Disintegrate by Androidfish7

Blake returned to Isack and the boat. "Slick takedown. I suppose you'll want to be returning home?" Isack asked. "I think I'm all set" Blake replied, as the 2 rode away in the boat. They returned later on to the group. Admiral emerged to greet Blake. "Well done, with that guy done, one of the Commander's biggest supporters is done for. Now we can adjourn for the night, I suggest you get some sleep, we've got a lot planned for tomorrow." Admiral said. "I don't sleep Admiral, I will merely find something to do" Blake said.

Later that night

Blake entered the building. It was about 1:00 A.M and Blake entered the bar part of the building they were staying at. Blake eyed a full, unused glass of some kind of beer. Blake contemplated drinking it. But before a decision could be made, Admiral entered the room. "Oh hi, I see you're true to your word." Admiral said, greeting Blake. "Yeah, it doesn't seem like anyone knows where we are, which is good" Blake said. "At this point in my day I usually like to read a good book, but there's a Chess set over there. Up for a game?" Admiral asked. "Sure, better than standing around waiting" Blake responded, as they sat down. Admiral pulled out a whole 2 liter of whiskey. "Drink?" Admiral asked. "Sure, what the hell" Blake said, as they each received one small glass, and filled it with whiskey. Blake immediately pounded it, unsure of how it would taste. "Must not be known for it's finish" Blake said. "You said it" Admiral said, as they sat down at the chess table. "So, do you plan to go after all of the Commanders?" Admiral asked. "Yup, I have to do it eventually" Blake said, making a move. "Well, yeah, I figure that's for the best." Admiral replied. "Hey, I have a question. Since I'm here, I wanted to know. Why does everything seem so... Medieval... Here?" Blake asked. "What do you mean?" Admiral replied. "Well, with modern science, this Rat Plague could be cured and done with in a matter of days" Blake said. "Yeah... Well, something about it being "Unholy" made the Commander of Acid proclaim that such medicine would deem you to be a heretic. So basically, saving people's lives using typical science goes against some kind of fake deity, and we all have to believe in that." Admiral said. "I know my father would not have minded it" Blake said. "Yeah, probably why the Commander does." Admiral replied. "So, what's our next course of action?" Blake asked. "Well, as you may or may not know, the Commander's everdear closest ally, Lady Fetia Athia, is having a Birthday Party tomorrow. I hear that the rock band Metallica is coming in to play for Fetia's birthday. Metallica is secretly allied with us, and in James Hetfield's Guitar Case lies some weapon upgrades and some ammo for your Crossbow. In Lars Ulrich's drums lie some grenades you can use at anytime, and Kirk Hammett will tell you what the real Fetia Athia looks like, because Fetia is so paranoid that 2 of Fetia's closest friends dressed so that they'd look the same. However, as you would imagine, they do have some features that stand out, and Kirk knows which one of them is real. We have to get you out of here in several hours or you won't make it" Admiral said. "Sounds good to me. Metallica, live. My favorite childhood band. Oh, and, checkmate" Blake said. "Well played Blake." Admiral said. "I think I need to head back to bed, I'm more fresh playing Chess later in the day. I just felt like passing the time" Admiral said. "Alright, see you later" Blake said, as Blake walked outside. It was a beautiful early morning, the early morning sun reflected off the water like a shiny object off a mirror, the crickets were chirping, and there was a flock of pigeons in the air. There was a mild gusty wind, and the air reeked of some kind of foul odor. Blake had assumed that was the rats in the sewer. Blake observed the lake. The lake was as blue as blue gets, with mild activity from the local fish ecosystem, and it looked like something was swimming towards the island. It almost looked like a human being. Upon further expectation, Blake identified it to be some kind of disease-ridden human, as the human approached the bay. "Who are you, and why are you here?" Blake asked, assuming a defensive stance, but the human eyed Blake restlessly, saying nothing. Blake then looked into the human's eyes. They were ridden with some kind of horrid poisonous moss, and the human's body looked like it had been torn apart. The human looked very much like a zombie, but a zombie would've already lunged at Blake. But no, this human just eyed Blake, and moaned. All of a sudden, a loud sound tore into the silence, which Blake later learned was a gunshot, and the human's head exploded in blood. Blake turned around and saw Isack with a Flintlock pistol. "Don't you know what those are?" Isack asked. "Yeah, well, I knew what it WAS anyway." Blake said. "That's a Weeper, a human so badly effected by the Rat Plague that they've reached an advanced state of the plague and turned into some kind of shambling, moaning, corpse. Kill them if you see them, being a Weeper is the most agonizing way of living life, the disease literally destroys pieces of your brain and eliminates normal thought process, and it's like they're all vegetables." Isack said. "Hmm, I think I understand how zombies came to be" Blake said, examining the Weeper body. "Well, I'm gonna try to get back to sleep, see you later" Isack said.