Disintegrate by Androidfish7

Prologue: After saving the group from the Black Titan and all that lay beyond it, Blake must now start dealing with the task ahead, being the Commanders. Blake believes to have located the Commander of Acid, and now must go on a assassination mission. Such a mission will not be easy, however, and must be dealt with in extremely careful fashion.

Blake knew to deal with the Commander of Poison, that guns and "human weaponry" would be completely ineffective, so Blake packed The Avenger, the Maxiglass Caraspace, and a Hunter Crossbow, a Crossbow with a thermal scope and hybrid bows, meaning it fired a random coated arrow, which could be a flaming arrow, a poison arrow, a sleep arrow, an ice arrow, a thunder arrow, a White Magic arrow (used for healing), or a vampire arrow. Blake approached Karie. "I am going to be heading out to the land where I believe the Commander of Acid lays" Blake said. Karie grabbed the Love Maker bow and the massive 900-clip GAU 19. "I will pack my things. Are we bringing anyone else?" Karie asked. "No, I can't take you or anyone else, this mission is far too dangerous" Blake said, as Karie slumped. "But, what if you need backup or something? What if it gets too rough?" Karie asked, obviously concerned. Blake smiled. "Well, I can hold up my own, I've slayed worse than what this person looks like, I think I'll make it" Blake said. "Wait, why aren't you packing any guns?" Karie asked. "That kind of technology will not help me too well here, I am not looking to Run- N- Gun, hell, I don't want anyone knowing I am ever there. I am packing The Avenger and a Hunter Crossbow, and my weightless Maxiglass Caraspace. I don't want to be discovered, but if I do, they still may not be able to do much" Blake said. Karie hugged Blake, and they exchanged goodbyes. "Please be safe, stay lucky, we all, especially me, want you home safe" Karie whispered. Blake walked out the door, said final goodbyes, and left the house. Blake then used one of the Portals of Heaven to teleport down to Earth, at Lake Erie. Why Lake Erie? Well, Blake received this intel on the Commander of Acid from a man named Isack Eoldi, a peculiar name because this man lived in the area the Commander of Acid ruled over. A group of Loyalists seeking to eliminate the tyranny had intel, and Blake had located them and gathered intel. Blake came out of the portal by the body of water. It was 2 AM so there weren't too many people around, certainly not enough to see Blake appear out of the Portal. Blake approached a boat that Isack was rowing. "You be Blake Winger?" Isack asked. "Yes, I have come to join your cause" Blake replied. "Hop on my boat" Isack said, as they began to row away. All of a sudden, they entered a Portal that was hidden to the naked eye, and they came out on the other end. They came out right ahead of a roaring waterfall, with there seeming to be endless water infront of them. "We are coming up on the Land of Untradar, a land ruled by the Commander of Acid you so desperately seek and the Loyalist Foundation of Untradar wishes eradicated! We are ecstatic to have someone with your name on our side, and believe us, we know what you have done, who you are, and what you are capable of. We know with you, that our cause will be successful!" Isack said. About 2 hours later, they came up on shore, and Blake and Isack stepped out of the opened up a grate in the ground. "This is how we make it to and out of our hideout" Isack explained, as Blake and Isack entered. Blake noticed something right away. There were corpses lying on the ground of the sewer, and there were hordes of rats that were devouring the corpses. "Why are there so many bodies here? Why are there so many rats?" Blake asked. "We are undergoing a Rat Plague, people are dying a lot. I have taken it upon myself to gather up corpses I find, oh, laying around, and I place them at our entrance, and the rats do their thing. It scares away people who stumble upon our entrance. Let's move on shall we?" Isack said, as they proceeded through the sewer. Blake also made another note of something. "This sewer... It runs under some kind of prison?" Blake asked. "Yes, but we aren't there. This is the Mental hospital I was at before I dug my way out and made this beautiful entrance! They still haven't found me 3 weeks later! Hahahahaha!" Isack laughed, as Blake learned something about Isack that moment. About half an hour of walking later, the group approached a latter. "You'd think this latter leads to our hideout right? Haha! WRONG! That's just to trip up any government agents or people who aren't afraid of the rats around town!" Isack said, as Isack lifted up a trapdoor, and Blake and Isack entered the trapdoor. They then climbed a latter that happened to be in that door, and they emerged near a nice looking house. "This, my friend, is our hideout!" Isack said, as they entered the building. A man in a blue suit and some kind of Navy hat on greeted Blake. "The name's Admiral Radney Aldied, just kill me Admiral" Admiral said, shaking Blake's hand. "I hear you have intel on the Commander of Acid, and I have come to aid your Loyalist cause" Blake said. "Ah yes, son of the Master of the Heavens has seen our way! Maybe we can succeed here! Anyway, we have actually come up on a road block to our cause. High Minister Ereg Emes and the thousands of people he has protecting him have placed the whole city on Town Watch, meaning we still have access to much of the city, but no access to anything we want access to. Well, tonight, the High Minister is attending a meeting with a few Government officials and their servants up at the Orop High Guarded Mansion, a place that serves as a government operation filing center. Any civilian caught within 50 feet of the place gets executed, so you can't imagine the things they've got there. I know you Blake, we need you to go to that meeting and eliminate the High Minister anyway you feel you can If he is eliminated, the Town may be back under Loyalist control." Admiral explained. "I bring The Avenger blade and my Hunter Crossbow, I am ready to head out, I just need to know when the meeting is" Blake said. There was going to be some action that night.