destroyed there had been no way to recalculate. There was a name, something that had been given to him however he, like the other researchers, had merely treated it as another detail. There were others things to consider, other projects to turn to and soon the name was lost in his memory.

But….that person in front of him had managed to counter the effects of the LV-Drop. Even your average Level 0 should have been out 2 minutes at least but this person had managed to recover at least faster than that. He had managed to recover, discover where he was and then race towards here, taking on the DER before moving here.

The Researcher turned towards the boy that came closer. And he felt a smirk go towards his lips. He had put two and two together.

"So….in the end, the Saviour arrives once again to help the Sisters. I didn't think that you were that person. But don't think that I'm the #1. This situation is not going to be as convenient as you think!" The Researcher realigned his aim and fired once again, Kamijou stepping back as something pierced his skin in the right shoulder. He stepped back and grunted as he did so, looking at the spot and seeing the dart that was poking out of his skin.

The Researcher looked absolutely smitten with his shot however Kamijou was not going to let things end that easily. He grabbed the dart and used the end, piercing it into his left shoulder's wound, blood squirting out as he did so, pain moving through his body.

He had experienced something like this before. After all, it was Fräulein Kreutune that had managed to subdue him however by using pain in order to stimulate his body; he had been able to move. This was similar to that. Kamijou used the pain of the dart in his skin in order to overcome the effects of the light anaesthetic on him.

He threw the dart over the edge and walked forward. His right hand continued to leave small blood marks of the hand rails where it was placed due to the wound that he had experienced before.

The Researcher clicked his tongue and aimed again however it was never fired. Next to him, Misaka Imouto used what energy she had and sparked, releasing the electricity towards the Researcher. Although it was only 1/20000 of the Original's power, it was still enough to cause the Researcher to drop the gun in surprise and convulse due to shock.

He fell to one knee and Kamijou walked forward some more, the Researcher slapping the Sister in the face, hearing cries of protest from behind him, and he looked at his opponent, stepping forward, reaching into his lab coat for one more thing.

He attached the brass knuckles to his hand, stepping forward cool and collected, pressing something on the machine that was in the middle of the room and there was a beeping sound that came from it.

"We have 5 minutes." He said. "Even without me to receive the information from the Network, this clone will still bite the dust. And who knows about how it will affect the rest of the Network. In the end, success is in the palm of my hand. So struggle all you want. In the end Science will rule everything!"

The Researcher stepped forward to meet the boy on the bridge as he had already gone more than halfway.

And with three people watching the outcome, it was not just them that would be affected. The Misaka Network and the lives that they had managed to attain hung in the balance.

It was the Researcher that threw the first punch. It collided with Kamijou's stomach and he gasped from the mere force of the blow. That of course was to be expected. The role of the brass knuckles was to put more emphasis of the punch towards a certain area, increasing the chance that bones would be broken from a blow.

Kamijou keeled over and the Researcher went in for another punch aimed at the back of Kamijou's neck. With the advantage of an increased force behind the punch, Kamijou knew that things would not be easy. However he had not expected them to be either.

With what energy he had, he stepped forward, ramming his shoulder into the mouth of the Researcher as Kamijou fell forward. Taken aback, the blow was diverted, hitting Kamijou's back to which he winced in pain from the blow.

Kamijou took the initiative, throwing an uppercut towards the Researcher's chin, the blow connecting and the Researcher stumbling back. He stumbled back, wiping his chin before he came in for another blow, a right hook aimed at the face however Kamijou merely ducked underneath the blow, before stepping forward and sending a right hook of his own.

The Researcher was thrown to the side and before he fell back, used his energy to lung towards Kamijou, slamming him into the hand rail Kamijou gasping from the force that he had done so. The Researcher took action, slamming his hand into the injured shoulder of Kamijou to which he gasped in pain again as the metal drove the fist in further.

Desperate to get the man away, Kamijou kneed him in the gut, grabbing the front of his lab coat with his right hand and bringing him towards him as he rammed his forehead into his face. His glasses smashed as he stumbled back as a result.

Kamijou took another step forward, spinning his body as he used what strength he had in his hand to lift it up as he angled his spinning left arm towards the side of the Researcher's face. The blow landed and the man was thrown to the side, landing on the bridge where Kamijou stood over him.

"How can you justify their deaths just because they were made by artificial means?!" yelled Kamijou towards the fallen man. "What right is there that you have that gives you power of life and death over them? They are just seeing it themselves! That there is worth in their lives! Why are you trying to take that away from them?!" Kamijou let loose a kick towards the Researcher's face however it was something was caught and the Researcher pulled Kamijou towards him in a sharp action that made him lose his balance to which the Researcher stood up and knelt near Kamijou, punching him in the face with his brass knuckles.

"What right!? You think that they have worth? What is different from a guinea pig and them? They are made purely so we can use them for our own use! Only those that created them can dictate whether or not they have worth in their lives!" The Researcher let loose another blow towards Kamijou's face, hearing a crack from his nose to which Kamijou let out a muffled cry.

