Author: HatefulRodeo

Story: The Lion's Little Snake

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"Maybe the candidate for the Headmaster's post could belong or head an academic group and publish pieces regarding their field of study but they should not be interfering or involved in government. I do not want Hogwarts to become embroiled in the future Ministry's politics. This school will not be a puppet for any regime; it is a place of learning and education and the students deserve the Headmaster's full and complete attention."

"And if the Headmaster isn't able to give it he or she should be removed so someone more able can come in." Severus completely agreed; he remembered how often Dumbledore left the school to fend for itself while he attended to Wizengamot business. It wasn't fair to the students, or the professors, and he told his green eyed lover so which earned him another million watt smile from the Lion's Founder; "I'm glad you agree with me, Severus. But now it is time for rest. We've had a long day and tomorrow promises to be just as busy."

Godric flicked his wrist and the blankets covered them, making Severus feel even more comfortable and sleepy. He closed his onyx eyes and snuggled into his lover's warm body, letting himself completely relax in the other man's company. Within minutes the raven was breathing deeply, safely held by the strong arms of his lover.

*~*~*~*Chapter 6~*~*~*

Five years passed by Severus in what seemed like the blink of an eye; so much was done and so much was still being done. Together the Four Founders began to adjust the primitive wards around the school, strengthening them and weaving safe-guards to make sure no one could alter the wards to much in the future. The Headmaster, and Deputy Headmaster to some extent, had control of the wards; they could institute a lockdown or scan them to see who was passing through them but that was it. They would also alert the Headmaster to someone trying to breach the wards so the faculty had time to react to any threat.

The way the wards were being restructured and built ensured that they would never lose their strength or need to be recharged; Salazar and Rowena created a new runic chain that allowed the wards to draw their power from the Earth itself and the ley lines that transected below the ground that Hogwarts was constructed on.

This was another big change from how things used to be back in his original time. Over the years he was a Professor he and many of the more powerful faculty were given the task of recharging the falling wards. It made Severus feel better that no matter what Hogwarts would be safe and protected from outside invaders.

He tried to give as much advice on protections to add as he could without giving away too much of the future. At least they had apparition and port-keys during this time so they could truly guard against them being used inside Hogwarts' grounds. In Severus' original time the Headmaster could adjust the wards and allow a port-key to work inside the school and the surrounding property; the Founders weren't thrilled with that at all.

They felt floo travel would be sufficient if you needed to get somewhere quickly; all the fireplaces were connected to the floo network and were password protected. No one would be getting in or out of Hogwarts unless they were supposed to. Besides under normal circumstances walking outside the wards to port-key or apparate wasn't that big of an issue or challenge. The onyx eyed man agreed with the Founders' outlook on the topic of what methods of travel should be allowed inside the castle and its grounds.

Aside from the wards surrounding the property and castle Rowena was working on a way to weave a ward within the school that notified their future portraits about the arrival of one of their heirs. This was to combat what happened to Tom Riddle from happening to anyone else. If for some reason the Founders' lines fell into obscurity and an until then unknown scion of their blood arrived at Hogwarts they could be educated about their family's heritage by their ancestors.

The Potions Master also brought up a topic addressed by Helga when he first arrived; the placement of their portraits and the spells they needed to create to make sure no one could remove them from their designated places. Severus wasn't sure how the portraits from his previous time came to be squirreled away but he didn't want the same situation to happen again.

The Founders could leave their portraits in Severus' previous time but for some reason they were restricted on where they could and could not go. None of the Founders could remember who altered their paintings and restricted their movements but they weren't going to take the chance that it would happen again.

The students deserved to speak to the Founders and not just the Founder that represented their House. Each one of the Founders Four possessed knowledge and information that would be useful to any magical person; young and old.

You'd be a fool to turn your nose up at Helga just because she wasn't a warrior like Godric was and you'd be a moron to look down upon Godric because he wasn't as eloquent or talented at Potions as Salazar. That was one of the issues that emerged in the future; many Gryffindors avoided Slytherins and distrusted them to the point of ignoring their advice or offers of help.

It was a shame really because the Four Founders worked so harmoniously together and created so many things with their combined knowledge and strengths. Hopefully, in the future the relationships between the Houses wouldn't deteriorate to the point it had in Severus' previous time.

On a personal note Godric and Severus were bonded just over three years ago in a small ceremony that included their close friends and Godric's family. Shortly after their bonding that welcomed their twin sons. Severus thought his sons were a beautiful mix of the both Godric and himself. Their oldest by five minutes, Leon, was a handful and always interested in everything. His emerald eyes, which he inherited from Godric, were always searching for something new and interesting.

Leon's hair was a mess of silky black strands that unfortunately grew everywhere; it slightly confused him that his firstborn looked so damn much like Harry Potter but he disregarded that feeling quickly; it wasn't his precious son's fault that he looked like that arrogant dunderhead. The raven haired wizard found Leon to be a delightful, happy child; the little lion was very much like his sire.

