Author: HatefulRodeo

Story: The Lion's Little Snake

Notes: Just a couple things; Severus never made the Unbreakable Vow with Narcissa. I always found this to be a cheap way for Narcissa to cover her own ass and appease her guilt. After all it was she, and her husband, who raised Draco and it is their fault he's involved with the Dark Lord at all. Draco will not be Snape's godson in this fic. This chapter will be in Sev's POV then Godric's and is mostly transitional; anywho on with the fic lovelies!

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With this knowledge they could prevent the wizarding world from turning away from Salazar and dubbing him a murderer. They could prevent his house from turning into pompous idiots and Helga's house would be cherished for its gentle loyalty not scoffed at as weak. Rowena's own house would not be known as sycophants to knowledge for the sake of it but for the desire to use it to create better things.

Yes, sending Severus back would change many things for them all but the main reason for Godric's desire to send the man back was not for the prevention of future travesties as much as it was for Severus to be with him in body.

The red head wanted to physically hold his little snake and protect him from it all, have children with him and raise them to be just and brave, not arrogant and prideful. And so the Four Founders stayed into the night, plotting and planning.

~*~*~*~*~*~*Chapter 2~*~*~*~*~*~

Severus hovered over Draco's prone and bloodied form, murmuring the counter-curse to his own hex. How the bloody hell had Potter even known about the Sectumsempra curse? The only ones who knew were fellow Death Eaters and the Dark Lord; which begged the question how Potter could have known about it?!

Not only that but why had the little whelp even used it? Severus was pretty sure the brat had no clue what that spell did. No matter how much he may despise the Potter idiot he knew the boy would never cast a spell that specifically harmed someone; his Sectumsempra curse had no real use other than to maim someone.

Once Draco's chest wounds sealed themselves he placed the boy into a light sleep while he dealt with Potter, turning swiftly he pinned the pale, shaking boy with his best glare; "Tell me Potter exactly what the hell were you thinking? Did you even fathom that if I had not been in the vicinity when that troll of a ghost started screaming about murder and caught my attention that Mr. Malfoy would have died from blood loss?"

He continued to glare at the boy, enjoying the way his face went from deathly pale to green. "Of course you didn't Mr. Potter. You never think before you act, do you? You always react and then leave the rest of use mere mortals to pick up the pieces. We simple wizards must repair the damage your idiocy creates; well that's not true I didn't have to do much when your stupidity caused your godfather to fall through the Veil."

"Actually, I should thank you for that Potter. The world is much better off without that mutt running around in it." Maybe it was a bit wrong that Severus was enjoying this so much, maybe it was wrong to delight in the way that Potter's eyes were filling with tears and anger but alas he didn't care. The boy had finally screwed up so monumentally that even Dumbledore couldn't save him.

"I believe we should start with taking three hundred points away from Gryffindor for the attempted murder of a classmate. Also, detention every night at seven with Filch for the rest of the term; do not bother running to the Headmaster. Dumbledore cannot save you from this, not this time you thoughtless whelp. Now, where did you learn this curse?"

Potter blubbered for a moment before looking thoughtful; no doubt trying to come up with a decent excuse. Unfortunately, Severus would not be accepting anything but the truth from Potter, not this time. Becoming impatient he caught Potter's green eyes and whispered; "Legilimens" and began to dive into the boy's pitifully guarded mind and disorganized memories.

Stupid little shite hadn't even attempted to learn Occlumency at all; this was the boy who would defeat the Dark Lord? If so Severus believed them all royally screwed. Finally, he stumbled on a memory of Potter looking at a Potions text but not just any Potions text; Severus' from his years at Hogwarts.

Pulling out of Potter's mind he scowled heavily and spoke in an icy hushed tone; "Potter you will bring me that book immediately or I will be contacting the Ministry and informing them of your unprovoked assault on Mr. Malfoy. Now get out and bring it to me in the hospital wing you useless child."

When the boy just stood there looking like a gormless lump Severus snapped and roared; "NOW YOU USLESS LITTLE BRAT!" The idiotic boy jumped and ran shakily out the room. Once he was gone Severus levitated Draco off the dirty floor and made his way to the hospital wing.

He was pleased that no students were out and about to see their feared Potions Professor levitating a bloody Draco Malfoy to the infirmary. This sight would have brought about many questions and Severus didn't have the patience needed for answering any inquiries. The pale man also had no intention of being subjected to the gawking stares of the idiots that filled these halls. Once he arrived at the infirmary he placed Draco on the closest bed and went to fetch Poppy.

The older woman jumped right into action and began tending Malfoy, within fifteen minutes she'd fed him several potions to counteract the damage the curse caused. Severus may have stopped the bleeding and sealed the wounds but the underlying tissue, organs and muscle were still damaged and would need Poppy's care to fully heal correctly.