Kamijou thought quickly, smashing his head forward, hitting the Researcher in the face again to which he responded quickly, rolling away from under the Researcher before kicking him in the face and standing up quickly shakily, pressing the Researcher's hand with the brass knuckle that was waving frantically towards the ground, throwing elbow after elbow into his face.

"What shit is that!? How can they continue to lead their lives with that thought over their shoulder!? That they have no worth! That they serve others! Why are you trying to hide the truth from them?!"

The Researcher kicked back to Kamijou's chest, throwing him back to which he stood up and threw a fist down, Kamijou rolling at the last minute out of the way, the fist striking the ground. The Researcher let out a cry of pain and Kamijou stood up and backed away before going in for a punch to the stomach that threw him back. A knee to the face and they both separated from each other, looking at each other.

"What truth are you saying boy?! Treating them on the same level as humans is destroying that purpose that they were made for!" responded the Researcher.

"Exactly that! That thought! That thought hides the truth that freedom is theirs! Freedom to dictate their own lives and how to live them! Everyone only gets one shot at life and that applies to them as well! They are wasting it with that thought hanging over their shoulders. If their world is filled with 'cannot' then how can they truly live!? One's life is not measured by how many breaths one takes but how many things take your breath away! That thought of 'cannot' restricts them from what they 'can' do!" Kamijou Touma let out that shout towards the Researcher however another person heard that shout, directly feeling the weight of those words.

Misaka #10032 heard the words, feeling the pure emotion that came across them. The boy was angry, not at them but rather at the way that they had continued to be restricted by the world of Science. They had a Network of memories however they had not taken a hold of that. The Misakas in London had not gone on the London Eye. The Misakas in America had not visited the Statue of Liberty. The Misakas in Academy City had not visited District 6's amusement park.

They continued to live with 'cannot' that they lost sight of what the world was made of. Wonders, things that could take their breath away at then mere sight of the grand spectre of human ability. To an extent they were a part of that as well, something that they had not thought of themselves as at all.

And Misaka Imouto knew. She knew what the boy was saying and a simple thought that anyone could have was prominent in her mind.

Misaka….does not want to die…..

"So if your ideals are something that prevents them from living then I'll destroy that fucking barrier to living that you hold!" yelled Kamijou as he stood another step forward toward the Researcher.

Misaka Imouto wished with all her heart that she would be allowed that one more chance towards life. She wished that Kamijou Touma would do what he had always done and had done before.

"I'll just use this right hand of mine to obliterate that illusionary Science and reason that you hold so high in regard!"

She wanted Kamijou Touma to save her. That was all. A simple wish. A simple wish to live.

"So prepare yourself! This 'disaster' of Science in front of you will show you that truth that you are hiding!"

Kamijou took one final step, throwing his right fist forward in a blur.

Imagine Breaker.

It was something that was neither Science nor Magic in nature. No one could explain it apart from the 'power to negate'. It was a power that was not useful at all, regarded as the weakest power in all of Academy City, every System Scan resulting in the same result; Kamijou Touma was a true Level 0.

Level 0s were not 'powerless'. They had very little power. Yet Kamijou Touma was the only one of them that had 'no' power even as his rank as a Level 0. He was purely the only 'human' inside Academy City that had entered the Power Curriculum program. Where did he stand as an existence? Where did his power lie?

Those questions…did not matter.

And that failure of Science slammed into the pedestal that Science was placed on with so much force that there would be no road to recovery for it.

The Researcher fell back, his gold tooth coming loose as it fell over the edge of the bridge, his head hitting the ground where he lay, Kamijou breathing erratically, blood dripping from his left arm and face.

The victor had been decided.

But the battle had not ended yet.

Kamijou limped towards where Misaka Imouto lay, wiping his nose and wincing when he touched it. He didn't think that it looked out of place however it was then that frog faced doctor could do something about it.

She looked up at him however he did not look back at her, trying to unlatch the manacles that strapped her into her chair, finding that it was useless to do so. He gave them a large tug however nothing happened to which he approached the machine in the middle of the room.

He tried to press some buttons of the keyboard however there were only beeps when he did so. He ran a hand through his hair before turning towards the TVs that were looking at the progress, or rather lack of so, that he was making.

"Hey! How fast can you guys get here!? I don't know how to work this thing and I'm sure that things will be better if you just blew it up or something!" He was out of options however the chance of success lay within his grasp.

"Where are you?" asked Mikoto from where she was.

"District 7 in the Hotsukichi Research Facility! It's near the hospital with that frog faced doctor!" he said quickly as he looked at time left before the Transfer began however he already knew the answer that would be provided.

"There's no way that we can make it in the 5 minute time limit!" said Accelerator. "You'll just have to do something until we get there! Fuck! Why are things so fucked up until the end?!" he said to himself however it was easily heard.

