Author: HatefulRodeo

Story: The Lion's Little Snake

Notes: So this has been floating around in my brain for a few days and I figured what the hell! I've also noticed this pairing is completely underrepresented so I decided to contribute to my random pairings cause. Anywho this fic will feature a very OOC Severus or maybe not as no one other than JKR can tell us what Snape is like in private. This is a time travel fic so enjoy lovelies!

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~*~*~*~*~*~*Chapter 1~*~*~*~*~*~

Severus Tobias Snape; Potions Master and Dark Wizard, made his way through Hogwarts, striding quickly to his sanctuary. Many would think that his sanctuary would be his personal quarters in the dungeons but they would be wrong. No, his place of peace was the last place anyone would look, if anyone actually cared to seek him out.

Rounding a corner he entered a corridor not too far from the Gryffindor Common Room and murmured softly; "Please admit the Lion's Little Snake." After those lightly spoken words the guardian portrait featuring a frowning, massive red headed man opened, exposing a long hall.

The Potions Master stepped into the hall and made his way into a cozy sitting room, adorned heavily in the color red and subtle accents of gold. The raven haired man collapsed into the chair by the fireplace and let his mask fall, exposing the bone deep hurt he was feeling at that moment.

The man in the guardian portrait stepped into the large frame above the now blazing hearth, the fire being triggered to light when the Potions Master stepped inside the long forgotten rooms. "What troubles you my little snake?" Severus wiped his onyx eyes and smiled sadly at the red head; "Many things Godric, too many things."

Concerned green eyes watched his little serpent break down. It pained him that he could do nothing at the moment but watch as the man he had become so fond of, maybe even loved, fell apart. The raven haired man had been through, and suffered, so much at the hands of others; from the abuse of his father, the bullies from his school days, the Dark Lord's torment and finally from Albus Dumbledore's manipulations.

Yes, Lord Godric Gryffindor despised Albus Dumbledore; the old man may have been in his house during his school years but over time the man had strayed from what truly made a Gryffindor a Gryffindor. Now, the aged Headmaster was manipulative and cruel, especially toward his little snake. The man only cared for the winning of the war and would sacrifice anyone as long as his goal was met.

"Severus, come now and tell me what is wrong." The onyx eyed man sniffled quietly and tilted his head until his puffy black eyes met shining, concerned green; "I can't do it Godric, I can't do it! I may be a cold man but I cannot kill him. I hate him for asking me to, I wish things were different. I wish I could go back but I can't and now I have to live with my mistakes."

Taking a deep breath Severus continued; "Tonight Dumbledore asked me to take his life, he detailed his own death and cast me in the role of murderer; all for the Greater Good. Of course he would ask me! Who else could be better than the disgusting former Death Eater?! I don't think I can go through with it but I gave my word and I can't back out now." The words were full of venom but Godric heard the pain in them and it hurt him greatly that he couldn't alleviate this burden from his snake.

Godric caressed his jaw, thinking and planning; he may not be able to save, or help, his little snake yet but he would. He would have to plan well and use all of his intelligence and connections to accomplish what he wanted to. He knew Hogwarts would help him; she always helped her Founders and her favorites. It just so happened Godric was the former and Severus the latter.

Oh yes the castle took quite a shine to Severus Snape, even when the dark man was in school. Severus was bullied mercilessly but Hogwarts, herself, always found a way to intercept the bullies or call the attention of a teacher or student who would help to stop the despicable actions of the Marauders.

Why do you think that idiot James Potter saved Severus from his little werewolf friend all those years ago? It definitely was not out of his own desire to help Snape, not at all. It was because Hogwarts goaded the boy into acting by placing several visions of what would happen if the werewolf hurt Severus in anyway. It worked but of course that mangy old fool Dumbledore swept the incident under the table.

It disgusted Godric that his house had turned into a den of hardheaded, ranting idiots who didn't have enough sense to see they were just as bad as the people they claimed to hate for their prejudices. True, the Head of Gryffindor House was hot tempered but only when provoked.

Severus' hoarse voice broke the red head out of his thoughts; "I'm just tired, you know. If I hadn't found you when I first started teaching here I think I would have gone mad. At least here, in your chambers, I can be myself and speak my mind; even if it is to a Gryffindor." That comment pulled a chuckled from both men; "I am always happy to be of service to you, Severus."

"Now, I know you don't want to do this Severus, I know it will tear you apart and I refuse to let it happen. I will not see you scar your soul any further with this madness. I don't know how I will do it, but I will, and when I succeed in this my little snake you will be safe with me." The raven looked at the red head, confusion swimming in his pretty dark eyes; "But how will I be with you and safe, Godric?"

"I don't understand but I trust you. You've yet to steer me wrong in all these years so I'll leave it for now but you will explain it to me soon." A snort was heard from the tall painted man and he gave his consent to Severus' demands with a short bow; "Now, Severus, I think you should go get some rest."

The raven stood and with a smile made his way into Godric's former bed chamber. The door remained open so the red head could see his little snake stripping out of his heavy robes, revealing luminous pale skin covered in too many scars. Those scars angered the Founder; nothing should ever have marked his little snake.

Once his favored guest was ensconced in a soft red robe, a favorite of Godric's when he was alive, the younger man slipped into the large soft bed and fell into a light sleep. Godric wondered, vaguely, if this was the only time Severus slept at all, the pale man always looked so tired and strung out but what else was there to expect? The younger male was walking a dangerous line of double spy, stuck between to ruthless masters.

Well one day soon that life of thankless servitude would be over for his snake; soon he would be back with Godric. Then the red head would make the dark man his and his alone; the Gryffindor Founder never found love and a mate in his lifetime. He had offers but no one wanted him for being simply him, it was always for his position, power or name, mostly all three.