However, their second son, Coluber, inherited his bearer's dark eyes and contemplative personality. While Leon liked to explore everything and anything Coluber would examine one thing until his curiosity was sated and then he would move onto the next interesting thing. Many times Severus would see his second son's little red head cocked to the side in thought. The boy was going to be a scholar when he was older and Leon would no doubt be just like his other father; a holy terror that stirred up trouble no matter where he went.

It wasn't all roses and sunshine though; Severus and Godric were two strong willed people and that led to arguments and spectacular fights, along with the occasional hex thrown at the other when they were being absurd. However, with the same vehemence they fought with each other they also loved just as fiercely. Their arguments while explosive generally blew over quickly; within a few hours both men were once again calm, apologizing, and making up in the most delightful of ways.

Of course, they'd named Helga as Leon's Godmother while Rowena was appointed Coluber's; Severus thought each woman was well matched to her charge. Helga had a free spirit and that spirit complemented Leon's emerging happy go lucky personality to a tee. And Rowena's calm, collected way of doing things was in sync to Coluber's reserved nature. Salazar, of course, was Godfather to both boys and loved to show his nephews off to anyone he interacted with.

It made Severus happy that his sons were so loved and taken care of. He was content here in this time with these people and he hoped it would last for years to come.

*~*~*Eighty Years Later~*~*~*

An aged Severus Tobias Snape-Gryffindor lay in his bed, surveying the many faces surrounding him. His sons, Leon and Coluber, were sitting on his right with the rest of his family, each one wearing a sad smile on their faces. The onyx eyed man knew they were upset that he was dying but it was time for him to move on and join his love in the afterlife.

Godric passed away over a year ago and when the tall red head left Severus he was never the same. The loud Gryffindor was truly the raven's heart and soul and without him the older raven became melancholy and depressed; he sank so far into despair that his health began to fail. The Potions Master was fine with the way things were.

Severus had lived a good life; he and Godric raised two wonderful boys and watched them grow and marry and have their own kids. All Severus felt as his life slipped away was immense pride when he looked at his large family. He now had several young great-grandchildren; one even bore his given name. It warmed his heart that he and his husband had created something so amazing.

A soft voice broke him out of his thoughts and made him look to his left where an aged Rowena was standing with Salazar; they were the last of the living Founders and together they would see that all the changed they'd spoken about all those years ago when Severus arrived were taken care of.

And if the two remaining Founders couldn't they always had their children to continue on with their legacy. As of now each Founder had at least one of their children or grandchildren working at the school. Even when the original Four and Severus were gone the school would be in good hands; he knew their families would continue to make sure Hogwarts stayed safe and taken care of since they looked at Hogwarts as their home just like Severus did.

His tired onyx eyed shifted to look at the two portraits that were hovering at the foot of his bed; Helga smiled brightly at him while Godric's grinned roguishly, both looked so young in their portraits and Severus found himself looking forward to appearing that way himself in his very own portrait.

That's right Severus Tobias Snape-Gryffindor would have his very own portrait inside Hogwarts; three actually. One would be positioned in the Potions classroom to assist the coming generations with their endeavors in the subtle art of Potion making. Another would be within his and Godric's quarters and the last would be hung in the Headmaster's office along with the portraits' of the Founders.

They agreed that they should always have eyes on the Headmaster to make sure they were doing their level best for their school. Over the years they'd put several spells and wards in place to make sure that even as portraits they could manipulate the school's defenses and protections if needed.

They weren't able to test that their inventions worked until Helga passed on; when she locked down the wards through her painting Rowena didn't stop gloating for a damn day. That woman was a genius of epic proportion and the witch knew it; Rowena made Hermione Granger look like a dunce and that was saying something.

Another of Rowena's newest developments was the creation of Hogwarts: A History; Severus was amazed to see the creation of the book that was still widely known and read in his past time. However, where the book from his time removed information after fifty years this book retained everything ever written by the Founders or added via the charms connected to the book.

This way people could know what went on in the Founders' time and not have to rely on disjointed retellings and prejudiced stories that mutated into blatant falsehoods after years of rehashing. Severus could go to his death content and at peace with himself; he'd accomplished most of what he'd wanted and the rest would be left in capable hands.

His two sons and the rest of his family stood, many hugs and kisses were given to the onyx eyed elderly man lying on the bed before everyone left the room with the exception of Godric's portrait. Severus looked deep into those shining emerald orbs and continued to stare at the man he loved; no words were necessary between them. The couple continued to lovingly gaze at each other until Severus' breathing became heavier and slower, eventually his ebony eyes slipped closed as he allowed himself to slip away from the mortal world.

Quietly, the time traveler welcomed Death's embrace; his beloved spouse watched on, keeping a silent vigil until the onyx eyed man appeared in the frame with him. The red head turned and embraced the love of his life; "I missed you, my little snake." The raven pulled away, a smile on his lips; "And I missed you, my foolish Gryffindor." Together they watched on as Leon and Colibur entered the room and cast the necessary spells so they could remove their bearer's body for burial.

The two men stopped before leaving the room, Severus' body hovering behind them, and greeted the painted version of the man who birthed them. After the four of them exchanged a few loving words Godric and Severus watched their boys leave the room.