Accelerator turned around and kicked off the ground, heading upwards. There was a crash and some rubble fell down towards the ground to which Kamijou knew what had happened. After all, why walk when you could fly?

Kamijou looked at the time limit left and grit his teeth. He had around 3 minutes left and there was no time to lose.

"Misaka! Hurry and get out of there and get here as well! Your Sisters are still in here so we have to make sure that they are all fine! Apart from Misaka Imouto here there's 9 left in the facility! I'm counting on you!"

"…." There was silence on the other end as Mikoto merely watched the boy as he frantically tried to get the machine to power down or something similar. There was still no way that there was a definite that it would do so however that boy still moved with the same energy that he had done so when he was fighting the Researcher. Hope was still there in the situation. And that boy would not give up until the end.

"Got it! Wait for me!" she said to which the boy nodded and Mikoto left the view of the camera, using magnetism to speed herself up.

Kamijou continued to slam down buttons and keys on the machine to which numerous windows popped up. He clenched his fist tightly as he pressed another button and there was a beep, an unfamiliar window coming up on the machine that he did not recognise.

Re-routing location of receiver chair and transfer chair. Please choose select chairs.

The screen on the machine changed, showing three chairs and Kamijou did not even have to look twice, the chairs relative to the position that they were in in the room. His face lifted into a smile and Kamijou selected the two chairs that did not have anyone in them.

He clicked the enter button to finish button however the screen flashed red in response.

No life signs detected in either chair. Please insert person into either chair and strap on helmet to start Transfer. If not done in next 2 minutes 32 seconds, current process will continue.

Kamijou paled as he looked towards Misaka Imouto. He ran over to her.

"O-Oi! Misaka Imouto!" she responded by looking towards him and she noticed the tense tone of his voice. "Can you use your powers still?!" he asked her.

Misaka Imouto tried to move her head however it was strapped in and she could not, instead electing to speak. "Misaka's power is still weak responds Misaka towards you. There will not be enough to cause a significant amount of damage towards this system says Misaka as she looks at you and asks what is wrong."

Kamijou grit his teeth. Again, options were running out and he had no time towards any other thought process. Instead he looked at his own clothes, his own battered clothes that had ripped everywhere and looked as though they had just been mauled by an animal.

He grabbed a piece of the white shirt and ripped it off, holding it in his hand and looking at it for a moment before nodding to himself then heading towards one of the chairs that was in Misaka Imouto's line of sight.

"What are you-" she began however Kamijou had already sat down in the chair and put on the strap in the helmet. There was a beep from the machine that was in the middle of the room and a machine like voice came through the room.

"Criteria have been met. Now re-routing the signals towards designated chair. Host chair will be one. Receiving chair will be two. Restarting count down again. 5 minutes until the Network Transfer."

There was another beep and then there was nothing but the boy and the girl. Misaka Imouto went through the information that she had just been given and understood it completely. She understood what that boy was now doing and what the results would be.

She looked over at him and his face was calm, his eyes closed as he clasped one of the shackles over his left hand leaving the cloth from his uniform in his right.

Misaka #10032 knew exactly what he was doing, who he was doing it for and for what purpose. Yet she still could not stop the words that were coming out of her mouth. She somehow felt more terror than she had when she knew that she was alone inside the building. She felt more terror with the thought of that boy's death rather than her own. She could tell that she was sweating and her heart was moving at an unreasonable pace. Yet she could not stop those words.

"W-What are you doing? asks Misaka as she looks and analyses your actions. You cannot seriously be-"

"Yeah." Said Kamijou as he hung his head back in the seat. "I couldn't see anything other way out of this. And I wasn't going to chase possibilities. This is the sure-fire way that I can save you. So there's no way that I'm going to back down from this."

Misaka Imouto tried to move however found that no matter how much she tried those shackles would continue to hold her in place.

"Do you understand what is going to happen? asks Misaka as she doubts that you do. Even if you are not in the seat where part of your brain will be forcibly removed the receiving seat will merely have nothing but pure electricity directed right into your brain. There will be no receiving factor or signal to offset the charge states Misaka towards you as she pleads with you."

Kamijou nodded, well as much as he could. "Don't worry. I'm in the receiving seat. So I'm not going to have anything taken from my brain."

"Stating facts like that does not make it any better says Misaka. Why are you doing this? questions Misaka towards your actions."

There was a high chance that the large amount of electricity would scramble up his brain to such a large extent that he would not be able to use most of his limbs as there was no part of the Network being charged into it. And that was thinking optimistically. There was no way that the boy did not know that fact yet he had managed to sit inside that seat without even thinking twice about another option.

"Isn't it obvious? There's still much that you don't know about the world as a whole. And besides, we only got up to #10039 and her clover necklace. This Kamijou-san isn't going to go back on his word. I said that I would get everyone of you some kind of mark in the world. So I'm not going to merely back down on that just because of something as weak as this."