His family line, and name, was carried on by his sisters and brothers. Godric, of course, trained all of his nieces and nephews in the art of magic so the one chosen to succeed him as the Head of House Gryffindor would do it justice and bring pride to their noble line.

He had done just that with his successor, Garrett, but it seemed his line had died out at some point and the only remnants of his once great line were a few wizards with barely enough of his blood to warrant the title of heir. Well, soon this would not matter for when his plan came into effect the future would be changed and altered, hopefully for the better.

The proud former leader of the lion house still remembered the day he met his little snake; the man was so much like Salazar, so jaded and untrusting but where Salazar never truly trusted anyone his little snake eventually, and after much time, opened up to Godric and told him about his horrid life.

He remembered first seeing those hollow dark eyes, full of despair and self-loathing. When Godric approached him that first time in one of the portraits in the Potions Master's rooms it was out of curiosity. Salazar's portrait informed him about the young new addition to their staff and the red head was curious to meet one who accomplished so much at such a young age.

What he found when he entered the portrait was not what he was expecting in the least; instead of a proud man basking in his accomplishments he found a broken man with eyes black as night and dead as a corpse's. It pulled at something in his soul, the little piece that goes into every living portrait, and he knew he wanted to help this man.

And he liked to think he had; at first Severus was snarky and sarcastic but after a year of unadulterated harassment and Gryffindor stubbornness the cold man snapped and unloaded some if his burdens. From then on it had become easier for Severus to open up and speak his mind and within another year Godric brought and showed the consummate Slytherin his personal rooms.

Salazar, of course, was quite amused to watch his fellow Founder befriend, and woo, Severus Snape. The Slytherin Founder was pleased, though he would never say it, that Godric was so concerned for the younger man's welfare; in Salazar's words; "Someone needed to be."

Indeed, someone needed to; someone needed to protect and nurture his little snake and that person would be him. He hadn't waited over one thousand years to find someone who fascinated him like Severus did just to let them go without trying to win them.

Salazar knew he would never have the patience and persistence to make Snape open up to him but thankfully Godric didn't know how to give up once he set his mind on something. The snake speaker already gave his word that he would aid Godric in any way he could to get Severus out of the half-life he was living.

Rowena and Helga were also pleased that someone had gotten through the wall of ice around Severus' guarded heart and mind. The two female Founders already vowed to assist the Gryffindor in his endeavor as well. Now, he just needed to form the plan and strategize how to make it work; time travel was complicated and risky but possible.

The ways of time teleportation were lost long before Severus' time but the Founders, namely Rowena, still remembered the ways to go about it. But it wouldn't only be Rowena's spells, and mastery of Arithmancy, that would help them succeed. It would also be Salazar's knowledge of Potions and Dark Arts along Godric's own talent with Transfiguration and Runes.

While Helga would offer her knowledge of charms and obscure plants. More specifically where to find these plants now as most of their locations were lost to time. But the Hufflepuff founder would know where to look and Severus just had to collect them.

Now that this event with the Headmaster courting his own death had risen Godric knew he needed to get to work and left his portrait to collect his fellow Founders. He spoke to the portrait of his familiar, a large stately lion known as Animos; "Ani, watch over Severus and if he begins to have his nightmares again find me."

The large cat nodded regally and stalked off to his portrait in the bedroom to watch over his master's precious snake. Godric smiled and left the portrait, traversing across the castle until he was near the Great Hall in the center of the building.

Once he entered a circular room, hidden to all behind the Great Hall, he sat down in his portrait and called for a meeting of the Founders Four; this call was triggered when one of them entered their assigned portrait. They only used these frames when they were in dire need of advice or were seeking out serious council for their problems.

Hogwarts shivered and sent the call for her three remaining Founders, within ten minutes the others were sitting in their designated frames looking inquisitive and in Salazar's case annoyed. Clearing his throat Godric began speaking, detailing Dumbledore's plan for Severus. He told them how his little snake was being torn apart by this and that it was time to begin the preparations for getting Severus out of this time and place.

During his retelling Helga looked disgusted and ill, Rowena looked livid and ready to stalk in to the Headmaster's office and start yelling while Salazar looked blank but Godric knew the man was seething on the inside, as was he. Salazar cared for his snakes and hated seeing them manipulated or in pain.

Once the four Founders regained their control over their emotions and thoughts they began to shoot out ideas and ways to allow someone to travel that far back into the past and in the same timeline. Most, attempted time travel dealt with the theory of alternate realties but Godric knew this would not work.

They needed Severus to go back in time in this reality and keep his memories, as well as take Godric's portrait with him, so he could show the four of them in the past how he came to be there. Once his portrait was reunited with his living self the spell work animating the portrait would be dissolved and the small soul piece in the painting would rejoin its former host, allowing all of the things Godric saw and dealt with as a painting to be known by his past self.

With this knowledge they could prevent the wizarding world from turning away from Salazar and dubbing him a murderer. They could prevent his house from turning into pompous idiots and Helga's house would be cherished for its gentle loyalty not scoffed at as weak. Rowena's own house would not be known as sycophants to knowledge for the sake of it but for the desire to use it to create better things.

Yes, sending Severus back would change many things for them all but the main reason for Godric's desire to send the man back was not for the prevention of future travesties as much as it was for Severus to be with him in body.

The red head wanted to physically hold his little snake and protect him from it all. He desired to have children with Severus and raise them to be just and brave, not arrogant and prideful. And so the Four Founders stayed into the night, plotting and planning.

Animos = Courage

So that's chapter one and I hope you enjoyed it. This is a fluffy piece; which is new to me but hey I can't always write torture and dramas. Oh and for anyone following my other stories I'll be updating them...soon...hopefully!

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