During this time Severus watched the progress being made on the blonde boy and waited for the boy-who-lived to bring him his old Potions book. Finally, the idiot showed up and handed him his text; the boy looked upset and guilty as he should. Severus would not let him off easily, not that he ever did.

Poppy looked confused when she noticed Potter standing there fidgeting. Deciding to put the screws to Potter Severus spoke; "Poppy, would you like to know who hurt and almost killed Mr. Malfoy?" The elder matron nodded, looking at Potter in mild confusion; obviously she hadn't connected the dots. Well he would help her; "Apparently, Mister Potter has been fiddling in dark magic and cursed Mr. Malfoy with an unknown spell, almost killing him."

Poppy gasped and began to berate Potter thoroughly, much to Severus' growing amusement. Yes, a student almost died but Draco would be fine and it was about time someone took Potter down a peg or two. Seeing the Medi-Witch had the situation well in hand Snape turned to leave but not without a parting shot; "Don't forget Potter tomorrow seven o'clock with Filch."

Not waiting for a response Severus strode back to his quarters, thinking and musing on his life. Times were becoming harder and harder; he was being pulled between two masters and soon he would have to do something he did not want to do but he had given his word to do it. At the end of this term he would raise his wand and kill Albus Dumbledore.

True, the old coot was dying due to his own stupidity but that did not change the fact that Severus would take his life. Godric had been speaking about a way for him to escape and leave this place unscathed. It was intriguing to say the least but the first Gryffindor was being tight lipped about his brilliant solution.

It also seemed the red head had commissioned the help of his fellow Founders to help him in his plan to free Severus from his shackles. Every time the raven haired man entered Godric's old quarters and the other Founders were present they immediately stopped talking and left the room. Leaving Godric to speak with Severus but the three other Founders always sent a smile, or in Salazar's case a nod, to Severus before they exited the paintings in the room.

It was odd and confusing; what exactly did Godric have planned and why did it need the combined knowledge of the Four Founders of Hogwarts? To be honest the ebony eyed man was just happy someone cared for him and his wellbeing, both mentally and physically. When Godric barged into his life all those years ago he never imagined he'd consider the red head his closest friend, he never imagined he would come to love the man either.

How pathetic was he? Only he would fall in love with a damnable portrait but the Gryffindor male always seemed to care so much for him, listen to him and comfort him when he needed it. The portrait of Salazar in his quarters was always interesting to talk to and debate with but the man was so reserved, much like Severus himself was, that opening up to the Slytherin Founder was not going to happen.

There was just something about Godric that got him to open up. Of course it had taken a long time for Severus to even entertain the idea of even having a polite conversation with the founding Lion but the red head had not given up on him and eventually Severus finally broke down and spoke to the irritating man.

From then on he had slowly opened up to the man and he didn't regret it. The man helped him come to terms with so much in his life; his erroneous choice to be a Death Eater, his unintentional betrayal of Lily by telling the prophecy to the Dark Lord, and finally his failure to save Lily.

Lily was his best friend, even after they weren't speaking due to his foolish words spoken in anger, and he loved her like a sister. It had taken a long time for him to put away his feelings of guilt and shame. Godric helped him to see that while he played a part in Lily's untimely death he had done all he could to keep her safe. It was not his wand that struck her down that Halloween night.

Godric also made him realize that Dumbledore was playing on his guilt to keep him under his thumb. The sad thing was it worked and he hadn't even been aware of what was being done to him. He despised Dumbledore for his manipulations but what should he have expected; the man never truly cared about him.

While he was in school the old coot ignored the vicious bullying and even swept the incident where he was almost killed by a feral werewolf, who happened to be Remus Lupin, under the rug. He had been so blind to believe that the old codger cared for him at all but at least now he understood where he stood in Dumbledore's life; he was a tool, an exceedingly useful tool but a tool nonetheless, and when his use was through he would be discarded to the wolves.

Godric hated Dumbledore for what he had done to Severus; not just when he was an adult but also when he was a child attending Hogwarts. Apparently, the red head believed Dumbledore was a manipulative bastard in Lion's clothing. Severus, of course, now shared his views but he was helpless to break away from Dumbledore. What would he do if he didn't teach Potions?

Dumbledore's influence kept him safe from prosecution and prejudice while he was in Hogwarts but once he stepped outside the school he no longer had that protection; many still saw him as a Death Eater. Even though he had been found innocent and released from Azkaban after Dumbledore spoke on his behalf. To many he would always be a Death Eater and because of that he would not, and could not, be trusted.

No one would hire him despite the fact that he was the youngest person to attain the rank of Potions Master, no one would purchase his potions if he tried to patent and market them; no matter how useful, or needed, these potions were. No, the masses would see a Death Eater and turn away from him, leaving him alone and without means to support himself.