Those words held conviction however the reality was just different to what that boy imagined. Words would not stop a bullet aimed between the eyes. Words would not stop a car that was moving towards you. Mere willpower would not stop one dying if one was pierced in the heart. That boy had to have known that. However there was no deceit in his words.

Willpower was not going to save Kamijou Touma.

Yet at the same time there was no way that he was dying here today. He had a goal in sight. There was something that was still left unfinished. There was still someone that had a smile to protect. However that was irrelevant what the boy felt in that one moment.

Willpower was not going to save Kamijou Touma. And should he die…..should that boy die….

There was only one person, one individual that would take all the blame. There was no two ways about it. If he died it would be because the person that he had tried to protect had fallen victim towards whatever threat that he had tried to protect them from.

Misaka Imouto wanted to say something however felt something else inside her head. There was something that made her mouth move and she did not hear the words that were coming out of her mouth.

To be honest, it was like something else had taken over.

"To be honest, I did not think that meeting you again like this was appropriate Kamijou-chan /return."

'Misaka Imouto' raised her head and Kamijou Touma felt his breathing stop. This presence…..he knew it. It was something decidedly different from the aura that Misaka Imouto gave off yet he knew the attitude and tone of the voice that came from it.

It was someone that did not have a physical form. Yet for Kamijou, the fact that they were here in front of him right now was enough for him. Because….

If anything, the Will of the Misaka Network was someone that he felt was as real as anyone and just as human….if not more.

"After everything that has happened, having you do this kind of thing gives me mixed feelings /return. Having you jump into this situation makes me realise that some people do not change…however at the same time part of me wishes that you would just give it a rest already /return."

"What are you talking about?" he asked her.

The Will gave a sigh and gave a look towards Kamijou. He was surprised at the facial expression that Misaka Imouto was giving however for only a second it lasted. But he was sure that he had seen an expression of sadness on her face. As if something had been ripped from her soul and handed to her destroyed with nothing more than a sadistic remark.

"You're still doing it /return. Being selfish in that world…does really doing things like this make it worth it /escape? Do you really think that the smiles that were lost in that world are something that you need to make up to people here /escape?"

"I…" Kamijou knew. In this situation, the only person that could use this argument against him was that one person. Othinus was not here and the life forms here that could talk, it was the Will that Kamijou knew would play this card.

"I took those smiles. There's nothing I can do to change that. But even so…..living up to that and trying to restore whatever smiles have been lost is the only thing I can do from here on. I'm not trying to gain places where I can do that. I'm trying to maintain a place where everyone already has that. I want the world where everyone can simply keep on living with those same smiles where everyone is truly happy."

"Through this method /escape? You do know what will happen right /escape? Since you are in the receiving chair, electricity will be poured into your brain without hesitation /return. Saying that you will die might be optimistic /return. Chances are that you will turn into a vegetable with no consciousness /return. Given those odds…..do you really think you deserve that /escape?"

"Yes." Kamijou answered immediately. "It's not an issue of getting my just desserts. I'm not saving people for my own punishment. Any chance that allows Misaka Imouto and yourself to live is not something that I should question in terms of method. If this method is the one that is available, then I will take it. I might die. I might not. The chances are not up to me. But…..if I can save at least one life, then that's enough for me."

"But /backspace at what cost /escape? If everyone's smiles are lost because of your actions, do you truly think that you have done what you wanted /escape? You underestimate your value to the Network /return. And I'm not just talking about myself /return. Do you remember what I said before /escape? There are many people that would fight the world merely to protect you and your smile /return. And I'm one of them but /backspace I'm sure you know of others /return. Given that….are your actions justifiable /escape? Jumping into these types of situations and ending up with your life on the line /return. What are you going to do if you don't come back /escape?"

The Will's words hung in the air like a guillotine. Kamijou was silent as he listened to them. He had put his life on the life to prevent the Network Transfer. But…..what if he died? What if he brought sadness to those that he wanted to protect? He already had an answer as opened his mouth to say it however it was the Will that interrupted him.

"And don't give me some heroic shit about you doing the right thing /return. It might not show as a thought entity, but /backspace I seriously want to give you a beating /return. Do you really think that everything that you fought for was attempting to reach this one moment with you and your life on the line /escape!?"

Stress entered the Will's voice and Kamijou heard every word. The fact that she had even swore only emphasised the emotions that were going into the expression of the words. Why was he doing this? What was at the core of his reasoning? He knew that abandoning people for no reason whatsoever was not what he would do. He had fought the world with that reasoning. He had fought the world in order to save someone that he understood, someone who he had 'no reason to save'. But…..the Will was not looking for that. She was not looking for a reason like that for his actions. She was desperate for him to find another method. Why? He did not know. He still placed himself at the expense of others; that part of him would not change. He was merely a piece of a larger puzzle, one that could only act in a specific way.