Now alone he turned to the burly red head next to him, a thoughtful look on his sculpted face; "Do you think we've done enough to make sure the future we saw will not come to pass?" Godric sighed; "I think we have, love, but only time will tell. However, I'm confident that through the changes we've made, and the new inventions and spells we've created, will keep this school safe."

"And if we miscalculated anything we can always manipulate things via our portraits. Besides Salazar and Rowena are still alive and working on more things to put into place. By the time we're all dead and portraits all our plans should be in place. And if now we can always ask our sons to work on any changes; they can adjust the wards since they are of our blood."

"But right now I would like to hold you for a little while; it's been too long since I've touched you." Severus nodded, letting the heavy thoughts of the future leave his painted head, and leaned into his husband's strong body. The raven knew his husband was right; only time would tell if they'd done enough to stop people like Dumbledore from damaging their beloved school.

~*~*~*One Thousand Years Later~*~*~*

Severus rested in his portrait within the Potions Lab, thinking about all he'd seen since his death. Things had changed over the years; spells and potions were invented and the Ministry of Magic was formed. But through the years one thing remained the same; Hogwarts. Hogwarts was in essence the same way as it was during the Founders' time.

Yes, classes were added when new branches of magic were discovered; Warding was now an elective students could take during their seventh years and when the number of muggle-borns began to rise an introductory class was added so the newly arrived muggle-raised wouldn't feel alienated in this new magical world they called home.

With the influx of muggle-borns and their ways another class was needed; Muggle Studies. But it wasn't the same ridiculous class it was when Severus attended Hogwarts. No, this class was updated each year to cover the newly created inventions that were available in the muggle world. The onyx eyed man knew many wizards now had televisions in their homes; once they figured out how to make them run off magic and not electricity.

He also proudly watched his descendants come through these halls as students and sometimes they would come back to teach; they made him and Godric extremely proud. Not only were those of his bloodline intelligent they were fair and unbiased. And some of them were quintessential Slytherins; much to Godric's chagrin and Severus and Salazar's delight.

The onyx eyed wizard loved meeting his descendants when they came to Hogwarts; most he met beforehand but some he was meeting for the first time when they attended Hogwarts as first years. Since Severus and Godric lived at Hogwarts they only had portraits within the school so it wasn't possible for them to visit anywhere else. He did sometimes wish that he and his husband had constructed an ancestral manor for their family when they were alive, that way they could visit their descendants.

It just never occurred to them to do so since in their living time their family lived within the castle with them as did their grandchildren when their twin boys married and produced heirs. Both he and Godric looked into creating another portrait that would hang within the Gryffindor ancestral home that was located in Godric's Hollow but it wasn't possible.

The spell work for a living portrait needed to be done before the death of the subject of said portrait and well Severus and Godric were long dead before they looked into having another painting commissioned for them. And while it annoyed Severus that he couldn't visit his family he lived with it, knowing at some point he'd meet the ones carrying on their family name eventually.

However, it wasn't just his family members he watched out for. The long deceased Potions Master took note of the people he knew from before he travelled back in time when they came to school. So far the only ones he saw that he knew well enough was Lucius Malfoy and the three Black sisters but they weren't the same people he knew when he lived.

Oh they were still reserved, stoic, and ambitious Slytherins but there was no cruelty or maliciousness in them. It amused Severus greatly to watch Lucius chase a Hufflepuff around, attempting to court the poor, shy Puff. In the end, though, the adage of What a Malfoy Wants; A Malfoy Gets rang true and the adorable, little Hufflepuff by the name Gregorio Genovese succumbed to Lucius Malfoy's charms and sickeningly sweet romantic gestures.

It still amazed Severus how making changes to Hogwarts all those years ago could alter the future so much but he was happy that it worked out in the end. The Houses worked well together but of course friendly competitions were still held, most enthusiastically from what Severus saw. The Four Founders remained involved with the students and faculty, always there to offer advice or have a chat.

But most of all the Founders conveyed the message of working together despite our differences; pushing the idea that together they would rise and divided they would fall. This point of view was not only relevant at Hogwarts but for the wizarding world as a whole; Severus saw what a war could do to the magical world when he was young and he never wanted to witness such destruction again.

The Ministry of Magic was, as usual, a cradle of bureaucratic bullshit but it wasn't the mire of corruption and incompetence it used to be. Severus attributed this to the fact that the people graduating Hogwarts were accustomed to dealing with people far different from them and in doing so learned to compromise when they disagreed.

Not to mention Severus believed that the students graduating from Hogwarts were far smarter than they were when he graduated. He knew this for a fact since he spoke to the acting Headmaster every year when the final grades came in and mentally compared them to what they once were in his original time. There was no comparison to be had; the students in this revamped time were miles ahead of those in his original time and that made all the hard work worth it.

Yes, all he went through before he came back in time to be with Godric was worth it and he had no regrets, not a damn one. All of his trials and pain led him down the path that allowed him to meet the love of his life; a man he still loved more than he could explain.

That difficult path led him to love, family, and peace; most definitely no regrets to be had on his part. And if for some reason the world outside the school went to hell in a hand basket Hogwarts would still be there to educate, support, and protect the next generation of magical minds.

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