At least at Hogwarts he was protected and paid quite well for his services; he just had to tolerate the barmy manipulative coot in exchange for his freedom. But Godric had a plan to get him out of this life of servitude; it was maddening to not know what the Four Founders were planning for him or how they even thought it would succeed.

Unfortunately, Severus was severely mired in both Dumbledore's and the Dark Lord's machinations and his disappearance would cause quite the stir. He would never have peace if he just vanished. How were they going to circumvent the uproar his disappearance would cause? What were they going to do send him back in time?

The thought was laughable and quite impossible to him. No one could manipulate time to that extent. He would have to go at least eighty years into the past to avoid the Dark Lord's rise; no one could manage that. To his knowledge time travel had never truly been accomplished; time turners were one thing but they were not time travel in the traditional sense.

True time travel removed you completely from your original timeline and deposited you in a completely different time. By doing this the person in question would no longer exist in their past time and would have to rebuild their life in their new present. It was immensely complicated and dangerous and Severus didn't know who could possibly succeed in it.

He would say the Founders could but how could the accomplish it? They were mere portraits after all. Snorting he pushed those thoughts out of his mind and slunk into his quarters after he gave the password to the portrait that guarded his door. The first thing he noticed was Godric lounging in Salazar's frame, giving the red head a smile he removed his heavy over robe and sat down in the lounger by the fire.

Once settled he allowed himself to relax and spoke to Godric about his day; his classes, the idiots he had to teach and Potter's little escapade with curses. The original Gryffindor was outraged that anyone would use a spell when they didn't even know what it did. However, the man was suitably impressed when he found out Severus created the curse and exactly what it did.

The praise given to him made Severus blush lightly and smile a small pleased smile to his red headed companion. No one ever complimented Severus on anything other than potions; it was nice to know he had something else to offer other than his skill at potion making. The conversation continued to flow easily between them until he yawned and bid his painted companion goodnight.

~*~*~*POV Change*~*~*~*

Godric watched his little snake slip off to bed and scowled heavily. The raven haired man was becoming too weighed down by all the responsibilities piled on him and it angered the red head to no end! How did no one notice his little snake's plight? Those gorgeous onyx eyes were always surrounded by dark circles and he was always so tense, like a spring ready to snap.

Sighing, he made his way to the room his fellow Founders were working in and smiled when he saw Salazar and Rowena arguing about which runes to use in the ritual that would send his snake back to his time. It seemed the four of them had adopted Severus as their own and all of them wanted him away from Dumbledore and that evil Dark Lord.

He was grateful for all of their help and didn't know what he would do without them. It was true that they butted heads every now again but they were friends and you didn't always see eye to eye with your friends. But it was through their arguments and disagreements that they became closer and their bonds of friendship stronger.

Godric and Salazar argued like cats and dogs but they never allowed their arguments to impede their friendship, if anything this synergy allowed all of them to work better and create new and better spells among other things. Sometimes hearing someone else's views and thoughts helped you to finish a project quicker or helped you figure out a complicated problem.

Hell it could also inspire you to new heights of invention. How do you think the Sorting Hat came to be in existence? When they were creating Hogwarts they ran into the issue of who would sort their pupils when they arrived for their first year. They couldn't realistically sit down and get to know all the kids and they really had no desire to try.

So Godric came up with a few ideas on how to sorth the children but in the end they had all agreed, not after quite a few arguments, that they would use an artifact imbued with their individual magic to find those that fit their house the best. There was more to it than that of course but in the end the Sorting Hat was born and in their time and for a long time after the hat had done well.

Now, however, the Hat seemed to be mucking it up. They had seen the people being sorted into their houses and it confused them at first; some of these students had no business in Gryffindor and it made him wonder what changed. It would seem that Godric was not the only one concerned by the Hat's actions; Salazar was disgusted by the bigots being stuck in his house.

In the end it was Rowena, blessedly intelligent Rowena, who figured out what changed; Dumbledore. Dumbledore was the only thing they could all think of. Before the man started the Hat was working splendidly, as always, but then that man became Headmaster and things slowly began to change.

The Hat began sorting students incorrectly and the houses were becoming more and more divided by petty rivalries. These rivalries were allowed to go unchecked and even seemed to be encouraged by Dumbledore and now they weren't rivalries anymore but outright dislike and even hatred in some cases.

They hoped that by sending Severus, and Godric's portrait, back to their time that they could counter some of the abominable changes that were made to their beloved Hogwarts; not to mention Godric wanted his little snake to return to his time so he could be with him. With Severus' memories the Four Founders could counteract the lies spread about Salazar and the misguided beliefs that seemed prevalent about the four houses.

Helga's sweet voice broke him out of his haze and with a smile he entered into the debate Salazar, Rowena, and now Helga were having about runes. He would do all he could to make sure his little snake made it back to him.

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