Why? Why had he ripped people's smiles away? Why had he moved in the direction that he found himself in? Fighting the world, WWIII, fighting for Index, fighting for anybody, fighting for the Sisters…at his heart, why had he made this path in front of him? What was the reason behind his actions?

Kamijou found it easily and looked directly at the Will with determination in his eyes.

"You want to know if I think that this is worth it? Of course I do. It doesn't matter if I lose my life, as long as this doesn't happen to the 10,000 lives that it will save. And that doesn't just apply to the Sisters. If anything…I can't see you die either. Not when you saved me. Especially so. I owe you….more than anything. So I'm not going to let this slide."

The Will was silent as Kamijou spoke.

"So you want a reason? You want a reason for me to fight for you and the Sisters? To stand up and fight? There's only one answer I can give you."

Kamijou took a deep breath.

"It's because I am Kamijou Touma. That's why I am doing this. It's because I am no one apart from Kamijou Touma."

The words hung in the air and the Will simply looked down at the ground.

"But /backspace…losing your life is-"

"Losing my life? Who said that I am doing that?"

The Will looked at him with a surprised expression. There was no way that he had control over what would happen to him so why?

"The fact that you live in 'cannot' only emphasises my point. You and the Sisters. Have you truly found your way of living?"

Why was he smiling in a way that was so pure and blinding?

The Will paused and let out a laugh.

"Is that so /escape? Then let me give control back to this Misaka Kamijou-chan /return. But /backspace make no mistake /return. I will be listening…and I expect you to come back so we can have more times together/return. You still owe even me an accessory /return!" The Will made that comment with a grin before Misaka Imouto slumped her head before raising it again and looking around and her eyes met with Kamijou's.

The clueless glance that she gave him reflected that she did not know what had just happened. Yet Kamijou still felt an obligation to answer whoever had come to question him.

"You say that I'm willing to throw my life away." He declared however it was clear that Misaka Imouto had no idea what he was talking about to which he continued speaking. "However is that what I'm doing? There's no rule that says that I will die today and no rule that says that I will survive. But taking this one chance in order to help someone in need doesn't make me think about those things. If I kept on thinking 'what if' then I am doing exactly what I don't want. Living life with 'cannots' is abusing my one chance. The fact that you can ask me such a question shows me that you have not 'lived' yet. So!"

Kamijou gripped the cloth in his right hand hard and that smile was still on his face. It was not a nervous smile. It was pure and truthful. And it showed one thing.

Kamijou Touma truly felt that he would not die today.

"I'll give you that push on the back that you need to live that life that you are pushing away! That is my answer! And everything that I do today is on me! It was my choice to come here and no one else's! Just understand already!"

Kamijou Touma yelled out those final words.

"Your life is your own! And this is my life! This is my choice! And I am NOT going to let going to let things finish today! AND I WILL BE BACK!"

Kamijou Touma thrust the cloth in between his teeth and bit down hard on it, straightening his back so that when the shock came the piece of cloth would not fall down his throat. He clenched his right hand, not even looking towards Misaka Imouto, ready as the final second passed.

And then-

The breeze kicked against his face. It tickled his face and Kamijou grunted as he slowly opened his eyes.

His face was lying to the left, the open window being the source of the breeze had stirred him. Sunlight came through the window and reached the foot of Kamijou's bed. He lay down in the same position for only a moment before taking notice of where he was.

The chair on the left told him all that he needed to know. After all, there was only one room that had such a chair and he knew exactly what room that was. Kamijou blinked a few times, trying to lift himself up however his body would not move.

His thoughts immediately went to the worst case scenario however the fact that he felt incredibly tired lessened the thought. It was entirely possible that the damage down to his head was not the cause of his lack of movement. Attempting to look down at his body, the only thing that he see was white, white bandages that wrapped around him in such a way that he might have looked like a mummy from Egypt.

Yet he could no move much. It was possible that it was because of some sort of anaesthetic or s-

There was movement towards his right however Kamijou did not know what that was. But the fact that he even felt that was good for him. He tried to move his head however whatever it was that was preventing him from doing so rendered the action practically useless.

Yet still, Kamijou saw something in his vision reach over him and touch his right arm that had draped over himself while he was sleeping. The arm grabbed that hand and brought it towards them, the action causing Kamijou's body to roll over in response.

And his eyes went wide.

The person that had gripped his arm was someone that he knew. She wore that heart necklace that she bought him however that was not the thing that caught his attention. No…it was not #10032 who had noticed that he was awake.

It was the other 8 girls that were in the room with her!

Four of them had their heads placed on the bed where he lay, looking awfully content (and probably uncomfortable at the same time Kamijou thought) at sleeping on the bed. The other four of the other girls were laying of the sofa that was on the wall behind them and Kamijou lost all train of thought as he looked at all of them.

Save for Misaka #10032, all of them had bandages over them and the clover necklace that was one of them made Kamijou realise that she was #10039. Yet that fact did not make the situation any better!

"Ah…..Misaka….Imouto?" he asked her, glad that there was movement in his mouth. "W-What exactly is this event that I have to face?"

There was a foreboding. There was a massive pressure that surrounded this entire scene that made him want to escape from it as soon as possible for fear of his own life.

Misaka Imouto tilted her head. There was a meow on her lap and Kamijou could see the colour black leap up onto the bed and walk over towards him to which Kamijou felt the fur on his skin.

"What are you inquiring about? asks Misaka as she answers your question." Her voice was louder than his and Kamijou frantically tried to tell her to keep her voice down.

"Shh! Just keep calm Misaka Imouto! We don't exactly want to wake up any other of the clones up do we? So so so just talk quietly to Kamijou-san alright?" he asked desperately.

Misaka Imouto tilted her head and nodded and started speaking before Kamijou could ask anything.

"You are probably wondering what happened asks Misaka while giving a report of her own. You were in fact subject to the Transfer states Misaka." Kamijou blinked and nodded. Although she said that it was hardly the 'Transfer'. As no one was in the seat where the information would have been extracted, there was nothing to input into Kamijou's head.

Just pure electricity. Kamijou thought that there might be some after effects or something like that. He knew that something similar was done to cure diseases of some kind however he did not know how it worked. Perhaps the fact that one did not have to drill through the cranium in order to reach the brain itself was some kind of leading edge technology that only Academy City had invented however he could not make that proper judgment.

"A few moments after you received the shock, Onee-sama and Accelerator came and Misaka gave them the situation. All Misakas were taken from the facility and are safe as is everyone else that were in the three facilities. There are no deaths currently says Misaka towards you in hopes that you receive the information. The doctor that usually treats you came and treated you immediately however found that the process was similar to electric brain stimulation but on greater level. Everything else that you should know you should ask him finalises Misaka as she looks at you. However this Misaka's understanding is that there was no permanent damage, only a shock to the body replies Misaka."

Kamijou tried to nod however could not do so properly, making him feel like a bobble head. Yet he understood each word and took it all in, feeling relieved about the events that had transpired. When he had received the shock…..every part of his body screamed and he hadn't even lasted an instant. But in the end…..he had survived. He inhaled deeply and exhaled the same way as another question entered his mind.

"What…about the Network? Is-"

"Everything is running green responds Misaka towards you. Are you not going to inquire about your own condition before asking about Misakas? asks Misaka while questioning your priorities."

Kamijou smiled in response to that. He was silent for a tiny bit before answering. "Nah. I'm sure that things will work out for me in the end." He spoke light heartedly and without a care and it was something that Misaka Imouto knew perfectly well.

Kamijou Touma had truly made it from that hell that he had been through. He had overcome all obstacles and in the end had managed to reach that ending that was his goal in the end after all. He had not died, something that he could not have said inside the facility yet the fact that he had not was something that he merely treated as something to reach his overall goal. He had managed to save Misaka Imouto with the same nature that he had done before. And it was for those actions that she…no the entire Misaka Network-

"Wait! Crap! Is my nose still broken or disfigured in some way?! That guy with the brass knuckles smashed it pretty bad so-!"

Misaka Imouto looked at the boy and gave a sigh. Yet even though there was that sigh, she still smiled to herself at the energy that had filled the boy.

"Actually, says Misaka as she looks at you closely Misaka does see that it is twisted 45 degrees to the left." She came in close under the pretence of 'looking at the boy's nose.'

"FORTY-FIVE DEGREES?! Can a nose even twist that much?!" yelled Kamijou at the unfairness of his injury as well as surprise. He wanted to make sure that he did not look like some kind of strange photoshop nose however he could not move which only made the situation worse. It also seemed that he forgot that he had to lower his voice.

"Don't worry states Misaka towards you. Misaka was merely lying in order to relieve the current situation as well as making you repent on your actions lies Misaka while enjoying your shocked face."

"YOU WERE JOKING?!" yelled Kamijou to which the other Sisters stirred and began to open their eyes. They looked towards Kamijou and the right hand that was currently being gripped by #10032.

"…Did you think that you could grab the advantage #10032? asks Misaka #10039 towards you." One of the Misakas on the bed lifted her head and stood up, looking at Misaka Imouto. "Did you think that you could grasp the great AB love fortune that the horoscope stated? asks Misaka while unveiling your master plan."

"All Misakas know that #19090 has the role of supreme ruler of the AB world so that role should go to Misaka says #19090 as she grabs the Saviour's hand as well." Kamijou saw that she reached out to grab his left hand however Misaka #10032 pulled him away at the last minute.

"Misaka questions whether or not you consider everything that the Saviour has been through in the past h-"

"Misaka has finally managed to advance and has grabbed her objective declares Misaka #13577 with gutso!" Kamijou saw that one of the other Misakas had grabbed his hand and was tugging it, causing Kamijou to be thrust forward as a result. He wanted to say something however some of the other Misakas had begun to advance towards him as well.

"Misaka does not want to be left out so changes battle tactics declares Misaka!" there was the sound of something clicking and Kamijou somewhat paled at the sound of it.

"Misaka takes the opportunity in front of her and takes that one step forward towards her new life!" There was a pressure on the bed and one of the Misakas had gotten onto it while standing, Kamijou able to see her panties from where she stood. His face went red and another voice entered his ears.

"Then this Misaka will break free from the 'cannot' that she has been made to life her life on from now! This Misaka will enter a new realm altogether!" Kamijou saw some hands wrap around his neck and pull his body towards one end of the bed where another Misaka was.

Other Misakas joined in and Kamijou was glad that he had required enough anaesthetic because if anything, if he had been able to register all of the pulling that was going on he was sure that something would have snapped. However that thought stayed in his mind. Just because someone was filled with anaesthetic and someone shot them, they would not feel pain. But did that mean that the pain was not there?

"Wait a minute! You guys are going to pull muscle or something! Please just let me go so that we can discuss this like peo-"

The sound of the door opening filled his ears and steps entered the room and a figure leaping towards him entered his vision.

"Misaka wants to join in on the fun as well states Misaka as Misaka dives into action!" Last Order jumped onto then bed and embraced Kamijou's head so that he was pressing into her chest to which he went red in the face.

"Oi! L-"

His cry was immediately silenced as the faces of the Misaka clones all turned towards her.

"You think that you can just enter into this #20001? asks Misaka as she identifies the threat!"

"Hahahaha! Laughs Misaka as Misaka clings on as hard as Misaka can! Misaka would like to see you try and rip Misaka off says Misaka as Misaka challenges the rest of you!"

In response the other clones, with their grip still on Kamijou, all reached for Last Order, trying to pull her off and at the same time pulling Kamijou as well, causing all 11 of them to fall onto the ground of the room in a mess of bodies and panties.

Kamijou groaned in desperation at the situation that he found himself in, a foot in his face and a few panties in his vision to which he heard a voice in his ear. He did not know who was speaking but….

"It seems that you never cease to amaze me Kamijou-chan /return. Although things might have been dangerous, you were the one that acted /return. Never forget that /return. We are all grateful, especially me and….welcome back /return."

Kamijou wanted to answer however knew that it was practically useless as a head came next to him and he looked to see one of the Misakas staring right back at him. He gave a nervous laugh to which all of the other Misakas turned towards that Sister and identified a new opponent.

Yet at the same time, things escalated out of hand!

"Just what the hell are you doing you idiot?!" yelled a voice from the doorway to which Kamijou angled his head through the bodies and paled. There….there was the true opponent! The final boss!

"Is that sister thing the only thing that you are intooooooooooooooooo?! " yelled Misaka Mikoto with a red face, firing a lightening spear towards Kamijou.

"I knew it! I knew that there was this great pressure that I felt somewhere before! Why does it have to happen now?! I at least want to make sure that I can receive one of your lightning spears before I actually get one so stooooooooooooooooppppppp! Such misfortuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuune!" Kamijou let out that cry. He had just faced something that could have killed him however a new threat had immediately appeared! Although one could view it as Mikoto attacking him because he was fine, he didn't think it in terms of that! Yet someone moved his right hand to intercept to spear leaving Kamijou panting on the ground. Was it over? Had that been the one final blow? Had that been the Falco-

"Just leave requests Misaka #10032 as she suspects that Onee-sama will do so due to her dishonesty."

"Dishonesty?! I won't let my pride take that! I'll take you all on!" Mikoto stepped forward, sparking at the same time and the innocent civilian that was a non-hostile, Kamijou Touma paled.

Was she trying to get the Sisters off him? Or was she going to join in!?

He let out a scream as the air filled with electricity that made the machine in the Hotsukichi Research Facility seem like nothing.

And the frog faced doctor looked at the scene that was unfolding in the hospital. That boy had managed to overcome that one obstacle and brought everyone back safely. Accelerator had gone down to the ground floor when Last Order had left looking mighty displeased however he did not object either.

That boy was struggling however he was among friends. And the fact that the Misakas were fighting over that one boy reflected that change that had overcome them. They were not holding back in life. At least not in the current moment. And that was something that the boy had told them to do.

Sparks flashed from inside the room and there was a cry from inside and the doctor let out a chuckle from where he was leaning against the wall as he let everything unfold.

In the end, he truly had chosen well. That boy had certainly done something that had left a mark on the Sisters. He had done that himself. He had managed to tell the Sisters the meaning of life.

Not quite literally but he had managed to give them that purpose. He had managed to give them an unknown goal and a way to get there and the Sisters had taken that to heart. He had done what Heaven Canceller had not.

And that doctor smiled. Things would be fine. As long as that patient of his, that patient that he could not say he got tired of seeing, was here then things would be fine. Everything would sort itself out in the end.

"Are you just going to stand there or are you going to help this unfortunate KAMIJJOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUU!" shouted the boy at the situation.

"I think I can feel the anaesthetic wearing of-gbah?!"

The doctor merely shrugged. That boy would be fine. He always would manage to win. His personality and actions made that so. Kamijou Touma would always manage to pull that victory out of the bag through a method that was his own. And the doctor walked away with that thought in mind.

"Are you serious?! What kind of doctor are y-Gyah! Wait you guys! Owowowowow! That really hurts! Let go of me! Wait! Stop going BiriBiri, BiriBiri! Wah! Even Last Order too?! Have mercyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!"

He smiled as he continued down the hall, ignoring the paled faces of other patients who truly wanted to know why no one was stopping what was going on in the room.

And that one boy hand caused that change. That one boy had managed to save them again, something to which the Sisters were grateful for.

And that boy had also given them a small light despite the darkness that had made up their life. He had given them that goal that they could reach towards in their path. And that in itself was a sign of happiness for them.

Because they had been shown their purpose. They mattered. It did not matter what others thought or their past or whatever things that they had been made to face previously. They mattered to someone at least. And that had been shown to the greatest extent.

And the very least that in itself gave them the courage to move on. Because they were not merely living for themselves.

They were also living for that one boy that had managed to protect them to that point. They were living to protect that dream that he had made for them up to that point. And they came to an answer of how to do that.


With nothing to hold them back.

Kamijou Touma's body smoked and his hair was spiker than usual. That was not something that he wanted as a usual occurrence yet at the same time the pressure that had filled the air had not gone away.

He had been filled in on his injuries, something that had been very technical. However he had basically understood, looking at his bandaged body. While they covered the wounds that he had received, the one that he had received internally was the major one and the one that needed to be addressed. According to the frog faced doctor, due to the fact that the Network had come from a specific part of the brain in the Sisters, the shock that was meant to 'implant' it was directed straight towards that same part of the brain. But with nothing to 'transfer' it had merely served as a shock.

For him it was like a bullet. While the Network would have been the 'bullet', the electricity was something that served to merely transfer it; the 'bullet casing'. By itself, it wouldn't have caused much harm but if a Sister had been in a transfer char…Kamijou didn't really want to think about it however he had here. He had not died. He had managed to fulfil his dream and achieve life for the Sisters and even the Will. There was nothing wrong with wanting to achieve that. Yet there was a nagging in his mind.

Had he forgotten something? Something important? Unfortunately the anaesthetic had somewhat worn off die to all off the pulling and zapping and there was a limit to the amount of damage that Kamijou could take in one day.

Yet what was it that he had forgotten? He tried to remember and a sound entered his ears, Kamijou looking up and freezing at the thing that walked into the room.

The calico cat tilted its head and gave a meow as if it was saying "You thought it was over? Think again Kamijou Touma."

Kamijou turned towards the people that entered the room, both of them hardly what someone could call calm people. After all they had gained a beast like ferocity towards them, evident in their faces.

"Hehehe. Um….Index-san? Otohime…..san?" he asked nervously.

They both approached him with displeasure on their faces.

"Hey. Touma. Did you know? That Otohime and I had to stay at the fair without food?! Did you know how that made us feel?" Index asked.

"Yeah Onii-chan! Even Index and I wanted to spend a day with you without any trouble! And then you had to go and blow it with this sort of thing!" said Tatsugami Otohime.

Index went slightly red as what she had confided in Otohime had said out loud however Kamijou was too fearful to notice it.

"Wait a second then you guys! Just listen to this Kamijou-san! I'll make it up to the both of you! Honestly! The both of you can spend a day with me for sure!" he pleaded.

"Really?!" asked both Index and Otohime, their faces lighting up.

Kamijou smiled although nervously. "Of course! Since when has Kamijou-san ever gone back on his word?! Sure there will be some setbacks but he gets there eventually!"

"Hear that Index?!" asked Otohime. "Onii-chan said he would take us somewhere nice!"

"Yeah! Maybe that all you can eat buffet that we saw earlier!"

"Or that trip to School Garden and the hidden 'mystery pervert' that appeared in November!"

Kamijou sweatdropped and felt that there was some kind of trouble coming his way however he still let out a smile. Things were just as he had left them. He had gone past that obstacle that he had faced and everything had been concluded. Everything had finished with a smile and that in itself made Kamijou Touma happier than he could imagine.


"Touma…." Said Index as she turned towards him.

"Y-Yes?" he asked.

"YOU STILL LEFT US! YOU MUST BE REDEEMED OF YOUR SINS!" said Index as she leaped and Otohime helping her jump.

"What is this? What is this line that suggests that you an actual Sister? Wait! Did I just see your teeth get sharper there Index? Why is it that you are like this?! It isn't this Kamijou-san's fa-"

There was the sound of teeth biting down and that was the last straw. The anaesthetic wore off as if it had instantly evaporated and new pain entered Kamijou's body, soaring through it.


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